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Mission Report: Incident with Kiril Angelov
Date November 16, 2042
Author Taryn Fisher
Internal Name mr_november16

Mission Report: Knight 15 on November 16th, 2042

"Incident with Kiril Angelov"

I'm having some troubles coming to grips with today's events, and with what Bishop Eight did. Everyone knows Hamlin is a bit of a loose cannon, make that a very loose rocket launcher... but he overstepped today and two innocents were killed in the process. Everything considered, those men should not have died. Angelov was merely blowing smoke, as always, and Bishop Eight lost his cool like I've never seen before.

Excuse me. So as you know, we were in the middle of our usual grid patrols and happened to pass by Bulgarian. Like a starving dog protecting its last morsel of food, Angelov showed up and started making trouble. He started with the usual self righteous garbage; a big speech regarding governmental liberties and how his father would eventually see the truth about us, and then about how we've been "strangling the flow of global power." Like I said, the usual.

As you know Bishop Eight despises Angelov even more than Rook 25. Because of this he's learnt not to say a word and to let me handle things when Angelov shows up. Usually the Merc leader ignores everyone but Rook 25 and I, but today he uncharacteristically turned on Bishop Eight. He started prodding him about his family, his military history, his casualty count, everything and anything that would surely set him off. Angelov oddly seemed to know more details about Bishop Eight's career than Pawn 12 does, and that's no small feat.

Anyway. I think the breaking point came when Angelov mentioned Bishop Eight's mother, and how she'd left him and his father when he was little. Before anyone could tell what was happening, Eight hooked into the Manual Defences and proceeded to shoot down two of Angelov's men with the PD-Laser.

This is simply unacceptable - the final straw on what has become a rising tower of infractions. I've been saying for months now that Bishop Eight has become progressively more violent and irrational, and I hope this incident will be enough for you to finally take action. It's either him or me because frankly I can't work with a field operative who is unable to keep his cool when it matters most.

This is Knight 15 reporting, the date is November 16th, 2042.