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Zenlil Under Fire!
Date December 21, 2042
Author Brendon Wycheck
Breaking News Yes
Internal Name breaking_emp

December 21st, 2042:

Zenlil Under Fire from Homeless Mercenaries! -

Brendon Wycheck Reporting Live

Hello everyone, my name is Brendon Wycheck and I'm reporting to you live from Global Newswire headquarters. Reports have been flooding in about an attack that's currently underway between the Consortium command vessel Zenlil and a pack of Bulgarian mercenaries known by the Bulgarian people as the Homeless Mercenaries.

You may remember only a month ago Kiril Angelov and his Homeless Mercenaries were in the news when it seems the now-retired Bishop Eight shot down and killed two of their pilots. All reports say that Angelov did not provoke the Command Vessel and that Bishop Eight acted on his own admission. Whether this attack today is related to that incident is at this time unclear - except to say that Angelov is currently dealing with the newly recruited Bishop Six, and not the former Bishop Eight.

Now - over the skies of Bulgaria we have a standoff between the two sides. It appears as though Zenlil has been damaged and possibly even disabled by the fleet of Mercenary jets... yes, you heard that right, a Consortium command vessel is in serious trouble and may be disabled. Sources say the mercs had used some sort of-- is that right? "Experimental weaponry?" Oh, wait a minute... it has just been confirmed, ladies and gentlemen, that Zenlil has in fact been disabled by the use of some sort of electro magnetic weapon fired by the mercenary group. My God...

That is all we're being told at the moment but as the situation continues I'll be here updating you every step of the way. This is Brendon Wycheck for the Global Newswire.