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Summary of Induction Interview - Pawn 12
Date April 14, 2041
Author King
Internal Name induction_pawn12
Internal Series  Induction Interviews, #11 

April 14th, 2041:

Summary of Induction Interview - Pawn 12

By: The King

David Benedict was the fifth child born to American parents in the town of Rockland, Maine. His four siblings are all older and female, and his parents are both middle-class Americans working as what David described to be "online entrepreneurs." He says he mostly only cared that they were always home when he needed them and gave him the space he required. Using his own words from his induction interview, you could say David fell into a mostly stable, if uninteresting life.

He tells me that he and his family have always been members of the Guardian Church, but he doesn't really care about any of "that stuff," nor does he entirely understand or believe it. He does however think, "It's sort of cool that if the Church is right then I might get to meet an alien some day! I think that'd be really, really neat! Really!"

David's family did very well for themselves in large part due to an internet business his mother ran. She managed a company whose sole purpose was to themselves manage crowd sourcing campaigns, which in turn funded most major entertainment projects at that time. His sisters abused him constantly but he quickly grew a thick skin (see: a lock on his bedroom door) and spent much of his childhood safely in his room, lost in the world of Virtual Reality. Like many children of his generation, VR-games were the "new thing" and so everyone was playing them... all locked away in their rooms, yet, also connecting to vast virtual worlds along with their friends and strangers alike. David always had top of the line VR tech, his parents wanting nothing but the best for him.

VR was not only spreading as a new way to play games, but soon found its way into the completely untapped educational market. Suddenly you could hold entire classes virtually and the price of higher education plummeted soon thereafter. Everything from the books to the entire school could be programmed into a computer. So when David emerged from his room one day at the age of thirteen and announced, "I just got myself a Bachelor's degree of Science in Agriculture! At Cambridge!" ... it wasn't much of a surprise to his parents. "My boy's always been a smart one!" his father might say, beer in hand. David tested his own I.Q. on his 12th birthday and it was 149.

Six years later, on April 12th 2041, David emerged from his room once more except this time he announced, "I've joined the Consortium!" and two days later he was gone - his parents never saw it coming.