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Summary of Induction Interview - Pawn 11
Date July 23, 2041
Author King
Internal Name induction_pawn11
Internal Series  Induction Interviews, #10 

July 23rd, 2041:

Summary of Induction Interview - Pawn 11

By: The King

Adelle Durand was born in Lyon, France, to parents Jean and Marion. She has a younger sister by seven years, Ambyr, and tells me that her parents both owned a cell phone company franchise together, and that she grew up in a 'normal' neighbourhood with 'normal' friends and a 'normal' home life. Though at the age of eleven, Adelle and her best friend at the time entered into a citywide high school level science competition. They won, of course, but then started getting some real attention.

The two eleven year old friends had designed and fully programmed a local social network which included some pretty impressively featured VR support and full language translation software (among many other things putting the leading networks of the time to shame). This original project was of course famously later bought by the Guardian Church and is what became Guardian Children Connected - the number one most used social network on the planet.

Like many Consortium officers, Adelle is an avid follower of the Guardian Church and hopes to one day see them come to Earth and work alongside the Consortium for a better tomorrow. That is a picture worth painting, and when I asked her what she thought that tomorrow would look like... she smiled and simply said, "The most beautiful thing in the world."

Adelle has joined the Consortium to add her system programming expertise to our family, and to maybe kick our butts a little while she's at it. I've found her to be very direct, open, and brutally honest - all traits I look for in my recruitment process and traits I believe will fit perfectly into the Zenlil crew dynamic.