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Encountered half way through Act II in Consortium this character engages Bishop 6 in combat on Zenlil. The Traitor is only encountered if the Seeker chooses the incorrect name or no name at all when asked by Rook 25.

There isn't actually anyone in the BUS.

Discovering the Identity[]

There are two major hints that identify Matthew Wilson's murderer:

  1. Speak to Pawn 4 in the Hangar Bay and complete his Discover: What is Farewell My Lovely? side quest.
  2. Check out the Barracks before jumping out of Zenlil.

Who is the Traitor?[]

If you give up on trying to solve the mystery and want it forever spoiled, then expand the spoiler below.

This is your last warning...
Seriously, you've been very warned!
The Truth
Patricia Thornthwaite betrayed everyone and if you don't recognize that name, you got an extra clue and spoiler warning.