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Worldview Industries to Re-Build Underground Bunker
Date December 15, 2025
Author Elisa Gutierrez
Internal Name worldview_bunker

"Worldview Industries To Re-Build Underground Bunker"[1]

December 15th, 2025:

Worldview Industries to Re-Build Underground Bunker -

By: Elisa Gutierrez

Twenty kilometers east of Xalapa, near Actopan, lies an old and currently non-functioning military bunker. It was first used during the America-Mexico war back in the mid-1800's and has since been used only once during the Resource Wars as a communications hub for our military. With the end of the Resource Wars came what was thought to be the final closure of the bunker... until now.

Worldview Industries C.E.O David Schelter spoke during a press conference in Xalapa yesterday. He was quoted as saying: "Through our top secret project here in Xalapa, codenamed Project K-1, we will be introducing something into the world, the likes of which nobody has ever seen before. The good we are doing will go down in history as the first major step toward global peace."

This is a major claim but is no doubt at least partially the truth considering Worldview Industries incredible track record. Why they chose our little city is still a mystery but considering how much money was involved, the government had very little to ponder before agreeing to the project.

Schelters hiring of nearly four hundred construction workers from across Mexico and the Southern United States will mean an influx of business to our fair city and surrounding areas. Not only will the workers be paid handsomely for their work, but will also be given an as-yet undisclosed sum for general living expenses such as food, clothing and entertainment during their time off.

As some of our readers know, Worldview Industries has already finished construction in Xalapa of a high-end hotel that will house the several hundred workers and their families. Once construction is complete, the hotel will be donated to our city and most full-time employees thereafter will be housed within the bunker itself. The hotel rooms will include everything needed to live comfortably for the single year it will take to complete construction; including state of the art VR systems, personal mail terminals, multiple guest bedrooms and top of the line computer stations.

Construction begins on January 7th and I hope that you will join me in welcoming the workers with open arms and open hearts. On January 8th the city will be holding a welcoming ceremony in the center of town so come on out and enjoy the free food and good times!


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