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Woman Killed In Yet Another ADV Accident
Date February 20, 2028
Author Elisa Gutierrez
Alternate(s) British Woman Found Dead In Apartment
Internal Name GNWSarahValettaDead

Translation of original Spanish text.[1]

Mesa de Guadalupe, Mexico

February 20th, 2028

Late last night while driving home from Church, a woman was killed in a collision with an automated driving vehicle. Sarah Valetta was crushed instantly when an ADV ran a red light going nearly 100km/hr and smashed into the rear of her vehicle.

Authorities’ say that Ms. Valetta was in fact the passenger in her own vehicle and that the driver was a local Worldview Industries employee, Kevin Chard. Mr. Chard was a close family friend to Ms. Valetta and was recently released from hospital with only minor injuries.

This tragic accident marks only one in a long line of accidents involving ADVs which are slowly becoming common place across North America for the transportation of goods. Authorities on the matter continue to assure us that these accidents are no different, even less common, than accidents caused by reckless and/or drunk driving by human beings. They also claim because the technology is still relatively new, that within a few years the “kinks will be ironed out” and the accidents will cease.

This reporter personally believes that ADVs should never have been allowed anywhere near our roads if there are still so called “kinks” to be “ironed out.” These are peoples' lives you are playing with here, not just numbers on a stat sheet. - Elisa Gutierrez, Xalapa News


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