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Missin21g Persons Re21port for Kevin Cha21rd
Date March 2, 2028
Internal Name missingpersons_chard

March 2nd, 2028:

Location: Xalapa, Mexico.

Filed by: Melinda Bellhurst

Name: Kevin Chard

Age: 18

Physical Description: Short, curly brown hair / 62 kilograms / 5'6"

Last Seen: March 1st, 2028 - 9pm at local VR:Books

Regular Hangouts: VR:Books, El Agora, Convivio, Xalapa Cathedral

Medical History: N/A

Associated Friends or Family: Mother- Jess Chard 44-555-4067

Employer: Worldview Industries

Extra Information:

According to Ms. Melinda Bellhurst, Kevin spends most of his free time at either the local Catholic Cathedral or VR:Books. Foul play on the part of Worldview Industries suspected by Ms. Bellhurst - she claims that while having coffee with Mr. Chard at the local VR:Books on the evening before his disappearance, he spoke to her about some sort of trouble he was having at work. She also claims the recent accidental death of Sarah Valetta was murder committed by Worldview Industries.