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Traitor Found and Captured!
Date December 21, 2042
Author Brendon Wycheck
Alternate(s) Traitor Found and Killed!
Traitor Chooses Suicide!
Traitor Still at Large!
Breaking News Yes
Internal Name breaking_p32_2
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December 21st, 2042:

Consortium Traitor Found and Captured -

Brendon Wycheck Reporting Live

Hello everyone, Brendon Wycheck here for the Global Newswire. The whole world now watches with bated breath as it appears the Consortium command vessel Zenlil and her crew have won another round in a hard fought battle against an unknown enemy. And I do mean the whole world is watching; our traffic numbers have progressively gone off the charts since this incident began. Six hundred? Really? My producer is telling me there are six hundred million of you watching this, right now. Let me correct my tie...

For the first time since the end of the Angelov incident, we've just received a report directly from the K-1 network. It looks as though a virus of some kind was introduced into Zenlil's computer system and this is what was blocking automated reports from reaching us. The implanter of this virus we're being told is the same person responsible for the murder of Pawn 7, Matthew Wilson, earlier today. The virus has been repaired and the culprit captured. Details of the capture are unclear, except to say that she has been put into the ship's Brig, awaiting interrogation by the proper authorities.

The officer found responsible was Patricia Thornthwaite, or Pawn 32, and with her capture it is believed the threat aboard Zenlil has finally been pacified. Patricia Thornthwaite was hired by the Consortium King at the behest of Dr. David Schelter, back in 2039. Before that she worked under Schelter at Worldview Industries for almost ten years and was most well known for her hand in developing the first C-3800 ever commissioned, Stormbird. She was recently married and for all intents and purposes she has a spotless record with the Consortium.

At this time it is unclear exactly what led to such a highly esteemed officer's murderous actions on this fateful day. Though, we have been told she was not connected to Kiril Angelov and the Homeless Mercenaries.

We hope to learn more soon, so stick around. My name is Brendon Wycheck for the Global Newswire.