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Summary of Induction Interview - Pawn 51
Date February 14, 2041
Author King
Internal Name induction_pawn51
Internal Series  Induction Interviews, #16 

February 14th, 2041:

Summary of Induction Interview - Pawn 51

By: The King

Kendra Patel is a single child born in Chicago, Illinois to a Guyanese mother and American father. At the age of four, her mother was killed in a car accident and Kendra was thus mostly raised by her full-time nanny, Kay. Her father was a good man who supported her as best he could, though he worked as a high profile lawyer and was not home very often. Kendra remembers though that until she reached high school, every Sunday was "daddy/daughter day" and they would always find something fun to do like go to the local Zoo or see a movie together.

Even at an early age Kendra knew she was different than other kids in her neighborhood. Her memory was such that she could always remember anything she'd read or was told to her, no matter how big or small the details. Her father called her "a naturally gifted hyperthymestic" but until she reached adulthood and learned to fully control it, Kendra did not see it as a gift. She could never sleep more than two or three hours a night and it felt like her point of view on life was constantly being blurred by the past. She described it as living life with a picture-in-picture perspective into the past. She also found it hard to form her own opinions when nearly every other opinion she'd ever heard on any subject was only a simple recall away.

Due to what her father calls her "ability," she found she had no problems in school. In fact she was bored with everything her local school threw at her. When she was only thirteen years old it was recommended from the boring school's principal that she start looking at potentially taking university level courses the following year. Sure enough the following year she and her father looked through a dozen different VR University programs before settling on the Australian National University for two very specific reasons: their History and Science departments. She found herself absorbing countless text books and destroying every test put before her with plans to become a university professor holding multiple degrees by the time she turned twenty-two.

Things changed when I came along. Kendra had read that the Consortium was looking for what we call "research investigators;" people who can retain a large amount of information and use it for research or even to investigate T.S. packets and things of that nature. It sounded absolutely perfect for her and in late January, 2041, Kendra sent me an open application to join the Consortium. She was hired immediately and officially joined the Zenlil crew as Pawn 51 on February 14th, 2041.