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Patricia Thornthwaite
Patricia Thornthwaite in Consortium
Alias(es) Pawn 32
Gender Female
Birth Date 2009 (Age: 33)
Group(s) Consortium
Guardian Church
Game(s) Alternate Reality Game
Voice Over Michelle Livingstone

Patricia Thornthwaite was born in Seattle, Washington, in 2009 but raised by a foster family. Information on her formal training is lacking but she is known to have self-taught technical knowledge.[1]

Patricia worked in Xalapa, Mexico, for the Guardian Church before being recruited by Worldview Industries to work on the C-3800 aircraft.[1]

Thornthwaite was recruited into the Consortium on March 21, 2039, to serve on Zenlil and works in the Hangar Bay.[1]

Plot Involvement
She claims to have a personal relationship with a "Guardian of Wisdom." When she refers to "they," she is talking about the Guardians. She claims the "Guardian of Wisdom" is an "inter-dimensional being" from another world and time and she was chosen by him.