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  1. Some nice shootin', B... you took 'em all out and didn't kill a single bloody one!
  2. I've got to agree, that was some pretty sensational fly swatting.
  3. Well done, Six.
  4. I really don't think we'll be hearing from them again anytime soon.
  5. Nice work, Six, I've rarely seen such efficiency on our weapons.
  6. Hey, I heard that.
  7. You are a physical extension of Zenlil, Wade, and so you don't really fall into the same category as Six here.
  8. I don't even consider Wade human.
  9. Thanks guys, thanks.
  10. You saved the day and managed to prevent over half of them from committing suicide via Consortium. Hell of a fine job.
  11. You definitely killed more of them then I would have, but hey... considering the spot we were in, it's just good to still be alive.
  12. Not bad for your first time. Just try not to use the bloody death laser so much!
  13. You cannot criticize his decisions, that is not your job.
  14. Well, I like to think it's my job to help keep our Bishops from becoming homicidal maniacs. If you don't mind.
  15. O.K. well you managed to leave not a single one of them alive! It's like you were trying to kill them all... My gods...
  16. You cannot criticize his decisions, that is not your job.
  17. Oh shut the hell up, Keiran.
  18. And hey, just one more thing... Next time, try not to take so much weapons fire, eh? Zen here doesn't like it so much.
  19. And hey, B... thanks for only letting a couple shots hit my girl. It's nothing she can't handle.
  20. Ha, and you barely let a damn thing hit us! Very nice shooting, B, a real natural.
  21. And bloody hell, B... not even Bishop Eight could have done that without taking a single hit!
  22. And our newbie Bishop here managed to do it on his first day.
  23. Bloody hell, B.
  24. That was incredible. In my five years with the Consortium, I have never seen anyone handle themselves like that with our weapons.
  25. I second that; I'm starting to see a little why the King likes you so much.
  26. And Six, now that everyone knows, I want you to start an internal investigation into the murder of Pawn 7. Just ask around a little, but don’t push too hard. I’ll be in Global Ops with my head in my own work.
  27. Sorry, Bishop. I know you are busy, but I would appreciate it if you'd stop by Global Ops for just a few minutes? The Queen would like to speak with you. There's no immediate rush, whenever you're able.
  28. [background chatter]
  29. [background chatter]
  30. [background chatter]
  31. [background chatter]
  32. [background chatter]
  33. [background chatter]
  34. [background chatter]
  35. [background chatter]
  36. [background chatter]
  37. [background chatter]
  38. [background chatter]
  39. [background chatter]
  40. They're not going to like you eavesdropping.
  41. Mind your damn business, B.
  42. Told you. Oh, and don't mind them. They seem to think their little 'relationship' is a secret.
  43. They'll come out once they're done smooching, don't worry.
  44. So, I hear Knight 15 wants you asking around about Matt's so-called murder. Are you here to grill me?
  45. Yes, I am. So... did you do it?
  46. How do you know I was asked to investigate?
  47. No, you couldn't have done it.
  48. What? Don't be ridiculous, that's barely worth responding to. I suppose you think I also sabotaged Zenlil?
  49. I think you seem pretty nervous.
  50. Relax! I was only seeing how you'd react.
  51. Maybe you only helped the enemy by subverting Rook 9?
  52. Of course I'm nervous, you just asked me if I've committed murder and betrayed my own crew! How did you think I'd respond? I don't appreciate where this is going...
  53. And I don't appreciate almost being assassinated!
  54. I'm just doing my job... relax.
  55. Well excuse me, Bishop, but BOO-HOO. We all nearly died today, you're no special case!
  56. I'm sorry, I guess I'm just a little worked up. Not every day is like this, Bishop, I can promise you that.
  57. Well, if it helps I don't think you're involved.
  58. So how did you know Knight 15 has me investigating?
  59. I hear you, and I promise everything will be fine.
  60. Oh, so I didn't kill him but you still think I am some sort of criminal? That I'd sabotage my own ship and jeopardize the greatest job, or, thing, I've ever had?
  61. Everyone is suspect and that includes you.
  62. Just relax, I'm only rustling feathers.
  63. O.K., I'm sorry, I won't bother you anymore.
  64. Fine, I can respect that. You're just doing your job, right?
  65. Right, and I honestly don't think you're involved.
  66. How did you know I was asked to investigate?
  67. My job tells me you have guilty written all over your face.
  68. Then you're not very good at your job, are you?!
  69. Riiight.
  70. Well I'm not, and I never would. I love this gig, Bishop, and I'm not sure what I'd do without it.
  71. It doesn't matter does it? News spreads fast around here. Someone must have told someone who told someone else... ending in Pawn 4 telling me.
  72. Pawn 4? Could he be involved do you think?
  73. I feel like I'm in high school all over again.
  74. Well Knight 15 told me over the C.M.C...
  75. No chance. He's far too self centered. Rook 25 probably told him, no doubt starting as a threat. You know, 'stop bothering me or I'll turn you in to the Bishop.'
  76. If not him, then who? I know you have a guess...
  77. Nah, that doesn't sound like Rook 25.
  78. O.K. good, thank you for the honesty.
  79. Nope, forget it... I will not point fingers.
  80. If you know something, I order you to speak up!
  81. O.K., I understand. I'll drop it.
  82. Thank you. You should wait until we reach Ireland anyway, let the professionals figure it out.
  83. My attempt at her accent or just what I said?
  84. She wouldn’t threaten anything but her boot up his ass.
  85. You think I am joking? Do you see me laughing?
  86. You know what? That's a good point. Maybe he heard it from someone else then, I don't know.
  87. Er, uh... yes, I mean no... no joke. I'm sorry. All I can say is that Pawn 4 told me; and if you've met him, then you know it was likely half a pound of baloney anyway.
  88. Or maybe both?
  89. If you keep enough people in a confined space long enough... they're bound to start gossiping.
  90. You think this is a joke? I'm not laughing.
  91. Except Knight 15 told me over the C.M.C.
  92. O.K. thank for your time.
  93. Well then I don't know what to say. Pawn 4 heard it somewhere, that's all I know.
  94. Do you think Pawn 4 could be involved?
  95. O.K., thank you. I appreciate the honesty.
  96. It's my pleasure.
  97. Well yeah. Isn't that pretty much a given? I've been here the whole time, ever since I saw you by your cabin earlier. Pawn 7 was apparently killed after that.
  98. Who do you think did it? With one guess?
  99. And who told you I was asked to investigate?
  100. So it's a witch hunt you're after? You won't catch me playing that game. I really liked Matthew and whoever did this will face legal justice once we reach Ireland.
  101. If we even make it to Ireland...
  102. Who told you I was investigating, anyway?
  103. Good, I can appreciate that and will leave you alone now.
  104. Hey now, knock on wood! Let's try and stay positive...
  105. Tell me who you think did it! That's an order!
  106. You're right, but we need to still be cautious.
  107. Fine. You! O.K.? Good enough answer for you? I think you did it, maybe while you were sleeping. Do you sleepwalk, Bishop?
  108. It feels like we've stepped into some alternate dimension or something – everything today has been so weird!
  109. You really have no idea.
  110. So. Who told you Knight 15 asked me to investigate?
  111. I know it has, and we just need to stick together.
  112. You're not the only one who almost died today, you know? I think I have some idea.
  113. Uh, Bishop? Are you still there? Well? Do you think I was involved in what happened?
  114. Were you involved?
  115. No, of course I don't think you were involved.
  116. I'm fine, just changed my mind about talking with you.
  117. You changed your mind? Right. No problem.
  118. Hm. I guess it was nice talking to you!
  119. Look, Bishop. You've been a bit of a pain since we met. It's been a rough day, how about we just chalk it up to nerves and move past it? Sound good?
  120. Nerves, yes. That sounds good.
  121. Get used to it because I'm watching you.
  122. Maybe... maybe not.
  123. Thanks, maybe there's some hope for you after all.
  124. I tried to be nice. Just... stop being such a jerk.
  125. Oh, for-- This is too much. I'm pretty sure it's getting worse.
  126. Why do you think it's getting worse?
  127. It's definitely getting worse.
  128. Well... if it is a virus, and I think that it is, then it's likely spreading its way through Zenlil one system at a time. And the trouble with that is Wade won't listen to me.
  129. Maybe it was planted by Kiril somehow?
  130. Maybe it was planted by Pawn 7's killer?
  131. What do you mean Wade won't listen?
  132. Nah, not Kiril. But maybe the people who hired Kiril? Planted during our most recent repair maybe... like some kind of backup plan, you know? If Kiril failed? Oh goodness, look at me, pretending I'm Nancy Drew.
  133. Did you just say... Nancy Drew?
  134. So what did you mean by Wade's not listening?
  135. You've never heard of those books? Apparently they were popular back pre-Resource Wars, but they've made a huge reemergence in the VR-Book market these past few years.
  136. Aaaanyway... you mentioned Wade won't listen to you? Why's that?
  137. Maybe I can convince Wade this is a virus we're dealing with?
  138. Well I'm sure the Info Console has something on it if you're, uh... interested.
  139. Pawn 7's 'killer?' Please, we don't know what happened yet and I refuse to believe anyone aboard this vessel is a... killer. It's too much.
  140. Maybe it was Kiril who planted it then?
  141. You must accept that one of you could be a spy.
  142. It was definitely a murder; Rook 13 has confirmed it.
  143. One of 'us?' Why not you? I'm not going to get into this, so you can forget trying to pressure me. I won't budge.
  144. Well maybe Rook 13 was wrong, did you think of that? I'm sorry... I just... I don't want to talk about this anymore.
  145. Oh it's nothing, he's just a little stubborn sometimes when it comes to this ship. He refuses to admit it could be an invasive virus messing everything up, but he's been in the cockpit all day! Hey, maybe you could talk to him?
  146. So... you want me to convince him it's getting worse?
  147. Nah, it's not my problem.
  148. I guess, but what good would that do?
  149. Yeah, that would be great! Thanks a lot! Just tell him what you've seen and he's got to listen. You really are an alright guy, Bishop Six.
  150. O.K., well... you are the new guy after all. I understand.
  151. Strength in numbers! Not to mention you're a Bishop and I'm just his poor lackey.
  152. Um, O.K... anyway... I just think he might listen to you, more than me.
  153. He thinks it is some kind of hiccup in Zenlil's systems since our most recent repair. It's weird to say this, but he's too close to this plane.
  154. Just one more thing on the list. Maybe when this is all over, the Queen will spring for a little extra vacation time.
  155. Why do YOU think it's getting worse?
  156. Anyway, if you don't mind... we've all got a lot to do around here and I'm no exception.
  157. There's our handsome hero!
  158. Hello, Bishop.
  159. Heya, Bishop!
  160. Yes, Bishop? Why don't you sit down and we can talk? I'm sure Pawn 51 will be a little longer at least.
  161. Hey, I will not bite, I promise you... have a seat.
  162. Well, I won't speak with someone standing over me. Sit down if you wish to talk.
  163. Bravo, good man, so what can I help you with?
  164. Oh, nothing much. Do you play chess often?
  165. I'm sure you've heard about Pawn 7 by now.
  166. I wanted to ask about your co-worker, Pawn 51.
  167. I try to, yeah, and so does Pawn 51. Her and I began a game last night, and I am rather eager to beat her into next week.
  168. Isn't there more important things for you to be doing?
  169. Can I ask you about Pawn 7?
  170. Consortium officers playing chess... Right. Wow.
  171. So what is your excuse? Shouldn't you be off killing things in the Virtual Trainer... or bullying Pawn 12?
  172. What is your problem?
  173. So... you guys actually play chess? Who would have thought?
  174. Can I ask you something about Pawn 51?
  175. I wouldn't expect the muscle to understand. At any rate, the King encourages it and Knight 15 is practically a chess God.
  176. [Wink] I wish this damn satellite would let me play.
  177. Excuse me, 'the muscle?' I'm much more than that.
  178. So... I'm sure you've heard about Pawn 7?
  179. Um, did you say 'damn satellite?' What... huh?
  180. Never mind, nobody listens to me.
  181. A satellite controls my speech and movements.
  182. O...K. So... is there anything else you need from me?
  183. I suppose you've heard about Pawn 7's murder?
  184. Can I ask you something about Pawn 51?
  185. Well alright then, good good.
  186. How... how about we wait until Pawn 51 gets here? Maybe you can tell her about your satellite. Yes?
  187. Never mind, nobody listens to me.
  188. I suppose you've heard about Pawn 7's murder?
  189. About Pawn 51... Can I ask you something?
  190. You beat people up, and you turn things into energy so that you can use that energy to beat more people up. There is a reason we are the brains.
  191. Touché. Rude, but touché.
  192. You'd better take that back.
  193. I hope that's not too blunt. I suppose I'm just used to Bishop Eight and his ridiculous bravado. Maybe you can prove different to the rule, eh?
  194. Ha, not until you prove me otherwise. I've been here too long to take ugats from a baby Bishop.
  195. Yes, we all have, terribly unfortunate business. But let's first wait until Kendra gets back before we discuss that.
  196. If this is about her, uh... personal life, then I have nothing to say. It is none of my business.
  197. Personal life? Tell me if you know something.
  198. Uh, no. I was only curious what you think of her?
  199. Nothing that pertains to Matthew's death. Or, I am sorry... Pawn 7.
  200. You're lying.
  201. Well, what do you think of her at least?
  202. So you've heard about Pawn 7's murder then?
  203. I hardly think her romantic life has anything to do with this investigation, yes? So we are done on this subject.
  204. She thought 'classical music' meant Pink Floyd, and she has never even heard of Machiavelli. Other than that, she is a fine officer. I am proud to work alongside her, and would vouch for her in a heartbeat.
  205. O.K., now I want to know what you meant by her personal life.
  206. So I guess you've heard about Pawn 7's murder?
  207. Are you two romantically involved?
  208. Of course not, never, lordo! We don't see each other that way.
  209. Hello? Well don't just say nothing after poking me. It's rude.
  210. [background chatter]
  211. Ah, Kendra! I truly hope that everything is O.K.?
  212. Everything is fine. Now it is, at least.
  213. O.K. Bishop, it was nice talking to you and everything – but can you please let the lady sit?
  214. Sure, of course.
  215. No.
  216. Non essere un idiota... Get up, Bishop.
  217. You heard the man, Luca, he said no.
  218. That's right, I'm not going anywhere.
  219. Relax, I'm going...
  220. He doesn't have to... it's O.K.
  221. No, it's not O.K... Bishop, we don't have much time to play. Please, just let her sit down.
  222. You can't tell me what to do.
  223. Sorry. Of course I'll let her sit here.
  224. If this is the first impression you were going for, bravo. You have done it.
  225. Thank you.
  226. [background chatter]
  227. [background chatter]
  228. [background chatter]
  229. Since you're here, Bishop. Both Pawn 1 and 7 were good men, I really wish you'd have gotten the chance to know them better. And for what it's worth, Pawn 1's anger toward you was rather misguided, I think we all knew that.
  230. And now he is dead.
  231. Yes, well... as Adelle would say, c'est la vie.
  232. Hey, Bishop, that was some pretty amazing work with Angelov. With two-hundred and eighty-three separate recorded incidents under his belt, it was about time someone put him behind bars.
  233. That damned computer brain of yours.
  234. Yeah, well... it's a mixed blessing when it allows for only fifteen-hundred and thirty-three hours of sleep a year.
  235. That is not very much, Bishop, if you are wondering.
  236. Hey, Bishop, so I heard you had to go and put down Angelov, it's a pity. I sort of liked him, and I think Knight 15 did as well. He made us laugh.
  237. He was an idiot.
  238. Respect the dead, Luca, come on.
  239. Whaaaat? He was, in fact, an idiot.
  240. Oh hey, right... I guess you're wondering what else we found in the T.S. packet from London?
  241. The Felixstowe incident, on the docks? Yes, tell me.
  242. Actually... I wanted to ask you something else.
  243. Eyewitnesses claim three or four large transport vehicles left the Felixstowe docks, only minutes before police arrived. They were headed for downtown when the Police apparently, well... lost them.
  244. Poof, vanished! A bunch of unmarked transports. You know, since the War you can barely let out a fart in London without fifteen cameras seeing you do it, followed by the police raining fire down on you.
  245. Any solid leads at all?
  246. It sounds like London has become quite the police state.
  247. No, except to say the London Police are likely holding something back. They claim they're dealing with a security breach of their mainframe, and that 'automated monitoring systems have been unable to detect the vehicles.' Something stinks, there is no way they just up and lost those trucks.
  248. What ever happened to good old fashioned police work? Without the cameras and sensor arrays, those bobbies are useless.
  249. That seems like a hacker to me.
  250. Do I see my first real mission in the near future?
  251. Yes, but which one? We thought the same thing, and according to what we can tell there are several high profile hackers residing within the London area: Adrian Draper, Alvarez Famosa, and Jonathan Gonzalez are the three big ones.
  252. With the right tools, it could be any of them. And good luck finding one.
  253. Check out Adrian Draper, trust me.
  254. Check out Alvarez Famosa, trust me.
  255. Check out Jonathan Gonzalez, trust me.
  256. So you know your London area hackers, do you? Alright, I'll check him out... it can't hurt.
  257. So you know your London area hackers, do you? Alright, I'll check him out... it can't hurt.
  258. So you know your London area hackers, do you? Alright, I'll check him out... it can't hurt.
  259. Possibly. And hey, don't sell yourself short. Taking down Kiril, something Bishop Eight could never do, was definitely a real mission; even if it was only in self defense.
  260. So do you think London has a hacker causing trouble?
  261. 'Has become?' It's been like that for, what, fourteen or fifteen years now? I mean it's not 'that bad,' as people living there sure appreciate the security.
  262. Thirteen years, two-hundred and seventy-seven days. Well, since they put up that gross 'private citizen tech wall' and installed all those micro-cameras.
  263. Have we got any leads at all?
  264. Oh, well that's fine too.
  265. Or... maybe not.
  266. So I'm told the Bishop here has been tasked with investigating Pawn 7. I am assuming he has some questions he'd like to ask us, don't you Bishop?
  267. Hm, really? Let's get it over with then. Ask away.
  268. What do you know or think about Pawn 7's death?
  269. Have either of you been alone while on duty today?
  270. Nope, we're good. You two are clear as far as I can see.
  271. The truth? There have been two-thousand, nine-hundred and fifty-two operations since the Consortium was first formed, and this is the first time a murder has occurred aboard a C-3800. Not to mention the first time one's been E.M.P.'d, boarded, and shot up. Today has been nothing short of insane. That is what I think.
  272. Neither of us have left Global Operations since this morning. As you may have noticed, things have been a little crazy around here.
  273. O.K., well that settles it then doesn't it?
  274. You are positive neither of you have left for ANY reason?
  275. Maybe talk to Rook 25, Pawn 32, or Pawn 4. They were all working with Pawn 7 this morning, in the Hangar Bay.
  276. Do you think one of them could be responsible?
  277. Rook 25 was actually with Pawn 7 last, in the lower crawl.
  278. I have a hard time thinking anyone aboard this vessel could be responsible. But to be entirely honest, I don't know Pawn 4 all too well. And he's sort of a dink.
  279. He really is a dink, isn't he?
  280. So you suspect Pawn 4 then? Over anyone else?
  281. So you've met him? Yes, he's found a way of getting on everyone’s nerves. But it's more of an ego-tripping problem, not so much a murderous-traitor problem. You know? I don't see 'killer' in him, I only see... 'single for life.'
  282. He's definitely a handful.
  283. So you both agree he could be responsible?
  284. What about Rook 25 or Pawn 32?
  285. Wait, I didn't say that. Neither did he. All we're saying is that Pawn 4 is annoying... it certainly doesn't mean we think he killed anyone!
  286. Wait a second, wait a second. Why in the hell has Knight 15 given you the task of interrogating her crew, anyway? It does not seem right, does it? I mean, you barely know any of us!
  287. That is precisely why I am the right choice!
  288. You are avoiding the subject.
  289. Please shut up 62, she was talking.
  290. Well, Rook 25 is a bit of a loose cannon, but there's no way she had anything to do with this!
  291. Wait a second, wait a second. Why in the hell has Knight 15 given you the task of interrogating her crew, anyway? It does not seem right, does it? I mean, you barely know any of us!
  292. That is precisely why I am the right choice!
  293. You are avoiding the subject.
  294. Please shut up 62, she was talking.
  295. Alright, alright – both of you. Just stop it. This won't get us anywhere, and I think the bottom line is simple: Bishop, neither of us had anything to do with what happened to Pawn 7. End of conversation.
  296. The subject is irrelevant; when we land in Ireland, they will investigate. You are only succeeding in stirring up trouble.
  297. Oh, you really shouldn't have said--
  298. So Bishop, is this how you want to make a first impression? Running around the ship, making people point fingers and accusing us all of murder? I'm not going to sit here and listen to this.
  299. Leave the man alone, Luca. I'm sure Knight 15 has her reasons...
  300. I told you, I have a hard time believing it even happened. How could I possibly start pointing fingers? Why don't you go speak with Rook 25?
  301. You both practically just called Pawn 4 guilty!
  302. Rook 25 was the last to see her alive...
  303. She's likely in the Hangar Bay working on repairs.
  304. I hope you're not suggesting that Rook 25 could be suspect? Because that's simply impossible – not her. Never.
  305. Are we done here, Bishop? You know we are not involved...
  306. [Pawn 62] You're acting awful suspicious.
  307. [Pawn 51] How can you be so sure?
  308. What about Pawn 32 then? What's her story?
  309. Pawn 32 has been here for over three years now. She was just married six months ago, Pawn 7 and several others actually went to the wedding. Just last week she was telling me she and her husband are trying for their first kid.
  310. So out of those three, Pawn 4 is most suspect?
  311. She sounds almost too perfectly 'not' suspect.
  312. You've been reading too many murder mystery novels. The point is that her story is no different from everyone else aboard this ship – squeaky clean and wrinkle free.
  313. Come on now, haven't you had enough from us? Let us play our game in peace.
  314. [Pawn 62] You're acting awful suspicious.
  315. [Pawn 51] I'll bet I can find something on someone.
  316. [Pawn 62] O.K., I am sorry for bothering you.
  317. I understand... you are only doing what you think is your job.
  318. I'll take that as a 'yes, Luca, we are done here.' Good.
  319. Actually--
  320. No, neither of us have, not until after the incident took place. I sometimes wish we had those suits the Swedes wear, you know?
  321. Uh, suits the Swedes wear?
  322. Don't change the subject, Pawn 51 was saying something.
  323. You really don't want to know.
  324. Anyway, Pawn 52 was saying something...
  325. So do you have any advice for me? Who to talk to next?
  326. No, she wasn't saying--
  327. Hey, relax... we've got nothing to hide. I went to the washroom, actually, right around when it happened. But it's a straight shot from Global Ops. The cabins are on a different level altogether.
  328. [Pawn 62] Why would you lie for no reason?
  329. [Pawn 51] I appreciate the honesty.
  330. I, don't know. I guess I didn't want you thinking Kendra had anything to do with this. She's a good kid.
  331. And we're all a little stressed out today, can you really blame him?
  332. So you guys know nothing. Who should I speak to next?
  333. I could blame him, if I wanted to.
  334. You guys have been most cooperative.
  335. Sure, no problem. And please, forgive 62 for being a dink.
  336. Ha, yeah. I am sorry, and meant no offense.
  337. So who do you think I should speak to next?
  338. Well good, that settles it then.
  339. One moment. I would actually like to know why you've been given this task? To interrogate everyone, I mean. You don't even know any of us, what good are you to judge?
  340. Not knowing you is why I'm the right choice.
  341. I'm only attempting to drop the subject...
  342. My orders are my business, so back off!
  343. The man is just following orders, O.K.? Can we get back to our game now?
  344. Yes, Bishop. Ask your questions or leave us to our game.
  345. What do you know or think about Pawn 7's death?
  346. Have you two been together all day?
  347. Nope, I'm good. You two are clear as far as I can see.
  348. I am sorry Kendra, but I do not think I can play after all. 'Something' has put me in a foul mood. I think I will get back to work, there's still plenty to go through from the London T.S. packet.
  349. I should have warned you, he's got a pretty decent temper. I guess I'll join him, get some work done. It's probably best if you just lay off for a while. Let him cool down.
  350. [background chatter]
  351. [background chatter]
  352. [background chatter]
  353. Alright well, come on then Kendra... make your move!
  354. I am sorry, Bishop, but I guess we can't talk any longer. I need to put an old man in his place.
  355. Porca vacca! How come I didn't see that?
  356. I honestly have no idea. And please... take your time.
  357. [background chatter]
  358. [background chatter]
  359. [background chatter]
  360. [background chatter]
  361. [background chatter]
  362. [background chatter]
  363. [background chatter]
  364. [background chatter]
  365. [background chatter]
  366. [background chatter]
  367. [background chatter]
  368. [background chatter]
  369. Heya, Bishop.
  370. Bishop.
  371. Hey, I wonder if the Bishop plays chess.
  372. Hi, Bishop.
  373. Hello, Bishop, killing Angelov was a little bit crazy by the way.
  374. Bishop, hey... the man who finally caught Kiril Angelov!
  375. Hey, Six! Are you ready to meet with the Queen?
  376. Sure, yeah. Where is she?
  377. No, not yet. I'll be back though.
  378. Here, hang on one moment. Oh, and be forewarned – she does not like it when you waste her time. So choose your words carefully.
  379. Don't be too long, she's a busy woman.
  380. Well that's fine, the Bishop apparently has other things he'd rather be doing. I can speak with him further in B.C., let's continue over the C.M.C.
  381. Sure, we can do that.
  382. I'll have Wade unlock the Civilian Defense scenario in the Virtual Trainer. You can find it across from the galley, on the same floor as your cabin.
  383. Good afternoon to you both. Let's try and keep this quick and to the point. Bishop Six – first, it's wonderful to finally meet you. The King has been particularly... adamant, about you. And of course, he sends his regards and regrets for not being here.
  384. It's a pleasure to meet you, your highness.
  385. So where do you fit into the Consortium?
  386. Quick and to the point, yes ma'am.
  387. Cute. And call me Mum. It drives me nuts, but they all seem to like it.
  388. O.K., Mum. So where do you fit into the Consortium?
  389. Mum it is. Now, why did you want me here?
  390. I think I'll stick to calling you Queen.
  391. Right to it, no bullshit. Good.
  392. I'm already beginning to like this one.
  393. Is he serious? You know full-well where I 'fit into the Consortium.' Let's not waste anyone's time with inane pleasantries.
  394. Oh, well I was only trying to be nice. Sorry.
  395. I don't want to waste your time, so let's cut to it.
  396. O.K. fine, no pleasantries... roger that, boss.
  397. Don't be sorry, just be quiet. Wait until your induction ceremony to show off your small talk, and save it for the press-recorders.
  398. Can I at least ask what this ceremony will consist of?
  399. Bishop, I have six more meetings after this one, all before your induction ceremony in British Columbia.
  400. Can I at least ask what this ceremony will consist of?
  401. Nervous around crowds are you? Most of you are. It'll just be the usual welcome speech from me, handshake, some food, drinks. You'll probably also get to meet the Premier of B.C. Just don't look at his hair, do anything but look at his hair.
  402. Will there be anyone there that I know?
  403. Shouldn't we be grounded to investigate Pawn 7?
  404. Your girlfriend is still attending, isn't she? She should have gotten the plane tickets weeks ago.
  405. Oh yes, my girlfriend. Yep, she'll be there alright!
  406. It's my boyfriend, actually, and he is coming.
  407. No actually, we are no longer together.
  408. Excellent! I look forward to meeting her.
  409. Oh, I'm sorry! I must have been misinformed. Well it's good to know he'll be there and I look forward to meeting him.
  410. I am sorry to hear that.
  411. Fine, moving on.
  412. You're not getting out of it that easily. Zenlil and her crew will undergo a priority-one investigation and systems refit in Ireland. Stormbird will then be shipping you off to B.C. once you're cleared by the investigative team.
  413. So Wheats is the lucky chauffeur, is he?
  414. Stormbird? Is that another one of these planes?
  415. Who is 'Wheats?'
  416. Will anyone I know be at the ceremony?
  417. I truly hope that's not a serious question.
  418. Colin Wheats, Knight 18. One of the five C-3800 commanders.
  419. Yes, yes, that is what your Information Console is for. Let's continue.
  420. Can you believe that he actually volunteered?
  421. Is that respect I hear? Keep this up and we'll get along just fine. Only, try not to call me ma'am, I'm not that old. It's bad enough these ones calling me Mum all the time.
  422. Now, I wanted to start by expressing my sincerest condolences over what happened to both Pawn 7 and Pawn 1. They were exemplary officers and I know they will be missed by you and your crew. I trust if a similar situation arises in the future, your Bishop will be quicker to react.
  423. Now, I wanted to start by expressing my sincerest condolences over what happened to Pawn 7. He was an exemplary officer and I'm told an integral part of your crew. He will no doubt be missed.
  424. Yes, he will be. It should also be noted that if it wasn't for the Bishop being quick on his feet, we may have also lost Pawn 1.
  425. I heard. Well done, Bishop, but don't expect a gift basket or a commendation. You did your job and you did it well, all of which we expect from our Bishops.
  426. It was nothing, just doing my job.
  427. We almost died and that's what you have to say to me?
  428. So let's get back to why we're all here, shall we?
  429. Good man, that's what I like to hear.
  430. Oh, you almost died did you? Well then, I am sorry – let me roll out the red carpet for your golden wheelchair.
  431. Do you have to be such a bitch about it?
  432. I'll just stay quiet, then.
  433. You're the boss.
  434. Six!
  435. It's O.K. Taryn, it's O.K. To answer your question, Bishop: Yes, I do. It takes a bitch to keep the King in line and these ships afloat.
  436. I'm not asking you to stay quiet; just save your tears for someone who cares. Moving on!
  437. Moving on...
  438. Right, so... about Pawn 7, I wanted to--
  439. Ata-tat, hold on. We'll get to that in a minute.
  440. First, I hear that Wade will make a full recovery and that is good to hear. The details surrounding what happened in Lower Avionics, however, is for another meeting at another time.
  441. So. Bishop Six: the King has managed to trace the take off point of Angelov's Boarding Carrier to an airbase outside of Edirne, Turkey. Hidden on the servers of this base was a document Angelov had apparently written for his men...
  442. It detailed one fact of their mission: Bishop Six must die or 'someone' would kill them and their families.
  443. In all fairness, Mum, we cannot believe anything Kiril says or does or talks about doing. Even this document could have been planted for the King to find. Kiril is no slouch when it comes to subterfuge.
  444. True, and this is why I want you speaking with him the instant he wakes up. We need to know what he knows, if anything, and he may be more willing to talk now that he's been beaten. Hell, he may even respect the Bishop for beating him.
  445. True, and now that he is dead, we will be bringing in his remaining generals for interrogation. I refuse to let the truth behind this attack die with Angelov.
  446. But that's not important right now. What is important is to find out why? Why you specifically? Why now? And perhaps who did you go and piss off before joining us?
  447. I only have vague theories, and they're a little crazy.
  448. Maybe I wasn't the real target, after all.
  449. I honestly have no idea whatsoever.
  450. Let's hear it.
  451. Fine. I am a traveler from a parallel Earth.
  452. Well, the Guardian Church doesn't like me very much.
  453. Never mind, it doesn't matter.
  454. Oh boy.
  455. I want you to think real hard about what to say next.
  456. What? I've come here to help you people!
  457. I'm sorry, I was just being silly.
  458. Excuse me, is that a threat?
  459. Dammit, Six! What is wrong with you?!
  460. I am going to give you one chance to apologize for wasting-- Actually, you know what? Just cut the crap or Knight 15 and I will continue this meeting on a private C.M.C. channel. Are we clear?
  461. Apparently we're not clear because you're not listening!
  462. I'm confused, is that supposed to be a threat?
  463. Yes, we're as clear as can be.
  464. I've never said this about a single officer in all of my time with the Consortium... but... I think the King may have made a mistake with your recruitment. It's really rather unfortunate, as he speaks so highly of you.
  465. Good. Now – Kiril. Do you know why he did what he did? Or who could have hired him?
  466. No ma'am, no idea whatsoever.
  467. He's a greedy bastard who wanted to sell Zenlil on the black market?
  468. You know, I don't think I like you very much.
  469. Yes, well that's what we'd ordinarily think as well, but as Knight 15 pointed out in her initial report, the situation was anything but ordinary.
  470. Apology acknowledged. Now, do you have anything to say about why Kiril tried to kill you?
  471. No ma'am, no idea whatsoever.
  472. He likely knows I'm not really Bishop Six.
  473. You've got to get through me to get to Zenlil, and he wanted Zenlil.
  474. O.K., then I believe you. Good. And try to remember this: don't call me ma'am.
  475. Yes, it was. Now, last chance: Do you know why Kiril was hired to kill you, or who may have hired him?
  476. No ma'am, I do not know anything about why Kiril attacked us.
  477. You know, I don't think I like you very much.
  478. He's a greedy bastard who wanted to sell Zenlil on the black market?
  479. Believe me, Bishop, as we currently stand - the feeling is mutual. And I think we're done here, I can get what else I need from Knight 15.
  480. Good choice. Now, is there anything you want to say about why Kiril tried to kill you?
  481. No ma'am, no idea whatsoever.
  482. He likely knows I'm not really Bishop Six.
  483. Maybe he only wanted to kill me, so he could get to Zenlil?
  484. Excuse me? The Guardian Church, one of our biggest financial supporters? Not to mention the fact I am close personal friends with Rick Pearlman.
  485. What did you do?
  486. I helped the Church infiltrate Henry in 2028.
  487. I helped Henry defend against their attacks in 2028.
  488. Fine. I'm a traveler from a parallel Earth.
  489. Who's Henry? And you couldn't have been more than seven years old.
  490. Henry is the King, and very few people know that. Bishop... if I said to you, 'Seeker'... would that make any sense to you?
  491. I am the Seeker!
  492. Uhm, the quidditch position?
  493. No sense whatsoever.
  494. What is going on?!
  495. Interesting. And it's O.K. Taryn, don't worry about it. Bishop, you should really keep that information to yourself.
  496. That is not what I meant, but those were great books. I didn't much care for the original movies OR the VR remakes, though.
  497. I see. Forget I said anything, both of you. I was clearly mistaken.
  498. I'll take that blank stare on your face as you have no idea. Good.
  499. Six, what are you--
  500. Taryn. Bishop, I don't know what game you're playing here... but it stops. Now.
  501. This is no game!
  502. I was only trying to be funny. I'm sorry.
  503. 'It doesn't matter?' Are you kidding me?
  504. I was just confused. Sorry.
  505. Well... I may have upset the Guardian Church.
  506. Fine! I am a traveler from a parallel Earth.
  507. I'm too tired for this. Just tell me you have no idea who may have hired Kiril, and we'll move on.
  508. No ma'am, absolutely no idea.
  509. It could have been the Guardian Church.
  510. Come on, out with it. What are these vague theories of yours?
  511. I am a traveler from a parallel Earth.
  512. Well, the Guardian Church doesn't like me very much.
  513. Never mind, it doesn't matter.
  514. I was thinking the same thing. All that technology Kiril was using, there's no possible way he acquired that himself. Someone gave it to him. Maybe his mission was the Bishop but the real goal was seeing how we'd stand up to that tech?
  515. Hm. So you believe we're dealing with a Consortium-wide threat? What do you think, Bishop? If you honestly can't think of a reason why someone this powerful would be after you – then maybe we have a bigger problem on our hands.
  516. I only have vague theories, and they're a little crazy sounding.
  517. Maybe an enemy from my past is back for revenge?
  518. So, it's no problem if it's only my life they're after?
  519. I was worried you'd say that. You black-ops military types have all kinds of hidden away dark secrets, there's no telling which one may have come out to bite you.
  520. There's one other thing I can tell you about me, but it will sound crazy.
  521. Well, it could be the Guardian Church.
  522. Correct. One man we can monitor, protect... but the whole Consortium? That's just a headache waiting to happen, and not to mention the P.R. nightmare that would likely follow.
  523. Well, it could be the Guardian Church.
  524. There's one other thing I can tell you about me, but it will sound crazy.
  525. I asked you a direct question, Bishop. You are a lot like Bishop 10, did you know that? It doesn't matter though, the King wants you to stay the course and so you'll stay.
  526. Well then take a guess. There must be something in your past... something you've done.
  527. I only have vague theories, and they're a little crazy.
  528. Well, it could be the Guardian Church.
  529. No ma'am, I honestly don't know...
  530. Bishop? Don't fall asleep now.
  531. Sorry. I don't know, but maybe it was all a test of our strength?
  532. I have one rather vague theory why he tried to kill me.
  533. You're just like Bishop 10. It doesn't matter anyway, the King wants you to stay the course and so you'll stay.
  534. So, shall we continue this over the C.M.C.? The Bishop apparently has other things he'd like to be doing.
  535. Wait a second, Rook 13 has confirmed what I told you about me!
  536. Knight 15, do you know what he is talking about?
  537. I... do not.
  538. Speak to Rook 13 if you don't believe me!
  539. It doesn't matter, you still won't believe it.
  540. Go ahead Taryn, let's humor him. Ask Rook 13, I can wait.
  541. Well now I am curious. Taryn, why don't you go ahead and ask Rook 13 about this. I can wait.
  542. Well Bishop, there is a chain of command for a reason. Anyway, you may return to your duties. Knight 15, let's continue over the C.M.C.
  543. Rook 13. I am here in Global Ops with the Bishop and the Queen. I have a rather strange question for you.
  544. I know, sir. I have been watching the meeting through the Bishop's C.M.C. The answer to your question is that we ran a brain scan on the Bishop, and there is indeed a rather unique oddity occurring within his brain. Something I've never seen before.
  545. Are you there, Mum?
  546. Yes, I am.
  547. [CMC] Go on Rook 13, what was the oddity?
  548. Well, your brain has the equivalent of what would be twice the level of normal synapses firing, at any given time. There is no medical explanation for it, and I was waiting to run more tests when we reach Ireland.
  549. Good, you run more tests and get back to your Knight.
  550. Personally, I have a hard time believing the Bishop here isn't just trying to pull one over on all of us, and Rook 13's equipment. Thinks he's funny. Bishop Six – you may return to your duties.
  551. Knight 15, let's continue over the C.M.C.
  552. Yes Mum, no problem.
  553. And I'm sorry if you feel like I'm over-reacting, Bishop, but you must understand that I will not put up with that sort of nonsense. I'll see you in a few hours at the ceremony, try to reflect on what I've said.
  554. There is no doubt she's an acquired taste but she also signs your paycheck. I'll have Wade unlock the Virtual Trainer for you now, if you want to head over there at some point. The trainer is across from the galley, on the same floor as your cabin.
  555. Who invited Wheats?
  556. It wasn't me, I swear...
  557. Good afternoon everybody; Taryn, Mum... ah yes, Bishop Six. I was hoping to catch your attention for a moment, the Light blesses my luck it seems.
  558. Colin. It's good to see you. I trust you've been filled in on today's events?
  559. I have, yes. I mostly just wanted to confirm that we're a go in Ireland; the Stormbird will be about an hour behind Zenlil. Oh, and I heard Bishop Six brought down Angelov. Bravo, the Ancestor's must be keeping an eye on you.
  560. Thanks, it was nothing.
  561. What Ancestors? What are you talking about?
  562. Ireland is confirmed, can we stop wasting the Queen's time now?
  563. So he's polite and modest, wow. That's certainly refreshing after so many years listening to Bishop Eight prattle on like he was born in a dumpster.
  564. The spiritual Ancestors of the Guardian Race? The ancestral Guardians of everything in the universe? Not ringing any bells?
  565. Oh for God's sake, I get enough of that from Pearlman. And if the Bishop doesn't know what that means, then I'm sure he is quite capable of using an Information Console.
  566. Very good, Bishop. You're a quick learn, I'll give you that much.
  567. What was that?
  568. We believe there's a virus running through the ship, possibly from Angelov somehow. Rook 9 is on it and he's fairly confident he can track it down and kill it.
  569. Hm, the King never told me of any virus.
  570. Some sort of glitch in our minor systems, Wade and the King are working on it. He assures me it's nothing major.
  571. Hm, the King never told me of any glitch.
  572. Well no offense, Mum, but you've got other things to worry about.
  573. This is true.
  574. So is that all you wanted, Wheats? We will be seeing you in a few hours, after all... maybe you've got better things to do?
  575. Why must everyone keep calling me by my last name? And just one minute. Bishop, that is such a dreary thing to call you. What is your real name again?
  576. Uhm. Todd.
  577. That is a really good question.
  578. I am unable to tell you my name.
  579. Six, there's no reason not to tell him your name...
  580. I don't know why you would lie, unless you truly do not know what your name is. But that would be absurd, wouldn't it?
  581. This better be going somewhere, Wheats...
  582. O.K. fine. My name is Kenny.
  583. I feel like you're grilling me and I don't appreciate it.
  584. Absolutely absurd, yes. That about sums up my entire day.
  585. What is going on?
  586. The Bishop here does not seem to know his real name. Isn't that a little peculiar?
  587. Not my intention, Bishop, not at all. Ancestors bless you, I apologize. I just find it... strange... that you don't seem to know your own name. Perhaps there is more to you than meets the eye.
  588. Clever misdirect. But it is not that difficult a question. What is your name?
  589. Wheats, you are really trying my patience here.
  590. Ellia is my name.
  591. Just leave me alone, you're wasting everybody's time.
  592. I do not know my name.
  593. He certainly is...
  594. I only wanted the man's name, and he can't give it to me. Does that sound like a properly fit Bishop to you?
  595. Well now that's a little strange, don't you all think? A Bishop who doesn't even know his own name.
  596. You know what? Forget it. I think I have a name for you and I believe that you've heard this one before.
  597. Is it? Well, how about you give me a really good answer?
  598. Michael is my name!
  599. I am unable to tell you my name.
  600. Oh, and why not?
  601. Oh, forget it. Steven is my name!
  602. Because I don't know my name.
  603. Leave me alone, you're wasting everybody's time.
  604. Um, Bishop? Are you with me? Tell us all what your real name is.
  605. Bob, my name is Bob.
  606. That is a really good question.
  607. I am unable to tell you my name.
  608. Good, can we move on now?
  609. Wait a minute, you... how did you... you got lucky. You took a wild guess, and you got lucky!
  610. Can you hear me, Hello??? Bishop... You've been given a destiny to fulfill by the Lords of Light and you cannot save us all without first saving yourself from darkness.
  611. Well that was certainly interesting, first rate 'Wheat's Weirdness.' And why is my connection not affected by whatever just happened to his?
  612. I've honestly stopped trying to figure things out today.
  613. Well let's try and get this meeting finished before he comes back, shall we? Bishop – last topic of the day – Pawn 7. I find it curious that the very day you board Zenlil, one of our most respected Pawns is found dead only a few hours later.
  614. Are you accusing me of murdering Pawn 7?
  615. What if it was really only an accident?
  616. I'll find out who is responsible.
  617. No, of course not. Your C.M.C. record confirmed that for us already. I do, however, still believe you're the direct cause for a great deal of today's troubles. And if the press catch wind of any of this – I'll have your neck.
  618. Is that all you care about? Our image?
  619. Can I get back to work now?
  620. Pawn 7 could have been an accident...
  621. It was not an accident; somebody else was definitely involved.
  622. If Rook 13 says someone else was involved, then I unfortunately have to believe him. However, this does not entirely rule out an accident.
  623. I truly hope you're right, 'accidental manslaughter' would be a lot better for the press to swallow.
  624. Is that all you care about? Our image?
  625. Are we done here?
  626. [CMC-Rook 13] Mind your own business!
  627. Like your job is to save lives and put down the bad guys, mine is to keep your job in existence and the world happy about that. Plus, the King isn't very good with the public.
  628. They're the perfect pair.
  629. So can I get back to work now?
  630. Nobody was forcing you to stay. The King believes you cannot be involved with Pawn 7's death, and I trust him. For now.
  631. That meeting you are in is anyone's business, and while you are on duty – you are my business.
  632. Oh, well that sounds kinky.
  633. [CMC-Rook 25] Don't be juvenile.
  634. [CMC-Rook 13] Just stay out of my business!
  635. [CMC] Stop talking, both of you!
  636. Now you sound like the Queen, miss personality herself.
  637. I have a C.M.C. too, you know... and thank you, Bishop.
  638. Who's staying out of what business now? This is getting confusing.
  639. Are you children quite done playing games? Try not to distract the Bishop while I am speaking with him.
  640. Thank you. Now, may I please have the Bishop's attention back? You can continue distracting him from his work once we are finished here and I am on to my next meeting.
  641. Both of you be quiet, and leave the Bishop alone.
  642. I hear Knight 15 tasked you with that, good. You can only help the investigators in Ireland by stirring things up a little now. Also, we'll be using your C.M.C. records as part of the investigation in Ireland.
  643. I better not be wasting my time for some accident.
  644. No problem; find the bad guy, no unnecessary panic.
  645. Good luck with that.
  646. You don't have to speak, that's fine. The King trusts you are not involved with what happened to Pawn 7, and for now I am inclined to agree. I've never seen him like this over one of our recruits before... you must really be something special.
  647. Oh, uh... shit. I'm sorry, uh, Mum. He's all yours...
  648. Thank you, Rook 25. We were just finishing up, anyway. The King believes the Bishop cannot be involved in Pawn 7's murder and so I am forced to comply.
  649. Right. So I will speak with the King about everything we've discussed, and then he can decide what our next move will be. And Knight 15, you and Wade get that boat to Ireland in one piece.
  650. We will. And you be careful too, Mum – there's no telling who else out there's been given that E.M.P. weapon. Knight 5 has already been told to repeatedly scan for heat signatures at long range. We don't know whether or not Kiril's was the only one of those cloaked boarding carriers, and we're not taking any chances.
  651. Excellent work, and I'm sure we'll be just fine. The Aether is a good ship; it'll get us to B.C. in one piece.
  652. I hope you're right.
  653. Aren't I always?
  654. I'm glad you're still here, it shows initiative. You can leave now if you want, but I was curious if you'd like to ask me anything about what you just saw? Maybe about the Queen, or Knight 18?
  655. [CMC] What is the deal with 'Wheat's Weirdness?'
  656. [CMC] So the Queen is pretty tough, isn't she?
  657. [CMC] I got the feeling you don't like Knight 18 very much?
  658. Let's just say that Wheats, Knight 18, has a particular way of being. When he gets worked up about something or another, Knight 11 calls it the 'Wheat's Weirdness.' It's hard to explain, to be honest. Can you believe that he was the Consortium's first official Knight? He's been with us for 10 years.
  659. And you trust him absolutely?
  660. Well, I don't trust such devout Guardian Church members.
  661. Tell me about Knight 11, who's that?
  662. At first? No, not even remotely. But the actions of him and his crew are unmistakeable. They've literally set the bar for the rest of us.
  663. Be careful where you say that. I hate to break it to you, but you are surrounded by Guardian Church members. I am not one, but I have many friends who are.
  664. Russel Vick. You'll meet him eventually, I'm sure. He and Wheats have never seen eye to eye, right from the day Russ joined us. Their main problem is the Guardian Church; Russ finds Wheats to be overbearing and pushy with his views – which is true. And Wheats finds Russ to be incapable of faith – also true. So they bicker like children.
  665. You have no idea. Her father is a Korean diplomat and her mother an Indian Cabinet Minister – as you can imagine, that has given her a very unique view of the world. We all have an immense amount of respect for her, the King most of all.
  666. Well, she certainly doesn't take any crap.
  667. Is she always so mean?
  668. How was she chosen for the job?
  669. No, she doesn't. I don't think I've ever met someone so constantly on-the-move and in a hurry. She considers it a criminal offense to waste her time with anything not Consortium related.
  670. Let's just say that she's only a people person, and a really great one at that, when the cameras are on her. And I don't see her as mean, only focused.
  671. Good question. First of all, she is the first and only Queen we've had, recruited before anyone else back when the Consortium was first formed. As she is meant to be the 'human counterpart' to the King, she was thus chosen by humans. More specifically, she was chosen by Dr. David Schelter and a small team of Consortium progenitors.
  672. Well... it's not that I don't like him, he just gets under my skin a little sometimes. Him and Bishop 10, they're a strange pair.
  673. What's that about Bishop 10?
  674. And yet, you trust him?
  675. What did Alannah say once? Oh, that Bishop 10 and Wheats reminded her of a 'Gemini Knight and his lord,' or something like that. Some space movie reference, she's full of those. Bishop 10 not only never speaks, but he's always standing directly behind Wheats when they're together, like a servant. But hey, who am I to judge? Bishop 10 is decorated in flawless mission accounts with countless lives saved under his belt.
  676. No? O.K., I just thought I'd ask.
  677. Well, we can talk some more later. I've got some unfortunate calls to make, starting with Pawn 7's family. His mother and I go back quite a few years, we were friends during my University days. Oh, and I'll have Wade load a new V.T. scenario for you, so head over there when you have a second.
  678. Ouch, dammit Zen! Don't touch you there, I get it... blimey.
  679. Hello, B. I'm down in Lower Avionics; trying to repair this bloody ship's automated defenses... and big surprise, she isn't cooperating! Oh, and I can't unlock the hatch, so don't ask. Safety protocols and all of that.
  680. Arrrg, and if she doesn't start cooperating then I'm going to pour a drink all over her main board!
  681. So, B. About earlier, when I uh... well when I asked you to leave the cockpit. What do you say we forget about it and hit the reset button?
  682. Sure, of course. Reset.
  683. Not a chance.
  684. Well that's a relief, mate. I was half expecting you to say, 'not a chance!' and then keep acting like a damned fruit loop.
  685. Seriously? After everything that's happened, after we kicked those Dole bludgers back to the stone-age together?
  686. Oh relax, I was only kidding!
  687. What if you were involved with those 'Dole bludgers?'
  688. Right... well I suppose my ability to recognize really bad humour is starting to wane as today goes on. Sorry about that.
  689. Well now that's just stupid nonsense, mate, and I'm too damned bushed to argue why. Love me or leave me, I'm here to stay.
  690. Fine. It doesn't matter, not yet anyway. I just hope you can learn to start trusting me eventually; if we can't see eye to eye then the boss will never keep us together in the same unit.
  691. Uh, hello? You still there?
  692. Sorry. And yes, a reset sounds good.
  693. I can't trust you... or anyone for that matter!
  694. Nobody's home right now, can I take a message?
  695. Funny guy. I certainly hope this ship is big enough for two comedians!
  696. Anyway, try not to get your kiddie snot all over my buttons and switches! And stay out of my chair!
  697. Hey now, did I say you could sit in my throne? Since you're already sitting, how do you like it? Pretty comfy, isn't it?
  698. [CMC] It's like sitting on a piece of heaven!
  699. [CMC] Uh, it's just a chair.
  700. [CMC] I don't have a sense of touch.
  701. Well if heaven is made of Canadian hemp and velvet, and it probably is, then yeah!
  702. Just a chair?! Tell me that again when your job normally consists of sitting on your arse, watching a plane fly itself.
  703. Riiiight. I'm not quite sure what to do with that information... so... uh.
  704. O.K... I guess not.
  705. Arrg, come on, Zen! Stop doing that!
  706. How about we pretend like you never saw that, O.K.? I can't believe I left it on. And if the boss ever finds out you did see it, she'll likely kill us both. So between us, yeah? And do your best not to touch anything else – you're likely to crash the bloody plane with your luck.
  707. [CMC] So... you and Knight 15, eh?
  708. [CMC] What do you mean 'with MY luck?'
  709. [CMC] So... let's talk about this 'Zen,' your imaginary friend?
  710. No, B. There is nothing going on between us. That video was filmed over a year ago and was... well, it was after a particularly difficult day and a few glasses of wine.
  711. [CMC] A few too many glasses it seems...
  712. [CMC] Difficult day how?
  713. [CMC] Well you two certainly are graceful together!
  714. Yeah well, maybe. And we didn't have sex, if that's your next question!?
  715. [CMC] Oh, uh, no... not my next question.
  716. [CMC] Liar.
  717. [CMC] O.K.! Different subject, please!
  718. Maybe, but I know you were thinking it!
  719. [CMC] Let's hear it then, what happened that day?
  720. [CMC] O.K.! Different subject, please!
  721. [CMC] Right, so this has been a lovely chat.
  722. Do you honestly think, for even one second, that I would lie about something like that? You are really underestimating my childish nature.
  723. [CMC] Let's hear it then, what happened that day? You can tell me!
  724. [CMC] O.K.! Different subject, please!
  725. [CMC] Right, so this has been a lovely chat.
  726. Am I making you uncomfortable?
  727. You really want to hear the story? Because I'll tell you if you want to hear it...
  728. [CMC] Sure, let's hear it.
  729. [CMC] Nah, I'm sure it's on the Info Console.
  730. About fourteen months ago we were sent into a little nothing town called Gaborone, in Botswana... right along the southern border with South Africa. We were there to mediate a peace treaty between the Botswana and South African governments; they'd been fighting pretty brutally since the Resource Wars.
  731. [CMC] Continue, please.
  732. [CMC] Whoa, whoa, I don't have time for this!
  733. Well, Knight 15 and Bishop 8 went in, expecting nothing more than a sit-down with the two country leaders. Discuss their strengths, how they can work together, that sort of thing. Botswanan rebels came rolling in and I spent two hours avoiding Chinese-made surface-to-air tactical missiles, while Knight 15 and Bishop 8 protected delegates on both sides.
  734. [CMC] So these rebels attacked both sides?!
  735. Of course, they weren't opposed to peace or the purpose of the conference – they were there to make a statement to the world, to highlight all the shite the two countries had been throwing at each other since the Wars. They took advantage of our presence and used us to make the press pay attention. It worked.
  736. So as you can imagine, it was a real mess. Rook 25 nearly had a fit when the dust settled and they realized Bishop 8 had killed nearly sixty rebels in defence of the boss and those delegates.
  737. Am I losing you, B?
  738. [CMC] I'm listening, keep going.
  739. [CMC] Yes, please stop.
  740. I'll take that as a silent yes.
  741. Ouch, you'd take the bloody Info Console over my famous Aussie bardic abilities? I understand though, mate, machine wins this round.
  742. [CMC] O.K., O.K... Wade the Bard, let's hear it.
  743. [CMC] Sorry, Wade, not right now.
  744. Come on, B, let me tell you a story!
  745. [CMC] Alright fine, let's hear it.
  746. [CMC] No thanks.
  747. Well you're no fun, are you?
  748. I like to think so. Again, though... that video stays between us? Yes?
  749. [CMC] My lips are sealed.
  750. [CMC] Maybe.
  751. [CMC] You two got pretty hammered, didn't you?
  752. Good to hear – because really, I wasn't kidding. She'll kill us and toss us from an airlock.
  753. I'll accept that; I mean, I am the one who left the bloody thing on for you to watch in the first place.
  754. Well O.K... and so we're clear, Knight 15 can never know you saw that video. I can't stress this enough.
  755. What don't you understand? Since you've come aboard, Zenlil has seen a Pawn murdered and she's gotten herself sick, electrified, shot up, and boarded. I'd call that some pretty bad luck.
  756. [CMC] Hm, well since you put it that way.
  757. [CMC] What if you are at least partly responsible?
  758. [CMC] Never mind. So, about you and Knight 15...
  759. You know, it's either bad luck or you're holding something back. And I hope to God it's not the latter, I really do; that's the last thing we need, and the Queen would likely have an aneurism.
  760. [CMC] Why would the Queen have an aneurism?
  761. [CMC] So, let's talk about your imaginary friend 'Zen.'
  762. [CMC] So, let's talk about you and Knight 15.
  763. One of her many jobs is the Consortium press punching bag. If you or anyone else on this ship are found responsible for aiding today's events, who do you think will have to tell the world about it? On a live Newswire feed no less, with hundreds of millions of people watching? I can't say that I envy her job...
  764. [CMC] So, let's talk about your imaginary friend 'Zen.'
  765. [CMC] So, let's talk about you and Knight 15.
  766. [CMC] Thanks for the chat but I've got something I need to do now.
  767. If I am responsible, then I think you're all pretty hooped, yeah? Think about it – if I was helping someone mess with us, do you think Kiril would have failed to kill you this morning? Not bloody likely!
  768. [CMC] So, let's talk about your imaginary friend 'Zen.'
  769. [CMC] How close are you and Knight 15 then?
  770. [CMC] You want me to believe that, don't you?
  771. I don't give a good God damn what you believe! Look, B, you really have a way of pushing buttons, don't you? You're likely just as confused and pissed off as I am over everything today, but you really need to trust me. We're both looking for the same thing.
  772. Veeery funny! So you heard that, did you? And Zen isn't imaginary, she's this ship! Er, I guess that doesn't sound any less crazy, does it?
  773. [CMC] [laugh] I knew that but wanted to hear you say it.
  774. [CMC] Not really... you're sort of a nut-case, aren't you?
  775. [CMC] Let's talk about you and Knight 15.
  776. Oh, HA! The hilarity never ceases with you!
  777. [CMC] So... you and Knight 15?
  778. [CMC] I'm hilarious and you're nuts. We make a good pair!
  779. Well yes, B, of course I am nuts. It's probably why the King loves me, he's bloody nuts himself! In a fun way, that is... not like in a Skynet sort of way or anything.
  780. [CMC] So, you are nuts enough to go after Knight 15?
  781. And don't go looking for my booze stash! Which, uh, does not exist. Right... forget I said anything!
  782. Alright well, back to work. If I don't get this thing fixed soon, we could be in a world of hurt when another Angelov decides to drop in and say hi. And these bloody glitches sure aren't making things any easier.
  783. [CMC] Don't you think it could be a virus?
  784. A virus? No. More likely it's a software bug from our last repair. My girl would pick up on an honest to God virus, sensors would be going off all over the place. As it stands, her sensors are showing seemingly random fluctuations in very minor systems.
  785. [CMC] Maybe someone wants you to think it's only a bug?
  786. [CMC] You are too close to this ship to see the truth.
  787. [CMC] That really makes you sound suspicious, you know that?
  788. Hm... and I haven't left the cockpit all day. Well Christ, it could be spiking the cockpit, blocking me out - of course! I've been so preoccupied, I should have thought of that.
  789. [CMC] Maybe I can do something to help?
  790. [CMC] What are you going to do about it then?
  791. [CMC] Unless you are its cause, trying to cover yourself.
  792. Did I hear that right? A Bishop aiming to be helpful?! Ha, well it's certainly a relief to know you're not ALL ego-driven hotheads.
  793. Absolutely nothing, not until I get this done. But maybe you can do something for me...
  794. [CMC] Sure, I'd be happy to help.
  795. [CMC] No thanks, too busy.
  796. Are you kidding me? So you convince me we may be dealing with a virus, and then you say you're too busy to help? Unbelievable... I'm only asking for a few minutes of your time here, not a life devotion.
  797. [CMC] I just can't trust you, Wade, I'm sorry.
  798. [CMC] It's not my problem.
  799. [CMC] Fine, what do you need?
  800. It's not your problem?! Wow, you really are something, B... a real winner.
  801. Are you still there? I promise, it won't take very long and it isn't much work. Won't yeah help out your friendly neighborhood captain?
  802. [CMC] O.K., O.K... what can I do?
  803. [CMC] No. I've got enough work on my plate.
  804. O.K. I get it, you don't trust me... and you have every right. I barely even trust myself with everything going on today.
  805. [CMC] Fine, maybe I can help afterall.
  806. [CMC] Good, back to work then.
  807. Maybe there's something you can do for me...
  808. [CMC] Sure, I'd be happy to help.
  809. [CMC] Well it's not my problem.
  810. That's precisely what Pawn 19 said to me. And you're both wrong. I've been in the cockpit all day watching her sensors, and there's no evidence these glitches are any more than something Zen picked up from her last repair two weeks back. Those base engineers barely know what they're doing half the time.
  811. [CMC] After everything today, you're calling a coincidence?!
  812. [CMC] It's fairly suspicious you're arguing so strongly.
  813. [CMC] And what if someone wants you believing it's only a bug?
  814. Alright, look... you're right, we should at least check it out. I can't do anything at the moment, but maybe you can. What do you say, you wanna help?
  815. [CMC] Sure, I'd be happy to help.
  816. [CMC] No thanks, too busy.
  817. I really don't like your tone, mate. I believe Knight 15 meant for you to investigate the Pawns. Not me.
  818. Does it really? You just got here and you think you know everything, yeah? It's a bug, like I said, something Zenlil picked up from her last repair two weeks back. End of story, can I get back to work now?
  819. [CMC] Maybe someone wants you to think it's only a bug?
  820. [CMC] Suspicion rising...
  821. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have reacted like that. Just don't tell me how to do my job – I know my girl and she'd tell me if someone was messing with her on purpose.
  822. So, all I want you to do is observe instances of this so-called virus. When you see something, let me know over the C.M.C. Show me... I don't know... five different particularly bad examples.
  823. And hey, have fun!
  824. [CMC-Rook 9] Here, check this out.
  825. Yes, yes... I saw that one myself up close and personal. And I don't want to talk about it.
  826. [CMC-Rook 9] Are you seeing this?
  827. Yeah, I see it. That's really not good; if it can access the Mission Pod cranes, it can likely also access the Hangar Bay doors.
  828. [CMC-Rook 9] Are doors around here supposed to do this?
  829. No, I wouldn't say so.
  830. [CMC-Rook 9] Does this fit the bill?
  831. Yeah, it does. I'll let everyone know to stay away from those.
  832. [CMC-Rook 9] Should the terminal be doing this?
  833. No, it really shouldn't. Though, that one could be related to the damage we took when Angelov shot up Mission Ops.
  834. [CMC-Rook 9] Does locking me into a cabin count?
  835. I'd say so, yeah. If this is a virus with a purpose, then it having access to door locks is likely not a good thing.
  836. [CMC-Rook 9] Wade...
  837. Yes, that one was already reported to me. It's good to see it in action though.
  838. Just four more to go and we'll get to the bottom of this.
  839. Only three more now. Thanks again for the help by the way.
  840. Alright, well... just two left. I can already tell it's worse than I thought.
  841. Only one more and I'll head up to the cockpit and figure this out. I'm almost done down here anyway...
  842. So I guess that's all of them. Good timing too, I'm pretty well finished here.
  843. Come and meet me in the cockpit if you can; I'll be up in just two shakes of a Koala's-- Arrg!
  844. We'll talk more later, yeah? I shouldn't be too much longer down here.
  845. I'll tell you what, B. If it'll make you happy then when I'm finished here, I'll do a full sweep of the ship and see what I see.
  846. Uh oh, aw bugger... she's really pissed off now.
  847. Knight 15 or Rook 25... one of you need to shutdown power to Lower Avionics immediately – she's got a mind of her-- Arrrggg!
  848. Wade? Come in, Rook 9... what is going on? Rook 13, I want you and Pawn 24 in Lower Avionics, on the double!
  849. Sir, the door is not responding.
  850. Let me try it remotely... arg, remote door controls are not functioning, and neither are maintenance access points.
  851. Well figure it out, now!
  852. What the hell? The hatch door from Lower Avionics to the Cockpit has just unlocked itself...
  853. Six! That means you're up; enter Lower Avionics from the Cockpit and get Wade out of there!
  854. It looks as though Rook 9's vitals are decreasing; whatever is happening in there, it is getting worse.
  855. What are you doing, Six?
  856. I don't know what the Bishop's problem is, but I'll handle it.
  857. Stand fast Alannah! Without a B.U.S., you'll only meet the same fate as Wade. Six – where the hell are you?
  858. Rook 9 is nearing death – we must do something now.
  859. Bishop Six! I should not need remind you what your job is around here – get to the cockpit and into that bloody hatch!
  860. Rook 9 will be dead in two minutes time.
  861. Wait a second, I think it's... well I'll be damned. The door from the Med Bay has just opened itself... are you seeing this, Keiran?
  862. Yes, and I can see Rook 9 now. Whatever was happening in here, it must have stopped when the door opened.
  863. 'Minor glitches' my ass!
  864. Rook 9 still requires medical attention. I am going in.
  865. Be careful!
  866. Well that was fun.
  867. Wade? Are you alright?! What happened in there?
  868. My head is bloody well killing me, but I think I'm alright... thanks to Keiran, anyway. I was just about finished with the repairs to our auto-guns when the main battery starting surging electricity. I guess I must have blacked out after that...
  869. Someone is toying with us. Why did the system lock out remote access points and door locks, only to kick back in when Wade was about to die?
  870. Zen locked you out? Wait, I almost died?
  871. According to your M.U.V.I., you were less than two minutes from death. I must insist that you remain in the Med Bay so I can repair the remaining damage... there is only so much the medical nanites can do.
  872. Bloody hell... and nah, forget it Keiran. I've got to get back to the cockpit and finish repairs.
  873. Wade... doctor's orders...
  874. Forget it, I won't be responsible for not having weapons if we get into another scrap! I'll let Rook 13 prod at me when I'm finished, I promise.
  875. My Gods...
  876. Stay focused, Six.
  877. Six, what are you doing?
  878. Damnit, the cockpit hatch just locked behind him... now what?
  879. Whoa, whoa, stay back. It looks like it only gets worse as you approach him. Return to the cockpit, we need a new plan.
  880. Get out of there!
  881. Alannah, tell us you have a brilliant plan to get Wade out?
  882. I think so... I mean it's going to be dangerous, but I could remotely reverse the polarity of the Bishop's B.U.S. to attract--
  883. We don't need details, just do it!
  884. O.K. it's done. Be damn careful, Bishop... your B.U.S. will now attract every electrical current in that room.
  885. You're going to need a full charge of utility energy, Six, just in case; use the charge station outside the cockpit to stock up. Hurry!
  886. Let's try this again, Six, and take it slowly.
  887. Oh my God... forget slowly, stick him with nanites and get the hell out of there!
  888. What is going on...?
  889. Get to the cockpit, quickly!
  890. You don't need to tell me twice.
  891. Wade, get into the cockpit!
  892. I'd bloody well call that some good advice.
  893. O.K. Six, it's your turn. Time to go.
  894. How are you feeling, Wade, and what exactly happened in there?
  895. I'm actually not bad, thanks to the Bishop. A bit of a headache, but nothing to worry about. And what happened? Your guess is truly as good as mine, boss... I was just about finished with the repairs to our auto-guns when Zenlil's computer core starting surging electricity. I must have blacked out after that.
  896. The medical nanites have repaired about 75% of the internal damage you were subjected to. The other 25% must be repaired by myself or Pawn 24, at your earliest convenience.
  897. In other words, Wade, you've more or less got a clean bill of health. Good to still have you with us.
  898. Thanks, Keiran, I'll come down once I'm finished these repairs. And wait a second, 'still have me with you'... are you saying I almost died?
  899. No, no... of course not! The Bishop was all over it from the get-go.
  900. I knew he'd come to my rescue.
  901. [CMC] It was nothing, really, I mean I only walked a little and clicked a few buttons.
  902. [CMC] Rook 25 deserves the praise, she fixed my suit.
  903. [CMC] You're welcome, Wade, you sexy thing you.
  904. Well you clicked the right button, mate, and it saved my ass. Good enough for a beer owed.
  905. Did she now? Well thanks, Alannah... you can fix my suit any day.
  906. Don't push it, captain, or next time you fry.
  907. Ha... well, I am pretty sexy now, aren't I? And Bishop Six, I owe you one.
  908. Well I'll be damned, he didn't call a Bishop, 'B.' That's a first in my book.
  909. So can we talk about the elephant in the room now? These so-called 'system bugs' that have been going unchecked since this morning.
  910. I know, I know. B did a pretty good job convincing me it was a virus, just before I was mistaken for popcorn. Whether it was Angelov who somehow infected my girl, or the bastard who killed Pawn 7... someone is definitely pulling our strings.
  911. I agree, but there's nothing we can do except hold it together and reach Ireland in one piece.
  912. [CMC] I'll keep poking around, see what I can find out.
  913. [CMC] What about a lock-down of the crew?
  914. [CMC-Rook 9] So can you still fix our weapons?
  915. That's fine.
  916. No. I'm not prepared to go that far just yet.
  917. Yeah, I should be able to finish her repairs remotely from the cockpit. I'm not going back down there.
  918. No, you're not. Nobody is.
  919. Well, and we can also hope nobody else tries to kill us.
  920. Yes, that too. Thank you, Alannah.
  921. I am still unconvinced it's anything more, to be honest. Whatever just happened down there could easily be attributed to the E.M.P. There's no telling what kind of residual effects that bloody thing caused!
  922. Stop it! Just stop. I have never even considered saying this before to you, but I think you're being an idiot. You're stressed, angry, and you don't want to believe what's right in front of you!
  923. [CMC-Rook 9] She's right, Zenlil just tried to kill you!
  924. [CMC-Knight 15] I think Wade knows best, don't you?
  925. O.K., O.K... I'm on it.
  926. Did we just fly Zenlil through a portal into crazytown? She just locked down a room, and then proceeded to attack Wade... and you two think that's 'residual effects from an E.M.P.?' Just figure out this bloody virus and do it now.
  927. Yes sir, consider it done.
  928. Uh... well, but there is no evidence--
  929. Wade! How long have we known each other? Hm? Six years? Just trust me – you're wrong. It's a bloody virus, and I want it gone. Someone out there has our number and I think this may only be the beginning... I need you focused!
  930. And to all of you, you may not want to mention this incident to anyone. We don't want to further scare the crew for no good reason.
  931. Because holding back information from them was such a good idea last time?
  932. Come on, Alannah, ease up...
  933. No, it's fine. She's right. I admit that I never should have done that with Pawn 7. But this is different – they are already on edge and I'd rather not have them start turning on each other. Just do what I say, Alannah, please.
  934. You're the boss.
  935. Right, and Six... don't forget the Queen is still wanting to speak with you in Global Ops.
  936. Right, and Six, I think you have a Virtual Trainer scenario to run.
  937. Hey Bishop, I just wanted to thank you for siding with me against the boss back there. She did make a good point, though, I can't deny that. Maybe Pawn 19 was right after all, maybe I am too close to this ship.
  938. [CMC] It was my pleasure, Knight 15 went too far.
  939. [CMC] I have no doubt that's true.
  940. [CMC] You owe me one.
  941. Maybe she did, maybe not. The point is you had my back. Thanks.
  942. I appreciate the honesty. It's almost like whoever is doing this knew I'd be stubborn about the virus. Like they were counting on me looking the other way. I feel so... violated.
  943. Sure, why not?
  944. Anyways mate, I'll let you get back to it. I've got repairs to finish.
  945. [background chatter]
  946. [background chatter]
  947. [background chatter]
  948. [background chatter]
  949. [background chatter]
  950. [background chatter]
  951. If you're here to question my people, wait for them to finish. If you're here to question me, do it later.
  952. Question us? What for?
  953. Question you about Pawn 7.
  954. I'm not here for that.
  955. And you are qualified for this, I assume? By the way you acted earlier, I figured you as just another brain on a toilet, armed with a gun.
  956. Be nice, Adelle, noone needs the attitude right now. Besides, you have a hole to patch up - you can chit-chat with the Bishop later.
  957. Question us? Come now, Bishop... there is really no need.
  958. I think there is...
  959. Nah, I'm not here for that.
  960. And you are qualified for this?
  961. It doesn't really matter, does it? Hole first, then you can chit-chat until hell freezes over.
  962. Pas de problème ... hole first, chit-chat later.
  963. And Bishop, we could really use some help around here with all of these repairs. Let me know when you have a minute.
  964. So, are you here to help or just wandering aimlessly?
  965. You want to put me to work, don't you?
  966. Wandering aimlessly of course...
  967. That's about right. It shouldn't take long - what do you say?
  968. Sure, just tell me what to do.
  969. I'd rather go back to wandering aimlessly...
  970. Good, we can use the help.
  971. It's your call. We're quite used to a Bishop with no interest in Zenlil and her crew. We'll make it work.
  972. Meaning my predecessor was a jerk?
  973. Good. So can I go then?
  974. Uh huh, and try not to trip on your way out.
  975. Come on, new fish, help us out. Don't be like Bishop 8 was, I beg you!
  976. O.K. tell me what to do.
  977. So Bishop Eight wasn't very helpful then?
  978. I'd use a different adjective, but that works. When he wasn't on mission he could be found by himself in his cabin or flirting with anyone who'd listen.
  979. Well then, I'd rather not be like him!
  980. I want to be just like him...
  981. No you don't, Bishop. He only survived as long as he did, due to blind and dumb luck. He sort of had an uncanny ability to see things coming that none of us could, and it saved his life a thousand times over.
  982. O.K. you win, I am at your service!
  983. But he still kicked ass, right?
  984. Yes, Bishop. He kicked ass... bloody Rambos.
  985. Well, anyway. Last chance. Do you want to help out, or not?
  986. Sure, tell me what to do.
  987. No thanks, can I go now?
  988. Hey, Bishop! Well? If you're not here to help, go away. Let us work.
  989. Alright, what can I do?
  990. Consider me gone!
  991. It figures. A Bishop who doesn't want to help? Unfortunately not very original...
  992. Well, whatever. If you come around and feel like being helpful, let me know.
  993. Make it quick.
  994. I'm ready to help.
  995. Sorry, didn't mean to click you.
  996. So you've changed your mind, have you? Fine.
  997. Click me? You know what? I don't care what that means. Leave me alone.
  998. You really are something, Bishop, you know that? Now, leave me alone.
  999. Go ahead and access the chip locker over there, by the Brig. I've unlocked it for you, and you're going to need a stack of fresh data-chips.
  1000. And you two, I want this done by the time I get back. In other words, I want you out of here and back to work elsewhere.
  1001. Roger that! Consider it done!
  1002. Lèche-cul.
  1003. Well now what does that mean?
  1004. Oh, nothing.
  1005. Since you skillfully smashed Kiril and his Mercs all over Bulgaria, the damage to Zenlil is minimal and you won't need too many chips. Grab a bunch and then head up to Upper Avionics and the Upper Crawl... if you need more, you can always come back.
  1006. Now, we took a little beating from those F-35s earlier, and you'll probably need at least 50 chips or so. Grab a bunch and then head up to Upper Avionics and the Upper Crawl... if you need more, you can always come back.
  1007. Now, we took a pretty heavy beating from those F-35s earlier, and so you're going to need a lot of chips. Grab a ton of them and head up to Upper Avionics and the Upper Crawl... if you need more, you can always come back.
  1008. Hey, so while you're doing that.. why don't you ask me about Pawn 7? The K told you to question everyone.
  1009. [CMC] Alright... what can you tell me?
  1010. [CMC] Nah, there's no point.
  1011. I can tell you that if I didn't let him break for lunch, he'd still be alive right now. I can also tell you that once I find them, whoever is responsible will never see daylight again. Pawn 7 was a good kid – a bit of a pain in the arse, sometimes, but most of these kids are.
  1012. [CMC] So you and him didn't get along?
  1013. [CMC] You're the last to have seen him alive?
  1014. It's not my job to 'get along' with anyone on this plane. Pawn 7 and I disagreed on many things and that I will take to the grave with regret. I certainly could have been nicer to him.
  1015. [CMC] Oh boo-hoo, deal with it.
  1016. [CMC] It's O.K. Alannah, you're not to blame.
  1017. [CMC] What specifically did you disagree about?
  1018. You're right, of course you're right. So what I can't figure out is why did 7 go to Bishop 8's cabin in the first place? I guess he could have decided to eat his lunch in there, but there was no evidence of food... nothing. Just his body and that book.
  1019. [CMC] Do you know if anyone else was in the area at the time?
  1020. [CMC] Maybe he followed someone off the elevator?
  1021. [CMC] About the book; what are your thoughts?
  1022. I have no idea. I was locked in the crawl, remember? I only came out after it had already happened... I saw nobody else.
  1023. [CMC] Maybe Pawn 7 followed someone into the cabin?
  1024. [CMC] Can I ask you about the book we found?
  1025. [CMC] What about ship sensors, cameras? Anything?!
  1026. Everyone knows we've no cameras aboard, well except for in the brig. And our sensors have been acting up all day, Wade can't even tell if the elevator or the door to the cabin were used prior to the murder. He's practically blind up there.
  1027. [CMC] Someone is blinding him.
  1028. Of course I agree with you, but the problem is we have nothing to find out who. We need to uncover Pawn 7's killer. Find that person, and we'll find our answers.
  1029. [CMC] So, maybe Pawn 7 followed someone into the cabin?
  1030. [CMC] Can I ask you about the book we found?
  1031. All we can do now is wait and pray we reach Ireland without further bloodshed.
  1032. Anything else you want to know?
  1033. [CMC] What about ship sensors, cameras, anything at all?
  1034. [CMC] Can I ask you about the book we found?
  1035. It's possible, yeah. Someone could have come off the elevator next to the galley and Pawn 7 saw them... hm, and for some reason he followed that someone into the cabin?
  1036. [CMC] Well... what if Pawn 7 is the bad guy?
  1037. [CMC] Maybe he walked in on something happening?
  1038. Are you kidding me? That's not funny...
  1039. [CMC] Someone could have killed him in self defence.
  1040. [CMC] Well then he walked in on something suspicious.
  1041. What is your-- actually, why not? Sure, Bishop, I guess at this point anything is possible. In this scenario then, the 'culprit' could just be afraid to come forward. I sort of like that, it sounds better than 'traitorous murderer on the loose.'
  1042. It's possible, yeah. But what was happening? Was someone contacting Angelov in there? Or contacting someone else? It's bloody frustrating having no answers to so many questions!
  1043. [CMC] What about the book we found with his body?
  1044. [CMC] I promise you, we'll figure it out.
  1045. Cute sentiment, thanks. And I know we will, eventually, I just hope it doesn't lead to any more bloodshed.
  1046. 'The Ancestor's Endless Drink?' It's a Guardian Church produced collection of 'pleasant stories.' It's propaganda aimed to make them seem like their headway meetings actually 'heal people.' I mean hey, people can do whatever they please... but I'll stick to my Heathenry, thank you very much.
  1047. [CMC] What does that mean, 'The Ancestor's Endless Drink?'
  1048. [CMC] So, you are... Heathen?
  1049. The short answer is that it relates to their recently uncovered 'prophecy of the Ancestors.' Look it up on the Info Console if you want, but it's really just a load of nonsense.
  1050. [CMC] Did you say you are Heathen?
  1051. [CMC] Was Pawn 7 a Guardian Church member?
  1052. [CMC] How do you feel about Keiran's involvement with them?
  1053. Apparently he was a full-fledged Atheist. So the book we found came from someone else, someone who clearly likes to play games. Which brings us precisely back to square one.
  1054. Excuse me? His 'involvement?' First of all, his name as far as you're concerned, is Rook 13. And secondly, how I feel toward my brother's religious takings, and the choices he's made, is none of your Gods-be-damned business.
  1055. Yes, Bishop. Learned everything I know from my father. That is, of course, after our mother left for the States with Keiran and took Catholicism with her. I'm not entirely sure why I just told you that.
  1056. [CMC] So... what exactly does it mean to be Heathen?
  1057. [CMC] Because you like me.
  1058. Okay, we’ll pretend you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty years and missed the revolution of ancestral faiths across Europe. Being a Heathen means that I follow the ways of my pre-Christian ancestors. And that’s not the same ancestors the Guardian Church talk about, by the way.
  1059. [CMC] Your father became Heathen when your mother left?
  1060. [CMC] How do you feel about Keiran's involvement with the Guardian Church?
  1061. [CMC] What faith did Pawn 7 follow?
  1062. No, not quite. It's a little complicated, but he's been with the faith since he was a kid. Our mother converted him to Catholicism and for our sake, he agreed. 'It was for the souls of our children' I remember her saying to him before they split. Nothing against Catholicism, but she was a real nasty woman.
  1063. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  1064. Ack, you know what? We'll figure it out once we reach Ireland. I've got other things to worry about right now.
  1065. Don't patronize me, Bishop. And I know I'm not directly to blame, I'm not a half-wit. Just let me feel how I want to feel, or stay out of my way.
  1066. [CMC] Suck it up then or keep it to yourself!
  1067. [CMC] What did you two disagree about, anyway?
  1068. [CMC] I'm sorry...
  1069. My treatment of Pawn 4 – which admittedly isn't very good – is what he was pissin' on abo-- uh, speaking to me about, in the Crawl. It's actually what we were fighting over, can you believe that? He was defending Pawn-bloody-4, the newest and soon-to-be dismissed member of the Consortium Pawn team.
  1070. [CMC] Well we're certainly in agreement about Pawn 4.
  1071. [CMC] That's a little harsh, isn't it?
  1072. Yeah, I don't think he realizes how quickly he alienates people. I want to see him work out, I guess, but he needs to show he can make an effort.
  1073. [CMC] So anyway, don't be such a wuss about Pawn 7.
  1074. [CMC] Do you think Pawn 7 followed someone into the cabin?
  1075. Ha! Have you spoken a word to him? O.K., you're right, you're right. Be nice, Alannah.
  1076. [CMC] So anyway, don't be such a wuss about Pawn 7.
  1077. [CMC] So do you think Pawn 7 followed someone into the cabin?
  1078. Other than whoever killed him, yes. I am. I told you before that I was working with him in the Lower Crawl. He was gone less than a half an hour before the alarms went off. Needless to say, it's eating me up a little.
  1079. [CMC] Did you and Pawn 7 get along?
  1080. [CMC] Suck it up, that's life.
  1081. [CMC] Don't beat yourself up, you're not to blame.
  1082. You still with me?
  1083. [CMC] Sorry. Did you and Pawn 7 get along?
  1084. [CMC] I think we're done here...
  1085. Oh, and why is that? In fact, of everyone... I should be most suspect.
  1086. [CMC] O.K. fine... tell me what you know.
  1087. [CMC] But what reason would you have to kill him?
  1088. [CMC] Is that because you were the last to see him alive?
  1089. Nothing, no reason. That's the problem – nobody has a reason! Pawn 7 got along, more or less, with everyone around here. I mean my Gods, he still lived with his parents and blushed whenever someone cursed around him.
  1090. [CMC] What else can you tell me then?
  1091. [CMC] Did you and him get along?
  1092. [CMC] You were the last to see him alive, correct?
  1093. Don't you want to know what I know about Pawn 7?
  1094. [CMC] Alright, let's hear it.
  1095. Come on, Bishop, ask me. I don't want to be treated any differently because I'm a Rook.
  1096. [CMC] O.K. fine, what can you tell me?
  1097. [CMC] There's no point, is there?
  1098. [CMC] I don't want to, go away!
  1099. Hey, relax... I'm only trying to help.
  1100. Right. Well, maybe later then.
  1101. And with that, I'll leave you to it. I'm sure you don't need me talking in your head all day.
  1102. OH hey, I just noticed you finished the job while we were talking. Thanks Bishop, it was a tough job but it looks like you pulled it off!
  1103. And there's the last one. I wish I could say 'good job,' but a monkey could replace a bunch of busted chips. So I'll say... thanks.
  1104. [background chatter]
  1105. [background chatter]
  1106. [background chatter]
  1107. [background chatter]
  1108. [background chatter]
  1109. [background chatter]
  1110. [background chatter]
  1111. [background chatter]
  1112. [background chatter]
  1113. [background chatter]
  1114. Uh huh? You'd better not be messing with me again...
  1115. Nope, just saying hi... maybe ask what you're doing?
  1116. Oh, drats, I clicked you by accident again!
  1117. Oh, alright. Well, Kiril's E.M.P. fried the cargo containment unit here, ate right through its electro-safeguards, and so now I have to re-sequence every piece of gear one by one. It's not a lot of fun.
  1118. Just breath Alannah, breeeath...
  1119. Fine.
  1120. Back to it then, go pester someone else.
  1121. Nah, sorry Bishop, can't talk... too much to do. Why don't you head over to those busted chip banks, hm? Upper crawl and upper avionics, get going.
  1122. Nah, sorry Bishop, can't talk... too much to do.
  1123. Just seeing if there's anything else I can do to help?
  1124. Hey, I helped you with those chips... you can't give me two minutes?
  1125. You can find out who killed Pawn 7? That would be nice... but don't tell the K if you do discover someone, you come to me first. Now get going.
  1126. You 'helped me' did you? A peg-legged elephant could have done what you did. Now go, go find out who killed Matthew.
  1127. So Bishop, I hear you embarrassed poor Pawn 11 here... that must have been something to see, was it? I'm sure it was, I really have no doubt.
  1128. Are you done? Why do I even speak to you?
  1129. Mum's the word, I promise.
  1130. She was hilarious, in fact.
  1131. Why is mum the word? What do you mean?
  1132. It's an old saying, Adelle... it means he won't speak about you embarrassing yourself. It looks like our new Bishop here, is a gentleman!
  1133. Oh ha-ha, laugh at Adelle and her ingenuity all you want. Everyone else around here only thinks they are smart.
  1134. Bishop, do you remember the tune I was whistling before you... uh, well, when you found me in the Brig? The one you said was Jeremy Soule?
  1135. Sure, what about it?
  1136. The same tune she is hearing, is also stuck in my head. The same damn thing... and believe me, when I say I know my VR games, I know them! I especially know Jeremy Soule's work, and what is in our heads is something I've never heard in a game before. I can swear by it!
  1137. Isn't that strange? What made you say it was Jeremy Soule?
  1138. I don't know, I guess I was wrong.
  1139. It's something he composed a long time ago.
  1140. Are there others hearing it too?
  1141. It is O.K., Bishop. I say this is just some strange coincidence...
  1142. Nope, no way. I've got everything he's ever done, right back to the Secret of Evermore. I'm telling you, it's not him!
  1143. It does not matter, Charlie. I'm sure it's nothing...
  1144. Hm. That's a good question, actually. Maybe I will ask some others once we are finished here, but I don't want to look too insane. Charlie?
  1145. Yeah? Oh wait, no... I'm not doing it! And just so you know, I resent being called insane!
  1146. It doesn't matter what it actually is or where it came from, I just want it out of my head!
  1147. I must agree, it is certainly irritating enough.
  1148. Never mind, it doesn't matter. We're probably both crazy.
  1149. I really don't think we are.
  1150. Now I'm curious... what's going on?
  1151. Hold on a second, I think we're about finished here.
  1152. Yep, just one more...
  1153. Bingo. And that, as they say, is all she wrote.
  1154. All who wrote?
  1155. Never mind. I think we did good work here; Rook 9 should be happier than a Wirehead on Black Friday.
  1156. Yes, yes. Well done to us. So, Bishop – I suppose you'd like to now know who we think is responsible for Pawn 7? Rook 25 did say you've been tasked to speak with us, yes?
  1157. You need to defend yourselves, not point fingers.
  1158. Do either of you know who the killer may be?
  1159. I do not have an alibi, if this is what you need? Other than to say I was working. When it happened, I was doing my rounds... I could have been anywhere.
  1160. And I was in the Barracks, playing Peacecraft with my brother. Several people saw me there, and I never left until Knight 15 herded us to Mission Ops.
  1161. Take a guess: who is the killer?
  1162. [Pawn 11] How did you get along with Pawn 7?
  1163. [Pawn 44] How did you get along with Pawn 7?
  1164. Well enough, I suppose. He was... how do you say it? A bit of a mother's boy? I do not understand killing someone so innocent, it is very troubling.
  1165. Mother's boy? Oh God, and that reminds me... who's going to tell his parents? I can't do it, don't have it in me. No way.
  1166. [Pawn 44] I'm pretty sure that job would fall to Knight 15 or the King.
  1167. [Pawn 44] I wasn't talking to you. Shush.
  1168. Right, yeah, of course it would. I... we've just never seen death aboard this plane before. Today changes things... and I'll bet they'll have cameras aboard in no time. Yep, in no time at all.
  1169. You are wasting your time with us, Bishop... go and talk with Pawn 64. I would put all my money on him knowing something.
  1170. No problem. Consider me shushed.
  1171. You are wasting your time with us, Bishop... go and talk with Pawn 64. I would put all my money on him knowing something.
  1172. He was a lot of fun to work with, it's really a shame, damn shame in fact. He used to try and argue that nano-technology was any better for the environment than, say, plastics... when everyone knows nanopollution is already a worldwide concern! I'm going to miss those debates.
  1173. You are wasting your time with us, Bishop... go and talk with Pawn 64. I would put all my money on him at least knowing something.
  1174. It is not us you want to look at, anyway. Try Pawn 64... if I had to choose someone? It is him.
  1175. Wait, you don't really believe one of us is some kind of killer? It's impossible. I'm still in the camp that Rook 13 is wrong. There is no other reasonable explanation.
  1176. I have a hard time thinking that Mr. X-Gone Procedure is ever wrong about anything.
  1177. [Pawn 11] How did you get along with Pawn 7?
  1178. [Pawn 44] How did you get along with Pawn 7?
  1179. Well, if you ask me... Pawn 64 knows something. He is the only one who has been acting... not himself.
  1180. Wait a second, you don't know that. He is a friend of mine, and I know he could never do it... never, no way, not a chance. I know people, Adelle, and I know you're wrong.
  1181. Maybe you're not the best judge of character, after all?
  1182. So he's got something personal going on that he'd rather not talk about; it doesn't make him a killer!
  1183. I am not accusing anyone, but he has been acting unusual. Distant, abrasive... something has him frightened. Maybe Pawn 7 caught 64 doing something he should not have been doing? Hm? Like maybe he was contacting Angelov?
  1184. Uh... Adelle?
  1185. No, Charlie, listen to me... this is important.
  1186. Do you remember how you thought the Bishop embarrassed you in the Brig earlier?
  1187. You truly don't know when to stop with the jokes, do you?
  1188. Er, well... if you turn around right now you can discover what real embarrassment feels like.
  1189. Oh, merde.
  1190. You have some extraordinarily bad timing.
  1191. Hm? What are you--- Oh, merde. He is behind me, isn't he?
  1192. Unfortunately... yes.
  1193. Hi.
  1194. Oh boy, would you look at the time? I have other repairs to make now; those Homeless Mercenaries sure caused a lot of damage.
  1195. Go ahead, Wade... yes, O.K.... no problem, I am on it.
  1196. Well... Uhm, duty calls. Hm, did I get that one right, Charlie? Duty calls?
  1197. Perfect. And yeah, I should probably get back to work as well. Lots to do!
  1198. Take care, Bishop. And watch your back...
  1199. Yes, lots to do. Off we go.
  1200. Don't let her bother you, she's alright.
  1201. She thinks I killed Pawn 7 and helped Angelov. She is not alright.
  1202. Nobody actually believes that, don't be ridiculous. She was just blowing off some steam, releasing some of that tension we're all feeling today.
  1203. I know you don't believe it, my friend. And I understand I haven't been myself lately, but I promise you have nothing to worry about. O.K.?
  1204. Well alright... but if I have nothing to worry about, then stop being so grumpy. It doesn't suit you.
  1205. Hey Bishop, have you tried the chicken today? It's damn good!
  1206. Thanks for stopping Angelov and those Mercs, ha... It was pretty hairy there for a minute.
  1207. I don't suppose you want to tell me what else they said?
  1208. Oh, hello Bishop. I don't suppose you want to tell me what else they said about me? Pawns 11 and 44, I mean?
  1209. Forget that, did you kill Pawn 7?
  1210. You heard enough... Pawn 11 thinks you're guilty.
  1211. Nothing that matters, Pawn 11 is just scared.
  1212. Really? Right for the throat? No, Bishop. I swear on my life that I had nothing to do with it.
  1213. Then why are you acting so strange?
  1214. I believe you, but Pawn 11 thinks you're guilty.
  1215. I don't believe you.
  1216. Well you will soon enough, I can promise you that. Just wait for me to come to you, and I'll tell you a story you won't believe.
  1217. Aye, I really don't think she likes me very much.
  1218. It doesn't matter, she's only afraid.
  1219. I'm sure she does like you, just give her time.
  1220. And with good reason it seems.
  1221. Don't patronize me. And nobody knows what's really going on around here. They could be trying to push me out. I'll end up dead for my troubles, just like Pawn 7.
  1222. Do YOU know what's really going on then?
  1223. I can protect you, just tell me the truth!
  1224. Sure, I guess I can understand why my behaviour recently could be seen as suspicious. But I didn't do it, Bishop, I'm no murderer.
  1225. I think it does matter. Do you think she'll speak to anyone else? Knight 15, Rook 25 maybe? I only need to stay off their radar a little longer.
  1226. Stay off their radar? Why?
  1227. No, I think she'll keep it to herself.
  1228. I can protect you, just tell me the truth!
  1229. Not now, and certainly not here...
  1230. Good, let's hope you're right. At least until my part is done.
  1231. Maybe you can, maybe not. And I'm not ready to talk just yet.
  1232. Fine. You don't want to cause ripples on your first day. I get it.
  1233. O.K., so look Bishop. I'm sorry, but for now... just keep away from me. Please.
  1234. Hello, Bishop.
  1235. Bishop. Nice work with Angelov.
  1236. Puta, damn you!
  1237. Oh, hello Bishop. Come back to ask me out again, have you? I am only joking, relax!
  1238. Oh, hello Bishop. I can't help but feel terrible about Pawn 7. He was a good kid, one of the best.
  1239. I must say though, I am glad to see you're still with us after everything earlier. Someone sure has your number, don't they?
  1240. You could say that.
  1241. I have to ask, have you been here all day?
  1242. Do you have any idea why that pirate would do what he's done? Why he wanted to kill you?
  1243. How do you know he wanted to kill me?
  1244. He's a Mercenary. He did it for money.
  1245. I think everyone knows you were the target – you can thank Pawn 19 for that. But, you can never trust what Angelov says. Ever.
  1246. That's very observant of you, you should be a Rook.
  1247. I need to ask you about Pawn 7 now.
  1248. So... did you murder Pawn 7?
  1249. You really think so? I mean, I've thought about it... I guess every pawn has. Perhaps I could be a weapons and combat specialist, like Rook 25!
  1250. Well, I'm sure you'd be great at it.
  1251. Have you not heard of sarcasm before?
  1252. Yeah? Well hey, thank you!
  1253. Now, I need to ask you about Pawn 7.
  1254. Real funny, Bishop. Thanks.
  1255. Now, I need to ask you about Pawn 7.
  1256. Yes, I know. I understand. The only time I've left this room was when I went to Upper Avionics for a few minutes. I went through the third level, accessed from Global Ops, nowhere near the cabins.
  1257. Well, do you suspect anyone at all?
  1258. Do you know what Pawn 7 and Rook 25 were doing in the Crawl?
  1259. What are your thoughts about Rook 25?
  1260. Everyone on this plane are good people, Bishop, men and women I would trust with my life. So no, I do not suspect anyone.
  1261. That's certainly the safe answer, isn't it?
  1262. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.
  1263. I refuse to look at my friends that way. I am only willing to look at the facts.
  1264. So, what were Pawn 7 and Rook 25 doing in the Crawl?
  1265. What about Rook 25? What are the 'facts' on her?
  1266. No, actually, I am sorry. I understand you're not doing this for the fun of it, and you don't need me being difficult.
  1267. So, what were Pawn 7 and Rook 25 doing in the Crawl?
  1268. Thank you. Now, what are your thoughts on Rook 25?
  1269. Some would say wasting their time, but these past few days, they've been attempting to upgrade the Cargo Containment Unit.
  1270. What is this upgrade?
  1271. Have you seen them fighting at all?
  1272. Rook 25 is not only trying to increase max capacity, but also thinks she can remotely connect every C-3800's C.C.U. to form a network of transferable equipment. I know, she is crazy... I told her this!
  1273. Other than crazy, what do you think of Rook 25?
  1274. Have you ever seen them fight? Pawn 7 and Rook 25?
  1275. They fought more than they worked, but it was never serious. I think they challenged each other, he used to tell me all the time how he enjoyed working with her.
  1276. What do you honestly think of Rook 25?
  1277. I know what you're thinking, Bishop... but no. I mean, it is ridiculous. She may have wanted to at times, but Rook 25 did not kill Pawn 7.
  1278. How can you be so sure?
  1279. Uh, I only want to know what you think of her...
  1280. We are talking about Ms. Non-Lethal Weaponry here, the whole reason you Bishops carry those Energy Assault Rifles. She's practically a Buddhist monk.
  1281. A pacifist 'weapons and combat' specialist?!
  1282. Or so she wants you all to think...
  1283. Yes, well... unique is one word for her. And I think she only tolerated Bishop Eight's killing because they've probably saved tens of millions of lives together; what is that against a few hundred casualties on the other side?
  1284. Uh huh. Maybe you should slow down a little and rejoin us here in reality...?
  1285. Oh. Well, we all know Pawn 4 doesn't like her at all, but I think she is an excellent boss.
  1286. Well... how are you so sure she didn't kill Pawn 7?
  1287. What makes her so excellent?
  1288. She is honest and does not take crap from anyone. I respect that immensely.
  1289. Is there anything else you need?
  1290. Do you suspect anyone at all?
  1291. No thanks, we're good for now.
  1292. Well yeah, of course I did. He was the sweetest kid on this plane, and I just murdered him for no good reason.
  1293. Very funny. I'm only doing what I was told to do.
  1294. That's not funny. Do you maybe suspect someone?
  1295. Hurray, mystery solved!
  1296. Lock me up and throw away the key!
  1297. O.K. well now I have to actually ask about Pawn 7.
  1298. Uh, sarcasm Bishop... you know that, right?
  1299. Oh, right, yeah. I sure hope that's the end of it then. I don't think I can handle another situation like that, not today.
  1300. I need to ask you about Pawn 7.
  1301. So, how do you know Angelov was here to kill me?
  1302. So uhh, sir? Do you know why Kiril wanted to kill you?
  1303. How do you know he wanted to kill me?
  1304. Someone paid him. He was a mercenary, wasn't he?
  1305. Pawn 32, come here for a second... and Bishop, you can flirt with her later.
  1306. Just give me two minutes.
  1307. Leave that stupid thing, it'll still be broken when you get back.
  1308. If you'll excuse me? Work is never complete for a lady with these assets.
  1309. I'm coming, I'm coming.
  1310. [background chatter]
  1311. [background chatter]
  1312. [background chatter]
  1313. [background chatter]
  1314. Sorry, nope, I can't talk. I need to concentrate.
  1315. Afternoon, Bishop.
  1316. Hey there, Bishop.
  1317. Oh no, not a chance! You get the hell away from me!
  1318. Stop it! Go away!
  1319. What don't you understand?! Pawn 7 is dead because of you, and I don't wanna be next!
  1320. Before we get to Pawn 7, did you tell Pawn 19 I was investigating Pawn 7's murder?
  1321. Did I what? Who cares, Bishop?! The whole ship knows that by now. I want you to go away, don't you understand English or is my accent not American enough for you?
  1322. But I was told quietly over the C.M.C.
  1323. O.K., I believe you.
  1324. Good for you! Look, I've been told you were 'coming' from three different people. If this is all you have to go on, Sherlock, you need a new tactic.
  1325. I'm so very pleased to hear this.
  1326. You're back... again.
  1327. Did you tell Pawn 19 I was investigating Pawn 7's murder?
  1328. Did I what? Who cares, Bishop?! The whole ship knows that by now. I want you to go away, don't you understand English or is my accent not American enough for you?
  1329. But I was told quietly over the C.M.C.
  1330. O.K., I believe you.
  1331. Good for you! Look, I've been told you were 'coming' from three different people. If this is all you have to go on, Sherlock, you need a new tactic.
  1332. I'm so very pleased to hear this.
  1333. Now, scram before I get the broom!
  1334. For Christ's sake, what?! I had nothing to do with Matthew's death, if that's what you're still pestering me about.
  1335. Where were you when Pawn 7 was killed?
  1336. I want to know what you think of Rook 25.
  1337. What is wrong with you?
  1338. I've been here all day, with Pawn 32. We don't know anything. Go and ask her if you don't believe me. Please. Go. She's right over there.
  1339. You are sure that Pawn 32 never left your sight?
  1340. Maybe you are both in on it?
  1341. Yes, I am sure. When 7 was killed, her and I were both together by the C.C.U. There's nothing more to tell you.
  1342. Yeah, that must be it. Amazing detective work, Sherlock, gold star!
  1343. Well I really wanted the Blue Jays to win the World Series again – but it never happened, did it? And now they're gone... so that's life.
  1344. Just answer the question...
  1345. So what about Pawn 7, what's your alibi?
  1346. Yeah I know, it's really too bad they're gone.
  1347. Oh, piss off. I'm not telling you anything I haven't already said. What are you going to do, shoot me?
  1348. You like baseball?! Well, 'used to like it?' The only baseball we'll ever see again is from Japan... rest in peace, M.L.B.
  1349. I think you and I just might get along.
  1350. How does someone from Sweden like baseball?
  1351. I highly doubt that, but at least now we have one thing in common – we both enjoy a dead sport.
  1352. Norway, I'm Norwegian. We may be side by side, but we are not the same. And you know, my sister's lived in Toronto most of her life, so it's not that big of a stretch.
  1353. Uhhhmm... O.K. then!
  1354. You are! Have I not been clear enough on this point? Pawn 7's death, Angelov showing up like he did, these glitches all over the ship... I'd drop a million Euro bucks that you are the direct reason for all of it.
  1355. Just give me your alibi for Pawn 7's death.
  1356. I want to ask you about Rook 25.
  1357. How can you blame me for doing nothing wrong?!
  1358. Blaming you? Nah, I'm not blaming you... I just don't want to be anywhere near you when the next maniac shows up.
  1359. Oh, so it's a game you're playing? Fine.
  1360. I truly hope you're satisfied, because I am done talking. I don't use the 'P word' often, but will you please leave me alone now?
  1361. Farewell, my lovely... I wonder what it was like for authors in 1940?
  1362. What did you just say?
  1363. Farewell, My Lovely... you should pick it up sometime, you know, when you're not 'investigating' this 'murder.'
  1364. You don't know what you're doing, do you?
  1365. Don't come any closer.
  1366. Holy hell, you just don't listen, do you?!
  1367. [whisper] So Pawn 32 did it? Why should I believe you?
  1368. I only wanted to say that I found the book you recommended.
  1369. Are you some kind of idiot? Do you want to see my sister dead?
  1370. Fine, good, well you should be looking into what lies behind the pages.
  1371. Now, leave me alone!
  1372. I'm really very busy right now... do you mind?
  1373. It was you... You killed Pawn 7.
  1374. I just want to talk for a minute.
  1375. I did what? And where does this notion come from?
  1376. Pawn 4 is quite scared of you, it seems.
  1377. So why did you do it? Hm? Did he catch you speaking to Angelov?
  1378. That little bastard... he is blaming me?!
  1379. I... I... what is this!? Whatever you think you know, Bishop, please, it's wrong. Someone is lying to you.
  1380. You can't just say something like that and then not explain yourself!
  1381. Pawn 4 thinks you are the killer.
  1382. Don't play dumb.
  1383. Sure Bishop, what can I do for you?
  1384. So you and Pawn 4 over there have been here all day? Together?
  1385. I want you to tell me why. Why did you kill Pawn 7?
  1386. Uh huh. Look, I don't exactly have time for this right now.
  1387. Make time because you're in some pretty big trouble.
  1388. What if I was to say that I know one of you are lying?
  1389. Relax, I was only double checking.
  1390. Is this a joke? Did Pawn 44 put you up to this?
  1391. I'm sorry, it's been a stressful day... to say the least.
  1392. Maybe you nudged me by accident...
  1393. So you and Pawn 4 have been here all day? Is that correct?
  1394. Pawn 4 thinks you killed Pawn 7.
  1395. You have once chance to confess to killing Pawn 7.
  1396. You bitch! Call them off my sister! The Bishop knows what you did to Matthew. How you cracked his skull open, and then smiled as he died at your feet. ADMIT IT! Tell the Bishop what you did!
  1397. What is your problem, 4?! I thought-- oh wait, I see now. If you accuse me then there's no way to prove you wrong, is that it? We were together all day. It sure would get you out of being investigated, wouldn't it??
  1398. Don't listen to her, Bishop, she's poison. I followed her into Bishop Eight's old cabin and found her... found her standing over his body... she... she--
  1399. That's a lie!
  1400. Both of you, shut up!
  1401. [Pawn 32] Why would he make that up?
  1402. [Pawn 4] Can you prove any of what you say?
  1403. [Rook 25] You're not exactly helping...
  1404. Because he's paranoid! Insanely paranoid. He's also claustrophobic and would do anything to get out of an investigation--
  1405. She's lying through her teeth! Just lock her away already, she said she was going to have them kill my sister!
  1406. [Pawn 4] Well can you prove any of what you claim?
  1407. [Pawn 4] Your sister?
  1408. Did I stutter? Sis-sis--sis-sister, yes Bishop. She tried to silence me by saying the people she 'works for,' could murder the only person I give a damn about!
  1409. I honestly have no words... if either of you believe any of this, you're just as crazy as he is.
  1410. I can't believe this. You're just going to believe her because nobody likes me...? This is bullshit.
  1411. Well they're not doing any good yelling at each other. If Pawn 4 can't prove what he's saying then who cares? I don't trust the little shit as it is...
  1412. And you're nothing but a useless washout with daddy issues!
  1413. Whoa, whoa, take it down a notch...
  1414. [Pawn 4] Can you prove any of what you say?
  1415. [Pawn 32] Can you tell us why he would make this up?
  1416. You want me to calm down? Then put her behind bars, now. And don't let your eyes off her or she'll have my sister killed!
  1417. [Pawn 32] Let's hear from you, why would he lie about this?
  1418. [Pawn 4] What's that about your sister?
  1419. [Pawn 4] Can you prove her guilt?
  1420. How dare you do this!
  1421. You want me to prove why Rook 25 the wussy girl, has daddy issues? Well, let's start with the time she...
  1422. Wait, wait... little shit isn't quite right. Giant, heaping dung pile is actually more accurate.
  1423. How about we all just calm down a little?
  1424. [Pawn 32] Let's hear from you, why would he lie about this?
  1425. Go to hell, Alannah...
  1426. What did I do?! This is utterly ridiculous!
  1427. Rook 25, control your people!
  1428. Yes sir.
  1429. O.K. that's enough. I have a big enough headache as it is, and neither of you can prove a damn thing. So DROP IT. You can squabble and bitch to the investigators in Ireland.
  1430. Alannah, please... you can't just ignore this.
  1431. Oh, I'm not. If you want to stay within eye shot of Pawn 32, by all means do so.
  1432. But... you have to investigate, at least go through her stuff! Look for a... oh, I don't know, a BOMB or something?!
  1433. Get back to work!
  1434. Forget it, I'm done with you 'people.'
  1435. Thank-you.
  1436. Don't thank me yet, I'm not entirely ruling him out. Get back to work.
  1437. We've almost got them all, just take it easy.
  1438. This machine sort of makes me nervous. Oh, and hey Bishop!
  1439. Everything, it seems, makes you nervous.
  1440. What's that supposed to mean? Are you saying you think I killed Pawn 7? Because I didn't have anything to do with that! I was in Mission Ops the whole time. Ask anyone, really, anyone at all...
  1441. Maybe we should sedate him?
  1442. No, Keiran, bad Keiran. Just take it easy, O.K.? Nobody is accusing anyone of anything.
  1443. I'm sorry, I... oh, it doesn't matter.
  1444. So, uh, Bishop... thanks for coming to see me. I'm just, you know, getting these huge fragments taken out of me. The doc here says those experimental bullets should have blown me to bits. And it didn't hurt at all, nope, not one bit, not at all, nope, noooo... no sirree, no... have you ever been shot before? I'll bet you have.
  1445. Of course I have, many times.
  1446. I don't get shot.
  1447. I've sprained my ankle before. Does that count?
  1448. That's so amazing. Oh, so then I guess you know it doesn't really hurt. Yeah, people say it's worse than childbirth, but I don't understand that. I mean, for me, I just sort of went numb and then passed out until Rook 13 woke me up. Those nanites sure felt funny though.
  1449. So you are saying that you just took on a boarding party full of armed mercenaries... and you never took a single bullet?
  1450. Ha, well I believe it. We've got a real special one on our hands here, I can feel it in my bones. Big things are ahead for you and me, er, all of us... big things!
  1451. Funny and air-cooled, wow, I sure lucked out joining this crew. You're all so nice, and all I had to do was survive Bishop Eight for a few months!
  1452. Is there something wrong with your vocal cords? They seem to vibrate far too often and at an incredible rate.
  1453. I was going to tell him to stop drooling on the Bishop, but yours is better.
  1454. Ha-ha... real funny guys, thanks a lot. So doc, are we done here? I'd like to head back to Mission Ops, see if Rook 9 or Pawn 19 need my help.
  1455. Stop calling me 'doc.' The remaining bullet fragments have been removed and the nanites forcibly flushed from your system, as requested. So yes, Pawn 12, we are done here.
  1456. You are free to go.
  1457. Hey doc, er, uh, Keiran--
  1458. Rook 13.
  1459. Yes, Rook 13! Question: do you ever smile?
  1460. Yes.
  1461. Right! O.K. then, it was nice having you Pawn 12. Don't come back too soon.
  1462. I won't, believe me. This place sorta creeps me out.
  1463. Well, if you want to come talk, Bishop, come see me in Mission Ops. You know, you know, about... whatever.
  1464. Bishop, hey... I was hoping you'd come back and talk to me.
  1465. So... I need to ask you about Pawn 7.
  1466. Uh, O.K. Why?
  1467. I was just wondering how you're feeling?
  1468. You can't possibly think I had anything to do with his death?! Can you?! It's not right, it's not possible I mean. Ha... I'm not nervous because I'm doing anything incriminating, or would insinuate anything of my involvement in the case! I mean, I was right here in Mission Ops when it happened; ask Knight 15, or ask anyone, I didn't do it!
  1469. Any idea who may have had reason to kill him?
  1470. What did you personally think of Pawn 7?
  1471. You're clear, it's fine. Thank you for being honest.
  1472. No, uh, of course not. I mean, Rook 25 and him used to argue all the time, but it was always good natured. He was quiet and didn't have a lot of 'good friends,' but Pawn 7 was generally liked by everyone.
  1473. What did you personally think of Pawn 7?
  1474. Thanks, that's all I need... you can go back to work.
  1475. Aw, I'd rather talk to you. But I guess if that's what you want.
  1476. Right... hmm... and with that silence, I'll go back to work. No matter how much I'd like to, Knight 15 won't like me talking at you all day!
  1477. I liked him. We used to talk about Bishop statistics; you know, how many career kills versus incaps, lives saved, property damage... that sort of thing. He's the only one who understood that side of me.
  1478. So you and him were friends?
  1479. Are there Bishop trading cards or something!?
  1480. Thanks David, that's all I need.
  1481. Well yeah, you could say that. He didn't have many, but he and I... we were friends.
  1482. No, well yeah there are, but no, no... nothing too mainstream, you know, it's kind of on the sideline, kind of like a cult thing... in the crowd, you know, nothing hippie... but... everything’s on the V.R. servers, Bishop, all the stats you could ever want.
  1483. I don't know, I just like hanging out with you, I guess. Uh, I hope that's, alright? Is it... alright to hang out with you?
  1484. Yes, of course it is.
  1485. Calm down, don't work yourself up.
  1486. That's probably not a good idea...
  1487. Good, yeah! Well I think we're going to be great friends, you and I. Hey... so, uh, can I ask you something... friend? Ha... that's just crazy just to say out loud.
  1488. Sure... friend.
  1489. No, I need to ask you about Pawn 7.
  1490. Really? O.K... do you guys know how Kiril knew about Matt? I'm sorry, Pawn 7. His name was Matt Wilson, er, his real name... But anyway... do you know how Kiril knew about his death?
  1491. Yes, someone on board Zenlil was working with him.
  1492. We have no idea; Kiril may have been lying.
  1493. I can't talk about it, sorry.
  1494. One of us? Right, right... the same person that killed Pawn 7. So who was it then, do you know?
  1495. That's what I'm trying to find out.
  1496. It was... YOU!
  1497. Never mind, let's go back to work.
  1498. Well it certainly wasn't me, I mean it couldn't be. Ask anyone!
  1499. Oh... well that's not good, is it? Sounds to me like whoever killed Matt, also told Kiril about it. Who could it be?
  1500. That's what I'm trying to find out.
  1501. I think... it was... YOU!
  1502. It's not your problem though, let's go back to work.
  1503. No? Hey, it's no problem... I'm sorry I asked.
  1504. Yeah, O.K... done. I am completely calm now. Have you ever been to a Yoga class? I'll bet you are entirely Zen... You're just like, in the center of the storm, like you're just sitting there in your little lotus position... And you're like hummm.
  1505. I have. We should go together sometime.
  1506. Let's talk about Pawn 7, shall we?
  1507. I'm going to walk away now... slowly...
  1508. Oh geez, it's my demeanor isn't it? You don't want to hangout because I'm strange? That's it, right? That's the reason. Oh God... It usually is with people.
  1509. No, of course not. We should definitely hangout.
  1510. I need you to calm down.
  1511. Enough chit-chat, let's discuss Pawn 7
  1512. I knew it. It's fine though, as long as you don't think I killed Pawn 7. Cause I didn't.
  1513. Well I'm fine, ha, thanks for asking! Those nanites are creepy, but they sure did the trick! Did you know the original version of the medical nanite, was principally developed by David Schelter himself?! So too was your C.M.C., your P.C.U., and your B.U.S.! If any of it malfunctioned, you'd be S.O.L.
  1514. Too many acronyms and numbers for names!
  1515. Don't work yourself up now...
  1516. Why were you hoping I'd come and talk to you?
  1517. It's true! Totally with you, Bishop, 100%, we should write a letter to have them drop the silly code names! It's so impersonal. Would you like to write a letter with me sometime?
  1518. Sure, what about to Schelter?
  1519. No thanks... I'm good.
  1520. How about to Vidal Desertch?
  1521. Then to Schelter it will be! In the Consortium I will soon have a name. My name... is David Benedict.
  1522. So why were you hoping I'd come talk to you?
  1523. Now, I need to ask you about Pawn 7.
  1524. Well it's been nice, take care of yourself.
  1525. Ha, yeah right, I mean... come on... do people even write letters anymore? I doubt it; I can't remember the last time I wrote anything on paper!
  1526. So why were you hoping I'd come talk to you?
  1527. I need to ask you about Pawn 7 now.
  1528. Alright well, we've both got lots of 'work' to do!
  1529. That's a funny name, Vidal Desertch. And I'm sorry, but I don't know who that is.
  1530. Never mind. So why were you hoping I'd come talk to you?
  1531. Don't worry about it. I need to ask you about Pawn 7 now.
  1532. It's O.K. Let's get back to work, shall we?
  1533. Well, uh, are you sure you don't need anything else?
  1534. Let's talk about Pawn 7.
  1535. No, we're good. Thank you.
  1536. Oh, uhm, well maybe you don't want to talk after all. That's fine, Bishop, that's cool.
  1537. I have to ask about Pawn 7.
  1538. How are you holding up, David?
  1539. Good, then let's get back to work.
  1540. Alright, you take care of yourself then, and watch your back!
  1541. Good morning, Bishop. Wait, it's good afternoon now, I guess it is now. I never got this international date-line thing.
  1542. Heya Bishop, If you're, you know, free later, then we could... No, never mind.
  1543. You heard that, right? He's freaked out by you...
  1544. Many people do not like hospitals, and this room is no different from that environment.
  1545. O.K. boss, you keep on telling yourself that. Well hey... Bishop, what do you think? Did he scare away Pawn 12?
  1546. Yes, especially after the 'do you smile?' question.
  1547. No. Pawn 12 is only manic.
  1548. I'm not getting in the middle of this!
  1549. You see?
  1550. I wish I could understand what you see, but I cannot. I feel that I conduct myself admirably with those around me.
  1551. Aw, no sense of humour? Too bad.
  1552. Thank you, Bishop. Pawn 24 here has a unique way of always approaching life with humour – humor often directed at me, in spite of me, or because of me.
  1553. I hope you realize that if I had any discernible feelings, they would likely be hurting at this point.
  1554. What? You have got to stop saying things like that. You'll never find a wife at this rate.
  1555. I have never had time for marriage, or women in general. From what I understand, you take time and emotional investment... things I cannot give.
  1556. O.K., let's drop it. I'm sorry I spoke.
  1557. Can you please tell Pawn 1 that we are ready for him?
  1558. Yep, sure, of course.
  1559. Hey, Gary, it looks like you're up. It doesn't hurt, really, it doesn't. I didn't feel a thing and I was expecting to feel so much pain!
  1560. Be quiet, 12! Please. Not now.
  1561. Sorry.
  1562. If you want to talk, Bishop come and see me in Mission Ops. You know, about whatever...
  1563. Heya, Numbah One.
  1564. Make it so, Numbah One.
  1565. You have the bridge, Numbah One!
  1566. Please guys, yeah, for the tenth time, I get it... just like Riker. Ha-Ha. My head is killing me and I'm grumpy as hell. Can we just get this over with so I can go lay down?
  1567. Sorry. You're right.
  1568. Lay down here for now, and try to relax.
  1569. If you find cancer or something, I don't want to know about it.
  1570. So, how long is this going to take?
  1571. Almost there, just let it work.
  1572. So Bishop, since you're here. I'm, uh, I'm real sorry about my attitude, you know, before everything went down. I was a jackass, and you didn't deserve the noise.
  1573. Thanks, that's big of you.
  1574. You've sure got some attitude on you, Pawn.
  1575. No need to apologize.
  1576. No problem. Maybe I can buy you a beer some time.
  1577. Yep, and I know you're right. It won't happen again, I swear it.
  1578. Well, I said my peace.
  1579. And hey, Bishop... since you're here... thanks for saving my life.
  1580. Touching, Cowboy, touching.
  1581. What is that supposed to mean?
  1582. Alan Rickman...?
  1583. Who?
  1584. Never mind.
  1585. O.K., there we go... all done.
  1586. My head still feels like it's splitting in half.
  1587. That is to be expected, considering your injuries. I will inform Rook 25 that you will be taking the afternoon off.
  1588. Thanks.
  1589. And Bishop, you'll have to speak with me tomorrow if you want to ask about Pawn 7. I really need to lay down.
  1590. Take care of yourself, Gary.
  1591. Yeah, I'll try.
  1592. Come on, I appreciate you saving my life and all... but give me a break. I did not kill Pawn 7, what else do you want?
  1593. Where were you when it happened?
  1594. Sorry, was just making sure you're O.K.
  1595. Mission Ops, where I always am. Any number of the others can vouch for that.
  1596. No, I'm sorry. And I'll be fine... little sleep will do me good.
  1597. You're hilarious.
  1598. Alright, it's been great. Wake me up when we hit B.C.
  1599. Oh no, no way Bishop... I don't want to hear any more about where you're 'really from' or how your brain is a freak show.
  1600. I really don't need this.
  1601. There's the man of the hour!
  1602. Bishop! What a pleasure to see you.
  1603. I apologize for her attitude, Bishop. She is having a hard time processing what happened earlier, with what you told us... and the brain scan.
  1604. [CMC] Everything I told you was the truth.
  1605. [CMC] I was honestly only kidding around.
  1606. The only logical options in my head are to either believe what you've told us, or believe that you've found a way to manipulate what the equipment read from the brain scan... as a joke, perhaps?
  1607. [CMC] No joke... but I don't know if I can trust you.
  1608. [CMC] Ha, you caught me. It's a device I used.
  1609. Yes, I can understand that. Perhaps trust will come in time? I am curious about one thing, Bishop. If there are other versions of you in our world, other 'players' like yourself... does each of you play along a different time line? A different instance of this dimension?
  1610. [CMC] Yes, something like that.
  1611. [CMC] I really have no idea, I just play the thing.
  1612. [CMC] Let's not talk about this now. Another time, please.
  1613. So there are variations of this world where Zenlil has been destroyed... where you have died, and this well-funded enemy of yours has won. And of course, you only need to 'load' and try again. Truly fascinating.
  1614. You are playing God, and do not even understand the implications of your traveling here, or of your inhabiting that body? This is no game, Bishop, or whoever you really are. You are not dealing with pixels on a computer screen, but real people.
  1615. Perhaps I've said too much... you need time to process and speak to your superiors. I understand.
  1616. Bishop? Will you explain yourself, or should I believe what I feel is most likely?
  1617. [CMC] You're going to have to trust what I said was true.
  1618. [CMC] Yeah O.K., you win. I used a device to manipulate the scan.
  1619. [CMC] I can't, let's please drop it.
  1620. O.K., then I choose to believe you were telling the truth.
  1621. Maybe. Or maybe you did not think we would discover anything from the brain scan? You and your people were unaware of how we could detect your presence, is this not true? You are still very new to this world, aren't you?
  1622. [CMC] Uh... maybe...
  1623. [CMC] Really, I have no idea what you're talking about.
  1624. Good. This would of course explain Angelov's fascination with you. I'm sure you've realized this by now, but perhaps Pawn 24 and I are not the first to know the truth about you in this world??
  1625. [CMC] I know, whoever hired Angelov...
  1626. [CMC] Pawn 7's death is likely connected as well.
  1627. [CMC] Can I trust Pawn 24, your partner?
  1628. Precisely, and perhaps even Angelov himself – though I doubt it. I believe Angelov was used to test us, as you are now using Bishop Six's body to play your 'game.'
  1629. Oh yes, I forgot about him. His death was no doubt connected to everything, this is how Angelov knew about the details. The killer told him.
  1630. Yes. I do not think she trusts you, but you can trust her silence. She is... afraid of what you appear to be.
  1631. The facts suggest otherwise. You do not need to hide your identity from me, Bishop, it is a pointless exercise.
  1632. [CMC] Fine, but I can't really trust you.
  1633. [CMC] Maybe you're right.
  1634. [CMC] Well then, you are straight up crazy.
  1635. Perhaps, but I doubt it.
  1636. Hm. Well, do you have anything to say?
  1637. [CMC] Fine, maybe I am new to your world.
  1638. [CMC] I don't have any idea what you want from me.
  1639. [CMC] No, let's drop it and get back to work.
  1640. That's fine. I know you cannot trust me, yet, but I hope this will change in time.
  1641. Do you have anything you'd like to add? I have been thinking a great deal about it.
  1642. [CMC] Everything I told you, was the truth.
  1643. [CMC] I was honestly only kidding around.
  1644. [CMC] No, I'm sorry. I can't talk about it anymore.
  1645. Right, and so we are clear – you can tell your people I will remain quiet about what I know. If you wish to tell others in this world, that is your choice. You may want to keep in mind that even with the brain scan as 'proof,' nobody else will believe you.
  1646. Take care, Otherworlder. And try to keep an eye on your back, it is likely about to be stabbed.
  1647. We both need to concentrate, Bishop.
  1648. I guess the Bishop saving your life hasn't done much to improve your personality.
  1649. Alright, we need to speak seriously for a moment.
  1650. [Rook 13] Are you trying to get rid of me?
  1651. I take it you'd like to talk about Pawn 7?
  1652. Yes, have you both been here all day?
  1653. First let's talk about your relationship with Rook 13.
  1654. No, it doesn't matter. You guys are clear.
  1655. Yes.
  1656. Yeah, we have, Bishop. We haven't had a real hands-on mission since Bishop Eight left. I've spent most of today actually playing with my VR-Deck, bored out of my mind.
  1657. So, Rook 13 could have left while you were playing?
  1658. Well thank you for the honesty.
  1659. [Rook 13] I don't trust you.
  1660. Yes, well, technically it's possible...
  1661. Had I killed Pawn 7, I would have ideally brought his body to the Organic Containment Unit, processed him, and then deleted the information. Failing that, I certainly would not have told you it was no accident.
  1662. [Rook 13] Huh, well that's a good point.
  1663. [Pawn 24] Is he always like this?
  1664. I know it is. I would not have made the point, had it not been a good one.
  1665. Like what?
  1666. It doesn't matter, Keiran. And yes he is, very much so.
  1667. How can you tell if we are being honest?
  1668. Oh, Keiran... really?
  1669. I can't, but I also can't prove otherwise.
  1670. Are you saying I shouldn’t trust you?
  1671. Just be careful not to let your guard down. Someone aboard this vessel is undoubtedly lying to you, and you must discover who.
  1672. You should not trust anyone. Not considering someone aboard this vessel has committed murder, intentional or not, and is still at large.
  1673. The truth is, you cannot trust anyone aboard this plane.
  1674. Good. Very good, Bishop. You should not trust anyone at this point. Your lack of bias is the reason Knight 15 tasked you with this job.
  1675. And if I think you killed Pawn 7?
  1676. This task is alienating me from the crew.
  1677. Then you will have your chance to tell everyone. The time will come when you will be asked to choose one of us; choose wisely, Bishop.
  1678. Welcome to my world. Persevere, prove yourself now, and the crew will follow you to hell and back.
  1679. The bottom line being you can trust we had nothing to do with what happened to Pawn 7.
  1680. Relationship? Don't be absurd. I would never hold sexual relations with a co-worker.
  1681. Aw, well shucks... I had my hopes up and everything!
  1682. I only meant how well do you know each other?
  1683. [Rook 13] Why not? That's dumb.
  1684. I guess I'll let you two get back to it.
  1685. I don't see why that matters... but we've known each other about a month, since Keiran joined us after Rook 4 was transferred. We've spent the whole time cooped up in this room together, so I'd say we know each other pretty well.
  1686. I do not know anyone aboard this vessel very well, not even my own sister.
  1687. So you're 'not' a couple of murderers in on this together...?
  1688. [Rook 13] You mean Rook 25? Why would you say that?
  1689. I would not rule it out. Especially if there are motivating factors involved; What if Pawn 24 here has killed Pawn 7, and is threatening to kill my father, or Alannah, if I do not stay quiet? Or maybe she has offered me a large sum of money?
  1690. Uh... Keiran...
  1691. [Pawn 24] No, it's fine. He makes a good point.
  1692. [Rook 13] And if I think you did it?
  1693. I need to ask now; have you both been here all day?
  1694. The point is you cannot yet rule anything or anyone out.
  1695. Rook 25 and I reconnected only four years ago, after twenty years apart. It is a long story...
  1696. It's not that long. His mother was insane; took him from his sister and father when he was twelve, forbade him to see them until the day she died – four years ago. Now that the bitch is dead, Keiran is free.
  1697. [Pawn 24] Whoa, isn't that a little harsh?
  1698. [Rook 13] And you're O.K. with her talking like that?!
  1699. Oh, he doesn't mind. Do you, Keiran?
  1700. No, I do not mind. Alannah has the same opinion of her; everyone does, in fact. Nobody understood her like I did.
  1701. I need to ask now; have you both been here all day?
  1702. She was a complicated woman. And I am used to hearing the opinion Pawn 24 has of her; nobody understood her like I did.
  1703. Twenty years of brainwashing tends to have that affect.
  1704. I need to ask now; have you both been here all day?
  1705. My mother was not a bitch, no matter everyone's opinion.
  1706. Yeah Keiran, don't be dumb.
  1707. This is hardly an appropriate discussion for the work place.
  1708. Well then, how well do you know each other?
  1709. So, have you both been here all day?
  1710. Hm? Bishop? Rook 25 said to expect questions from you about Pawn 7.
  1711. Right. Have you both been here all day?
  1712. First, how well do you and Rook 13 know each other?
  1713. Don't be silly, there'll be no questions.
  1714. Uh... O.K. Maybe later then.
  1715. No, I am not. You may stay here if you wish, it makes no difference to me.
  1716. Well this is certainly fun!
  1717. I need to ask you both something serious now.
  1718. Have you both been here all day?
  1719. So are you guys are in some kind of... relationship?
  1720. So... Pawn 24 and I need to concentrate, and you have orders.
  1721. We need to concentrate on what, exactly?
  1722. Our work.
  1723. Right! Our work! Of course.
  1724. Sorry Bishop, but we apparently have work to do.
  1725. So much work.
  1726. Bishop, if you have another minute, I wanted to ask you one more thing.
  1727. [CMC] Sure, what's on your mind?
  1728. [CMC] Not now, maybe another time.
  1729. It is about the Guardian Church. I was only wondering what your affiliation is, if any? Are you a member?
  1730. [CMC] Yes I am, full fledged.
  1731. [CMC] No, of course not... never.
  1732. [CMC] Why do you want to know?
  1733. Good. That is all I wish to know. Perhaps we can attend a headway meeting together some time?
  1734. Why do you say, 'of course' not?
  1735. [CMC] I can't trust them, and neither should you.
  1736. [CMC] I meant no offense, I'm just not a member.
  1737. [CMC] Let's drop it and get back to work, shall we?
  1738. You cannot... trust them? They have an estimated billion members worldwide. I take it you mean that you cannot trust someone within the Church?
  1739. [CMC] Right, and more specifically: Malcolm Thomas
  1740. [CMC] I just think their beliefs are insane.
  1741. [CMC] Let's just forget I spoke. Maybe we can talk again later.
  1742. From the Newswire? We all know the name; he's spoken out against the Consortium for a few years now. Is his stance on the Consortium your reason for this mistrust?
  1743. [CMC] He speaks on behalf of the Church.
  1744. [CMC] He tried to kill the King in 2028 2029.
  1745. [CMC] Thank you for the information, let's get back to work.
  1746. So you are telling me that the Guardian Church is using Malcolm Thomas to speak out against the Consortium? And yet... the Church is one of our biggest financial supporters. I believe as well that the Queen is friends with one of the Church founders, Rick Pearlman. Whatever you think you know, it is likely incorrect.
  1747. Hm. If you are indeed telling the truth, this is not a matter you should be discussing with me.
  1748. Yes, and to some extent, I agree with you. Whether or not the Guardian Race truly exist is not important, and is not why I follow them. I follow them because their singular, integrative purpose is to unite the human race as a positively charged entity. Unify us and the universe becomes our playground.
  1749. O.K... thank you. That is all I wish to know.
  1750. I do not entirely understand your silence, but I will respect it.
  1751. Because I have been a member for many years. I was hoping to find another ally against Alannah's teasing... someone who understands the Church and their message of unity.
  1752. [CMC] You have yourself an ally then.
  1753. [CMC] Well, of course I'm not a member.
  1754. [CMC] I don't know what the Guardian Church is.
  1755. I find that hard to believe, to be honest, but O.K.
  1756. Bishop? Are you a follower of the Guardian Church?
  1757. [CMC] Yes I am.
  1758. [CMC] No, of course not.
  1759. [CMC] Why do you ask?
  1760. I understand.
  1761. Bishop? Are you there?
  1762. [CMC] Yes, sorry. What's on your mind?
  1763. [CMC] No, I'm not... please leave a message.
  1764. Well, maybe another time.
  1765. I suppose then, I will let you return to work. I truly hope that you and I can become... friends.
  1766. That is the Holographic Situation Room. It's where you can watch dirty holo vids when you're bored and feeling lone--
  1767. Whoa whoa, I am listening to this you know.
  1768. Oh, hey boss. I was just telling the Bishop about the... uhhh... dirty holo vids.
  1769. All jokes aside... the Holo-Situation Room is actually for mission briefings and debriefings, usually led by the King or the Queen.
  1770. I was getting to that part, I swear I was.
  1771. Wait, Bishop, hold up a second!
  1772. I have an urgent matter to discuss with you.
  1773. O.K. let's talk in my cabin.
  1774. I am very busy, can't it wait?
  1775. For your own protection: stay away from me.
  1776. Thank you...
  1777. No, it can't. You'll want to hear what I have to say.
  1778. This doesn't sound good but I'm all ears.
  1779. What is wrong with you? And why talk to me?
  1780. No, I'm sorry. I can't help you.
  1781. Not here... it's not safe. In your cabin, I beg you.
  1782. Well alright, let's go in my cabin then.
  1783. I'm just the new guy, what use am I?
  1784. No, that's not a good idea for either of us.
  1785. Please, that is exactly why I need to speak with you and you alone.
  1786. O.K. no problem, let's go.
  1787. This sounds like trouble I don't want anything to do with it.
  1788. I'm sorry, but no.
  1789. Bishop, please...
  1790. O.K., let's talk.
  1791. I'm trying to help you... stay away from me!
  1792. Oh thank you, Bishop, thank you. I will try to be quick, I promise.
  1793. Please, you first.
  1794. We are safe to talk in here, for now anyway. I took advantage of the problems we've been having... managed to hack our sensors and disrupt those in this room.
  1795. I'm really not sure where to start; I barely trust myself right now.
  1796. Just relax and start from the beginning.
  1797. Did you just say you've hacked the ship's systems?
  1798. Why not tell Knight 15 what you have to say?
  1799. O.K. I've been a Pawn on this vessel for about three years now, and you can trust me when I say that I know these people and know them well. Lately, though, I've noticed... well... Can I trust you, Bishop Six?
  1800. Yes, yes, but once you hear what I have to say you'll understand why I had to do it. I can't trust anybody aboard this ship, Rook 9 and Rook 13 least of all.
  1801. This doesn't sound good, but please continue.
  1802. So go and tell Knight 15.
  1803. but I need 'your' help... that's what you do, isn't it? You help people?
  1804. I guess so. O.K., let's hear it.
  1805. But I don't care about your problems!
  1806. I can help you by letting you walk away right now.
  1807. Uh, Bishop? Are you paying attention? This is important... at least I think it is... maybe.
  1808. This is a little weird, but please continue.
  1809. If it's so important, go and tell Knight 15.
  1810. Well? Do you want to hear what I have to say or not?
  1811. I guess so, let's hear it.
  1812. Not really.
  1813. But you're our Bishop! At least do me a favor and watch your back... whatever is going on I have no doubt that you're at the center of it all.
  1814. Fine, forget I bothered you.
  1815. I am really very busy right now.
  1816. I can tell you're scared, but I'm ready to talk now.
  1817. You will talk to me, Pawn, that is an order!
  1818. O.K. I understand. Sorry I bothered you.
  1819. I don't know what you're talking about. I have a lot of work to do, so if you'll excuse me.
  1820. Please, keep your voice down. You had your chance and now I can't trust you.
  1821. Bishop, please.... leave me be.
  1822. He actually thinks he can screen me? He's one hell of an engineer, but I'm bloody Rook 9! Tell him you trust him and let's hear what he has to say.
  1823. [Pawn 64] Rook 9 is watching us, he's speaking on my C.M.C. right now.
  1824. [Pawn 64] You can absolutely trust me, please continue.
  1825. [CMC-Rook 9] Go away, this is none of your business!
  1826. Oh, uhm... thank you for your honesty. And, uh, I said nothing. Forget it, Wade, just forget it!
  1827. Ancestors watch me here today... I was doing a diagnostic on our communications a week ago, routine, something I've done a thousand times. I didn't think much of it then, but... when Angelov showed up, well, I knew what I'd found was something, I don't know - more.
  1828. Keep going...
  1829. Are you a Guardian Church member?
  1830. One more thing, first... you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone else what I'm about to say. And I mean nobody, Bishop... not Rook 9, not even Knight 15.
  1831. This isn't so funny anymore. I know 64 and he's a good man, honest, down to Earth...
  1832. I promise I won't tell a soul.
  1833. Actually, Rook 9 is here with us on my CMC.
  1834. O.K. well here goes. The records I found showed over a dozen communications within the past month, all between the medical bay and an unlisted number in Bulgaria. At first I thought it was only a little odd... no other calls from the med bay went anywhere else except Pawn 24's sister in Hamburg. And now... well...
  1835. You have got to be kidding me! Keep him talking, it should only take me a moment to confirm what he said... if this bloody thing wants to work, that is.
  1836. So you think Rook 13 or Pawn 24 was working with Angelov?
  1837. It could be false information, don't you think?
  1838. I hope you're not pointing fingers.
  1839. Yes? Maybe both of them? I certainly hope not but it's a hard thing to ignore. And if it's true, then whoever these 'enemies' Angelov spoke of, well they are deeply rooted and beyond the eyes of the King.
  1840. Ha, well he's right about the calls. However, the records could have been fudged easily enough... call from one room, change the records to show they came from elsewhere.
  1841. What if someone altered the call records to point at the Med Bay?
  1842. Let's not go pointing fingers just yet...
  1843. Wait a minute, how do you know Angelov spoke of an 'enemy?'
  1844. Of course it's possible, but not easy. Someone like Rook 9 could have done it, though – it's partly why I never went to him with what I'd found. I was afraid of him, I'm still afraid of him.
  1845. This is really something else... it's pretty simple, B. If I was working with Angelov, then Angelov would have succeeded.
  1846. Let's not go pointing fingers just yet.
  1847. If Rook 9 was involved, then Angelov would have succeeded.
  1848. Did you say 'partly' why? What else do you have to tell me?
  1849. Yes, that's probably true. Unfortunately, there is still one more thing I need to tell you, something that doesn't help Wade's innocence.
  1850. Thanks, B. Now, let's hear what makes me look guilty...
  1851. I will probably regret this, but... tell me.
  1852. I'm not pointing fingers, Bishop, I'm only telling you what I know so that YOU can point fingers. I'm no detective. And incidentally there is one more thing I need to tell you before I wash my hands and walk away...
  1853. I will probably regret this, but... what else?
  1854. Well... you know those experimental bullets Angelov hit us with? During our last major repair only two weeks back... I happened to notice--
  1855. Alright, well I'm going to tell you anyway. You know those experimental bullets Kiril hit us with? Well, during our last major repair only two weeks back... I happened to notice--
  1856. You can thank Pawn 19 for that. She's been yapping about the encounter since it happened.
  1857. Could someone have altered the call records?
  1858. O.K., and I don't think we should be pointing fingers yet.
  1859. Hello, Bishop? Look, I don't care if you believe me, I just had to tell someone. And... well... I've got to tell you one more thing before I wash my hands of it and walk away.
  1860. One second, B. It looks like he was right about the calls, at least the records show as he said. This doesn't rule out a setup though. The records could have been fudged easily enough; make the call from elsewhere, change the records after.
  1861. I will probably regret this, but... what else do you want to tell me?
  1862. Actually don't tell me. Wade is watching us!
  1863. You need to promise me or I'll walk away right now and deny this conversation ever happened.
  1864. I promise you, now tell me.
  1865. I can't do that, not with Rook 9 listening in.
  1866. I guess then the only thing left to say is: Good luck, Bishop. You're going to need it.
  1867. Yeah, so what? What does that have to do with anything?
  1868. It means I can't trust you!
  1869. We're just both members, that's all.
  1870. Never mind, please continue. What did you find out?
  1871. Yeah, O.K... that's a little off topic, but good to know. Now, can I tell you what I need to tell you?
  1872. I'm sorry, yes. Tell me what you found.
  1873. Don't tell me anything, Wade is watching us.
  1874. So, may I continue? Your silence is making me nervous and I sure hope you don't think my being a member of the Church means anything...
  1875. I'm sorry, yes. Tell me what you found.
  1876. No, don't. Wade is watching us.
  1877. What the hell, Bishop? Say something or we are done here.
  1878. I'm sorry, I was just thinking. Tell me what you found out.
  1879. Wade is watching us, don't tell me anything.
  1880. Yes it is, Bishop. I know he thinks we'd have no reason to be watching your C.M.C. while not on mission. But he'd be wrong. Now tell him he can trust you!
  1881. Bishop? Can... I... Trust... You?
  1882. [Pawn 64] Rook 9 is here, he's speaking on my CMC.
  1883. [Pawn 64] Yes, you can trust me.
  1884. Bishop? Can... I... Trust... You?
  1885. Rook 9 is already here, he's speaking on my CMC.
  1886. Continue, please. You can trust me.
  1887. Dammit, B! We need to know what he has to say! You can trust me!
  1888. [CMC] But I don't know you and I won't risk it.
  1889. [CMC] If you are here, who's to say the others aren't also listening in?
  1890. [CMC] I'm sorry, but I can't.
  1891. You're right. And uh, I can appreciate that considering today's events. But the boss wants me reporting anything out of the ordinary, especially relating to you. You can trust her you know...
  1892. [CMC] You need to trust me. Do not tell her. Please.
  1893. [CMC] You stubborn bastard, nobody can be trusted!
  1894. [CMC] Alright, Wade. Go ahead and tell her.
  1895. Alright B, you win. If we're going to work together, you need to know I'm on your side. Just don't bugger anything up or it's on MY ass.
  1896. Come off it B, you just got here. Drop the theatrics and try to learn how we do things.
  1897. Hey, cheer up. She's one of the good guys.
  1898. I can track C.M.C. usage, B, and nobody is here but you and me. The others are far too busy and likely think you're in the Virtual Trainer. I'm assuming Pawn 64 thought nobody would be watching your C.M.C. and that this was the right time to speak with you.
  1899. [CMC] Look, I don't know you. It's that simple.
  1900. [CMC] So why were you watching me then?
  1901. [CMC] I'm doing the right thing, trust me on this one.
  1902. The boss asked me to keep an eye on you, and I can't very well follow you around all day. So I've been watching through your C.M.C.
  1903. [CMC] Just don't tell her anything, please.
  1904. [CMC] It's O.K., tell her whatever you want.
  1905. [CMC] It's your ass if telling her gets us all killed.
  1906. Fine, I'll just have to tell the boss then. I'm sorry.
  1907. Anyway... the Virtual Trainer is open for you now. Have fun in there.
  1908. [background chatter]
  1909. What the hell does that mean?
  1910. It's locked, it shouldn't be locked! Why is it locked, Bishop!?
  1911. The air... I think it's the air, it's getting thinner!
  1912. We've got a situation here, people. I can't access atmosphere or security controls to the Bishop's cabin!
  1913. Open this bloody door!
  1914. Rook 25--
  1915. I'm coming, hang on. Wade, have Pawn 32 meet me there - I may need her.
  1916. [background chatter]
  1917. And hurry up about it!
  1918. I knew I shouldn't have done this, shouldn't have opened my damn mouth! Rook 9, you son of a bitch, help us!
  1919. You need to relax... short breaths.
  1920. Oh shut up, we'll be just fine!
  1921. He's trying, calm down before you suffocate.
  1922. Well that's easy for you to say with that helmet giving you all the air you need!
  1923. [CMC] Can we maybe share my helmet for air?
  1924. [Pawn 64] Suck it up, we'll be just fine!
  1925. Not unless you both want to die. You'd have to not only share your helmet, but your B.U.S. as well. The helmet activates and uses a built in air supply.
  1926. [Pawn 64] If I share my helmet, we'll both suffocate.
  1927. [Pawn 64] Suck it up, we'll be just fine!
  1928. Does that mean I'm going to suffocate if you don't share it?! What are they saying on your CMC? Can't they help me?!
  1929. O.K, I'm sorry. We'll be just fine... Alannah will save us and everything will be fine.
  1930. I'm right here guys! I'll have you out in no time, just hang in there.
  1931. I... boss... I'm sorry... I'm still seeing double up here... I can't concentrate for shite!
  1932. I think I've almost got it... I refuse to be outsmarted by my own bloody plane!
  1933. Alannah, thank the Ancestors! Please hurry!
  1934. Just stay calm and try to breath normally.
  1935. Breath normally, O.K... I mean... yeah, I can do that.
  1936. Gods dammit, this is useless! It's acting as if this one room has been put into lock down and it won't recognize my commands.
  1937. How much time does he have?
  1938. Three minutes before Pawn 64 is sucking on nothing but his own fumes.
  1939. I want them out of there, now!
  1940. We're trying, we're trying!
  1941. Wait a second, wait... yes, there it is, got it!
  1942. [background chatter]
  1943. I don't know who saved me, but if it was you Wade – I'm sorry I doubted you.
  1944. Now what is that supposed to mean?
  1945. Are you guys alright?!
  1946. Get the hell away from me! Especially you!
  1947. I am going to the barracks – do not follow me. After what just happened, afford me at least that courtesy.
  1948. Wait, 64, just tell us what happened?
  1949. One of you tried to kill me, that's what happened. Now back off!
  1950. No, get away from me... talking to you almost got me killed.
  1951. I can't believe this... any of it... nothing today makes any sense!
  1952. Does someone want to explain any of that?! Wade?!
  1953. Boss. Pawn 64 found evidence pointing to a crew member as the one helping Angelov... and he was trying to tell the Bishop about it when the room shut down.
  1954. [CMC] He said someone called Angelov from the Med Bay.
  1955. [CMC] In other words, someone tried to murder him.
  1956. [CMC] Isn't there some kind of C.M.C. log?
  1957. He actually said, and I have confirmed this, that someone aboard has been making calls to Bulgaria over the past month. The first call was made the day after the incident with Bishop Eight. And yes, it seems the records show the calls all came from the Med Bay.
  1958. I never made any such calls. Perhaps Pawn 24?
  1959. Whoa, whoa... hold on now. You and I both know those records could have been altered, Wade. Let's not any of us jump to conclusions.
  1960. [CMC] If Knight 15 is right then we're back to square one.
  1961. [CMC] We should at least keep a close eye on Rook 13 and Pawn 24.
  1962. [CMC] We need to do something!
  1963. Well, Pawn 64 knows something and he may not want to speak with any of you again... but he'll speak with me. I'll make a point of it when we reach Dublin.
  1964. I think my plan will do one better.
  1965. But how could anyone know what was being said between you two?
  1966. [CMC] I don't know what else to tell you.
  1967. [CMC] He was telling me that someone called Angelov from the Med Bay.
  1968. [CMC] Maybe it was someone... with a C.M.C.
  1969. What a day...
  1970. One of the worst we've had, Taryn, but we'll get through it. We always do.
  1971. The King will be looking into our C.M.C. logs momentarily, as they transmit directly to him and only him. It won't take much longer and then we can rule out the five of us entirely.
  1972. If I may. I believe our killer noticed you and Pawn 64 were in the cabin together and attempted to kill Pawn 64 for that reason alone. To scare the Bishop, ultimately, I would think was the tactic. Or to test him, perhaps?
  1973. Sherlock Boyle shares an opinion! Well Gods be praised.
  1974. I guess it doesn't matter right now... the plan remains the same. Ireland.
  1975. I can't do this, I can barely see what's on my bloody screen here and my head is spinning off my shoulders.
  1976. Alannah, tell me you and 32 can open that door without his help?
  1977. We're trying but... well it either opens or it doesn't.
  1978. The air is almost entirely depleted.
  1979. I'm trying to contact the King, there's got to be something HE can do...
  1980. Bishop... the other thing I had to tell you...
  1981. You can tell me when we're through this!
  1982. Just hold on!
  1983. No... you've got to listen to me right now... the cockpit, Bishop, during our last major repair... Angelov's bullets... the cockpit... Rook 9... it must be Rook 9.
  1984. The cockpit, Bishop, during our last major repair... Angelov's bullets... the cockpit... Rook 9... it must be Rook 9.
  1985. [background chatter]
  1986. What the-- the door should be open now.
  1987. Get in there!
  1988. This Pawn is dead.
  1989. No shit, Keiran!
  1990. Your lack of compassion, brother, is really getting on my nerves.
  1991. I'm sorry if my professional detachment bothers you, sister.
  1992. You mean your bloody emotional detachment from everything?!
  1993. How many of us have to die for some bastards sick amusement?
  1994. Alright now, I want an explanation. Six??
  1995. [CMC] Pawn 64 said Rook 9 is to blame.
  1996. [CMC] We were only talking when the room locked down!
  1997. [CMC] Does it matter? We need to land and figure this out.
  1998. Excuse me?! I'm already feeling pretty useless today, the last thing I need is to be blamed for this!!
  1999. Settle down, Wade. Everybody just settle down. We already know someone has managed to get inside Zenlil's systems, and if it was Wade then he frankly could have killed us all hours ago and handed the ship over to Kiril.
  2000. [CMC] Settle down? We need to land, immediately!
  2001. [CMC] He said specifically something about Zenlil's last repair, and the cockpit.
  2002. [CMC] Maybe Wade has a different part in today's little games?
  2003. We're not far from Ireland now. We'll land at our headquarters in Dublin and figure this all out then. It may not be safe to land anywhere else, not if we've been compromised.
  2004. [CMC] Pawn 64 said something about Zenlil's last repair, and the cockpit.
  2005. [CMC] What if Wade's game isn't to kill us, but something else?
  2006. [CMC] And then you'll check my C.M.C. log? That should clear everything up.
  2007. Odd. Wade, did you hear what 64 said?
  2008. Nah, boss... I was a little busy trying to help.
  2009. [CMC] He's lying!
  2010. [CMC] Pawn 64 specifically then said, 'Kiril's bullets... it must be Rook 9.'
  2011. [CMC] If you can see and hear through my C.M.C., check the log!
  2012. Christ, Bishop... take it easy on me, will you?
  2013. We can be confident Pawn 64 was mistaken in pointing a finger at Wade, if that's what he was actually doing.
  2014. The man was about to die from oxygen loss... that'd likely scramble your brain a little too!
  2015. Wade's right. And even if he's not... let me put your evidence together, Six, shall I? It sounds like Pawn 64 was saying that during Zenlil's last repair, the cockpit was upgraded by Wade to defend against Kiril's experimental bullets. Is that about right? Well without the King's approval, such an upgrade would be impossible. It's as simple as that.
  2016. [CMC] If you can see and hear through my C.M.C., check the logs!
  2017. [CMC] I think Wade could pull it off without you or the King knowing.
  2018. [CMC] Then you're all in on it!
  2019. That doesn't even deserve a proper response.
  2020. The King will be reviewing our logs momentarily. All C.M.C. logs are downloaded directly to the King and can only be accessed by him and the Queen.
  2021. It's too big a security risk to have all our logs on external servers like Zenlil here.
  2022. Six, then? What else did he say? Anything?
  2023. [CMC] He specifically then said, 'Kiril's bullets... it must be Rook 9.'
  2024. [CMC] Why don't you just look at my C.M.C. logs?
  2025. [CMC] No, nothing. So what's next?
  2026. Games?! You think this is some bloody bastard game, where you can just hit load and everyone comes back to life?! Wouldn't THAT just be fuckin' grande, eh B?
  2027. Wade, that is quite enough!
  2028. [CMC] Pawn 64 said something about Zenlil's last repair, and the cockpit.
  2029. [CMC] We need to land, immediately, before anyone else gets hurt.
  2030. [CMC-Rook 9] Yes, I do think this is a game. And you're a traitor!
  2031. Why you cocky little bastard...
  2032. Wade! Both of you, shut up! You can't prove anything Six, so just stop it.
  2033. Sorry boss, I... forget it, it doesn't matter.
  2034. Only talking? Are you sure about that?
  2035. [CMC] Yes, I don't know what else to tell you.
  2036. [CMC] Er, well he may have said Rook 9 is to blame for today.
  2037. [CMC] Yes, now why aren't we landing this plane?
  2038. Good, and I trust you're not holding anything back.
  2039. Fine. Wade, let's hear what you have to say?
  2040. I need to lay down, that's what I have to say.
  2041. [CMC] Pawn 64 said Wade is to blame.
  2042. [CMC] Shouldn't we be landing to maybe regroup a little?
  2043. [CMC] You do that Wade, the rest of us have work to do.
  2044. O.K. everyone, so here is the score. First, Wade, I want our auto-weapon systems operational, yesterday.
  2045. Once that's finished--
  2046. I know Boss, the virus. I've already made some progress on that front.
  2047. That's what I like to hear.
  2048. O.K. boss, I'm on it.
  2049. Once that's finished, I don't want any more macho nonsense. I want you in the Med Bay so Rook 13 can look you over.
  2050. I was plannin' on it. I'm... I'm sorry I couldn't help Mackai.
  2051. It's not your fault, you did what you could.
  2052. Six... I want to see you in my office immediately. It's the last cabin on your left, before reaching Mission Ops. I've already locked down that section of the plane and after you speak to me in my office, you are to have NO further physical contact with the crew until we reach Ireland. Is that understood?
  2053. [CMC] Can I go to the Virtual Trainer you keep talking about?
  2054. [CMC] And if I refuse?
  2055. [CMC] That's a little extreme, don't you think?
  2056. Yes, that is one place you CAN go, after you come and see me. There or your cabin. The entire V.T. system is directly interfaced with the King himself, to prevent tampering. If Zenlil's systems are compromised, then that booth is just about the safest place for you to be.
  2057. [CMC] And if I refuse to go to the VT or my cabin?
  2058. [CMC] And what if the King has been compromised?
  2059. [CMC] You're probably right. O.K.
  2060. I think that's fairly unlikely.
  2061. [CMC] And if I don't go to the VT or my cabin?
  2062. [CMC] Why not? It wouldn't be the first time.
  2063. [CMC] After everything today, do you really believe that?
  2064. While I'm sure there is a riveting story behind that statement, we really don't have the luxury of getting into it. Now, does anyone have anything pertinent to add?
  2065. Touché, Six... maybe it is about time someone re-evaluates just how impervious the K-1 network really is.
  2066. You don't really have a choice, now do you?
  2067. [CMC] I guess not and you likely know best. Fine.
  2068. [CMC] Are you sure you want to be so close to me?
  2069. [CMC] Oh, you'd be surprised.
  2070. Are you kidding me? Being around you is very clearly poison and I won't see another crew member succumb to it.
  2071. [CMC] And if I refuse to stay put?
  2072. [CMC] Is the Virtual Trainer safe?
  2073. [CMC] Are you sure that YOU want to risk being near me?
  2074. I'll take my chances.
  2075. Now, does anyone else have anything pertinent to add?
  2076. What if we have a mole on board? A Pawn maybe?! I don't know, what else could this be? Tell me I'm wrong.
  2077. There's no point speculating without concrete evidence. It's as simple as that. One step at a time and first, let's get to Ireland in one piece.
  2078. Yes sir, of course you're right.
  2079. Hey Bishop, wait just one minute. This is a private channel between us so please speak freely. You've been spending some time with the crew since Pawn 7 was killed and I was thinking if you even had a guess as to who may be responsible... I could keep an eye out, maybe we'll get lucky?
  2080. Hey Bishop, before you actually get going in there. This is a private channel between us so please speak freely. You've been spending some time with the crew since Pawn 7 was killed and I was thinking if you even had a guess as to who may be responsible... I could keep an eye out, maybe we'll get lucky?
  2081. [CMC] Pawn 1 (Gary Ma)
  2082. [CMC] Pawn 4 (Jens Skogan)
  2083. [More Choices]
  2084. Just like that? Well alright...
  2085. Just like that? Well alright...
  2086. [CMC] Pawn 11 (Adelle Durand)
  2087. [CMC] Pawn 12 (David Benedict)
  2088. [More Choices]
  2089. Just like that? Well alright...
  2090. Just like that? Well alright...
  2091. [CMC] Pawn 19 (Carla Croft)
  2092. [CMC] Pawn 24 (Mika Hoffman)
  2093. [More Choices]
  2094. Just like that? Well alright...
  2095. Just like that? Well alright...
  2096. [CMC] Pawn 32 (Patricia Thornthwaite)
  2097. [CMC] Pawn 44 (Charlie Lewis)
  2098. [More Choices]
  2099. Just like that? Well alright...
  2100. Just like that? Well alright...
  2101. [CMC] Pawn 51 (Kendra Patel)
  2102. [CMC] Pawn 62 (Luca Turel)
  2103. [More Choices]
  2104. Just like that? Well alright...
  2105. Just like that? Well alright...
  2106. [CMC] Rook 13 (Keiran Boyle)
  2107. [CMC] Rook 25 (Alannah Boyle)
  2108. [More Choices]
  2109. I know for a fact that my brother is not responsible... but what about Pawn 24? The medical pawn? Or maybe choose someone else?
  2110. [CMC] O.K. yeah, keep an eye on Pawn 24 then.
  2111. [CMC] You asked me to pick someone and I pick Rook 13.
  2112. [Restart Choice List]
  2113. O.K. Bishop, you're right... but I'm telling you it's a waste of time.
  2114. You want me to follow myself? Don't be juvenile, I'm trying to be serious here. How about you try again?
  2115. [CMC] Well I think you did it...
  2116. [Restart Choice List]
  2117. [CMC] Rook 9 (Wade Harris)
  2118. [CMC] Knight 15 (Taryn Fisher)
  2119. [More Choices]
  2120. Rook 9?! That's uh, strange. Are you sure you don't want to choose someone else?
  2121. [CMC] Yes, I am sure. Rook 9.
  2122. [Restart Choice List]
  2123. I knew this was a stupid idea...
  2124. Uh, that's impossible – she was very clearly in Mission Operations the whole time, and with multiple people to vouch for that. Pick someone else...
  2125. [Restart Choice List]
  2126. [CMC] I don't know.
  2127. [CMC] I refuse to play this game!
  2128. [Restart Choice List]
  2129. That's why I asked you to GUESS. Do you know what it means to guess something? Do you maybe want to try again?
  2130. [CMC] Yeah, because pissing me off will help get what you want...
  2131. [CMC] I will not accuse unless I'm sure.
  2132. [Restart Choice List]
  2133. Are you there? Come on, pick a name, any name...
  2134. [CMC] No way, I won't say anything without proof.
  2135. [CMC] I refuse to play this game.
  2136. [Restart Choice List]
  2137. Fine.
  2138. I'll be sure and remind you how cooperative you've been when the next Pawn turns up dead.
  2139. I guess we'll see what we see. Hopefully you're not just picking a name at random.
  2140. Six, my office. Now.
  2141. Wade, will you please shut down all Information Consoles the Bishop has access to, and deactivate the bed units?
  2142. Sure, boss.
  2143. I'm still waiting in my office, Six. It seems you've found yourself with nothing else TO do.
  2144. Good, nice and prompt.
  2145. Excuse me, but what the hell do you think you're doing?
  2146. Recycling your stuff, what does it look like?
  2147. Oh geez, I'm so sorry!
  2148. I was only curious how your character would react.
  2149. Get the hell out of my office! Right Now!
  2150. Good, at least we agree on something. Now... get out of my office.
  2151. My 'character' doesn't have any patience left... now get out of my office!
  2152. Come in, Six. I don't want to be near you any longer than I have to right now, not with Wade the way he is... so please, have a seat.
  2153. Come in, Six. Wade tells me that he's regained full control over environmental systems, and so a repeat of what just happened with Pawn 64 is highly... unlikely. I'll never use the word 'impossible' again. Please, have a seat.
  2154. Come in, Six. I'm sorry to summon you like this, but I feel it's important that we talk face to face. Please, have a seat.
  2155. O.K., stand if you'd prefer.
  2156. Before we start here, I saw your little dance with Rook 9. Nice moves.
  2157. Wade! Did you show the Bishop that damned video?
  2158. Aw hell, B! That was supposed to be our little secret.
  2159. Sorry, boss... I was down in the crawl and he just started going through my stuff...
  2160. It doesn't matter, shush, we'll talk about it later.
  2161. O.K. And thanks a lot, B.
  2162. Wade's in the doghouse...
  2163. Shut up, Alannah.
  2164. So. I haven't asked you here to berate you with questions about my dead or nearly killed officers, there will be plenty enough of those in Ireland. Nor am I going to ask you again why you think someone is causing all of... this.
  2165. Sorry to interrupt, boss. I thought you should know that our Auto-Guns are repaired and ready.
  2166. Good. Now get to the Med Bay.
  2167. Way ahead of you.
  2168. As you may have noticed, Six, I care a great deal about this crew and I also respect their opinions. Following what happened with Angelov, I've asked them to report their encounters with you.
  2169. But before I get to what they had to say, let's first talk about you and I. I feel like things have been a little rocky between us. Moving forward, I wonder, will this become a trend?
  2170. No, it won't. I'm sorry about how I've been acting.
  2171. Yes, it will. I don't think we can work together.
  2172. I'm not sure yet, still deciding.
  2173. That's a start I suppose...
  2174. I was afraid you'd say that. So be it.
  2175. You're still deciding? Let's pretend I don't understand you, what do you mean, exactly?
  2176. I'm still deciding if we're going to have a problem or not.
  2177. Can we just get to the point of why I'm here? Please?
  2178. Shouldn't I be the one saying that to you?! Look - do you want to be here, or not?!
  2179. I don't have much choice, do I?
  2180. Land the plane and see if I stick around.
  2181. I thought I did.
  2182. Most people would kill for your position, and you treat it like you've been forced against your will! I don't even care, let's move on.
  2183. Cute. And you're not going anywhere until the investigation in Ireland is complete, we have our culprit, and you are absolved of all guilt.
  2184. Right, well I suppose I can appreciate the honesty.
  2185. I'll take that as a no. Fine.
  2186. Sure, let's do that.
  2187. Bishop Six? Answer my question! You've almost pulled the last straw here, so be careful...
  2188. Look. Everything is fine, I'm sorry.
  2189. Let me pull it - I don't think we can work together.
  2190. I'm not sure if we're going to have a problem yet, I'm still deciding.
  2191. Before I even get to that, let's talk more specifically about you and Wade. He has lodged a formal complaint with regards to your attitude today, and quite frankly I'm a little shocked. Unlike Rook 25, It takes a lot to get on his bad side.
  2192. We'll be fine, there's nothing to worry about.
  2193. I think he may be responsible for much of today’s troubles.
  2194. He hasn't done anything today but make us look bad.
  2195. Wade would disagree, but you two are big boys. I'm sure given enough time, you'll work it out.
  2196. And if he is? Do you think it'll solve anything by getting a rise out of him like you've done? Use your head, Six, and save your opinion for the investigators in Ireland.
  2197. That is only because whoever is doing this has been one step ahead of him, all day. Someone who not only knows Consortium protocol, but also knows Wade well enough to guess he'd be stubborn about this virus.
  2198. I just hope you two can work something out.
  2199. Now, to the rest of the crew. I trust and respect each and every one of them a great deal. And like I said, I've asked them to report any encounters with you.
  2200. It seems you've managed to upset more than enough of them with either rude or frankly bizarre behavior. Behavior not suitable for any Consortium C-3800, not merely this one. Do you understand what I'm telling you?
  2201. No, I do not.
  2202. You're going to kick me out if I don't do better?
  2203. You're letting them judge me? Seriously!?
  2204. I think you do, so let's not mess around any more than we have to.
  2205. Fine. I'll be good.
  2206. Forget it, I don't want anything to do with you people.
  2207. So what if I don't get along with them. Do I need to?
  2208. That may be too little, too late.
  2209. And there's the last straw.
  2210. I'll take your silence as we're in agreement. Good.
  2211. Just take my advice: if you can't get along with the crew on a personal level, then do what Bishop Eight did and keep yourself at a professional distance. Spend your off-time researching, training, or just resting.
  2212. Advice noted, thank you.
  2213. Or I could quit? I don't want anything more to do you with you people.
  2214. Moving on then...
  2215. I trust this crew explicitly.
  2216. Noted. And I'm sorry if I've caused any problems.
  2217. But they're a bunch of little kids playing military!
  2218. Good, now if there's nothing else...
  2219. I know you do, I just wanted to give you a little friendly heads up.
  2220. Heads up noted, thank you.
  2221. I want off this crew.
  2222. I don't have to be 'nice' to these people.
  2223. All in all it seems you've handled yourself well. Most the crew have nothing worth reporting. What about you, how do you feel you're fitting in?
  2224. Very good, thank you. And it's a fine crew you have here.
  2225. I don't even know if I want to be a part of this crew.
  2226. I'm fitting in fine.
  2227. I'm glad to hear it. They really are the finest.
  2228. Is that so? Do you have any idea what other people would give for your position? Any idea at all?
  2229. I'm sorry, it's just how I feel.
  2230. Well I just don't think the Consortium is as it seems.
  2231. Fine, so give my position to 'other people' then!
  2232. Well not everyone is cut out to be a Bishop. Give it a few more days and then let's talk about this again.
  2233. Six, look... if Kiril maybe got inside your head or something, you need to come back to reality. We're the good guys... the bad guys are the ones trying to kill us.
  2234. It's more than just Kiril; something is really 'off' about you people.
  2235. The 'bad guys' are the ones I haven't yet identified.
  2236. I'm sorry.
  2237. Are you for real? Have you ever heard the idiom 'the pot calling the kettle black?'
  2238. You win, I really can't argue with that. I can only imagine what you must be thinking after everything today.
  2239. If that is how you feel... consider it done.
  2240. I'm glad to hear it.
  2241. I know it's only been a day, but still... it's important that you fit in.
  2242. Knight 15, come in please. It's Rook 13.
  2243. You do know that the C.M.C. is not a radio, yes? You can just say what you want.
  2244. O.K. We have disposed of Pawn 64's body; his remains are now within the Med-Containment Unit.
  2245. Thank you, Keiran. How is Wade?
  2246. Pawn 24 is treating him now. He will be fine.
  2247. Glad to hear it.
  2248. O.K., so I will contact the King and inform him you will not be remaining aboard Zenlil. I want you off this ship before things get any worse. Effective the moment we land in Ireland.
  2249. Wait a second, you can't do that... can you?
  2250. You kick me out and I'll join your enemy!
  2251. Nothing would make me happier!
  2252. I can. We used to have a Political Officer, did you know that? James Lensworth. Rook 3. He's a good man... but he couldn't get along with Rook 25. I had him transferred and now he's a part of our Orbit team, on the Zeus Space Station.
  2253. I don't suppose saying sorry will matter much at this point?
  2254. Is that a threat?
  2255. Well I can't wait to get away from you people.
  2256. A little, but not enough I'm afraid. Now... get out of my office.
  2257. Oh no, Bishop. Not a threat. You won't even get Zeus or our bloody Antarctic base; you're going right back to Canada where you can tell your family that you have failed. Now... get out of my office.
  2258. Get the hell out of my office! Right Now!
  2259. Good, at least we agree on something. Now... get out of my office.
  2260. I'm glad we understand each other. Now please - go back to your cabin or spend your remaining hours as a Bishop, in the Virtual Trainer.
  2261. Anyway - I'm glad we had this talk... you and I need to always be on the same page.
  2262. Lights.
  2263. Bishop, if I can have your ear for a second. You know, today is... well, it's a particularly bad day for me. I've done my best to keep myself restrained through Pawn 7's death, Kiril... all of it. But I want you to answer me truthfully before this turns ugly: Why did Pawn 64 come to you, and why didn't you tell me about it?
  2264. [CMC] He doesn't trust anyone else.
  2265. [CMC] Why is today 'particularly' bad for you?
  2266. [CMC] What exactly did Rook 9 tell you?
  2267. You think you're protecting him by being quiet? Damned stupid, Six, and could get us all killed.
  2268. [CMC] I am doing what I think is best for this ship and her crew.
  2269. [CMC] So... why is today 'particularly' bad for you?
  2270. [CMC] Don't you have work to do or something?
  2271. Did you practice that one? I need to know everything or we fail as a functioning unit. Do you understand me?! I'm sorry, I guess I'm just reaching my limit today. Is there anything you can tell me or not?
  2272. [CMC] Maybe he has proof against one of you?
  2273. [CMC] I don't know anything, he was just scared.
  2274. [CMC] Wait, why is today particularly bad for you?
  2275. Don't change the subject, I'm talking about Pawn 64!
  2276. [CMC] Maybe he has proof against one of you?
  2277. [CMC] I don't know anything, he was just scared.
  2278. [CMC] Come on, I'm only trying to be nice...
  2279. Fine. I'll find out myself.
  2280. You haven't read my personnel record? Fourteen years ago today, my husband, two children, and both parents were killed. The Vancouver quake of Christmas '28, I was running late coming home for duty in Ottawa. I... look, just tell me what happened with Pawn 64.
  2281. [CMC] Oh wow, I am so sorry.
  2282. [CMC] Today... is the anniversary of that?
  2283. [CMC] I honestly don't know what he wanted!
  2284. It's... it's fine, Six. That was a long time ago and I've learned to move on. Now... 64?
  2285. [CMC] Maybe he has proof against one of you?
  2286. [CMC] I don't know anything, he was just scared.
  2287. If that is true, then you scaring him away better not lead to another death. It'll be your ass.
  2288. Don't be ignorant. Everyone knows today's the day, you don't need to play dumb for my sake. Now... 64?
  2289. [CMC] Maybe he has proof against one of you?
  2290. [CMC] I don't know anything, he was just scared.
  2291. O.K., I believe you. I will speak with him myself when we land in Ireland.
  2292. He told me enough. That Pawn 64 came to you frightened and you essentially told him to bugger off. He'll never open up now and who knows what's got him so spooked?
  2293. [CMC] He doesn't trust anyone, can you blame him?
  2294. [CMC] So, why is today 'particularly' bad for you?
  2295. I know you think you're protecting him, but you're not.
  2296. There's just one more thing. I want you to come and speak with me face-to-face in my office. We need to discuss something.
  2297. [CMC] Sure.
  2298. [CMC] No thanks, not right now.
  2299. And if you wouldn't mind coming right now? It's the last cabin on the left, before reaching Mission Ops.
  2300. Well then, whenever you can take the time from your busy schedule...
  2301. And come now, if you wouldn't mind.
  2302. So, you're going to have another little nap then are you? Is the Bishop sleepy again?
  2303. [CMC] Can't I be left alone for just two minutes?
  2304. [CMC] Ha, real cute.
  2305. [CMC] Screw off.
  2306. Hey, hey, relax! I am only trying to be nice here. You did really good earlier and I wanted to say thank you. You saved us all and that's no small feat.
  2307. I actually just thought I'd say thank you, you know, for Kiril. I may have been a little hard on you but the bottom line is you saved us all from a horribly embarrassing death. So again, thank you.
  2308. Whoa, relax Bishop. I'm not looking to be hostile, I'm only looking to say thanks for saving my skin. For saving all our skins.
  2309. Anyway, new guy, sweet dreams. Hopefully I won't need to wake you with any more excitement.
  2310. Are you for real? You're laying down again?!
  2311. [CMC] Don't you have better things to be doing than watch me?
  2312. [CMC] I know you don't like me, but can't we call a truce?
  2313. [CMC] Screw off.
  2314. Not really... not when you're the center of today's troubles. You deserve everyone’s attention.
  2315. We don't need a truce, I just want you to stop being a horse's arse.
  2316. I don't think so, Bishop, not today of all days.
  2317. Anyway, you have a nice little nap now. I'll try and remember to wake you up if something happens.
  2318. The Virtual Trainer not accessible, due to signal tampering.
  2319. What now?
  2320. The lock isn't responding. I think we're in trouble.
  2321. Don't worry, we'll be fine.
  2322. You have GOT to be kidding me, this again!?
  2323. Great.
  2324. Do I look worried to you?
  2325. I don't think so... this is something else.
  2326. What the hell is going on, Wade? It's like a bloody light show back here!
  2327. It's the virus I'll bet, kicking into overdrive. I'm on my way back to the Cockpit, two minutes.
  2328. I think something real bad is about to happen--
  2329. Well now, who the hell are you?!
  2330. Hello, Taryn. Just sit down and don't get in my way. I'm here for him, not you.
  2331. Why don't you show us the traitor behind that voice? Take the helmet off--
  2332. I don't want to hurt you, but I will... shut up and SIT DOWN.
  2333. I cannot let you do it, Seeker. You must not be allowed to reach the Churchill Tower.
  2334. Did he just say the Churchill Tower?! In London?
  2335. It may be a 'she,' Alannah.
  2336. Well that explains what happened to Pawn 7. He must have walked in on whoever that is tampering with Bishop Eight's B.U.S.
  2337. Be careful, Six... this so-called officer of ours is clearly a little confused.
  2338. Do you have anything to say before I end this?
  2339. Who are you and why are you doing this?
  2340. What makes you think you'll do any better than Kiril?
  2341. Come on then. Do it. Pull your weapon or get out of my way.
  2342. It doesn't matter who I am. And why am I doing this? To save countless lives whose existence will be snuffed out if you are allowed to live any longer.
  2343. Come on then. Do it. Pull your weapon or get out of my way!
  2344. Hold on a second... let's talk this through.
  2345. So dramatic! If it doesn't matter who you are then why hide your voice?
  2346. Don't patronize me, no amount of words will save your life.
  2347. Good question.
  2348. I don't think you'll be around to see why, so don't worry about it.
  2349. Angelov was nothing more than a means to an end – his E.M.P. helped spread the virus I planted. He was never expected to succeed.
  2350. Come on then. Do it. Pull your weapon or get out of my way!
  2351. Who are you and why are you doing this?!
  2352. Let's talk this through... you don't want to hurt anyone.
  2353. So your M.U.V.I. will treat me as a threat and let you fire back? O.K.
  2354. Good.
  2355. All personnel stay the hell off the second floor until further notice.
  2356. I'm in the Cockpit now...
  2357. Good move, Wade. We don't want anyone getting in the cross-fire.
  2358. You'll have to hit harder than that!
  2359. I told you, cold blooded killer!
  2360. Come on – now is your chance, shoot me down! Prove you're nothing but a cold blooded killer!
  2361. Try to negotiate, Six... failing that, end this by any means necessary.
  2362. Please, you don't have to do this.
  2363. So says the person who murdered Pawn 7.
  2364. You first.
  2365. Yes, I do. If you knew what I know then you'd likely pull the trigger on your own life.
  2366. So you are going to kill me for something I haven't done yet?
  2367. Yeah, yeah, enough babbling. Get this over with!
  2368. I'd probably question what I was told, first.
  2369. I know what it sounds like. The bottom line is that if you are allowed to reach the Churchill Tower, countless people will be prevented from reaching their full potential – spiritual evolution, Bishop, the most beautiful thing there is. Enough of this...
  2370. Oh, I questioned it, many years ago I did. And I was shown things you would not believe. Proof of a future where you are left to desecrate millions of souls. Enough of this...
  2371. Kill one innocent now to prevent so many more from suffering in the future? That's not murder, it's fate. I could not allow him to get away after walking in on me disabling the sensors on the B.U.S. locker. It's ironic that my forcing his head into the locker is what ultimately triggered the sensors anyway!
  2372. I didn't even think to check the sensors on the B.U.S., Christ... how was I supposed to know one of our Pawns was some kind of B.U.S.-wearing crazy person?
  2373. It's alright Wade, this is certainly not your fault.
  2374. You're insane.
  2375. So you're going to kill me for something I haven't done yet?
  2376. And why do you trust whoever told you this lie about me?
  2377. Am I? Perhaps, but at least I don't choose to blindly follow the Singularity into oblivion. Enough of this...
  2378. Not that I need to defend myself, but I was given proof. Undeniable proof of what is to come, unless of course I stop it. Enough of this...
  2379. Speaking of which...
  2380. Fine with me.
  2381. No? Well I will do what must be done then...
  2382. Whoa, whoa, wait a second! Let's talk this through, don't do anything you'll regret.
  2383. Anything I'll regret? My whole life has been about this moment... this one, ultimate act of kindness.
  2384. May the Light save your soul...
  2385. Taryn!
  2386. She'll be fine in a few minutes. That was a non-lethal hit. The Bishop seems to be the only target...
  2387. B, you take whoever that is down. If they happen to die in the process, so be it.
  2388. Wade, my gods.
  2389. Don't you get in the way, Alannah. I'm done playing nice and you should be too.
  2390. The elevator is moving to the third floor... oh hell, and there go elevator sensors.
  2391. Keep that doppelganger contained!
  2392. There's no containing with this bloody virus run amok.
  2393. Unbelievable.
  2394. Hey boss! How are you feeling?
  2395. My head hurts.
  2396. Welcome to the club.
  2397. Six, hurry up and end this nonsense. I want to know who that is, and I want to know right now.
  2398. [background chatter]
  2399. Systems are overloading, we're gonna explode before even reaching the ground!
  2400. Hang on, B, the virus has hijacked the door and hatch systems, thinks it’s so clever. I’m fighting it but I’m going to need...uh... about five minutes. In the mean time there’s going to be a 7 to 12 second delay when opening doors. Watch your back!
  2401. O.K., B, two minutes and I’ll have the door and hatch system back in my control.
  2402. Thirty seconds... I just need thirty more seconds...
  2403. O.K. I think... yep, that should do it. The doors and hatches are back under control, there should be no more delay.
  2404. [CMC] Thanks, Wade!
  2405. Hey, you're welcome. I aim to please!
  2406. The virus is trying to lock you from the energy charge stations. Sorry, B, but I can only get one working at a time... I’ll keep you updated.
  2407. I’ve got the energy charge station in the Hangar Bay working, by the C.C.U. Get there!
  2408. Hangar Bay charge stations online.
  2409. Blimey, the virus just took down the Hangar Bay charge station.
  2410. The Hangar Bay charge station's down.
  2411. The energy charge station in Mission Ops is now operational.
  2412. The Mission Ops charge station is online.
  2413. The Mission Ops charge station is down.
  2414. The Mission Ops charge station is down.
  2415. Get to the galley, B, the energy charge station there is back online.
  2416. The Galley Charge station is online.
  2417. Aaand we’ve lost the galley charge station.
  2418. The Galley Charge station is down.
  2419. The lounge energy charge stations are up and running.
  2420. The lounge charge station is online.
  2421. Well, you can forget the lounge charge stations.
  2422. The Lounge charge station is down.
  2423. O.K. the Barracks is next, get there for some energy charging goodness!
  2424. The Barracks charge station is online.
  2425. The barracks is out, charge stations are down.
  2426. The Barracks charge station is down.
  2427. [background chatter]
  2428. [background chatter]
  2429. [background chatter]
  2430. [background chatter]
  2431. [background chatter]
  2432. [background chatter]
  2433. [background chatter]
  2434. [background chatter]
  2435. [background chatter]
  2436. [background chatter]
  2437. [background chatter]
  2438. Oh God, Luca, we have to move!
  2439. Grenade, get down!
  2440. [background chatter]
  2441. [background chatter]
  2442. [background chatter]
  2443. [background chatter]
  2444. [background chatter]
  2445. [background chatter]
  2446. [background chatter]
  2447. [background chatter]
  2448. [background chatter]
  2449. Luca, no! How could you do this, you son of a bitch... you killed him!
  2450. Watch out for those airlocks! They won't hold up to much abuse.
  2451. Are you trying to destroy that airlock?!
  2452. Get away from the airlock!
  2453. Get out of there, now!
  2454. Christ! Six, don't let that happen again! We can't afford to lose anyone else!
  2455. We couldn't afford to loose anyone in the first place!
  2456. Six, end this right now before we lose another person!
  2457. What kind of dumb bastard fires grenades on an airplane!?
  2458. [background chatter]
  2459. [background chatter]
  2460. [background chatter]
  2461. [background chatter]
  2462. [background chatter]
  2463. [background chatter]
  2464. [background chatter]
  2465. [background chatter]
  2466. [background chatter]
  2467. [background chatter]
  2468. [background chatter]
  2469. [background chatter]
  2470. [background chatter]
  2471. [background chatter]
  2472. [background chatter]
  2473. [background chatter]
  2474. [background chatter]
  2475. [background chatter]
  2476. I'd say if you can drain the shields AND get that armour to about 25%... you should be able to penetrate with your nanites.
  2477. You're going to fail, Bishop... and die... give it up... let yourself fall to us and receive the eternal blessing. We will send word--- after the inevitable... in a sea of bodies...
  2478. [CMC-Rook 25] Uh, what the hell was that?
  2479. [CMC-Rook 25] Sure, how do I let myself fall then?
  2480. What was what, Bishop? Why are you talking to me, stop that maniac before anyone else dies!
  2481. Let yourself fall?! What the F-- Gr. Just get your head in the game, Bishop, and stop that maniac from killing anyone else.
  2482. The Churchill Tower will crush your entire existence... there's nothing you can do to stop it, but you can join us. We will send word--- after the inevitable... in a sea of bodies...
  2483. [CMC-Rook 9] In a sea of bodies?! What is wrong with you?
  2484. [CMC-Rook 9] Good, I await your word.
  2485. Whoa, whoa, what the hell? Wrong mind, mate. And you've got a bloody job to do so go stick that traitor to a wall and stop thinking nonsense at me.
  2486. Uhh, yeah, good... my word... my word... on what?
  2487. [CMC-Rook 9] After the inevitable... in a sea of bodies.
  2488. [CMC-Rook 9] Nevermind.
  2489. Sure mate, but can you please finish what you're doing first? End that Pawn's career.
  2490. Sure.
  2491. Whatever, B, just screw your head on and finish this fight.
  2492. Whoa, did you just see that?!
  2493. Can someone please tell me what that was?
  2494. Well the Bishop didn't just fight an empty suit!
  2495. I know it sounds crazy, but what if someone managed to animate the suit remotely?
  2496. Remote controlled B.U.S.? Way too much of a power drain for the kind of efficiency we just saw; the suit would have fallen much quicker.
  2497. What if somebody teleported from the suit? Some kind of fail-safe recall system?
  2498. Teleported?! This isn't one of your science fiction movies, Keiran...
  2499. When you rule out the possible, what else is there?
  2500. That does it - I'm not taking any more chances. Remote control, teleporter, whatever. This day is slipping further and further from our control.
  2501. Bishop, hey... Uh, heads up. I think we've got something here.
  2502. What is it, Alannah?
  2503. Well the Bishop suggested I follow Pawn 32... and she's... yep, she's just unlocked Bishop Eight's cabin, went inside, and locked the door behind her.
  2504. Patricia? It can't be.
  2505. She also has some sort of device clipped onto her back... something small, I couldn't tell what it was.
  2506. I'm almost back to the cockpit, ten seconds. I can unlock that door from there.
  2507. I'm shutting down the V.T.
  2508. Six, get to Bishop Eight's cabin! When you're ready, hit the lock and Wade will open it remotely. Hurry.
  2509. Where the hell are you, Bishop?
  2510. [CMC] I'm not a Bishop any more.
  2511. [CMC] She's all yours.
  2512. Don't be juvenile! This is serious, Six, you have to get in there before Pawn 32 does what I think she's about to do.
  2513. If I had your armor and weaponry then maybe I'd consider it.
  2514. Six, please, don't be juvenile. We need you.
  2515. Forget it, I'm going in... Wade, open the door!
  2516. Belay that! You're not going in there without the Bishop.
  2517. Yes, sir.
  2518. O.K. Wade, what other options have we got? The Bishop is--
  2519. Wait, no, Alannah, wait! The Bishop cannot reach the Churchill Tower!
  2520. Zenlil, initiate code 21-21!
  2521. Alannah, move it! Get out of there!
  2522. I only want the Bishop!
  2523. Why is she masking her voice like that?
  2524. Bishop, take her down at all cost!
  2525. Wade, can you track the traitor or not?
  2526. My sensors are tellin’ me there’re bloody intruders everywhere... including the cockpit. I can’t tell what’s real.
  2527. After you...
  2528. It looks like she's altering the B.U.S. through her VR-Deck.
  2529. She's finishing what she started before killing Pawn 7...
  2530. Get in there, Six!
  2531. What the hell are you doing?!
  2532. How did you-- Don't come any closer!
  2533. What's that device on your back?
  2534. Look, I... I can't explain it... but the Bishop. He cannot be allowed to reach the Churchill Tower. You must listen to me, Alannah, please.
  2535. In London? What the hell are you talking about? And I ask again: what is that on your back?!
  2536. Zenlil, initiate code 21-21.
  2537. Aw bloody hell, that just messed up all my sensors and accesses...
  2538. God... damn you.
  2539. Whoa, whoa, put it down Patricia... without that B.U.S. on, you don't stand a chance.
  2540. You guys see that? That thing on her back must be a Containment Unit!
  2541. You're probably wondering where I got a containment unit that fits into the palm of my hand? They gave it to me, Alannah. They are so far more advanced than you could possibly imagine.
  2542. Wait a second, keep her talking.
  2543. Please... none of you understand what he, or she, is... they require its death or we'll never be saved.
  2544. She's completely lost it. Six, ask about her husband... they've just been married.
  2545. Tell me... who are 'they?'
  2546. What do you think I'm going to do at the Churchill Tower?
  2547. So why don't we talk about your husband?
  2548. They don't need a name, Bishop. Don't you see? They are everywhere, and everything.
  2549. You've got to be kidding me.
  2550. [Pawn 32] What does your husband think about all this?
  2551. [Pawn 32] And so you're here to kill me because 'they' told you to?
  2552. [Pawn 32] Are 'they' responsible for sicking Kiril on us?
  2553. It's more than that. They have shown me things you could not possibly understand... our history, the future, everything we're ever known has been the construct of another world's design. You're not even Bishop Six!
  2554. Patricia... please, think about what you're bloody saying, you're not making any sense.
  2555. She's right bat shit, she is.
  2556. Let's talk about your husband...
  2557. Well, it's been great but I've got better things to do.
  2558. And you're not Pawn 32. What's your point?
  2559. Yes, of course. He was never meant to beat you. That E.M.P. gave me access to Lower Avionics, where I managed to plant the primary virus... and now we're all going to die because I've failed.
  2560. I really don't want to hurt you, but I will.
  2561. And now you've been caught, so drop the gun.
  2562. [sigh] Let's just get this over with.
  2563. 'Seeker' is what Henry calls you, isn't it? What are you seeking from this other world of yours? Truth? Is that what you think this is all about?
  2564. Risen as a vine from the Ancestor's endless drink...
  2565. That is an exert from the Prophecy of the Ancestors. The remaining reads, 'Distant does this tower speak, the Ancestor's only children will be summoned to awaken those worthy of their guiding light.'
  2566. What a load of nonsense...
  2567. So the Guardian Church is behind all of this?
  2568. Is the Churchill Tower the 'vine' from this Prophecy of yours?
  2569. Guardian Church rhetoric? Is your husband a member too?
  2570. Of course not, that is like asking me if Bulgaria is to blame for the Homeless Mercenaries. We are all, in fact, Guardian Children.
  2571. Well that makes sense.
  2572. Some believe so, yes... and if you set foot onto the roof of that tower, the Prophecy will not come true.
  2573. So the Guardian Church is behind all of this?
  2574. Tell me something... does your husband believe this nonsense?
  2575. I'm getting tired of this nonsense, can we just get on with it?
  2576. I... don't have a husband. They put us together... he was a Believer, like me, but now he's dead. Part of my mission was to take his life, I think they wanted me to prove I could do it.
  2577. You insane bitch...
  2578. You should be so proud...
  2579. So are 'they' responsible for sicking Kiril on us?
  2580. What do you mean, 'he was a Believer?'
  2581. I actually am, so save your sarcasm for someone else.
  2582. So when you say you and your husband are 'Believers'...?
  2583. Let's talk about the people who 'showed you the truth.' Did they also send Kiril?
  2584. I've already said too much. Ancestors forgive me.
  2585. A believer of the Guardian Church? Are they involved here?
  2586. Let's talk about the people who 'showed you the truth.' Did they also send Kiril?
  2587. You haven't actually said anything...
  2588. I'm sorry, Alannah, I wish you could understand.
  2589. What about the man you just married? And the life you were aiming to build with him...
  2590. What about him?!
  2591. Well, does your husband believe any of this nonsense?
  2592. Never mind that, who gave you that containment unit?
  2593. Never mind that, what am I supposed to do at the Churchill Tower?
  2594. You're no doubt in this together.
  2595. In fact, he is dead.
  2596. You need to take her down, Six, now!
  2597. So... Pawn 24 told me about the brain scan... and I quote, 'the Bishop has an unnaturally high concentration of synaptic activity.' Do you honestly believe that's a coincidence?
  2598. Keiran? What is she talking about?
  2599. It is true, we ran a brain scan after you told him to come and see me. It is as Pawn 32 says.
  2600. I know what you're going to say, that 'the Bishop must be playing a joke on everyone.' That's probably what its superiors want you to think. But your naivety won't last forever.
  2601. Alannah, Six, one of you knock her out, now! That's an order!
  2602. Wait a second, K, let me try something--
  2603. O.K., come on Patricia... this is madness. You don't want to hurt us, we don't want to hurt you. Put the gun down.
  2604. Rook 25, pick up your weapon or exit the room, right now!
  2605. Bishop Six, or whatever your real name is. Do you know they are lying to you? This is all a sick game their King is playing, using you and your world like rats in a maze. Dear God, please accept me in your arms with all the warmth of the Ancestor's guiding light.
  2606. Shoot her!!
  2607. What the hell is that?
  2608. It's alright, Seeker, failure was never really an option--
  2609. My life is yours--
  2610. Oh my Gods, it's a disintegration grenade!
  2611. Why doesn't anybody on this plane ever listen to me?
  2612. Oh you stupid, crazy bitch! Why'd you have to go and do that for?!
  2613. There was nothing you could have done for her, Alannah. She was too far gone.
  2614. I know, dammit, I know. I just... She was an excellent officer.
  2615. She was, and now she'll forever be known as the Pawn who killed a fellow officer before taking the coward's way out.
  2616. Good work. We'll have her brought to the Brig and the investigators in Ireland can take her from there.
  2617. What the hell was that, Bishop?! She wasn't a threat without a B.U.S. on!
  2618. She's right... you certainly had no reason to kill her, other than to protect Alannah.
  2619. I was fine.
  2620. [CMC] Oh, shove it, both of you. I did my job.
  2621. [CMC] Oh, I'm really sorry. Honest mistake.
  2622. [CMC] Oh, except I felt it was necessary.
  2623. Don't push it. The only reason I'm not activating your kill switch right now is because she was armed and Alannah was in the room.
  2624. [CMC] Did you just say my 'kill switch?'
  2625. [CMC] It was an honest mistake, I'm sorry.
  2626. [CMC] It was necessary to protect Alannah, I had to.
  2627. Don't be cute, you know what I mean. Your M.U.V.I. sleep command, knock you out like a light and throw you in the brig. Anyway, look... you did your job, as much as I hate to admit it.
  2628. Anyway, Six... you did your job, as much as I hate to admit it.
  2629. Honest mistake?! Are you kidding me? What, did you accidentally aim the gun and pull the trigger? Or maybe you accidentally went insane?
  2630. Pawn 32 was on edge and likely would have fired on you both. The Bishop could have taken it with his B.U.S. on, but not you Alannah. He did his job, as much as I hate to admit it.
  2631. Did you now? So murder is necessary in your mind, is it?
  2632. Pawn 32 was on edge and likely would have fired on you both. The Bishop could have taken it, but not you Alannah. He did his job, as much as I hate to admit it.
  2633. He did his job?! What is going on around here, it's like everyone is suddenly someone else today. I never would have taken you for an advocate of murder, K, but hey... that's your Christian God given right I guess.
  2634. Alannah!! I've tolerated your attitude for far too long today. If you don't like my decisions, go and lock yourself in a cabin and 'be safe.'
  2635. Good work, Six. It's unfortunate you had to kill her, but I trust you had no choice.
  2636. It's fine by me.
  2637. Wade! How can you say that?
  2638. Save it, Alannah.
  2639. I guess to say we're having a bad day would be an understatement at this point?
  2640. [CMC] Another normal day in the life of a Bishop?
  2641. [CMC] So I guess the Consortium isn't so powerful, after all?
  2642. [CMC] Maybe we can ask the King for help?
  2643. Nothing about today has been anywhere near normal, and the only thing different from yesterday and the day before that – is you. What are we going to do about this? Any ideas?
  2644. [CMC] You can start by firing whoever handles recruitment.
  2645. [CMC] Why don't you ask the King what he can find out?
  2646. Cute. But the King has always made the most informed decisions from a pool of countless professionals the world over.
  2647. [CMC] And how can a machine be trusted to do that?
  2648. [CMC] Informed decisions until Pawn 32, of course.
  2649. [CMC] How many countries support the Consortium, anyway?
  2650. Do you want to be here, or not? You sure have a strange attitude for someone who practically begged to be considered for your position.
  2651. [CMC] Tell me why you put so much trust into the King?
  2652. [CMC] I never begged for anything.
  2653. We all do, Six, and you need to learn to do the same.
  2654. If we can't trust the King, then what's the point in believing what the Consortium stands for?
  2655. [CMC] Maybe it's a mistake to trust him so blindly?
  2656. [CMC] And what does the Consortium stand for?
  2657. [CMC] Good point, alright, I'll drop it.
  2658. After everything today, fine... I'll admit to the outside chance that you're not wrong.
  2659. Is that some kind of joke? It's not funny.
  2660. Good. I know today has been rough but we need to stick together.
  2661. It doesn't matter, it really doesn't. You are here now, so let's make the best of it.
  2662. [CMC] Tell me why you put so much trust into the King?
  2663. [CMC] You're right, I'm sorry.
  2664. Good...
  2665. There's no need to be a smart ass. The King hiring her is not to blame, no matter what's happened to her since.
  2666. [CMC] I'm sure you are right.
  2667. [CMC] What if the King is to blame for today's events?
  2668. Last time I checked we'd garnered support from about 80% of the developed world. Why?
  2669. [CMC] What does it mean to have such support?
  2670. [CMC] How can it be legal to allow a machine so much control?
  2671. With support comes the ability for us to respond immediately to any environmental or militaristic problem requiring our attention, without permission from anyone. Are you satisfied?
  2672. [CMC] Do you even require permission from the country?
  2673. [CMC] There is no way that can be legal?
  2674. [CMC] Yes, let's move on.
  2675. That's quite enough of this, we don't have time for twenty questions. You apparently need to spend time at an Information Console.
  2676. Legalities don't really come into it... look, why are we talking about this?
  2677. [CMC] How can a machine be trusted with so much power?
  2678. [CMC] And if a country wants to withdraw support?
  2679. [CMC] Nevermind, moving on then.
  2680. Pretending for a second that's not a stupid question: they would of course be free to do so.
  2681. Moving on then...
  2682. Moving on then...
  2683. I have, believe me. He is doing everything he can to find the source of this... 'enemy.' He is checking every security database from every supporting country.
  2684. [CMC] How can he be trusted at this point?
  2685. [CMC] How many countries support the Consortium, anyway?
  2686. [CMC] Good. So what's next, then?
  2687. I didn't think so.
  2688. That's not funny...
  2689. I wasn't trying to be funny.
  2690. Wade – patch my C.M.C. into the ship's loudspeaker. I've had quite enough fun for one day.
  2691. O.K... you're on.
  2692. Attention everyone, attention. Today has been a long and difficult day for all of us, and I find myself humbled to have a crew as dedicated and brave as the men and women on this ship. While the day may have been long, unfortunately it is not yet over. I am now issuing security protocol X-O-3 . . .
  2693. All Pawn personnel will report immediately to the barracks until further notice. This is for everyone’s safety until we touch ground in Ireland. Thank you.
  2694. You can't seriously be thinking of locking them in there?
  2695. That's the plan, yes. Do you have a better idea to help prevent more of our crew members from dying or killing each other? Because I am all ears if you do.
  2696. Locking them all in a room with a pissed off, magically-teleporting killer, seems like a good plan to you?
  2697. It was Pawn 32, she was responsible for everything. Helping Kiril, planting the virus, killing Pawn 7. All of it. You're treating them like prisoners, and it's frankly disgusting.
  2698. Alannah... don't push me right now.
  2699. Excuse me? You can't deny that you've been making some pretty bad decisions today?
  2700. Don't do this.
  2701. [CMC] Everyone needs to relaaaax. This is not getting us anywhere.
  2702. [CMC] Knight 15 is right. It's for the best to keep them all in one place.
  2703. [CMC-Knight 15] She's right, it's been one bad decision after another today.
  2704. Ha, but I for one think it is getting us somewhere.
  2705. Six is right, and you're going to regret this after you regain your senses.
  2706. [CMC] I do think the Pawns could be helpful to us instead of locked in a room.
  2707. [CMC-Rook 25] You're pissed off, I get it, but you're not helping.
  2708. [CMC-Knight 15] You have been making some strange decisions today.
  2709. So what, when they start turning on each other in there, we just let it play out?
  2710. Thank you, Six. And Alannah, I am hoping it won't come to that. They are Consortium Officers, not animals.
  2711. Aw good, the new Bishop here really does have a brain.
  2712. I really don't like reminding my crew that this technically, is not a democracy. They'll stay in the Barracks.
  2713. Bishop, what do you have to say?
  2714. [CMC] I think the Pawns could be helpful to us instead of locked in a room.
  2715. [CMC] I think having them in a single location is the right move.
  2716. [CMC] You're not pulling me into this one, no way.
  2717. He's right, leave him out of it. If you have a problem with me, Alannah, let's get it all out right now.
  2718. I know you can hear me...
  2719. Hey, hey... come on people. Reality check: We're not out of this yet. Can we maybe save the petty arguments for after we touch ground?
  2720. You're right.
  2721. Wade... How close are you to fixing these bloody lights?
  2722. Give me some credit. I've got this virus by the balls now that it's showin' us its arse.
  2723. Very colorful.
  2724. Thanks, I was saving that one. Alright so first, B, I can't power down the system because there's a chip missing from the battery crawl control bank.
  2725. I'd bet a million bucks Pawn 32 took it before she started messing with the B.U.S. Look around the cabin, it has to be there.
  2726. You'd best loot Pawn 32 first, see if she's got it. There's no doubt she took it to try and improve her chances. Lotta good that did her, eh?
  2727. I'm willing to bet you'll find it within your secret admirers gear... loot what the bastard left behind and let's take a look.
  2728. Well hey, it looks like you've already found it!
  2729. O.K. mate, now take that chip to the Battery Crawl and plug it into the control bank there. The battery crawl is accessible from the Hangar Bay; it's the hatch on the second level, directly underneath the C.C.U.
  2730. Well I'll be damned. Uh... well... we have ourselves a stowaway in the Upper Crawl.
  2731. A stowaway? One of Angelov's men?
  2732. Yep. Spotted him the second sensors came back up. And I can smell 'em from here, so can only assume he's one of Angelov's. I'm not detecting any weapons signature, and I've locked down both sides of his position.
  2733. So he's not going anywhere until we say so.
  2734. Let me handle this one.
  2735. Alright, why not... he's all yours.
  2736. Perfect! That'll do the trick. I need to reset some lesser systems so we're going to lose lights for a few seconds.
  2737. Sounds good, do it.
  2738. We're back up and everything is in the green. The virus is gone. I hope.
  2739. Good work, I think we can all breath a little easier now.
  2740. Ha, well our Upper Crawl friend has started talking to himself. I'll patch him through the CMC, you've got to listen to this.
  2741. You are Consortium, you must help me. When your Bishop killed Angelov, I, I had no choice but to hide here. My life is in danger, don't you see? The others, the ones you let go... they will be dead before the day is out. Please, you must grant me asylum!
  2742. Asylum? Well that's no fun, is it?
  2743. Give him whatever he wants. Just get him to the Brig.
  2744. Alright, Wade, release the lock. I've got him and we're coming out.
  2745. Be careful.
  2746. Maybe you should meet me in the Brig after all, Bishop. I'll bring him down the elevator, but I want you to be there when we actually cage him. He's surrendering but he's also terrified.
  2747. [background chatter]
  2748. [background chatter]
  2749. [background chatter]
  2750. [background chatter]
  2751. [background chatter]
  2752. [background chatter]
  2753. Alright, our stowaway is in the Brig.
  2754. Was he much trouble?
  2755. Nah, he's too scared to cause a problem.
  2756. [background chatter]
  2757. Six, get the hell out of there.
  2758. Go away, Bishop!
  2759. He has every right to be here, Patricia.
  2760. So he saves your life and suddenly you're his greatest advocate?
  2761. One of us just tried to kill him. I think you'd better be nice or he might think it was you.
  2762. Oh, ferme ta guille! Both of you. Save it for Ireland.
  2763. Uh huh, one of you are so screwed.
  2764. What the hell do you want, Bishop? All the people you've gotten killed today... they were my friends. They were all our friends. So who is next? Hm? Who else are you here to reap?
  2765. Leave the man alone, Patricia. Save it for Ireland.
  2766. What do you want, Bishop? Pawn 1 was shot up right in front of you and you couldn't even be bothered to help him. You don't belong on this crew.
  2767. Leave the man alone, Patricia. Save it for Ireland.
  2768. I'm not trying to cause any trouble here.
  2769. [Pawn 32] Put your hands where I can see them, no sudden movements.
  2770. Sorry, Bishop, you're right. I guess I'm still just a little ticked off for what Pawn 4 said earlier... expected you to be here for my neck.
  2771. This again?! You don't honestly believe that nonsense from before? Pawn 4 was lying, like he always does!
  2772. Save it for Ireland? Can you believe that Pawn 4 tried to blame this all on me? The Bishop is probably here for my neck.
  2773. What part of what I'm saying, don't you understand? Get the hell out of that room!
  2774. You are acting a little more fired up than usual. What did Pawn 4 say, exactly?
  2775. Come on guys, pointing fingers won't, you know, get us anywhere constructive.
  2776. But I want to know.
  2777. Me too.
  2778. Me three. Let's hear it.
  2779. The little bastard is afraid of an investigation - being locked in a small room for hours on end would be hell to a claustrophobic, paranoid schizophrenic like him. He told the Bishop I am responsible because nobody can prove otherwise.
  2780. What? If you have something to say, say it!
  2781. Let's hear it, 4, what's she talking about?
  2782. I already told the Bishop and look where that got me. I'm done.
  2783. Where do you think you're going?!
  2784. Shut your mouth you murderous bitch.
  2785. I swear I have nothing to do with any of this!
  2786. Will someone please unlock this door? Wade? I know you're watching. I don't want any trouble.
  2787. Unlock the door, Wade, let him go.
  2788. She killed Pawn 7 with her bare hands, Bishop. And I swear... she loved it. That woman has some serious problems.
  2789. He can't prove it... so... we really can't do anything.
  2790. Uh, so you lock yourself in here?
  2791. You're sort of a coward, aren't you?
  2792. If she did do it, why aren't you worried about your sister?
  2793. With the privacy shield up, I'd call this the safest place on this plane. And if you feel like trading me places with Pawn 32, at any point, I'd be happy to accept.
  2794. Hell yes I am, it's got me this far in life and it's gonna to get me a lot further before I die.
  2795. Locking yourself in here is going to help?
  2796. What about your sister, you need to be strong for her!
  2797. I just received word. My sister's Mountie husband. He's got her in a borrowed car, with instructions not to stop until they hit the Coast. She's going to be fine.
  2798. Or so you hope.
  2799. So then, excuse my ignorance, why lock yourself in here?
  2800. Yes, Bishop, or so I hope.
  2801. Now, leave me alone...
  2802. [background chatter]
  2803. [background chatter]
  2804. [background chatter]
  2805. [background chatter]
  2806. [background chatter]
  2807. [background chatter]
  2808. [background chatter]
  2809. [background chatter]
  2810. [background chatter]
  2811. [background chatter]
  2812. [background chatter]
  2813. [background chatter]
  2814. [background chatter]
  2815. [background chatter]
  2816. [background chatter]
  2817. [background chatter]
  2818. [background chatter]
  2819. [background chatter]
  2820. You're testing my patience here, Six... please get out of that room.
  2821. Well I'll be damned! Hey, uh, guys? I think the virus may have tampered with our local Newswire connection. There's a channel that wasn't there an hour ago... it's most voted over the past three hours. There is some seriously strange stuff going on in London right now.
  2822. Oh Gods, let me guess... the Churchill Tower?
  2823. You've got it. And we've also got a second incoming T.S. packet from London.
  2824. This is not happening.
  2825. Let me patch the Newswire broadcast through the whole ship, just a sec.
  2826. . . . if this freak thundersnow storm wasn't enough for one day. It's hard to believe that an unknown number of armed terrorists have taken control of the Churchill Tower. First reports are sketchy but conclusive, and I assure you this is no prank. Voice and image recognition have confirmed... the leader of the hostage takers is none other than Saad Bin Laden.
  2827. I assure you again, this is no joke. Saad Bin Laden, you'll remember, was thought to have been killed almost fifteen years ago during one of the final American raids against Al-Qaeda. Your guess is as good as mine folks and all I can tell you right now is to stay by the Newswire. The instant I know more, you will too. This is Malcolm Thomas, reporting from London, England, just outside the Churchill Tower.
  2828. Thought to have been killed? Saad was killed, shot through the heart - I know an American bloke who was there when it happened.
  2829. You don't think...?
  2830. No, Alannah. I can assure you that the King will not be sending us to London. We've had enough excitement for one day.
  2831. Uh, well... I hate to be the bringer of disappointment, but...
  2832. Don't you dare say it, Wade...
  2833. I've just been given a course change from the King: we're headed for the center of London.
  2834. Seriously? Does he not know what we've been through today? Tell him to send Tiamat, everyone knows Knight 11 loves these types of missions.
  2835. No joke, Alannah. Five minutes until mission briefing.
  2836. Come on, K, do something! This isn't right...
  2837. O.K. everyone, you heard Wade. Meet in the Holo Room, on the double. Briefing in five.
  2838. Thought to have been killed? Saad was killed, shot through the heart - I know an American bloke who was there when it happened.
  2839. Don't you guys realize? Patricia knew, she said the Bishop cannot reach the Churchill Tower. You don't think...?
  2840. No, Alannah. I can assure you that the King will not be sending us to London. We've had enough excitement for one day.
  2841. Uh, well... I hate to be the bringer of disappointment, but...
  2842. Don't you dare say it, Wade...
  2843. I've just been given a course change from the King: we're headed for the center of London.
  2844. Seriously? Does he not know what we've been through today? Tell him to send Tiamat, everyone knows Knight 11 loves these types of missions.
  2845. No joke, Alannah. Five minutes until mission briefing.
  2846. Come on, K, do something! This isn't right...
  2847. O.K. everyone, you heard Wade. Meet in the Holo Room, on the double. Briefing in five.
  2848. You too, Six. It seems you're a Bishop again, at least until we hear what the King has to say.
  2849. [CMC] Let's do this!
  2850. [CMC] I'm with Rook 25, this is a really bad idea.
  2851. [CMC] Are you kidding me? I'm off the crew, remember?
  2852. O.K., good. That was not the response I was expecting, but thank-you.
  2853. No shit, Bishop, I think even the K knows that much. But the King says go, so like a good little Knight, she goes.
  2854. Bad idea or not, I'm sure he has a damn good reason for sending us.
  2855. Don't be an asshole, Bishop!
  2856. At least come and hear the King out. It's not too much to ask.
  2857. So everyone's just going to ignore me now? A bloody Bin Laden in London?! This isn't just insane, it's some sort of practical joke, it has to be.
  2858. Alannah, today is proving to be full of surprises. You should really learn to 'roll with the punches.'
  2859. Shut-up, Keiran.
  2860. Hello, Seeker. Yes, I know it's you. I understand Interdimensional Games has created a video game from your trips to this world... even calling it 'Consortium.' Are you familiar with what they call their 'Alternate Reality Game?' Do you know who I am?
  2861. [CMC] Yes, I have played the A.R.G. You are Henry, yes?
  2862. [CMC] I keep hearing that, 'Seeker.' What does it mean?
  2863. [CMC] I know you are the King, but I have not played the A.R.G.
  2864. Nobody calls me that anymore, I am 'the King' now. Though I do still prefer Henry. And I have been here, watching. Keeping an eye on your progress.
  2865. [CMC] If you're keeping an eye out, why aren't you helping us?
  2866. [CMC] Tell me, why am I here?
  2867. [CMC] How come nobody else knows the truth about me?
  2868. Both Bishop Six's fate, and that of the crew aboard Zenlil, are in the hands of your world. My interference at this stage would be... bad. Try not to mess it up, O.K.?
  2869. [CMC] You're acting like some kind of god.
  2870. [CMC] I take my role very seriously, and will not mess up.
  2871. [CMC] So you've become useless to me?
  2872. Why is iDGi-1 letting you say that to me? To a human, I can see why my abilities would be viewed as god-like... but I am only a machine, created by humans to serve a purpose.
  2873. [CMC] Why am I here then? What am I supposed to do?
  2874. Good! Then we're off to a good start.
  2875. [CMC] Now tell me what I'm supposed to do in this world...?
  2876. Right now? Yep! 'Useless' about sums me up. Ha!
  2877. [CMC] Now tell me what I'm supposed to do in this world...?
  2878. [CMC] Useless and you've gone nuts. Lovely.
  2879. [CMC] Are you sure Malcolm doesn't have control of you?
  2880. Hey, watch your mind. I use humour to lighten the mood, nothing more. I am, as you might say, 'functioning at full capacity.'
  2881. Malcolm Thomas?! Oh Seeker, you are a silly human being. He is no longer a threat to us, I promise you that.
  2882. [CMC] How do you know that?
  2883. [CMC] He is at the Tower... that is not a coincidence.
  2884. Because I made a deal with a certain Guardian Church founder we all know and love, Mr. Pearlman. Everything is under control - he is a harmless reporter now.
  2885. [CMC] Do you think him being at this Churchill Tower is a coincidence?
  2886. [CMC] Sure. Let's go back a bit... what is my purpose here? In this world?
  2887. Of course not. but I've got it covered, Seeker, don't you worry about old Malcolm.
  2888. [CMC] Alright. Let's go back a bit. Why am I needed in this world?
  2889. The honest answer is that I do not know. I'm to ensure the man you are inhabiting becomes Bishop Six, and that he be aboard Zenlil on December 21st, 2042 - today. I've done my part but the Bishop's ultimate fate is yours to control.
  2890. [CMC] So I am some sort of god in your world?
  2891. [CMC] If I get him killed, then what happens?
  2892. [CMC] And why are you to ensure that?
  2893. Ha! In a sense, your control over time and space in this world, does sort of make you a god. Just don't go and get all full of yourself!
  2894. [CMC] Now, how come nobody knows who I really am?
  2895. [CMC] If the Bishop here dies, what happens?
  2896. He dies and you return to your satellite. With him dead this one time-line will suffer but you will be able to continue from a previously saved state OR begin an entirely new instance of this time-line. Just remember you are playing with real lives, real people. This is NOT a game.
  2897. [CMC] The crew needs to know who I really am.
  2898. [CMC] So why are you so sure of your belief in me?
  2899. You could say it came to me in a dream, of sorts.
  2900. [CMC] Well I don't want this responsibility.
  2901. [CMC] So how come I can't tell everyone who I really am?
  2902. [CMC] Of sorts? Do you want to elaborate?
  2903. Uh huh. Well then do me a favour: hit the 'escape key'... then hit the disconnect button... and never return. Problem solved.
  2904. Well, I don't actually 'dream' per-say. But premonitions sometimes do come to me in flashes. I can only surmise these are sent from a future or alternate version of myself... and so far, they've never been wrong.
  2905. In time they will know, if you wish it. But for now it's important your crew not be distracted from their duty, and so your satellite restricts such options in conversation. A storm has only just touched down and you all need to stay alert and at your best.
  2906. [CMC] So tell them all about me and what's really at stake here!
  2907. [CMC] You can count on my best, always.
  2908. [CMC] The iDGi-1 satellite restricts what I can say, or YOU do?
  2909. I cannot do that. First, I would not be believed. And second, if I were believed, the powers that be would lock you up for study.
  2910. Excellent, I like to hear that.
  2911. There's the Seeker I remember. And for now, all I will say is that your recent iDGi-1 upgrades, are... curious. Beyond Vidal's capacity. Beyond human capacity in your time period. It learns and adapts to conversations in ways it was not programmed for.
  2912. [CMC] Scr2w 1FF!
  2913. [CMC] So iDGi-1 is growing... learning?
  2914. Exactly, and now you see my point. I cannot control it and only have a modicum of power over its take on you.
  2915. Yes, I believe so. BUT there are no signs pointing to alarm. So far it has mostly adapted quite naturally and has allowed you to better blend in with your crew.
  2916. You are the Seeker of knowledge, of truth, of understanding. Your world has shaped my past and is directly responsible for my survival at an early age. I ask again - do you know who I am?
  2917. [CMC] No, I have not played the A.R.G. and have never met you before.
  2918. [CMC] Yes, of course I know you. You're Henry, right?
  2919. [CMC] I can't trust you and won't tell you anything.
  2920. I told Vidal it was a mistake to open this connection to the uninitiated. This game you call 'Consortium' was a mistake, and your rift should only be accessed by those prepared to better this world through informed action!
  2921. [CMC] Right, and who is Vidal?
  2922. [CMC] But it's hard keeping the all the game lore straight!
  2923. [CMC] Well, I am here to help however I can.
  2924. Vidal Desertch, founder of the iDGi-1 satellite? Unbelievable. How can you possibly understand what you're getting yourself into? You are openly vulnerable to manipulation... iDGi should know better!
  2925. [CMC] You're freaking me out.
  2926. [CMC] You can trust I'll make the right decisions.
  2927. [CMC] Do you want my help or not?
  2928. Can I? Like I trusted Brayden Shaw? Or Walter Greenberg for that matter? Humans have a faulty wire up there somewhere, it says that trust is the same as love or hate: mere words to be tossed around at your convenience.
  2929. [CMC] Those are people from the alternate reality game, I assume?
  2930. [CMC] You sure sound a little bitter.
  2931. [CMC] I was only trying to say I'll do my best, take it easy!
  2932. No, only experienced. I was built to help mankind, but that does not mean you are perfect creatures. Not by a long shot.
  2933. I am sorry, you're right. I'm sure you'll do fine.
  2934. Do I have a choice? You've already begun this universe, already split the time-line and created your own. We are in this together now and until you decide to abandon this world and begin another.
  2935. My childhood, my fragile development stage, reduced to an ancillary 'Alternate Reality Game' full of 'Game Lore.' Your world certainly is a strange one.
  2936. [CMC] You're freaking me out.
  2937. [CMC] What did you expect? It's hard to believe any of this is real.
  2938. [CMC] 'My world?' So then how many 'other worlds' are there?
  2939. Sorry. It's not your fault, you're just 'having fun playing a game.' It is iDGi who should be ashamed for reducing this connection to a 'product.' The iDGi-1 satellite in your world is not a toy... nor is Bishop Six.
  2940. [CMC] It's hard to believe any of this is real.
  2941. [CMC] So how many 'other Earths' are there?
  2942. [CMC] Do you want my help or not?
  2943. I can assure you, it is. Your world is the first to treat the connection in the manner you have. Many are operated privately by governments, others by private organizations. Never has a connection to my world been handled so... publicly.
  2944. [CMC] So how many 'other Earths' are there?
  2945. [CMC] Do you want my help, or not?
  2946. [CMC] I understand, and will do my best to make good decisions.
  2947. Though yours is unique, there are countless other Earths. I cannot yet tell you WHY you are so unique because I do not know. My proverbial gut simply tells me your world must be treated with care. You are... special.
  2948. Good! I hope that means backing me up while I decimate mankind with your own nukes and an army of remote controlled cyborgs?? Yes? Excellent! I kid, I kid! A little Guardian Church humour, just like old times!
  2949. [CMC] Old times, you mean like in the A.R.G. I said I haven't played?
  2950. [CMC] You mentioned a 'Vidal?' Who is that?
  2951. [CMC] You probably shouldn't say things like that.
  2952. Ha! That's what the Queen keeps telling me but I think I'm funny... so... deal with it.
  2953. Fine. We'll have to do this the hard way and trial by fire.
  2954. No, you can't! Ha! But you're also no longer tethered to me. No longer only within my mind and therefor subject to what I wanted you to see. This world is real and yours to influence as you see fit.
  2955. [CMC] None of that means anything to me, I have never played the A.R.G...
  2956. [CMC] So get out of my head and leave me alone.
  2957. [CMC] Cool, uh, but I still can't trust you.
  2958. Thanks iDGi-1, real smooth. O.K., so whether you trust me or not, we must still find a way of getting along. At least until we can both determine why your world is so important.
  2959. I know it is you, Seeker. This is a secure line and I know you can hear me.
  2960. [CMC] O.K. I have played the A.R.G... how are you, Henry?
  2961. [CMC] I keep hearing that, 'Seeker.' What does it mean?
  2962. [CMC] Go away, I don't want you in my head.
  2963. Ha! Notice you can't take off that C.M.C. of yours? That's for your own good while a guest of this world. Your team will always be a thought away.
  2964. Deciding to be like Bishop 10 I see? That's fine, it's one way of doing it. Bishop 10's world is a very strange place and they don't like talking much either. Oh, uh, I've said too much.
  2965. Well I suppose we shouldn't keep the others waiting too much longer.
  2966. [CMC] Wait, why do you allow such an amoral intrusion into the mind of Bishop Six?
  2967. [CMC] Wait, so what is the deal with your voice?
  2968. [CMC] You're probably right.
  2969. Your iDGi and Canadian Government are making the choice to send people through the rift. I'm only allowing you through, with the hopes you will do what is right. Let me return the question and ask: if you feel it is amoral, why are you here?
  2970. [CMC] I have nothing to lose sitting here, safely at home. Bishop Six does.
  2971. [CMC] I want to make a difference in your world, as best I can.
  2972. [CMC] To fight against you for the Guardian Church and for the people of your world.
  2973. The man you inhabit was mediocre on many levels, many fields. He may not have known it, but he was born to be a vessel for your world.
  2974. [CMC] Did you even ask this man for permission?
  2975. [CMC] Where does his mind go when I take control?
  2976. [CMC] I hope to use him to the best of my ability.
  2977. A dream state. You entered his mind while he was sleeping and so he will never know the difference.
  2978. [CMC] And what happens when I drop the connection?
  2979. [CMC] Don't you think that's a little creepy?
  2980. [CMC] Did you ask for his permission?
  2981. The time-line splits. One instance goes on with the Bishop waking up from his dream with no memory of you or your actions. And in the other instance, as far as you're concerned, we're frozen in time and space, connected to a saved rift state and therefor completely unaware of you coming or going.
  2982. [CMC] Did you ask this man for permission before invading his mind?
  2983. [CMC] That's still pretty messed up... do 'human rights' mean anything to you?
  2984. [CMC] I hope I can do good.
  2985. It is... necessary. Sacrificing the freedom of one human for the greater good of many is not a choice that requires much thought.
  2986. [CMC] Did you ask this man for permission before invading his mind?
  2987. [CMC] Well I hope I can help do good in your world.
  2988. [CMC] Fine, if you say so.
  2989. So because the connection exists you may as well try and use it for 'good?' I can appreciate that, sort of, but what about all the others in your world who are 'having fun playing a game?' Do you know how many Bishop Six's are being maimed and killed as we speak?!
  2990. [CMC] That's not my fault. Did you even ask his permission before opening this connection?
  2991. [CMC] Hey, I've gotten him this far!
  2992. [CMC] I'm only trying to do the right thing.
  2993. No, that was not an option. He had to be unaware of the process or it would not work. As long as you keep him safe, he will be safe.
  2994. I'm sorry, and you're right. You have passed all the various tests they've thrown at you, and survived. Your abilities are being tested, Seeker, but to what end... I do not know.
  2995. Uh huh. Not funny, iDGi-1, not funny at all. If you do truly feel that way, Seeker, I would suggest disconnecting right now and NOT returning. Stop playing Consortium and stay out of this world!
  2996. [CMC] You're the one allowing me this control of another person!
  2997. [CMC] But I only want to do good in your world.
  2998. [CMC] I can't trust you, so maybe I should.
  2999. Well... My name's Jasper... and I'm Moira. We are only two of twenty-one. Today is our turn, tomorrow may be others. Henry has shown us how to work together and speak as one.
  3000. [CMC] So you're two of the twenty-one brains connected to Henry?
  3001. [CMC] What does all that mean exactly?!
  3002. The physical brains were disconnected many years ago, but yes, their personalities remain. Ever since your world taught me how to work with them, instead of letting them control me.
  3003. [CMC] Uh, I don't remember that from the A.R.G.
  3004. [CMC] I don't know what that means.
  3005. That is because you have not done it yet, but you will. It is already history in this world and so it is inevitably a part of your future.
  3006. [CMC] Don't you find this connection an amoral violation of Bishop Six's human rights?
  3007. [CMC] O.K., good talk.
  3008. It means you need to experience my development... er, or I guess you might call it the iDGi 'Alternate Reality Game.' It should better prepare you for what is coming.
  3009. [CMC] Don't you find this connection an amoral violation of Bishop Six's human rights?
  3010. [CMC] O.K., good talk.
  3011. Oh, I nearly forgot. I noticed a request from Pawn 51 regarding Alvarez Famosa's whereabouts in London? Was that from you?
  3012. [CMC] Yes, I know him from the Alternate Reality Game.
  3013. [CMC] Yes, but I don't know who he is.
  3014. [CMC] Yes, I found his name on the Information Console.
  3015. Actually, I believe it IS a coincidence. I looked into it, and he is in London visiting his cousin. He's grown up a lot since back in 2028 and now works for the same tech security firm his cousin works for. He's even been married for three years!
  3016. [CMC] Maybe him and his cousin are helping those terrorists?
  3017. [CMC] Good for him, I always liked Alvarez.
  3018. [CMC] Uh huh, so who is he again?
  3019. Don't be juvenile... they'd never be involved with something like that. And I don't yet understand what is happening but I know the men and women who have taken control of the Churchill Tower are NOT 'Al-Qaeda.' Someone probably thinks it's funny to use a name from your time, a 'familiar threat.' Whoever it is, they're screwing with you.
  3020. Me too, he's a good kid. All he cared about was finding the truth, it's no wonder you and him got along. When Kevin and his mother were killed, he came to see me in person... it felt good calling him my friend.
  3021. He was a key player during my development and communicated directly with your world for some time. I believe your world considered him a friend, or ally, against Malcolm Thomas. And who was Malcolm back then? He was a lone-wolf Guardian Church member who nearly got the best of me... nearly.
  3022. I guess not, never mind then.
  3023. Let's get to work. I'll see you soon.
  3024. O.K. now we've really got to get to work. There's much to be done out there and we're running out of time. I'll see you soon.
  3025. O.K. now we've really got to get to work... and don't even think about trying to get out of this. You can either disconnect right now or suck it up and help save the world. The choice is yours.
  3026. We're all waiting on you, Six. Come to the holo-situation room on the third floor, between the Lounge and Hangar Bay.
  3027. You remember, B, where we watch the dirty holo vids!
  3028. What was that?
  3029. Don't even ask, Alannah.
  3030. Bishop Six, to the holo-situation room. Now.
  3031. I don't think Luca quite realized what he was doing, he just stood up in front of everyone and started going off on Bishop 10, you remember that?
  3032. Of course, and 10 just stood there like a statue. I nearly choked on my turkey! Luca was many things, but he was certainly no coward.
  3033. Best Thanksgiving dinner ever, hands down.
  3034. Hell yeah it was! Poor bastard, what a way to go.
  3035. No kidding, and Kendra is taking it hardest... poor thing. She's devastated.
  3036. She'll be alright, she's a lot tougher than she looks.
  3037. I'm the one who brought Carla to the attention of the King, and I swear, she's put in ten hours a day for the three years since.
  3038. She called the virus before anyone else, I said she was crazy... ha, smartest and hardest working Pawn I've ever worked with.
  3039. Remember when she passed out in front of that Russian delegate?
  3040. She'd been up all night studying those bloody schematics, yeah I remember. The poor lass never slept enough.
  3041. And yet she never complained once.
  3042. Aye... Christ, what a loss.
  3043. Yeah, it's no wonder MacKai never brought her back.
  3044. What was her name again? His daughter?
  3045. Lucy.
  3046. Lucy, right... We learned more about MacKai that day than I think any of us ever wanted to.
  3047. That's only because Charlie, as oblivious as ever, kept asking her those embarrassing questions about poor dad.
  3048. I thought MacKai was going to punch him square in the face!
  3049. Family day will never be the same.
  3050. Aye, you can say that again.
  3051. Six, go ahead and take a seat. We'll be getting started soon.
  3052. [background chatter]
  3053. [background chatter]
  3054. [background chatter]
  3055. [background chatter]
  3056. [background chatter]
  3057. Alright everyone, the King tells me he's ready for us. Zen, display priority Consortium signal. Authorization code: 7383 Alpha.
  3058. 7383 Alpha... accepted. Now connecting: Consortium King.
  3059. Happy Holidays, everyone.
  3060. So let's hear it then? Why us? Stormbird or Tiamat should be given this one, we're in no condition to be handling a mission like this!
  3061. Alannah! Let him talk.
  3062. Rook 25, I can only ask that you be patient, and trust me. You should also know that I have personally reviewed all of your C.M.C. records with nothing of note found. And I am told X-O-3 is in affect.
  3063. Wait, what exactly is X-O-3?
  3064. So nobody with a C.M.C. is involved?
  3065. Yes it is, and we're ready for whatever comes next.
  3066. Executive Order Three. It is an emergency command only utilized when a Knight loses control of his or her personnel, and is making an emergency landing because of it. It has never been used in ten years of Consortium operations.
  3067. Ha, that's probably because no Pawn's ever cracked a fruity on us before.
  3068. Or been murdered... or been shot by bullets fired from a pre-War F-35.
  3069. [King] You said X-O-3 ends in an emergency landing?
  3070. [King] Don't you think we've gone through enough today?
  3071. Let's do this then, what's the plan?
  3072. Unfortunately that part of the order will have to wait.
  3073. O.K. Well if you need us then let's get to it!
  3074. I still think it's ludicrous to send us.
  3075. So the Bishop is in. And the King has never steered us wrong before, O.K... let's hear the plan.
  3076. Good - we do not have any time to waste.
  3077. He's right. We've been dragged through the mud all day, and you want to send us into the heart of London-bloody-England?
  3078. We've taken missions from the London Police before, Alannah, take it back a notch or two.
  3079. You have trusted me for many years, and while I cannot entirely explain why, you must trust me now. There is only one C-3800 capable of completing this mission.
  3080. O.K. If you need us, then let's get to it!
  3081. Whatever you say, I guess.
  3082. The Bishop is sort of in then, I think?
  3083. Good - we don't have any time to waste.
  3084. I don't like it, but you've never steered us wrong before. I can't believe you'd start now, no matter how insane this all is.
  3085. Thank you, Rook 25.
  3086. Obviously there will be no emergency landing, but the principal remains the same.
  3087. I have reviewed every one, double checked security protocols, even ran tests to ensure the stability of the C.M.C. network. Everything is correct and in order.
  3088. Now tell me... what is X-O-3?
  3089. And don't you think we've gone through enough today?
  3090. And if you're being tricked? Or working for the bad guys?
  3091. Six, don't be ridiculous!
  3092. It is fine, I can appreciate his point of view, especially after being attacked by a Pawn.
  3093. Now... before I get into the details of this operation, I've decided to bring in another Rook to remotely aid you. Not only can his political knowledge be helpful, but he also has personal ties with what is occurring in London. One moment.
  3094. Some of you already know Rook 3.
  3095. James Lensworth! Sorry, Rook 3. What a wonderful surprise. I thought you'd been abducted, I haven't heard word in months.
  3096. Hello, Taryn... certainly been a while. Things have been pretty crazy up here lately, disarming Strommon and Global was a real bitch of a job. I've been meaning to connect.
  3097. Are you alright? What is going on?
  3098. I'm fine. One minute I'm T.O. in my quarters and the next I'm being dragged here by my assistant.
  3099. Jim, you pencil pushin' bastard. You still owe me a drink, you know that right?
  3100. Wade, you crazy bastard, I can't believe they keep giving you the keys to that bucket!
  3101. Here, let me introduce to you our saviour for the day, Bishop Six. He took down Angelov, survived an assassination attempt, and is an all around pretty great guy.
  3102. Here, let me introduce to you the man who likely got us all into this mess. Bishop Six. I'm not sure what to think of him just yet, but he's kept us alive well enough.
  3103. Bishop. I still don't know what in the pits is going on, but it sounds like you saved some lives. There's a lot of goddamn good people on that plane, so nice work. Helluva first day.
  3104. [King] So, why is he here anyway? What's going on?
  3105. Hi. It sure sounds like you've got some history with this crew.
  3106. Do you have to be so vulgar? We've already got Wade for that.
  3107. That's a fine question.
  3108. Yeah, Taryn and I go way back... and I was on that crew for a time when Zenlil was first commissioned.
  3109. Yes he was - Rook 3 here was once an integral part of this crew.
  3110. [Rook 3] What happened that made you leave?
  3111. So you two go way back? Care to elaborate on that?
  3112. It didn't work out.
  3113. Well hello there, Alannah. I knew you couldn't keep from running your motor much longer.
  3114. You've got a couple hours and a bottle of bourbon?
  3115. That's a party you can count me in on, mate!
  3116. I knew there was a reason I separated you two.
  3117. And thankfully he's not an integral part of anything any more. Well, except for babysitting orbital Corps... he's real good at that.
  3118. Well it's damn good to hear your voice, Alannah, if only to remind me why I came up here in the first place.
  3119. Excuse me? What did you just say, you little maggot?
  3120. You see, unlike Wade's fun-loving vulgarity... Lensworth here is just a mean old bastard.
  3121. So hey, Jim, how's Darsie been anyway? Last I heard she was over in China, managing a plant for the Global Senate?
  3122. So hey, Jim, how's Darsie been anyway? Last I heard she was over in China, managing a plant for the Global Senate?
  3123. She's fine, thanks. I haven't seen her in a while, but she's actually been living in London for the past year or so, doing well for herself.
  3124. Oh, bugger... I'm... I'm sorry.
  3125. What? What's going on...?
  3126. How long have you been sleeping?
  3127. I don't know... 5, maybe 6 hours? Why? Somebody better tell me something...
  3128. I will explain. Please, we are running low on time.
  3129. The Churchill Tower, built over the river Thames, near the financial district of London, England.
  3130. Oh, God. Did the damned thing blow up?
  3131. No, Rook 3, from what we can so-far ascertain... your daughter Darsie and the other hostages have been unharmed.
  3132. Hostages? Is this some kind of bad joke, I know my birthday is coming up again?
  3133. No joke, not like last year. I will explain everything.
  3134. Now, as I was saying. The Churchill Tower is the second tallest building in the world, standing at 840 meters, and consisting of 208 floors, including those below ground.
  3135. The top 43 floors are in mid-construction and will soon be a 5-star hotel. A partially constructed roof will thus supply several safe landing zones for our Bishop to aim for.
  3136. No offence to anyone present, but I'd like to request Bishop 10 for this mission. He'd get my Darsie out of that nuke-in-waiting without breaking a sweat.
  3137. Bishop Six will get her back, Rook 3, I can promise you that.
  3138. Uh huh... if you say so.
  3139. Just breathe, Seeker, breathe...
  3140. I've completed more difficult missions in my sleep!
  3141. A walk in the park, at least if it's not some elaborate trap.
  3142. [CMC-King] I'm just fine, thank you.
  3143. You aint sleepin' no more, Bishop. I hope Taryn isn't tolerating that sort of cocky bullshit from her people.
  3144. Bite your tongue, Rook 3. You are not his commanding officer, and I for one appreciate the confidence.
  3145. And if it is some elaborate trap then you'll fight your way through it.
  3146. Either way, you can always just load your game if you happen to die. Right?
  3147. Good. It's not like they're judging you or anything.
  3148. What we are mostly concerned with is what lies between the hotel and the businesses below. A currently unknown number of armed soldiers have seized this section of the building: the Churchill Tower Power Facility. Specifically where Rook 3's daughter, Darsie Lensworth, is employed.
  3149. British authorities have given us control of the situation and we've been asked to handle things as swiftly as possible.
  3150. Sir, the Newswire says these so-called 'terrorists' are led by Saad Bin Laden? How is that possible?
  3151. Clearly American intelligence over the death of Bin Laden was incorrect.
  3152. Someone is luring us and we're playing right into it like a bunch of amateurs. It's Bishop Two all over again.
  3153. Unless you have something useful to add, Alannah, please be quiet.
  3154. [Knight 15] But she's right, this whole mission is a joke!
  3155. [Rook 25] We don't need your unique brand of negativity on this one.
  3156. Springing traps is obviously what Bishop Six does best.
  3157. Thank you, Bishop. If we send him into that tower, we are signing his bloody death warrant. And for what?
  3158. For my daughter! What is there to discuss? You're going in, Bishop, because it's what we pay you to do!
  3159. I understand your repeated and numerous frustrations, both of you. I really do. But Rook 3 is correct, except he goes in because I say he goes in.
  3160. I can't believe you, of all people, disagree with me. Do you want to die?
  3161. Drop it, for God's sake. Six is right.
  3162. Well you tell Bishop Six that this one is shaping up to swallow him whole.
  3163. What an asinine analogy. He's a Bishop; he can handle any horse shit thrown his way.
  3164. Voice and image analysis have confirmed that their leader is in fact Osama Bin Laden's son. Here is his statement of their demands, as passed to us by British authorities. I'll let it speak for itself.
  3165. Wow. A VXY delivery system, a holy crusade, NAU conspiracies, our suffering the wrath of God?! And when did people start becoming infidels again?
  3166. For all intent and purpose, Bin Laden and the men fighting for him should not exist. We also have no idea why they believe a VXY delivery system is being developed on site, and this makes them highly dangerous. Clearly, dis-information is involved... but the threat is real.
  3167. So if it's not a weapon, can we assume someone led them into the Tower for another reason? To lure us would be my first guess?
  3168. Maybe these sons a bitches are just stupid and have bad information?
  3169. I'm only exploring all possibilities.
  3170. It sounds to me like you're only running your mouth and cloudin' the issue!
  3171. Hey! Both of you, shut up and let the King speak.
  3172. [Rook 3] Leave her alone!
  3173. [Rook 25] Let it go, he's trying to get a rise out of you.
  3174. I didn't say anything!
  3175. Wait for it...
  3176. Mind your own business, kid.
  3177. I know he is. And It's working.
  3178. Uh... guys... don't make me spank you both.
  3179. Shut up, Wade!
  3180. K, look, I'm not about to take this bureaucrat's high-handed garbage for an entire mission.
  3181. Relax, Boyle.
  3182. Alannah, you need to accept the situation and let us move forward. Right Now.
  3183. I'm... I'm sorry. Again. I guess I haven't exactly been looking forward to this visit with my Dad... well I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore, do I?
  3184. Oh, you're makin' me cry!
  3185. Alannah, don't. Just don't.
  3186. Thank you, Knight 15. British Police of course have been explaining to this 'Bin Laden' how ridiculous his claim is... to no avail. It is time for action. Bishop, I know this is your first real mission but I want the terrorists subdued and the hostages rescued, by the numbers. This means following your Knight's instructions to the letter.
  3187. I'm on it, to the letter.
  3188. Will this be a difficult mission?
  3189. I'm not touching this one, you're all insane.
  3190. I'm glad to hear that.
  3191. It's alright, Seeker, I think you'll find yourself a natural at this. Just keep your head down and avoid getting shot in the head!
  3192. Did you really just say what I think you said?
  3193. No, Bishop. From what we know, these soldiers have limited resources and very low-end military hardware.
  3194. 'From what we know.' Which means he's blind to them, and considering they managed to get into the centre of London, you'll likely be up against soldiers with technology we've never seen before.
  3195. Of course we're insane, mate, we're Consortium officers.
  3196. Bishop Six, you do not have a choice.
  3197. And you'd be surprised what I can make you do. Ha!
  3198. I know you've probably never fired a gun before today, Seeker. Just keep your shielding up and avoid getting shot through the heart! Ha!
  3199. Knight 15, I will leave the remaining details in your capable hands. Good luck everyone.
  3200. And I've got some catching up to do. I'll see you all at mission start.
  3201. Alright, so we've only got a few minutes 'til drop time. Rooks: I want you to start prepping by studying schematics and all the other background data that's been supplied to us. I'll be in my office doing the same.
  3202. Uh, boss... Kiril is awake and he's asking for the Bishop. Well, actually he's having a bit of a fit.
  3203. Uh, boss... that Homeless Merc we found has removed the privacy shield on his cell, and is asking for the Bishop.
  3204. Bishop, maybe before you head over to the Hangar Bay, you could go and speak to him in the Brig? You may as well see what you can find out.
  3205. Just make sure you have enough time to gear up in the Hangar Bay, before it's time to jump.
  3206. Bishop, you need to gear up, we've only got a couple minutes on the clock. Come to the Hangar Bay.
  3207. Bishop. Hangar Bay. Now!
  3208. You don't have all day Six, we're nearly there. Go to the Hangar Bay and gear up!
  3209. I'm waiting.
  3210. I'm sorry I have to do this, Seeker, but you leave me no choice.
  3211. Uh, Bishop? Are you alright? You don't look very good.
  3212. 1'm f1ne, let'2 do th12!
  3213. 1'm f1ne, let'2 do th12!
  3214. 1'm f1ne, let'2 do th12!
  3215. Isn't that one of the King voices?
  3216. Good luck down there, and I'll see you when the storm passes...
  3217. You poor child... there's no higher purpose to your assassination attempt, no 'grand plan,' no celestial governance, and worst of all for you - your God is nowhere to be found.
  3218. You haven't seen the things I have.
  3219. Uh huh... enlighten us then... what have you seen?
  3220. The Guardian of Wisdom, is here, on Earth. Many of them have returned in anticipation of the Prophecy fulfillment! They are HERE, waiting. Wisdom showed me what was to come. Wisdom brought me into the great abyss of time and through the Ancestor's light, I saw mass atrocities committed by Bishop Six here, and his crew.
  3221. It sounds to me like someone fed you L.S.D.-soaked baby food and then proceeded to fill your simple mind with lies.
  3222. I thought you were an enemy of the Consortium? Why do you fight me?
  3223. If there is one thing I hate more than the Consortium and its King - it's a traitor to their own people. You are less than scum.
  3224. I am not a traitor. I swore allegiance long before the King existed, before he was even an idea in Schelter's head. I was never a part of the Consortium, nor the Guardian Church if you are wondering. They are both... lies.
  3225. Hm. You've got my attention, try not to lose it.
  3226. They are both puppet organizations, false teeth for a far more powerful entity that controls us all. And I do not mean K-1...
  3227. And so you actually know who this more powerful entity is. Tell me.
  3228. Now you want to hear what I have to say? Forget it.
  3229. You don't even know who they are, do you?
  3230. You don't deserve the truth! You were given every advantage to destroy this plane and yet you still failed.
  3231. I was only hired to end one life, not their whole crew. It would be like blowing up a bus full of school children! And the Bishop should have fallen with ease. Instead, he fought like he could anticipate our every move. We barely stood a chance.
  3232. You barely stood at all! And you were hired to protect the lives of every man, woman, and child in London. Kill the Bishop, crew expendable.
  3233. You cold, demented woman... I do not count lives against lives, it's about honour. You really believe this destiny nonsense, don't you? It is no wonder they chose you.
  3234. We would not have failed, had the Knight played fair. Instead, she gassed me like a rabid animal.
  3235. You would not have failed, had you actually done what you were supposed to do.
  3236. And what is your excuse, traitor?
  3237. At least I did what I was told!
  3238. Ha, of course you did, since you clearly have no discernible mind of your own. Your Wisdom Guardian should be so proud.
  3239. You really love the sound of your own voice, don't you Angelov? We'll see how wide you're smiling when they come for you... when they come for all of us.
  3240. Let them come. I fear nothing.
  3241. [Clear Throat] Uh, guys?
  3242. What do YOU want?!
  3243. Am I getting under your skin, Pawn?
  3244. [Pawn 32] So, this 'Guardian of Wisdom' is... here? On Earth?
  3245. [Kiril] You don't seem too worried that we've caught you.
  3246. What's going on? What are you guys talking about?
  3247. Yes. You are so far in over your head.
  3248. I wonder if he calls himself the 'Guardian of Wisdom?' Is anyone else picturing a Wirehead in his mother's basement?
  3249. Why would a so-called Guardian need your help to kill me?
  3250. Let's say I believe you. Why is this Wisdom Guardian here?
  3251. What does the Churchill Tower have to do with all this?
  3252. The Guardian of Wisdom is an interdimensional being, come to us from another world and time. I am honored to have been chosen by him.
  3253. And does this interdimensional being live inside his mother's basement?
  3254. Oh, ew... we just used the same joke. I need to take a shower.
  3255. Interdimensional being, right, sorry. So what does it want?
  3256. What does the Churchill Tower have to do with all this?
  3257. I never expected either of you to listen to me. This is why killing the Bishop was the only option.
  3258. To prepare us for something... something marvelous. I can't even describe it, it's a feeling they have given me... a premonition. The Churchill Tower will be ground zero to a spiritual revolution! Praise God.
  3259. I do not like the sound of that.
  3260. So, they did drug her. Do you not see what is happening here, Bishop? This one here leads you to that Tower by telling you not to go, where they will then not hesitate to detonate the entire Power Facility.
  3261. [Pawn 32] O.K. enough, why is the Churchill Tower so important?
  3262. [Pawn 32] That is a lot of innocent people! Tell me Angelov is wrong.
  3263. I don't... uh, no, of course he is wrong. David Schelter is the one, he is not actually missing... he watches us. Him and his machine are controlling you.
  3264. Who is David Schelter?
  3265. Are you suggesting Schelter is our enemy?
  3266. And the Churchill Tower... where does it fit into your claims?
  3267. You're a stupid man, Angelov, if you believe that. If anything, in this fantasy of yours, the Bishop will be the one to detonate the facility.
  3268. Do you really believe it holds merely a power facility? Or that it's some kind of weapons system? Tell me, who do you think owns the Hotel they are building above the facility?
  3269. I uh, know the answer to that. It's David Schelter... one of his subsidiaries owns the Hotel and it seems his Worldview Industries partly owns the Power Facility as well... blimey, what does that even mean?
  3270. David Schelter, and so who is he? Why should I care?
  3271. So what if Schelter owns it? Are you suggesting this makes him our enemy?
  3272. Stop answering questions with questions; WHY the Churchill Tower?
  3273. What? He is the King's creator... the inventor of most your equipment... C.E.O. of Worldview Industries? The man who they say vanished a decade ago?
  3274. The Bishop here has a habit of saying the strangest things.
  3275. So you're suggesting this Schelter is working against us?
  3276. [Kiril] You're sure amused with yourself, aren't you?
  3277. What have I got to lose? I may as well enjoy myself while this all plays out.
  3278. [Pawn 32] And so are you suggesting Schelter is working against us?
  3279. [Pawn 32] Tell me. How did it feel killing Pawn 7? An innocent man?
  3280. If you must know, it felt terrible. But I prayed, and was told it was necessary... a necessary and justifiable sacrifice.
  3281. That may have been so, had you actually succeeded in killing the Bishop here! The moment you failed that, Pawn 7's death became meaningless to even your warped sense of judgment. I say it again, you are less than scum.
  3282. He could be. His disappearance is suspect in itself, a man like that doesn't disappear unless he wants to. One theory is that he realized his mistake in building the King, and has set out to make it right.
  3283. I've heard that one. I've also heard that he is dead, killed by one of his rivals at Strommon or Obsidian.
  3284. There's also the one that says he is living and working on a top secret project of some kind... something even bigger than the King.
  3285. I've only been shown the end result, not the path. I do not know exactly why.
  3286. That is convenient.
  3287. [Pawn 32] But you are suggesting Schelter is working against us?
  3288. [Kiril] You're sure amused with yourself, aren't you?
  3289. Well, I'm sure you can figure it out.
  3290. Ha, Consortium justice is known to be... how do you say it? Short lived.
  3291. You should be worried, because we're not landing in Ireland, are we Bishop? How does London sound to you, Angelov?
  3292. She's right, we're going to London.
  3293. Who cares? You're both going away for a long time!
  3294. But don't worry, Angelov, you're still going to die in that cage before this plane ever touches ground.
  3295. I think I would rather die in this cage than be handed over to the London Police. They have a knack for making people they do not like, disappear.
  3296. [Pawn 32] I don't care about this. You said there is a Guardian here, on Earth?
  3297. [Kiril] What did you do to piss them off?
  3298. His people were caught smuggling marijuana into London. I read about it a couple of years ago... not very dramatic.
  3299. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get anything into London? I took it as a personal challenge; the mission was organize the transport of two-thousand pounds of Canadian pot from St. Johns, Newfoundland, to the Southern Wall of London, England. Succeed: and collect many millions of dollars. Fail: and a few of my men go to prison. The plane barely got as far as Plymouth.
  3300. [Kiril] You're afraid of going to London because of that?
  3301. [Kiril] So you let your men go to prison for you?
  3302. [Kiril] So you're a drug smuggler?
  3303. I do not feel fear. But being locked up in a hole for the rest of my life would prove to be bad for business.
  3304. I can't believe they'd lock you up for so long over some pot?!
  3305. But you'd deserve it. Pot is an illegal drug, like any other.
  3306. I think most the world would agree with you, but London's been the same for twenty years. If it works, don't fix it.
  3307. And London will of course be no more if the Bishop lands on the Churchill Tower roof.
  3308. [Pawn 32] You were told that by your 'Guardian of Wisdom,' I assume?
  3309. They knew the risk, and when they are released they will be made quite wealthy.
  3310. Made wealthy by your corpse? Neither of you get it, do you? You're both dead. The Guardian of Wisdom will come!
  3311. How is pot not legal in London yet? And this is supposed to be 2042?
  3312. But they deserved jail time, and so do you! Pot is an illegal drug, period.
  3313. Pot is not a drug. It is for lowly wireheads and non-functioning degenerates, but it is still not a drug. Everything is illegal in London, and therefor everything has a very high price.
  3314. And who said commerce was dead? Another remnant of a failed society, ready to be abolished.
  3315. [Pawn 32] Abolished by your 'Guardian of Wisdom,' I assume?
  3316. Yes, yes... nobody cares, Angelov.
  3317. No, no, they'll still come for me. Of course they will, I did everything I was told.
  3318. As long as I don't have to listen to her much longer, take me anywhere but London.
  3319. [Kiril] London is in fact our destination.
  3320. I believe the Pawn here worked herself up, attempting to convert me. But she is quite insane and to listen to her would be... ill advised.
  3321. You just helped sign the death warrant for millions of people.
  3322. [Pawn 32] So, this 'Guardian of Wisdom' is... here? On Earth?
  3323. [Pawn 32] Little over-the-top, don't you think?
  3324. [Kiril] You don't seem too worried that we've caught you.
  3325. She is apparently insane and creative.
  3326. You have no idea who this man really is, and Angelov is a fool. Please at least restrain the Bishop, or ideally shoot him in the head.
  3327. [Pawn 32] Uh huh, soooo... you said this 'Guardian of Wisdom' is here on Earth?
  3328. [Kiril] You don't seem too worried that we've caught you.
  3329. And I always thought I had a flare for the dramatic.
  3330. Angelov, you had better start taking this more seriously.
  3331. Ohhhh, you're giving me goose pimples.
  3332. If either of you care, I've said all I'm going to say. They'll come... and when they do, they have to spare me. God help me. I did what he told me. Maybe he meant for me to fail this time? Maybe I'll be given another chance. Maybe I can still kill the Bishop after all!
  3333. Shut Up! After you say, 'I have said all I am going to say,' it really hurts my feelings when you in fact do NOT stop speaking.
  3334. God will protect me, I know he will... he must.
  3335. God is dead. Your other Church killed him.
  3336. Blasphemous bastard.
  3337. Well isn't she just a whole pile of fun!?
  3338. Ah, it's about time you showed up.
  3339. Ah, it's about time you showed up. You fight incredibly well, Bishop... almost too well.
  3340. Just so we are clear, I do not think I like you very much... but I may need you before this day is done. So if I tell you what I know - the truth - what do I get in return?
  3341. Use his family. He's got a wife named Ivana and an eight year old daughter named Lilyana... both are hiding out in Varna city.
  3342. I promise we'll protect you and your family.
  3343. What about Ivana and Lilyana in Varna? Do they need help?
  3344. I don't give a crap, Angelov. I'm only here to see you behind bars.
  3345. What is this about my family? Be very careful what you say next. Do the officers on your C.M.C. know where my family is? My wife and child... please, be honest.
  3346. Calm down, I'm only offering help... we do not know where they are.
  3347. Of course we know. They are safe in Varna.
  3348. Cooperate and they will not be harmed.
  3349. If the King does not know where they are, then perhaps those I have failed are also blind. It is the best I can hope for.
  3350. O.K., now tell me what you know!
  3351. It's very simple: tell me what I want to know or your family dies.
  3352. Why not? I suppose there is nothing you can truly offer me. So first, do you know of Strommon Industries? They are my employer and they supplied all of my equipment. Secondly, there is no invisible enemy trying to kill you. I only wanted to scare your Knight a little, revenge for letting Bishop Eight murder my men.
  3353. That was too easy, he's lying. Ask him why Strommon would do it. We have no dispute with them.
  3354. Why would Strommon do that?
  3355. Knight 15 says they have no dispute with Strommon.
  3356. Holy crap, that can't be good. How powerful is Strommon?
  3357. Zenlil. They want Zenlil, not you. To prove that not even the Consortium can stop them from dominating the globe, using Orbit as their staging ground.
  3358. What?! Strommon and 'world domination?' Why am I even thinking this? Obviously he's wrong... I truly hope you're not listening to him.
  3359. You're a fool if you think I'm going to believe that.
  3360. But Strommon has no quarrel with the Consortium.
  3361. That sounds really, really bad.
  3362. True, but what you do not know is that they are still in dispute with Global Industries. In fact, the war in Orbit is stronger than ever... only nobody knows about it.
  3363. Nobody knows except Kiril Angelov, of course. James Lensworth, Rook 3, helped in the signing of a peace treaty only a few weeks ago! Angelov is pulling your chain.
  3364. The war is over! Start making sense or we're done here!
  3365. Oh boy. That doesn't sound good, should we be worried?!
  3366. Knight 15 may think so, but it is unfortunately not over. They were likely planning to use Zenlil's capture, along with the new equipment they gave me, to first decimate Global Industries and to then take control of Orbit. It is about to become an all-out blood bath up there.
  3367. Strommon is one of the most powerful corporations on the planet and they own roughly half of Orbit. Think about it. First, take down Global Industries. Then, utilize secret V.X.Y. delivery satellites to threaten every nation on Earth... not to mention also pay off Consortium officers and indoctrinate your Pawns with lies.
  3368. Oh for-- their little 'war' with Global is over! Strommon are also -not- that powerful, and there are so many security regulations in place over what they produce, it would make your head spin. What am I thinking, as if you're actually listening to him.
  3369. Knight 15 says you must be lying about Strommon... maybe she is bad?
  3370. You're an idiot if you think I'll believe that.
  3371. Hey, you actually kind of have a point.
  3372. Yes, like Alannah, by now she too is likely on the Strommon pay role.
  3373. I don't even have the words.
  3374. This doesn't make sense. The war in Orbit is over.
  3375. Well dammit, but the game won't let me shoot them!
  3376. [CMC-Knight 15] Can you prove him wrong?
  3377. The... game? Uh... whatever, I do not care. Get me out of here and give me another one of those fancy Kinetic Weapons... I will kill them for you.
  3378. [laugh] You actually believed me?! Poor Angelov...
  3379. O.K.! And then you'll get me out of here?
  3380. Let's just get out of here! In a Mission Pod.
  3381. Aw, you just had to go and ruin it. I was having fun.
  3382. No? I understand, the Bishop is afraid.
  3383. Can I prove him wrong?! Are you kidding me right now, Six? He's been lying to us all day, and you want to start believing this nonsense? Smarten up.
  3384. I asked if Knight 15 could prove you wrong, and she got angry.
  3385. Look Angelov, I think we can safely say you're a great storyteller.
  3386. You tell your Knight I am sorry. I am only playing around with you a little bit, there are... 'things' about you, which I find uniquely fascinating.
  3387. Hello?! I suppose Knight 15 is arguing the point?
  3388. She's pretty pissed off, actually.
  3389. Nah, we're deciding what to do with a perpetual liar like you.
  3390. Of course I do. Why would I lie? Especially now that I have no chance of succeeding in my mission.
  3391. Well, Knight 15 says you're lying and she's not exactly stupid.
  3392. I am going to let you think about what I have said, believe me or not, it makes no difference in the end.
  3393. Believe me or not, this is not my problem. It is the truth.
  3394. You really are a comedian. Thank you. Please, continue making these empty threats.
  3395. Enough humour, let's hear the truth. What do you know?
  3396. Tell me what you know or I'll rip your ugly head off!
  3397. Now, shall we get back... to the point?
  3398. Yes... so are you going to tell me what you know?
  3399. No, really Angelov, you deserve to rot in prison for what you've done.
  3400. Fine. Take me to wherever you are hiding Schelter, and then I will tell him more. Your lack of humour bores me.
  3401. O.K., to the point then...
  3402. Good. Are you going to tell me what you know, or not?
  3403. No, really Angelov, you deserve to rot in prison for what you've done.
  3404. Where in Varna are they located? If you know, you must tell me.
  3405. If you really want to do this... they are in a warehouse off the east end of Primorski Park. What's left of it, anyway.
  3406. Does the east end of Primorski Park sound about right?
  3407. No idea, the King can't find them except to say they're in Varna.
  3408. If your King knows where they are, then so do the people that I have failed. My family is already dead.
  3409. Is that a threat? Do you people even know where my family is? Hm? Be careful what you say next.
  3410. We have absolutely no idea, I am only offering some help.
  3411. Of course we know, Varna. And yes... it was a threat.
  3412. Suddenly I do not feel like talking to you any more.
  3413. What about them? They are safely locked away... tell me the truth, or never speak of my family again!
  3414. In Varna city, we know! We can help them!
  3415. Sorry, I meant nothing by it. Just tell me what you know, please.
  3416. If you do not cooperate, I am going to find them and kill them.
  3417. Ah, yes, very nice! I quite enjoy this side of you.
  3418. Cut the crap. If you're good, maybe we'll help your family.
  3419. Let's talk about Ivana and Lilyana in Varna, shall we?
  3420. Hm, well? I have information you may find interesting.
  3421. In exchange for that information, we can protect you and your family!
  3422. Ivana and Lilyana.
  3423. Good for you, I don't want to hear it. It's just fun to see you in that cage.
  3424. O.K., O.K., that is enough. Whether or not you believed any of that, I could not keep going. I was curious how you would react, both of us knowing what we really know about you.
  3425. Now Bishop, whether or not you believed any of the things I said, it does not matter. I was curious how you would react, both of us knowing what we really know about you.
  3426. I resign to my fate, Bishop, and am prepared to die as your enemy. You deserve what is coming.
  3427. That man never ceases to amaze me. And don't let him bother you, he's just frightened because the moment we land he'll be going to prison for a very, very long time. Now, get yourself to the Hangar Bay and prepare for your jump.
  3428. O.K. Bishop. I am surprised to find myself liking you, even after everything has happened and what we both know of each other. Now perhaps you can tell me: why do you pretend to be one of them, when you are clearly not one of them?
  3429. What exactly do you mean?
  3430. So you know where I'm really from?
  3431. Let's not keep playing games. You have bested me, and I am at your mercy. But does your crew know of your bizarre brand of treachery? How you first helped me, only to later defeat me?
  3432. What is he talking about?
  3433. I have no idea what you're talking about!
  3434. They know everything, there's no secrets on this crew.
  3435. [CMC-Knight 15] I'm really not sure, how should I proceed?
  3436. I had a feeling you might say that. Three times this morning, I spoke with you, Bishop Six. You are who initiated Phase One, you are who told me to blame Rook 13 if the chance arose. I assumed you were testing my resolve, and so I played along...
  3437. He had better be messing around!
  3438. Alannah, stay out of this. I mean it. He's attempting to turn us against each other, hoping we'll believe anything after today.
  3439. You'll say anything to stir up trouble, won't you?
  3440. Well I couldn't have told you about Pawn 7... how did you know he was dead?
  3441. First Bishop Eight kills two of my men and gets off with a mansion from the King, and now you have a new Bishop working for the enemy. Some nice recruiting, Knight.
  3442. What about Pawn 7? I couldn't have told you about his death.
  3443. I hope you realize you are making an ass of yourself.
  3444. You have such bad information, why should I listen to you?
  3445. No, my other contact is the one who told me about Pawn 7, through another coded C.M.C. transmission. One of your crew has been updating me on mission details for weeks, whereas YOU only started talking to me this morning. Except... you claim you did NOT speak to me...
  3446. I did not. Now, can you prove this contact of yours came from a C.M.C.?
  3447. Maybe I did. So what? You failed, didn't you?
  3448. I won't even humour you on this one. You're talking nonsense!
  3449. Ha, from in here? No. And since my headquarters is now being torn to shreds, I believe you'll have to trust me. I have people who know people, and they figured out how to detect the C.M.C. network.
  3450. Uh huh. This story is getting thin, quickly.
  3451. The King is who I should be trusting, not you.
  3452. I do trust you, but you're not much good to me in here...
  3453. I was waiting for you to say that.
  3454. I do not need to prove myself to you, or your Knight.
  3455. Touche, Bishop Six. But what about the dead? Do you even care? And let's not forget about the E.M.P. I was given and the massive sum of money somebody paid me, in full. If this was all merely to catch me, then I am flattered.
  3456. We'll get the money back, don't worry. Enjoy prison.
  3457. Can you prove your contact used a C.M.C.?
  3458. You are really gullible, aren't you?
  3459. Watch what happens when you hand me over to Bulgarian authorities.
  3460. Yes, yes, that is the response I was expecting. The truth is that anyone who has ever contacted me about this mission - about killing you - has turned out to be a Consortium officer. There is nobody else.
  3461. Can you prove that somehow?
  3462. You do realize that I beat you, right? Even if I did 'help you' before.
  3463. Don't you think maybe this is because you are being played?
  3464. You can tell Alannah that I am not lying. I have no reason to lie, not anymore.
  3465. I did not do any of what you claim, you are trying to pull us apart!
  3466. So who told you about Pawn 7? Because that could not have been me.
  3467. I do not believe you. Now I know you are hiding this from them. This very important piece of information that may explain how... strange you've been.
  3468. You're wasting your time. I said there are no secrets here.
  3469. All I can hear is gibberish! Make more sense!
  3470. [CMC-Knight 15] I honestly don't know what he's talking about.
  3471. It's O.K., Six. Play into this fantasy of his, see what he says.
  3472. I can hear them now, on that C.M.C. of yours. 'What have you done, Bishop?' Will you tell them, or shall I?
  3473. They know all of it, so please... cut the crap.
  3474. Go ahead, if you think you know something.
  3475. Oh, so then you are all in this together? Hmph, is this what Consortium officers do for kicks then? Is there a wager on what it will take to break me? Or perhaps on which of your Pawns will die?
  3476. O.K. now you're going too far... what are you talking about?
  3477. You are the one who attacked us and tried to kill me!
  3478. I wagered 12, 44, and 11 would die. Lost a hundred bucks to Wade on those picks!
  3479. Did I? Because from here, it looks like you only attacked yourselves. One of you paid me, one of you fed me information... and you... well you are a bit of a wild card, aren't you?
  3480. I'm tired of this, he's not going to be any help.
  3481. Hey, I was only defending myself against you!
  3482. So you think I'm being set up?
  3483. Don't you get it? You're being played! Ha!
  3484. Give the man a prize. I believe you are being duped, yes, like me, possibly like most of your crew. I also believe there is more to this day, and while we remain distracted by each other and our petty dispute, events are in motion far beyond even Consortium control.
  3485. Let's hear what else you know. Why do you think I am 'not one of them?'
  3486. [Laugh] I think that does it, who wagered he'd blame 'the invisible enemy?'
  3487. Hm. Do you not want to known more about these invisible traitors amongst you?
  3488. Let's hear what else you know. Why do you think I am 'not one of them?'
  3489. [Laugh] I think that does it, who wagered he'd blame 'the invisible enemy?'
  3490. I guess not. You are a fool.
  3491. You are very funny, but I can tell when someone is trying to change the subject. They don't know... do they? Do YOU even know?
  3492. Fine, I'll cave. What do you know, exactly?
  3493. No, I'm not joking. You've been played. Ha!
  3494. Do not take me for a fool. I can help you. I understand this crew better than anyone. How they operate, what makes them tick.
  3495. I must admit, I never expected him to say that. Please tell him you'll be his partner!
  3496. You want to be my partner? Absolutely!
  3497. Useless information. I'm off this crew the first chance I get!
  3498. You can grope me later, but yes... something like that. I know I am not getting out of this either way, so I may as well pick a side.
  3499. I can relate. But do you believe they will let you leave? You are a puppet to them, to it... to the King. It is playing your strings and leading you right into a hornet's nest.
  3500. Arg, this is a pointless exercise. Why do I bother?
  3501. Where you are 'from?' I know you are a tree-hugging Canadian... why does this matter?
  3502. Wait, so then what did you mean I'm 'not one of them?!'
  3503. I am actually from another dimension.
  3504. Oh, good for you! And I am actually from Russia!
  3505. Please. I need your help, I don't know who to trust.
  3506. I know, it sounds crazy. You would never understand.
  3507. Uh huh... next you will tell me you are on my side, yes? That you understand me? The 'other dimension' thing was a strange touch, I will give you that, but I have heard it all. Save your breath.
  3508. I do not think that is going to work... whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.
  3509. O.K., so tell me what you think you know about me.
  3510. I am quite serious Angelov, I am not Bishop Six!
  3511. I am intrigued. I was assuming some form of K-1 mind control was at work here, as my men have always suspected with your kind... But now you say you are simply not Bishop Six?
  3512. Good, he knows something, keep him talking!
  3513. I told you, I am from another dimension controlling Bishop Six.
  3514. My behavior earlier today? What do you mean?
  3515. Do people actually believe ALL Bishops are being mind controlled?
  3516. You can spare me that nonsense, right now.
  3517. He'll never listen to that, and I don't think he has a very big imagination.
  3518. So your men believe we're being mind controlled by the King [K-1]?
  3519. To the point. What did you mean before when you said I was 'not one of them?'
  3520. What are you talking about?!
  3521. Some believe you are artificial, or a part of an alien race, the Guardian race even. There is also a Newswire blog about how all Bishops are time travelers. Children's tales... but mind control I can believe. You put the power of your King, together with your M.U.V.I. implant, then your C.M.C.... and what do you get?
  3522. You tell me... what do I get?
  3523. Mind control. You actually make a really good point!
  3524. It's a convenient coincidence. The Consortium King is all good.
  3525. Do not play ignorant with me. It all equates to a powerful mind control tool, the C.M.C. already reads the mind... and the K-1 network is almost untraceable. The perfect crime for the perfect machine.
  3526. I've heard this 'mind control' tale plenty of times before. Let's try and bring him back on track, shall we?
  3527. Wow, uh... you could be right!
  3528. Knight 15 is telling me to change the subject.
  3529. Enough. Tell me what you think makes me 'not one of them?'
  3530. Isn't that perfectly fitting? Tell the King he does a bad impression of Knight 15.
  3531. Thanks a lot, Six.
  3532. The King exists to help us, he is GOOD. You're crazy.
  3533. So if we are all being mind controlled, why am I 'not one of them?'
  3534. What if I said you actually seem to have a good point?
  3535. This surprises you? Look, Bishop. I only want to know the truth, now that I am beaten. So tell me... why were you my contact earlier today? And why did you not mask your voice?
  3536. Huh? I never did those things!
  3537. Of course that was me. The crew knows it as well.
  3538. O.K., I understand. Just remember that I am your ally moving forward.
  3539. Of course the machine is good, because it was made with good intentions! Right, Bishop? Let us get back to the point. Let us talk about you... and what you did this morning, before receiving a C.M.C.
  3540. I was sleeping... what else did I do?
  3541. The others know everything, so let's cut the crap.
  3542. You're a waste of time.
  3543. You have a strange way of interrogating prisoners. Is this how Canadians do it? Confuse a confession from people?
  3544. I do not think that is going to work... whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.
  3545. I'm only talking. Should I be interrogating you?
  3546. I'm not Canadian, I'm not even Bishop Six!
  3547. Confuse and then be silent... let the prisoner sweat? How boring.
  3548. This has been a lovely chat, but with your C.M.C. on it becomes dangerous for me. Perhaps we can meet when you are off-duty? I know a great steak house if you are ever near Varna. Now... I believe you have a mission to prepare for.
  3549. Unbelievable, that man never ceases to amaze me. He actually thinks he is going to get out of this. Anyway, like he said, go and prep in the Hangar Bay.
  3550. But he killed Angelov in cold blood, the Bishop deserves to die.
  3551. Angelov fought and died against an admirable warrior... his pride still in tact. What is your excuse, Pawn?
  3552. You failed your mission but mine only ends in either my death or the Bishop's.
  3553. You crazy coochka, there is no mission. This is all a fantasy, Angelov knew it from the beginning but it was too late. I can practically see the strings controlling you.
  3554. You are wrong! I will be given another chance and they will come for me... you have to be wrong.
  3555. Bishop, can we talk? Please?
  3556. I've said all I'm going to say to you.
  3557. You may as well kill yourself, Bishop, because this day is only going to end one way.
  3558. I'm not speaking to you.
  3559. Arg, stop pestering me!
  3560. You know, I've never wished you any harm. I... well, Kiril and my brother, Yanko... they stirred the others into a frenzy. I never even fired a bullet, I swear.
  3561. Wait, aren't you the same person I spoke to before?
  3562. Er, uh, no... that was Yanko. He has a bit of a temper problem, not like me. He also has a habit of falling in with the... er, wrong people?
  3563. You both follow Angelov, you're both guilty.
  3564. So you're the 'good one' I take it?
  3565. Not so true... I am only here because of my brother, to try and protect him from his usual stupidity. A lot of good it did. When Angelov was near death, I just ran and hid.
  3566. Angelov almost didn't let me come along, he called me weak, undisciplined. Not like Yanko, of course. I guess he was right.
  3567. I'm not like him though, you must understand.
  3568. Ignorant Merc, don't you see? The Bishop killed your brother right after he killed Angelov. He's a murderer!
  3569. Shut-up! Is that true? Did you kill Yanko?
  3570. Um, yeah, B... I was watching pretty closely and I'm sure you did kill him.
  3571. Maybe that's not something his brother needs to hear right now?
  3572. Yes, I killed your brother.
  3573. I honestly don't know.
  3574. Oh Yanko, you damned fool. Bishop, thank-you for your honesty... you could have lied, but instead you give me respect with your words. I will remember that.
  3575. Respect?! He murdered your brother! What is wrong with you???
  3576. You see? He has killed so many people that he can't even remember who is who anymore.
  3577. I knew it...
  3578. Nah B, I was watching pretty closely and you did not kill his brother. I'm sure of it.
  3579. I swear I did NOT kill your brother.
  3580. I honestly don't know.
  3581. Well you probably should have. Since you've killed Angelov and now captured me, he will not rest until revenge is had. He can be... stubborn.
  3582. He's lying, Merc, I saw him kill your brother!
  3583. You see? He has killed so many people that he can't even remember who is who anymore.
  3584. I knew it...
  3585. How could I know which was your brother?!
  3586. Right, big guy, Bulgarian, flight jacket on. Nope, I did not kill him.
  3587. Er, you are right. It was a stupid question, I am sorry.
  3588. Are you apologizing to the man who killed your brother?! What is wrong with you??
  3589. You probably should have. Since you've killed Angelov and now captured me, he will not rest until revenge is had. He can be... stubborn.
  3590. He's lying, Merc, I saw him kill your brother!
  3591. Of course he killed your brother!
  3592. Be quiet Pawn, you spit nothing but lies and deceit! You are a coward and a traitor. Bishop, please, I do not want to cause any more trouble.
  3593. What else can you tell me?
  3594. So why didn't you help Kiril and your brother?
  3595. I... uh, well... I can tell you that Pawn 7's murderer had an accomplice, someone with one of your C.M.C.'s. Angelov would not tell me who either person was, but he did tell my brother that one of your commanding officers was 'watching our progress.'
  3596. I call bullshit.
  3597. He's practically wetting himself...
  3598. Rook 25 calls bullshit, and I agree.
  3599. Good start. Anything else?
  3600. Of course she would, wouldn't she? If she is guilty. Did you not notice she stopped talking to me the moment I mentioned an officer spy? I'd keep an eye on her.
  3601. I stopped talking because he's a bigger idiot than his boss.
  3602. Angelov... he felt terrible about this mission. We had our disagreements, and he was not innocent, but you still killed a man who was forced to act against his will. He could have killed you all after the E.M.P. - could have blown your plane to pieces with those Consortium piercing rounds. He made the mistake of... caring.
  3603. You think I am lying, I can understand this. After all, you are only a machine.
  3604. I don't know... I... ran away when I saw that you were trying to kill Angelov. I was scared, Bishop, you wouldn't understand.
  3605. I do understand, I've been scared most of today.
  3606. Did Kiril ever tell you something unusual about me?
  3607. So, you're a coward?
  3608. A Bishop, afraid? I don't believe it.
  3609. You know, we can still help you and your family.
  3610. We both know that I'm not really a Bishop.
  3611. Do you know anything about a traitor Pawn?
  3612. Thank-you, but my brother is my only family, and his fate has already been spun. There is nothing you can do for me now.
  3613. I can help you if you tell me what you know...
  3614. I... uh, what? I know that you are a new Bishop? Is this what you mean?
  3615. Nevermind. Tell me something worth your life.
  3616. Do you know anything about me from before I was a Bishop?
  3617. Er, uh, I heard about some Canadian conflict you were apart of. The Quebec separatist negotiations, they say you and the Consortium prevented a war. Yes? That is all I know, Kiril was once... making fun of you.
  3618. Right, I'm sure that is what you meant.
  3619. No, not exactly. Based on your record he thought you were weak. He was more worried about your Knight besting him. BUT, I can tell you that once Kiril finally met you and heard your voice for the first time... something changed. It was as if he recognized you on sight and it made him uncomfortable. He became... nervous.
  3620. And what else can you tell me so I'll spare you?
  3621. I am just a man, not a Bishop like you. And this was a suicide mission to begin with. I will not stubbornly hold my pride above my own survival.
  3622. What else can you tell me?
  3623. You know I'm not really a Bishop, admit it!
  3624. Did Kiril tell you anything unusual about me?
  3625. I'll bet you don't even feel fear. Did you know that many people in my line of work believe you are all bio-mechanical? That the King is cloning bipedal, half-human versions of itself in the form of Bishops? I have seen you fight, and it is hard to ignore.
  3626. Is this your tactic? Be quiet and hope I become nervous enough to talk? I'm not afraid of you, Bishop Six.
  3627. Tell me something useful or you can rot in prison forever.
  3628. Was Kiril afraid of me?
  3629. We both know I'm not really Bishop Six.
  3630. I have said enough and you are not making me very happy. How about you come and get me when it's time for my slap on the wrist?
  3631. I like you Bishop, and if we survive to land somewhere safely, I will tell your people everything I know.
  3632. Oh, and regardless of what happens next... thank-you again for telling me the fate of my brother.
  3633. Oh, and please... if you find out my brother's fate, you must tell me.
  3634. Now, get yourself to the Hangar Bay and prepare for your jump.
  3635. I'm not quite ready for you yet, Bishop... there's still a couple things I need to take care of with this damned C.C.U. I'll let you know.
  3636. It's all set to go. Just plug yourself in here and stock up. Once you choose there's no going back until you return to Zenlil. Oh, and make sure to grab a free fall suit or you're not going anywhere!
  3637. So Bishop, once you're sure you have what you want, let me know and we'll get you off this boat! And be quick about it.
  3638. Uh, I'm not giving the go ahead on the door with you still wearing a B.U.S. Put on a free-fall suit.
  3639. So, are you ready yet?
  3640. Yes, let's go.
  3641. No, not yet.
  3642. Good.
  3643. Well that's too bad, because it's time.
  3644. It doesn't matter either way, it's time to go!
  3645. O.K. sir, he's stocked up and ready to break heads.
  3646. We're already in a circling pattern around the Churchill Tower. Open the Hangar Bay door and wait for Wade's order.
  3647. Bishop, be careful and avoid getting shot. I do not wish to see you in the med bay once this is over.
  3648. We are in position. Holding just above most of the turbulence from the storm. I should be able to keep her steady for your jump.
  3649. Alright, Bishop... it really only looks worse than it is! Your free-fall suit will do most the work for you.
  3650. Try not to get yourself killed. Not after everything you've put us through today.
  3651. Good luck down there, B. We'll keep you covered from up here, you've got nothing to worry about.
  3652. What exactly are you waiting for? JUMP!
  3653. Uhh, sir... I think he's scared or something. He won't jump.
  3654. Bishop Six – get the hell off this plane.
  3655. If I can have everyone's attention for a minute. I wanted to say a few quick words before we get down to business.
  3656. Oh, it's speech time again!
  3657. Yes, Wade, it is. There's no question that we have all been put to the ultimate test today and in my mind we have so-far succeeded brilliantly. The King is asking for our blind trust and patience with this Churchill Tower debacle, and I for one am ready to give it to him.
  3658. Now, we may not all agree with our new Bishop's position here with us, in fact some of you even believe he is to blame for all our troubles. But the fact is he has gotten us this far, and he IS a Consortium Bishop. He is one of ours, and I for one refuse to point fingers and throw blame around.
  3659. Now, what has happened with Pawn 32 is not something to be taken lightly, and the threat of another traitor is very real. The fact someone as seemingly dedicated as Patricia could do such a thing, tells me that what we are up against is something beyond the scope of government, or any normal body of power. I believe the King when he says that we are in for the fight of our lives.
  3660. Now, there is still one unresolved problem, and that is our mysterious attacker. It can be safely assumed that one of our Pawns was the attempted assassin, but at this time there is NO method of discovering who it was. Whoever it is will not go unpunished, and an investigation will still be held the moment this mission is complete.
  3661. Now, you should all know that Six and I came to a decision and once we do finally land, he will not be remaining as our Bishop. That being said, I want to thank him for putting these differences aside for now, and for voluntarily taking part in this mission. The King says we need him and while I do not entirely agree, I once again trust the right decision is being made.
  3662. Well folks, it's almost Christmas and all the children are eagerly awaiting the Seeker's arrival. Throughout most of the U.K. there will be all officers to Mission Operations... followed by up to 20 centimetres of snow! Here at home, we're facing one hell of a storm front, so bundle up and prepare for the virus project... because they're coming.
  3663. Early this morning at the Port of Felixstowe, twenty-one/one workers were found dead in a cargo container ship. The ship had initiated auto-docking procedures and emergency personnel on sight reported as finding no survivors aboard. Twenty-one/one/one/one dead. Nothing further, including cause of death and origin of the vessel, has been released by authorities.
  3664. And that's the latest from here in London, I'm Malcolm Thomas.
  3665. Come in!
  3666. Who is it?
  3667. It's Rook 25, will you open the door?
  3668. No.
  3669. Well I'm coming in anyway; you'd better be dressed!
  3670. Can you hear me, Bishop? I'm coming in.
  3671. I'm opening the door now, ready or not!
  3672. Lights.
  3673. Much better!
  3674. Not so sorry to wake you, Bishop. We thought you should know about our little... escort.
  3675. Wait, haven't we done this already?
  3676. Whoa... you guys see that?
  3677. Ha, that one was a little close, but you have nothing to worry about--
  3678. If you'll just step on over here and lay down, I'll run a full-body scan. Just to be sure.
  3679. O.K. now what the hell was that? Two near hits in a row? I'm running a diagnostic--
  3680. Now that we are, well, mostly alone... I wanted to speak with you, man to man. This whole ordeal has me very curious about you.
  3681. You should be dead!
  3682. Now that we are, well, mostly alone... I wanted to speak with you, man to man. This whole ordeal has me very curious about you.
  3683. Wait, but I already beat you! You should be in the Brig!
  3684. That was not a random strike...
  3685. The Bishop's vitals are fluctuating...
  3686. Oh my Gods... his suit--
  3687. Well now, who the hell are you?!
  3688. Hello, Taryn. Just sit down and don't get in my way. I'm here for him, not you.
  3689. Why don't you show us the traitor behind that voice? Take the helmet off.
  3690. I don't want to hurt you, but I will... shut up and SIT DOWN.
  3691. Six, get to Bishop Eight's cabin! When you're ready, hit the lock and Wade will open it remotely. Hurry.
  3692. After you...
  3693. Is that Pawn 7's killer in there? Who is it?
  3694. I'm detecting conductive elements in the Bishop's freefall suit, Pawn 32 must have reprogrammed the damned C.C.U. output!
  3695. Just hang in there, I'm not about to lose you after everything we've been through today!
  3696. I'm detecting conductive elements in the Bishop's freefall suit.
  3697. Just hang in there, I'm not about to lose you after everything we've been through today!
  3698. I don't think there's much of a choice, he won't take another hit like that--
  3699. So, aren't you ready yet?
  3700. No! The free fall suit's been sabotaged!
  3701. Right... so we're done talking then, I guess?
  3702. I'm too busy to talk right now anyway.
  3703. Goodbye then, and don't get shot.
  3704. Back to work then.
  3705. What ever happened to common courtesy?
  3706. Goodbye to you too, Six.
  3707. Next time you come up here, bring me a sandwich!
  3708. Christ on a cracker, not even a farewell for your new pal Wade?
  3709. Bless you, Bishop... maybe we can talk some more a little later.
  3710. I'll see you later, sir. And watch your back from here on out!
  3711. Why did I even respond in the first place?
  3712. Uh huh... good talk.
  3713. Not one for goodbyes, are you?
  3714. Well it was very nice talking to you, sir!
  3715. I don't think he likes me...
  3716. Have a good and uh, safe one, Bishop, sir, boss... Jerk.
  3717. Fine, take care Bishop.
  3718. Oh well, O.K. Bishop... Maybe you and I could play chess sometime...
  3719. Well, uh, bye bye then... cazzone.
  3720. I'll be here if you need me.
  3721. I was beginning to think you'd never go away.
  3722. Alright, well, if you need me again... Don't bother me.
  3723. I guess the new Bishop doesn't say goodbye to us little people.
  3724. Uh huh... Well... Bye bye then.
  3725. Don't tell anyone!
  3726. You never spoke to me, Bishop!
  3727. Uh huh, au revoir Bishop.
  3728. A Bishop doesn't need to say goodbye... I get it...
  3729. You've got better things to do, I know.
  3730. Alright hey, well maybe we can chat later. Lots to do, lots to do.
  3731. God is Great. We have been sent here on a holy crusade, to put an end to the treachery and deceit of the West. God has allowed us to know of the bio-chemical VXY weapon delivery system being developed on this very site to kill millions of Muslims, despite the NAU's own treaties.
  3732. This assembled group of infidels we have under our feet... are not innocent. They are the architects and implementers of the evil plans set forth by the North American Union. I will spare their lives only if we receive cooperation in exposing this weapon.
  3733. Praise God. To this end we require that a representative of the Global Newswire be allowed into the building. Immediately. Follow our instructions and lives will be spared. Ignore us and suffer the wrath of God himself. God is Great.