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Pawn 62 Found in Augsburg!
Date December 21, 2042
Author Brendon Wycheck
Breaking News Yes
Internal Name breaking_p62

December 21st, 2042:

Pawn 62's Body Found in Augsburg, Germany -

Brendon Wycheck Reporting Live

Hello everyone, Brendon Wycheck here again for the Global Newswire. It appears as though the Consortium command vessel, Zenlil, is not quite out of trouble yet. The Angelov incident is behind them, but it seems something else is happening aboard Zenlil as an as-yet unidentified body has fallen from the sky and landed in northernAugsburg, Germany. Strangely, no automated reports have been received from the K-1 network about this incident or who it may be. Bulgarian correspondent Rosica Grubo has been following Zenlil since the Angelov incident and is now reporting on site in Augsburg:

"Thanks again, Brendon. Local authorities are already here, and it looks like a body has fallen from the sky and in turn caused a car crash along autobahn 17 just south of the E52. Three cars were involved in the accident and the driver of one car has been seriously injured but is expected to live. The identity of the fallen body has not yet been identified, but-

Hey, reporter. We have identified the body.

Everyone, this is Augsburg Police investigator, Elias Drescher.

Uh, hi. The unfortunate soul who most likely fell from your Zenlil and caused this mess, his name was Luca Turel.

Oh, no... That is of course Pawn 62 of Zenlil's crew. He is probably best known for his outspoken views on the geopolitical landscape he hoped to one day help the Consortium achieve. His many public appearances and lectures on the subject have made him a recognizable name to many people and in fact a personal hero to someone special in my life. This is... well this is a truly tragic turn of events and a terrifying end to the life of a man well respected across the globe. Back to you, Brendon."

Unbelievable. There you have it. Pawn 62, Luca Turel, has somehow fallen or been forcibly removed from the Consortium command vessel, Zenlil. Details are sketchy at this point and investigators are now scouring the area for any more fallen bodies. Thankfully as of yet, none have been found.

We'll be back after a short break with hopefully more information on just what is happening aboard Zenlil. This is Brendon Wycheck, Global Newswire.