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Summary of Induction Interview - Pawn 24
Date May 10, 2040
Author King
Internal Name induction_pawn24
Internal Series  Induction Interviews, #13 

May 10th, 2040:

Summary of Induction Interview- Pawn 24

By: The King

Unlike her well-to-do sister, Mika Hoffman admittedly spent the majority of her earlier school years slacking off, attending social events, and playing VR games. Her parents knew she was smarter than average but her good looks and charm helped her coast through most classes with very little effort put in. She didn't seem to care about anything but her friends and her games. But then she met the infamous Professor Amsel when she was only twelve years old and it dramatically changed her life.

Professor Amsel holds a dual degree in both Mathematics and Child Psychology. He was gaining a reputation in the academic world for his unconventional methods of teaching. He hypothesized that highly intelligent children growing up in such a heavily technology-dependant world were developing new learning disabilities associated with shorter attention spans and desensitization to receiving information. In Mika's case, at least, he couldn't have been more right. He could also tell right away that Mika was incredibly brilliant in her ability to process and understand highly complicated information, even scoring an IQ of 146.

Not only did Mika pass professor Amsel's University-bridging program with flying colours, but it also sparked what she called, "an insatiable lust for knowledge." The focus of that lust became medical science. At only fifteen years old she landed herself a scholarship at Stanford University to study anything and everything related to the field, which then eventually led her to the Stanford pre-med program when she was 18.

Mika was recruited on May 10th, 2040, as an assistant to medical Rook 4 aboard Zenlil. Her social skills are as equally developed as her technical ones, making her one of our more convivial recruits.