To Luna, Mars, Europa... and Beyond!
Date December 21, 2037
Backer Lore Yes
Internal Name hest

December 21st, 2037:

Hest Space Industries: To Luna, Mars, Europa... and Beyond! -

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to the stars? Do you stare at the night sky, eyes full of wonder and your mind spinning on the endless possibilities of making that beautiful sojourn to the Heavens?

Wonder no more and instead take a trip on a Hest Space Industries Star Liner Intergalactic Cruise Vessel!

Sporting such amenities as an Olympic Class swimming pool, automated Triple A spa, and sport courts for everything from bowling to squash, this cruise vessel can take you anywhere in the solar system in style!

Hest Industries was the first multi-national corporation to offer commercial and consumer travel to the stars, and remains the luxury choice for everyone from the rich and famous to the average Joe. You never know whom you will meet in our five star all inclusive casino and bar! Dance under the Milky Way, or take a trip into the VR through our state of the art Interface Facility, equipped with the latest and best VR games. Can't get away from business? Our hyper-satellite update means that no matter where we are in the system, you'll be a quick connection away from being in that boardroom back on Earth.

Founded in 2020 by Eric Falk, Victor Brundling, Julius Johnson, Gustav Shepard, Johan Karlstader, Karl Axe and Patric Bjork (Current C.E.O.), Hest Industries began its life as an IT Consulting Firm, specializing in the newly burgeoning space travel industry. One of the key investors and contractors in the construction of the Luna Base, Hest created, installed and maintains the computer network all through the colony. As part of the infrastructure needed to shuttle so many vital computer parts to the colony, Hest invested in and created a Starliner and Shuttle service. It was only a small jump from being a commercial shipper, to creating luxury interstellar yachts!

Creating themselves as a leader in space travel was no small task, and Hest quickly acquired several small companies to assist them in creating the world's first Cruise Vessel. At the behest of the Global Senate, Hest continued the tradition of excellence they employed at Luna and created a shipping network to install the computer systems on Mars at the Harmonia-1 Colony. Employing over a million peoples both world and space wide, Hest welcomes you aboard no matter where you come from.

Through all of humankind's space exploration, Hest Industries has been there, a leader, as we continue to reach out into space. Following the declaration of global peace in 2037, Patric Bjork welcomed a new age with this statement, "Hest Space, as the rest of humanity, welcomes this treaty. Hest space will assist in the equalization of Earth's population by continuously pushing the boundary of space travel and colonization."

What are you waiting for? Take the leap into Space today, and enjoy the finest views, on the finest vessels, with the finest people.

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