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Zenlil cross-section crop
Cross-Section of Zenlil
Alias(es) C-3800-D
Group(s) Consortium
Game(s) Consortium
Voice Over Ashley Siddals
Zenlil Map

Map of Zenlil

Zenlil (combination of "zen" and "enlil"[1]) is a C-3800-D aircraft that was commissioned in March 2037. It is the fourth of its kind captained by Rook 9 and commanded by Knight 15. Its current operative is Bishop 6, and previously, Bishop 8. The entire Consortium game takes place on this aircraft.

The first official mission was the inspection and attack on Jiyuu Station on June 21, 2037.[2]

Zenlil was grounded for maintenance starting December 12, 2042.[3]



This Morse Code plays on the flickering light in the bathroom. It hasn't been successfully interpreted yet: Bathroom morse code

In code:

                  bathroom_light 0000000000111101100000110111100000111101100000111101111011110111100000
            bathroom_light_model 0000000000111101100000110111100000111101100000111101111011110111100000
soundevent_washroomlight_flicker 0000000000100011010000101100010000100011010000100011000110001100010000

The former two may say "NaN: ----."