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Taryn Fisher
Taryn Fisher in Consortium
Alias(es) Knight 15
Gender Female
Birth Date August 3, 1996 (Age: 46)
Group(s) Consortium
Game(s) Consortium
Voice Over Michelle Livingstone

Major Taryn Fisher was born August 3, 1996, in Mexico City to a Mexican mother (died from labor complications) and Canadian father (math professor). She has four older brothers and attended the "Milford School for Gifted Children" in England after getting in an altercation with Scientologists. She also attended university in England where she majored in criminal psychology. Fisher joined the Canadian Armed Forces at the age of 27 during the Resource Wars.[1] Specifically she may have worked for the Canadian Peace Corps arm of the Canadian Armed Forces.[2]

Fisher lost her family (father, brothers, husband Thomas Fisher, sons Connor Fisher and Michael Fisher)[1][3] in the Vancouver Earthquake of 2028. A dialog may become available to the Seeker where she says she's rather distraught about the events of the day on top of being close to the anniversary of the quake.


Fisher was inducted into the Consortium on February 27, 2037,[1] as Knight 15, the "operations leader" on Zenlil. She is usually found either in Mission Operations (early game) or Global Operations (mid game).