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Th21e Tr21uth Pt.1
Date March 3, 2028
Author Brayden Shaw
Internal Name truth_one
Internal Series Th21e Tr21uth, #1 

March 3rd, 2028:

We've just gone through the first batch of test subjects today; one through six. Initially there were no problems recorded upon implantation at the prep facility, however test subject #1 was killed through activation from an unforeseen side effect. An autopsy revealed the subject's brain as having been electrocuted through the motor cortex region - precisely where the Motor Chip was implanted. Both Greenberg and I believe the solution to this problem lies 21in the initial power output to the chip - power should be gradually fed to the subject, rather than brought to full capacity immediately. No other fatalities occurred from activation after we had corrected the problem. As expected this early on, the other five subjects were done in by prelim testing with Henry as basic motor skill tests failed across the board. Test subject #2's spinal cord was fractured in several places upon being made to walk a single step. Subject #3 was killed when being made to simply turn his head to the side. I watched his head 21spin around full circle a total of three times in about half a second. Death was instantaneous. Both subjects #4 and #5 died from severe brain aneurisms as Henry attempted to access multiple control functions at the same time - this is something Greenberg believes he knows how to treat for the next batch.

Subject #6 was a bit of an interesting case and only died about an hour ago. Right before testing began we think the MC was somehow deactivated or faulty in some way. Control of the subject returned to her for a period of about five or six minutes... she was21 terrified, as can be expected, I suppose, and more or less spent her final moments begging for her life. Amongst her incessant ramblings about God and her family, the woman did tell us that she was consciously aware of what was happening to her during the initial reaction testing back in the prep facility. She even claimed that someone else was in her head, telling her things she didn't like very much and even speaking about things from her past. 21We both know what this could mean, Schelter... what if Henry can actually read their thoughts? Could he make them speak, too? Just imagine the possibilities we could be opening up here.

So, Henry's demanding we bring in the next batch of test subjects ASAP. I am standing by my original 21opinion that considering the low quality of test subjects, we'll be hard pressed to make any real progress any time soon. We need quality subjects with high IQs and above-average brain capacity - not this obvious trash taken off the streets to save a few bucks.