Robert Jenkins
Alias(es) Bishop Six, Vessel
Gender Male
Group(s) Consortium
Game(s) Consortium
Voice Over King (rarely)
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Robert "Bob" Jenkins (also known as Bishop 6, or the Vessel) is the person whom we, the Seeker, inhabit throughout the Consortium stream. He was recruited by the Consortium under suspicious circumstances, after defusing an unspecified situation in Canada. He barely passed his rifle proficiency test, and now serves as the tactical agent aboard Zenlil. Carla Croft may describe him as "tall, dark and friendly"[1] as well as "handsome"[2] at the beginning of Consortium.

Exact details of Jenkins' past are being censored actively by the Consortium King and IDGI-1, for reasons not yet specified to us. At times he can override our conversation, making statements in an eerily similar voice to his own.

Robert Jenkins' girlfriend was Katrina Crusher[3] whom was reported missing on October 9, 2042.[4] He lives in Kanata, Ontario, and is married.[3][5]

Jenkins' journal suggested on him planning to be done working for the Consortium "by the end of [2042]."[6]

Keiran Boyle implanted the Medical Utility Visual Implant in Bishop 6.[7] Robert Jenkins presumably also has a motor chip, though how and when this was implanted is not yet clear.


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