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Founded in 1997 and made public in 2015,[1] Worldview Industries is a leading technological firm created by Dr. David Schelter, a brilliant scientist and entrepreneur behind the creation of the Consortium.

12212042 suggests there is a ringleader beyond David Schelter.[2]

London Worldview[]

Existed in the Victorian era specializing in medical technology, surgery, psychology, and medicines for low income people ran by Abraham Shade.[1][3] They closed down in 1902. They resurfaced as Worldview Industries in 1997.[1]

Worldview may date back to the Renaissance where Leonardo da Vinci's assistant who said, "And let us take a broader look, so that our world view is not obscured."[3]


March, 2010: Worldview Industries begins project Global Cleanup, with the goal of dramatically reducing global fossil fuel emissions.[4]

October 29, 2015: Worldview Industries expands and is partially bought by 30 countries. Existence of Worldview Industries declared to public. Billions in funding added to project global cleanup.[4]

2033: QBRD, a quantum computing company, became a subsidiary of Worldview Industries.[5]