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Worldview Invents Matter-To-Energy Converter
Date July 7, 2023
Internal Name worldview_pcu

July 7th, 2023:

Worldview Industries Breaks New Ground And Has A Place To Put It! -

Dr. Alexei Wilson, head of nuclear research at Worldview Industries, has successfully created the first matter-to-energy converter. "The development of the Statman optical chip three years ago dramatically increased the probability that this type of conversion would be possible," said Dr. Wilson, "and I have dedicated myself to the project ever since." One of the first consumer products to take advantage of the optical chip was the Alpha Micro Console, which was developed by Paragon Technologies. Gradually, other companies produced products which utilized the optical chip, most notably computer manufacturers.

Although the details of the design for the Wilson Converter are a tightly guarded secret, successful demonstrations have been witnessed by members of both the scientific community and the press. Dr. David Schelter, Worldview C.E.O., has stated that although the containment technology does have its limitations, it will have many uses. "With this technology, we have the capability of storing huge amounts of non-organic matter in very small spaces. In the future, I can definitely see the possibility of being able to convert organic matter into energy as well, which was nothing more than science fiction ten years ago. Imagine being able to travel across the world simply by 'dialing' your location into your tablet and zapping there at the speed of light!"