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Susan Lensworth Dies in Battle Near Canakkale
Date September 12, 2015
Internal Name susanlensworth_dies
Internal Series [[When Sticks and Stones Break Bones|◀]] Susan Lensworth (series), #2

September 12th, 2015:

Susan Lensworth Dies in Battle Near Canakkale -

In a bold demonstration of her firm convictions, Susan Lensworth walked onto the site of artillery fire near Canakkale, Turkey, an area which guards the entire straight of the Dardanelles at its narrowest point. She was waving a white flag at the time of her death.

Susan Lensworth was known primarily as the leader of an extremist anti-weapons group, the Gentle Doves, which espouses the belief that all weapons should be destroyed and diplomacy be cultivated to ensure world peace. Although medical experts have proposed that Lensworth was emotionally unstable, based upon a past history of mental illness and unsuccessful treatments, her charisma and sincerity enabled her to develop a following of 150,000 members, with branches of the Gentle Doves located in most major cities worldwide. Her supporters insist that Lensworth's death will not deter them from their purpose and that they intend to continue the work she began.

Lensworth most likely died instantly, the coroner stated. She is survived by her only son, James. A memorial service will be held at Susan's childhood home in Baltimore, Maryland.