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Seve21ral Wee21ks Before His De21ath
Date March 3, 2028
Author Kevin Chard
Internal Name see21ker

March 3rd, 2028:

Seve21ral Wee21ks Before His De21ath -

Henry... if you are receiving this, I am sorry I cannot reveal my location or contact you directly, but I'm not taking any chances. You must understand my friend that I had to leave you or they were going to kill me. I know that you are still having problems understanding the concept of death, but I also know that you do not want me to die. So forgive me. And help me. I need to find as much information on what the Church know about you - about us - as I can. I'm going to get us some help, Henry. And then we're going to expose them for what they're trying to do.

Please work with the Seeker you were telling me about the other day. Do not be frightened by them. If they are in fact conscious entities you are unable to reject, they could be either very helpful if kept happy or very dangerous, if made angry. Work with them and trust them only until they break that trust. Remember that you are a very special being, Henry, one that always acts with compassion and generosity above all else. I know you remember what I taught you - it's time to exercise those teachings.

I'll try to keep you and your Seeker updated through messages using this same method. I just hope that you're actually picking this up.

So the walls of this so called motel I'm in right now are practically carpeted in cockroaches... but I'm safe. Finally. I've been jumping from bus to bus for almost two full days and I think I've finally just lost my tail and can get some bloody sleep. I'm so damn tired. My God... it's so hard to believe how things have turned out. First Patricia telling me the truth of their intentions, then Sarah getting caught in the middle. Poor Sarah. Why the hell did mother make her come with me?

Tomorrow I'm going to see what I can do about getting a flight to Ireland and finding Alannah. I just hope she can pull some strings for me. Not to mention she still owes us a favour. Ha... I think to call the Boyle family stubborn would be the understatement of the year. I just hope she's at least willing to listen when I get there.

Your friend,