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Summary of Induction Interview - Rook 13
Date November 23, 2040
Author King
Internal Name induction_rook13
Internal Series  Induction Interviews, #5 

November 23rd, 2040:

Summary of Induction Interview - Rook 13

By: The King

On paper, Keiran Boyle is overly qualified for this position. He has more degrees in medical science than his young age should allow for - but for those who know him best, meeting him paints a very different picture. To actually meet Keiran Boyle is what a polite person might call a "unique experience" and what an educated jerk might call a "confusing maze of social inadequacies." Make no mistake about it though; he is one of the most talented medical specialists the Consortium now have at our disposal.

Keiran and his twin sister Alannah were born in Dublin, Ireland to parents Alastar and Siobhan. The twins were separated at the age of eleven as a result of their parents' messy divorce. His sister Alannah (later to become Rook 25) remained in Ireland with their military-bred father, while Keiran's doctor mother took him to New York where she promptly set about teaching him everything she knew over years of intense home schooling. Her ultimate intent was to have him follow in her professional footsteps, an intent which paid off in spades.

Under his mother's domineering influence, Keiran unfortunately grew to be more and more reclusive as he reached adolescence. He told me without hesitation that he began to rely on his mother for guidance in all matters. Anything which brought attention away from his studies was swiftly torn away, including friends or any form of entertainment. The one thing he was allowed, and this was because his mother shared the interest, was a love for the Guardian Church. Keiran is a proud member of the Church and while does not believe in their extraterrestrial message, he does believe in what they have done and are doing for humanity.

At the time of his mother's death in 2037, Keiran re-established contact with his twin sister. In part thanks to Alannahs persistence for three years, Keiran has today joined the Consortium as medical specialist aboard the C-3800 Aether. It is noted that both brother and sister have requested they work together on the same crew, a request that cannot be immediately granted but will be taken into advisement in the future.

Keiran is a well-regarded and highly respected member of the medical community, having been a principal in the multi-year development of the XGone Procedure. It was then no surprise Keiran came highly recommended by not only his sister but also by Dr. David Schelter and every past employer I've spoken to. He values hard work more than anything and while maybe not the most outgoing man alive, he'll make for a perfect Consortium medical specialist.