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Summary of Induction Interview - Pawn 7
Date June 12, 2041
Author King
Internal Name induction_pawn7
Internal Series  Induction Interviews, #9 

June 12th, 2041:

Summary of Induction Interview - Pawn 7

By: The King

Matthew Wilson was born on February 7th, 2022, making him one of the youngest people to join the Consortium fleet at the age of 19. Many people in the scientific community would know his father, Dr. Alexei Wilson, the man who successfully invented the first matter-to-energy converter. This technology of course went on to become the modern day Containment Unit and all its variations. Asking Matthew what he thinks of his famous father, he responded by excitedly talking about his work for an hour. Matthew is his father's son, through and through.

Being a single child, Matthew grew up side by side with his father and his father's work. That also meant meeting and befriending Dr. David Schelter at an early age. He was one of those kids who barely ever needed to study for school tests or exams, and yet aced every single one. He calls it a photographic memory but the truth is he was considered a child genius at a very early age. His father had him working college level exams before he was even sixteen, and after officially graduating high school he went immediately into work for his father. Before his 19th birthday he was touted as an integral part in the invention of the hotly debated and once-thought impossible, Organic Containment Unit.

Matthew's specialty with the Containment Unit is the simple answer as to why he was recruited for the Consortium. He hopes to improve upon the technology through field study and experimentation, while also soaking up as much of his surroundings as possible so that he can eventually, as he put it, "learn every nook and cranny of that ship!" His extremely positive nature and overbearing will to better himself are what shall, in my mind, make him an ideal member of the Zenlil Pawn team.