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Summary of Induction Interview - Pawn 19
Date May 17, 2039
Author King
Internal Name induction_pawn19
Internal Series  Induction Interviews, #12 

May 17th, 2039:

Summary of Induction Interview - Pawn 19

By: The King

Carla Jenissa Croft was born in the midst of the Resource Wars to an American Army family. Both parents were serving in the same company prior to her birth, but Carla's mother left when she learned of the pregnancy. While parenthood strengthened her father's resolve to "fight for his country," Carla's mother was ideologically transformed at the prospect of bringing a child into a world of turmoil. Taking the infant Carla with her, she joined a semi-extremist anti-war group called the Gentle Doves. For four years they traveled from state to state, lobbying and protesting various political officials to put an end to the hostilities.

When the Wars finally ended, her father (now a Major) returned from duty and the divorce was made official two months later. Custody was shared on a bi-annual basis, and Carla grew up equally influenced by her father's regimented upbringing in Arlington, Virgina, and her mother's new life on a perma-culture commune in Washington State. Neither parent, however, could ignore Carla's budding intellect and interest in things beyond their ken. By the time she was 14 she had been accepted into Harvard University to study Electrical Engineering and subsequently glided through at the top of her class.

The influences of Carla's early life mixed with her talent for fixing the unfixable made her a perfect recruit for the politically entangled Consortium. At her father's suggestion, she applied to join the Consortium in early 2039. I had actually been keeping a watchful eye on her throughout her post graduate program and wasted no time in offering her a position aboard Zenlil to begin on May 17th, 2039.