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Mission Report: Canadian Dispute
Date August 3, 2038
Author Colin Wheats
Internal Name mr_august3

Mission Report: Knight 18 on August 3rd, 2038

"Canadian Dispute"

Knight 18 reporting, the date is August 3rd, 2038. I think we're going to be here for another couple of days. We are making progress, but the Republique spokesman won't stop referring to Canada as a nation that no longer respects their right to be Canadian. And then of course the government spokesman does not help matters by repeating the same line they've been saying for years, basically amounting to: "Please don't go! Canada won't be Canada without you."

The day went on, until of course the subject of Robert Jenkins came up. As you know, but I'll repeat here for the record, Jenkins is the kid who reportedly was responsible for saving dozens of lives when he talked down a military coup that broke out last month. He has since become the government's poster boy against what is being falsely dubbed a 'violent uprising in Quebec' by many Canadian sources on the Newswire. The very mention of Jenkins only infuriates the Republique spokesman, and the government spokesman seems amused to bring him up. It's proving to be an obstacle in the process, but they are beginning to loosen up and realize each other's position. Not to mention the Jenkins incident was a month ago and there have been no violent incidents since, a point I was sure to bring up when I could. Like I said, I think we'll have an agreement signed within a few days and then we can talk about sending my team and I back to Bulgaria to deal with Angelov. Bishop 10 would love another swing at him.

It's funny to think about the significance of what we're doing here, isn't it? The very reason why the Republique du Quebec even exists is because cost of living has decreased substantially and quality of life has increased. We are mediating a potential civil war all because Quebec has realized they no longer need what the rest of Canada has to offer! Necessity says they don't have to be Canadian anymore, so they choose not to be. It goes to show you that no matter how good things get, there's always something to fight about.

Anyway, I'm tired and we've got a big day tomorrow. Knight 18 out.