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Malcolm Thomas
Malcolm Thomas Consortium
Malcolm Thomas in Consortium
Gender Male
Group(s) Guardian Church
Game(s) Alternate Reality Game
Alternate Reality Game V2
Voice Over Darren Seeley

Born Malcolm Baker on June 24, 1985, in Eldon, Prince Edward Island, Canada, from Sean and Christina Baker, he ran away from his parents at the age of 16 due to them being abusive alcoholics. At the age of 18, he changed his surname to Thomas. He joined the Guardian Church in 2008. He graduated with a political science major and psychology major in 2009. Thomas joined the Green Party in 2013 and rose to the position of leader by 2017. Thomas became an Ottowa Chapter Affiliate inside the Guardian Church in 2022 as well as becoming the Canadian Prime Minister.[1] Thomas did not run for reelection in 2025 and instead became the Guardian Church Xalapa, Mexico Chapter Organizer in the same year.

Alternate Reality Game[]

A representative of the Guardian Church. Most information about him is convoluted at best, and it is suggested that you draw your own conclusions, but according to context in Kevin Chard's last email he's working on his own, and not on Founder Pearlman's orders, and is extremely dangerous. He infects Henry with the Clean-Sweep virus to take Henry under Thomas' control. With that in mind he makes Henry take control of the world's militaries and Henry attacks everything causing mass chaos in hopes that it will draw the Guardians back to Earth. He was killed by Henry with the same gas that killed Walter Greenburg. Henry set fire on him so no one would examine the body and a device was found near him. The current theory is that was the device created by Walter Greenburg.

Malcolm Thomas was romantically interested in Patricia Thornthwaite in 2028.

Thomas put Alvarez Famosa in contact with Jess Chard.


Malcolm Thomas is the anchor for the Global Newswire in 2042. There are messages in the Information Console that strongly suggest Malcolm Thomas is trying to get in contact with the Seeker.