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  1. [distorted news report]
  2. [news report]
  3. [news report]
  4. Come in!
  5. Who is it?
  6. It's Rook 25, will you open the door?
  7. No.
  8. Well I'm coming in anyway; you'd better be dressed!
  9. Can you hear me, Bishop? I'm coming in.
  10. I'm opening the door now, ready or not!
  11. Lights.
  12. Much better!
  13. Not so sorry to wake you, Bishop. We thought you should know about our little... escort.
  14. Escort? Should we be worried?
  15. Who are you?
  16. Where am I?
  17. Worried? No, Bishop, there's nothing to worry about. Not unless you're afraid of a couple crummy American F-35s, piloted by a group of washed up mercenaries? A few more bad apples who wish the War never ended. It's just another day in the Consortium.
  18. Why are they here then?
  19. Crummy? But Americans make the best stuff!
  20. Why would anyone wish for War?
  21. To 'escort' us through Bulgaria. It's a long story but let's just say the leader of this particular crew has a very strong disliking for our way of doing things. He likes to think he's doing the people of Bulgaria a service by pestering us... but really, they're as fed up with him as the K and I are.
  22. Tell me more about this leader.
  23. OK, and who are you again?
  24. Who or what is 'the K?'
  25. What, you just say 'tell me more,' and I'm supposed to jump? If you want to know more about him, search for Kiril Angelov in any of the ship information consoles. That's K-I-R-I-L. Or go and talk to the K.
  26. I asked you a question, Rook, now you'd better jump!
  27. Are you in the information console? Who are you?
  28. Information console, check. Now, who or what is 'the K?'
  29. Well now I'm feeling a lot like I'd rather punch you in the damn face.
  30. Wow, it's really easy to push your buttons.
  31. Is that what that was? Some kind of test?
  32. Will you please shush and tell me more?
  33. I guess this means I'm not your boss?
  34. It was indeed a test, and you failed.
  35. You're right. And I'm sorry. I just haven't been feeling like myself lately... It's not your problem.
  36. Oh, right. That's just what I call Knight 15. We've been dealing with these guys for years now and I like to think Kiril, their leader, has a crush on her.
  37. Do you think Knight 15 feels the same way about Kiril?
  38. And now who exactly is Knight 15?
  39. Oh my gods, that felt good... oh, thank you, Bishop. When you meet Kiril, you'll no doubt have a good laugh over what you just asked me.
  40. So... who is Knight 15 exactly? Is she the boss?
  41. Uh, you met her when you came on board... remember? She's technically our operations manager, the leader of our little team.
  42. And so who are you then?
  43. And so who am I then?
  44. Oh, that's funny. You're good. Maybe they did, once.
  45. You mean they don't anymore? Why?
  46. Good to know. So, why are these Mercs bothering us?
  47. You're serious? Global Corporations make everything these days. History 101, Bishop. Where have you been the past 20 years?
  48. 20 years? What year is it?
  49. I come from a different reality and time.
  50. Are you trying to be funny? I don't get it.
  51. O.K... can you tell me who I am?
  52. So why are those mercs out there bothering us?
  53. I come from a different reality and time.
  54. Do you now? Well, back here in this reality and time, Corporations make it all... from bullet casings to space stations.
  55. O.K... so who am I?
  56. That sounds ripe for corruption.
  57. Right. Now, why are these mercenaries out there bothering us?
  58. Alright, alright... I get it, you're acting the maggot. Ha. Now will you please pay attention for just another two minutes?
  59. Uh huh, and so who are you then?
  60. Yep, I can do that. Sorry.
  61. Some ignorant people still think so, sure.
  62. Excuse me? You're saying there's no corruption?
  63. Now I'm sorry, but who are you?
  64. I'm saying it's better quality goods at lesser prices – and when there's no 'little guy' to hurt anymore, everybody wins.
  65. If you say so. Now, who exactly are you?
  66. Let's back it up; why are these mercs out there bothering us?
  67. Seriously? Maybe a mission junky like yourself hasn't noticed. Think about how many heavy hitting countries, since the Resource Wars ended, have practically abandoned most, if not all, their military disbursement. Hundreds of thousands of battle hardened monkeys are being tossed back into the world with little more than a handshake and a thank you. War is all they've ever known.
  68. Why then are these particular mercenaries bothering us?
  69. Social programs instead of military spending? That sounds wonderful!
  70. Sounds like you've got yourself a catch 22 situation.
  71. I couldn't agree more! Mercenaries be damned! The world has been looking up since the War ended, and in a big way; I think most of us have finally been beaten to submission.
  72. So, why are these particular mercenaries bothering us?
  73. And so the big question remains, who am I?
  74. Ha, well yea... except I think anyone would rather deal with Mercenaries run amok, then with another global war. And you know how it is, quality of life is still rising at an unbelievable rate and for the vast majority of people. As Pawn 44 would undoubtedly say, it's a wonderful time we're living in!
  75. So, why are these particular Mercenaries bothering us?
  76. And so... who are you?
  77. Pawn 44... who's that?
  78. He's one of the twelve pawns we currently have on board. And he's... well... he's the happiest man I've ever met. You'll get a chance to meet him, along with everyone else.
  79. So, why are those Mercenaries out there bothering us?
  80. And so... who are you again?
  81. We just met two hours ago...
  82. Right! So, where exactly are we?
  83. I still don't know who you are.
  84. O.K. then, let's get to work!
  85. At the moment, we're about 45 thousand feet over central Bulgaria.
  86. No, I mean what is this plane we're in?
  87. OK enough chit-chat, let's get to work.
  88. What?! Are you kidding me?
  89. Just humour me, what is this plane?
  90. Never mind. I suppose I'm just tired.
  91. Are you feeling alright? You're on a C-3800 Consortium command vessel, codenamed Zenlil.
  92. Uhh, and what does all that mean?
  93. And I still don't know who you are...
  94. It means you're in a plane, Bishop. O.K.? A really big arse plane.
  95. O.K., O.K., someone's a little eager!
  96. This isn't very funny, new guy. But, you know, let's see where this goes... My name is Alannah Boyle, codename Rook 25. I am your weapons and combat specialist. Do you know what YOUR name is?
  97. You called me Bishop. Do I have a number assignment, like you?
  98. I am your commanding officer! Never speak to me like that again!
  99. I'm not going to answer that. What the hell is wrong with you?
  100. Let's get one thing straight here, big man. You are not my 'commanding officer', nor will you ever be unless it's over my dead - Rook - arse. At the risk of sounding cliche, this isn't quite your daddy's army.
  101. Are you done screwing around then? Good.
  102. Well... 'we' are somewhere over Bulgaria. 'You' are in the same place you were before you, uh, fell asleep? Any more odd questions or can we get to work?
  103. No more questions, let's work.
  104. One more odd question: Who are you?
  105. Should we be worried about those fighters out there?
  106. Excellent.
  107. Uh. O.K.
  108. Here's your stuff. And go get your C.M.C. from the K in Mission Ops. Maybe later you'll be feeling like less of an asshole - we'll talk then.
  109. Alright, Bishop, suit yourself. Hahah, 'suit' yourself... Oh, I crack myself up.
  110. Alright, Bishop, suit yourself.
  111. So, let's get you suited up and ready to kick some Homeless arse.
  112. Here are your basic Consortium tools. You've got your P.C.U., B.U.S. and Assault Helmet, all specifically tailored to fit you nice and snug.
  113. And what exactly does all that mean?
  114. Did you just say, 'kick some homeless arse'?
  115. Great, thank you.
  116. I'm not surprised you've never used this equipment before. The bloody B.U.S. alone is so expensive, we're one of the only agencies in the world who use it. Think S.S.K., only with built-in hard point sockets.
  117. I have absolutely no idea what you just said.
  118. Think S.S.K.? What is S.S.K.?
  119. Alright, thanks.
  120. Huh? What part don't you understand?
  121. P.C.U., B.U.S., S.S.K., hardpoint sockets...?
  122. Never mind, I must still be tired.
  123. Are you pulling my chain?
  124. No I'm not. I've never heard of any of those things.
  125. [laugh] I most certainly am!
  126. It doesn't matter, let's get to work.
  127. Well I know the Canadian military still uses S.S.K., so I don't know what you're playing at on that one. You'd better not act like this with the K or she'll tear you a new one.
  128. And what exactly is S.S.K.?
  129. I'm Canadian then?
  130. I'll keep that in mind, thank you.
  131. Well that's what your file says! You sure are a strange one.
  132. Well you've sure got a bizarre sense of humour.
  133. Hey, no problem. We're in this together now, 'til death do us part! Or at least 'til retirement do us part.
  134. Spider Silk Kevlar? Uh, are you sure you're alright? The K mentioned your final mission for your last outfit was a real mess... nearly got yourself killed.
  135. I was never on any 'final mission' for anyone.
  136. Well I'm fine now, and ready to break heads!
  137. Moving on...
  138. OK, now you're either screwin' with me, or my brother really needs to take a look at you.
  139. Who is your brother?
  140. Please just humour me... what final mission?
  141. Let's forget it and move on. What's next?
  142. You're just full of questions, aren't you? Rook 13 is my brother, our doctor, you met him when you came on board. He'd be the antisocial one who likely hid in the corner after only saying a few words. Seriously though, are you feeling OK?
  143. First-day jitters, nothing to worry about.
  144. Now you mentioned before I was apart of some 'final mission?'
  145. I'm just fine.
  146. It'll pass, I promise. Welcome to the big leagues, Bishop Six – the Consortium is as big as it gets.
  147. Alright, I'll drop it.
  148. Uh, what? You are getting stranger by the minute.
  149. You mu2t not 1earn of 2eeker's pa2t.
  150. Are you speaking to someone else? What in the hell is going on and why are you making your voice sound like the King?
  151. I am fine, sOrry.
  152. I am fiNe, sorry.
  153. I am finE, sorry.
  154. You're sorry?
  155. So you're just going to stand there and stare at me now? My gods, and I thought Bishop Eight was bat-shit mad... but you? You're on a whole new level my friend.
  156. Well yippee ki-yay mother goddess... aren't you the little eager one?
  157. 'Yippee ki-yay mother goddess'... what is that about?
  158. I'm just itching to beat up some badguys!
  159. That's right, eager and excited to be here.
  160. What? I guess you've never seen that movie... and, well, I'm also Heathen. You probably expected me to be Guardian Church like my brother, right? Nowadays everyone expects everyone to be associated with them.
  161. What is the Guardian Church?
  162. The Guardian Church can't be trusted!
  163. I believe the Guardian Church is helping mankind.
  164. Right... well, if you've honestly been living in another dimension for the past 30 years or so, you may want to look up the Guardian Church on an Information Console.
  165. Well that's a rather random statement, but if you say so! I personally don't give a damn about that Church like my brother does, so can we change the subject?
  166. Alright then, who is your brother?
  167. Let's forget it and get to work.
  168. Ha, well then you and my brother are going to get along just fine. He doesn't believe all the alien nonsense, but he does believe in what they do for society as a whole. And hey, he could use a friend.
  169. Who is your brother?
  170. And what do they do for society as a whole?
  171. Great, so what's next?
  172. Whoa, whoa... just keep your pants on. Does the B.U.S. even have pants that come off? Hm. Anyway. There will be no beating up of bad guys just yet!
  173. Uh. O.K.
  174. Yes, yes I did. The group we're up against here are 'unofficially' called the Homeless Mercenaries.
  175. They don't sound too tough.
  176. And now what is this P.C.U. and B.U.S.?
  177. Good to know, thank you.
  178. That's because they're not tough. Not even remotely. Oh, you'll see... the K will stomp this one flat and you'll witness first-hand how it's done.
  179. So now what is this P.C.U. and B.U.S.?
  180. Excellent, let's get to work!
  181. Good to know, thank you.
  182. Hey, no problem.
  183. Ooook then.
  184. You know what? You're acting a little... lopsided. Maybe you should go and see Rook 13 in the Med Bay? I'll tell him you may be coming. It's your choice whether or not to go, of course... but I think it's better to be safe, right? We don't want a banged up Bishop on our hands.
  185. Will you please suit up now?
  186. Don't just stand there, Bishop, equip your damned gear!
  187. As exciting as this is, Pawn 7 is waiting for me in the Lower Crawl. We have some C.C.U. maintenance to take care of. You can pretty much do whatever you want, but I'd suggest the Bishop training scenario in the Virtual Trainer. I did my job.
  188. Now, Pawn 7 and I have some C.C.U. maintenance to take care of in the Lower Crawl. Feel free to wander the ship and meet your new crew, or maybe hit up the Virtual Trainer and complete your Bishop training scenario. The V.T. is at the end of the hall, next to the elevator.
  189. Oh, and don't forget to go and get your C.M.C. from the K. You can find her in Mission Operations, at the end of the hall to your right.
  190. Yes, Bishop? What can I do you for?
  191. I'm only curious what you're up to?
  192. Can you tell me what there is to do for fun around here?
  193. Just saying hi!
  194. Oh, I was just checking something for Rook 9. He's a little concerned because we can't seem to track Angelov's location of transmit. Usually Zenlil can pin-point where he's contacting us from, but not today.
  195. Rook 9? How many Rooks are aboard right now?
  196. That sounds like a real problem.
  197. You sure sound young for this, how old are you?
  198. Only the three; Rook 9 the ship's captain, Rook 25 your combat specialist, and Rook 13 the on-board doctor. You know Knight 15 of course, and the rest of us are pawns. Right now there's about ten of us on board, give or take.
  199. So you can't find Angelov... is this a major problem?
  200. What does a Consortium Pawn do, exactly?
  201. How can you stand being called a 'Pawn?'
  202. Everything. Most of them consist of every variety scientist you could imagine, and they monitor and investigate issues related to their particular field. And then there's some, like myself, who are Wade's slaves. Or engineers, if you like. We keep Zenlil going and all systems flowing.
  203. That is exactly what my parents say! And I tell them that being any part of an organization like the Consortium is a blessing from the Ancestors.
  204. Well I couldn't find anything wrong, and Rook 9 doesn't seem too worried. It's probably just a system overlap or a lingering issue from our last repair.
  205. So what does a Consortium Pawn do?
  206. How old are you? You sound very young.
  207. Great, thank you for the information.
  208. Don't you know not to ask a lady that? I'm not much older than you are, I'm sure.
  209. Well, usually with age comes experience.
  210. I meant no offence, really.
  211. If you know what's good for you, you'll answer your Bishop.
  212. So what's your excuse? I am not a child, Bishop, if that's what you're worried about. We have a pretty young crew on this ship and I hope to the Ancestors that you can drop this military-macho attitude.
  213. I entered Harvard University at the age of fourteen. Pawn 24 went to Stanford, and Pawn 51 to A.N.U., when they were fifteen. Pawn 12 had his bar mitzvah while attending Cambridge! Need I go on? Most of us weren't trained for this, Bishop, we were born for it.
  214. 'Answer MY Bishop'? Yeah, that's not gonna happen. We are equal parts, Bishop - you are the muscle, and we are the brains. At least that's how it was with Bishop Eight.
  215. I suppose the information console could be considered fun, unless you're like me and have already read everything on it twenty times over. Maybe try talking to Rook 9 in the cockpit, that's always an adventure.
  216. What about you specifically? What do you like to do?
  217. What were you doing before I interrupted you?
  218. Thank you, Pawn 19.
  219. I like to work. If I've got nothing to do then I'll find a job or ask Rook 9; every minute of this gig is like taking a long, scented steam-bath. Others though? You'll usually find off-duties down in the barracks, with their heads in VR decks.
  220. Where is my VR deck then?
  221. So, what were you doing before I interrupted you?
  222. Good to know, thank you.
  223. It's not like the Consortium supplies them. You really didn't bring your own deck? Well then, welcome to the club!
  224. So, what were you doing before I interrupted you?
  225. I guess not. Well, thanks for your time.
  226. And hello again to you! Oh, and Merry Christmas!
  227. What's a person do for fun around here?
  228. And a Merry Christmas to you!
  229. Don't you mean, Happy Holidays?
  230. Well now, aren't you the tall, dark and friendly one?
  231. Can you point this friendly guy to something fun?
  232. Can I ask what you were up to before I stopped you?
  233. Friendly, but not handsome?
  234. You said it, not me!
  235. Oh, O.K. then. I'm sorry... I guess I'm not being very politically correct in saying Merry Christmas. Old habits die hard, I suppose.
  236. So, what's a person do for fun around here?
  237. Can I ask what you were doing before I stopped you?
  238. It's fine. Thanks for your time.
  239. Anyway. If you don't mind, I have to go check in with Rook 9 now. Hey and try to avoid Pawn 1 if you want to keep from screaming at someone on your first day.
  240. [background chatter]
  241. [background chatter]
  242. [background chatter]
  243. [background chatter]
  244. [background chatter]
  245. Hey Bishop, one second. I wanted to ask you something. Do you know why the King made you a Bishop?
  246. Because I'm the best there is.
  247. What are you talking about?
  248. Uh, the King?
  249. Arrogant, are we? As long as it doesn't land my arse in a sling or a coffin, be as arrogant as you want. It worked great for Hamlin, or, uh, Bishop Eight.
  250. Your record just doesn't add up. There are probably a dozen or more candidates better suited for this position than you. So I ask again – why did the King choose you?
  251. You don't know anything about me.
  252. I honestly have no idea.
  253. Uh, the King?
  254. I know enough to know that you're a special case – the King must have something on you. Something to put you ahead of the others. I guess I'll find out eventually.
  255. Of course you don't. Just try not to get us all killed.
  256. Keep it to yourself then, no problem.
  257. Yes, Bishop, your boss, my boss... he'd only pick the best for Knight 15, and he picked you. Why?
  258. Maybe I am the best.
  259. I honestly have no idea.
  260. What the hell is going on?
  261. Alright, alright, forget it.
  262. I only ask because there are probably a dozen or more candidates better suited for this position than you. So just do me a favour – don't get us all killed.
  263. Well, into the Crawl I go. I'll have to lock it down while I'm working in there, standard procedure.
  264. Good afternoon, sleepy head!
  265. Well hello again there, handsome.
  266. Six, welcome to Mission Operations! First thing's first: Here is your Consortium Mind Communicator.
  267. O.K. then, you let me know when you want to work.
  268. I'll take the Mind Communicator now if you don't mind.
  269. What exactly is this Mind Communicator of yours?
  270. Good.
  271. What... is it? Are you feeling alright or trying to be funny? Look, just take it.
  272. Please just call it a C.M.C. – hearing Consortium Mind Communicator over and over just gives me a headache.
  273. Consortium officers only need to think what we'd like to say to each other, and the CMC will do the rest.
  274. [CMC] Shouldn't we be dealing with those fighters outside?
  275. [CMC] Can you hear me?! Hello?!
  276. [CMC] Thank you.
  277. Let him sweat it out, maybe he'll lose interest and go away.
  278. Angelov has done this plenty of times before. Once we clear Bulgarian airspace, he'll scamper off to whatever cave he crawled out of.
  279. [CMC] So this isn't your first encounter with him?
  280. [CMC] It sounds like you're not a fan?
  281. [CMC] Why wait? Let's kick ass and take names.
  282. Isn't that obvious? We've been dealing with him and his Homeless Mercenaries since his father sided with us, a couple years back.
  283. [CMC] I say we shut them down then, once and for all.
  284. [CMC] And I'm guessing you're not his biggest fan?
  285. [CMC] Great, thank you.
  286. Yes! That's exactly what I've been saying for ages.
  287. I like your enthusiasm, I really do. But, the last thing we want, however, is for this to turn violent. I'm becoming rather tired of forcibly having to hurt Angelov's men.
  288. [CMC] What happened to make you say that?
  289. [CMC] Fair enough, so what's next?
  290. Only a month ago we came across Kiril and his men, exactly as now. Angelov and Bishop Eight, your predecessor, got into a fairly violent spitting match. Against my orders, Eight took control of manual weapons and shot down two of Anelov's men - a week later, he retired.
  291. And this is the first time we've seen Angelov since.
  292. [CMC] It sounds like Bishop Eight was a real handful.
  293. [CMC] Don't you think Kiril is looking for revenge?
  294. [CMC] Interesting, thank you.
  295. That man is crazier than a shithouse rat.
  296. He was definitely a little rough around the edges – but he always got the job done.
  297. [CMC] Don't you think Kiril is looking for revenge?
  298. [CMC] Good, thanks.
  299. Revenge? It would take another two hundred of those F35s to even scratch us. They're a level two threat which means the King is well aware of what Angelov is capable of.
  300. He can be amusing at times. Mostly, though, he's a pig.
  301. [CMC] O.K. so let's put this pig down.
  302. [CMC] Can I speak with him?
  303. [CMC] Good to know, thank you.
  304. Not this time, Six. No offence but I don't exactly know you very well just yet... and the last thing I need is another couple of deaths on my conscious.
  305. [CMC] 'Another' couple of deaths?
  306. [CMC] I understand.
  307. Loud and clear. It'll take some time for you to get used to the feeling, but you'll get it.
  308. [CMC] Shouldn't we be dealing with those fighters outside?
  309. [CMC] You mean the feeling of having voices in my head?
  310. [CMC] Great, thank you. So what's next?
  311. Well yes, actually. After a short while, though, it becomes like second nature. I promise.
  312. [CMC] Shouldn't we be dealing with those fighters outside?
  313. [CMC] Now, tell me more about those fighters outside.
  314. [CMC] I'm sure you're right, thanks.
  315. [CMC] Except they're a level two threat we can't seem to find.
  316. If you know that much, then you also know the King is looking into it.
  317. It's really nothing to worry about.
  318. [CMC] I've played enough of these to know you're both wrong.
  319. [CMC] I'm sure you're probably right.
  320. [CMC] Let's just destroy these 'escorts' and prepare for a fight.
  321. You've played enough of what?
  322. [CMC] These games.
  323. [CMC] Nevermind, we just have to be careful.
  324. Me too, me too. I think Six means to say that not locking Angelov's position, no matter how impossible it seems to us, could be his doing. This could be some game Angelov is playing with us. We should all be prepared for anything.
  325. There's no way, Bishop... He's really not that bright or connected.
  326. Careful? Alright, B, you just take a seat now and watch us work. As the boss said, there is REALLY nothing to worry about here. My girl can take on a hundred of these fighters without me even liftin' a finger!
  327. Yes, B, just sit back and relax now. You're supposed to enjoy your first day.
  328. That's your best idea? Kill them all?
  329. I really don't think we're there yet. How about we wait and see what the King turns up first?
  330. OK Six, before you move onto something else - I wanted you to officially meet Rook 9, Captain of Zenlil.
  331. G'day B, glad to have you here with us! And the name's actually Wade. Just stick to Wade and lay off that Rook 9 nonsense, eh?
  332. [CMC] Thanks Wade, it's great to be here.
  333. [CMC] This is all so overwhelming!
  334. [CMC] Where are you?
  335. Once the boss deals with our friend Angelov here, come and see me in the cockpit. I've got some extra rare scotch I've been itchin' to share with someone. With Eight gone, I really miss havin' someone to drink with...
  336. Wade, Wade... just stop right there, please. He's only kidding, Six. Or at least he better be.
  337. Yeah, I have those days too. Don't worry though, mate. Kiril blusters a lot but he's pretty much harmless.
  338. [CMC] I meant being here in this world is so overwhelming!
  339. [CMC] When can I meet this Kiril for myself?
  340. [CMC] Great, thanks.
  341. Right, yeah. Wait... what did you say?
  342. [CMC] It doesn't matter, forget about it.
  343. [CMC] You heard me.
  344. [CMC] You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
  345. Alright, consider it forgotten.
  346. Christ's sake, Taryn, they certainly don't make 'em any less crazy, do they?
  347. I guess not.
  348. Forget I asked. As long as you do good to keep your head on straight when it matters.
  349. Why in the name of God's bleeding belly would you want to do that? I sure wish I could go back in time and un-meet his greasy arse!
  350. Colourful as always, Wade. And Six, I'll be sure and let you know when we've got Angelov on the comm again.
  351. Uh... where do you think the pilot would be, mate? That C.M.C. you just stuck in your ear can transmit as far as the bloody moon; we've tested it!
  352. [CMC] Well it's great to be here.
  353. [CMC] Impressive. Everything today is just so overwhelming!
  354. Well great... it's, um, nice talking to you!
  355. So hey, all kiddin' aside, give me just a few minutes to finish up this diagnostic and then I'd like to get a look at you in person.
  356. For now I want you to walk around a little and meet your new crew. Most of them are eager to meet you.
  357. Alright, B, I've unlocked my sanctum, er, the cockpit... come by and say hi.
  358. Hi. Why are you typing in the air like that?
  359. How's it going?
  360. You'll see most of us doing it, it's thanks to the M.U.V.I. implant... it's how we interface with our own HUD and can remotely interact with numerous systems. You don't have the same sort of access with yours, but you DO use your hands, likely without even knowing it, when you open and close your inventory.
  361. Good, thank you. So far shaping up to be a day like any other.
  362. So... why were you typing in the air?
  363. Good to hear.
  364. No time to waste... we can talk more later, maybe after Angelov stops beating his chest and goes home.
  365. I'm a little busy right now.
  366. I only wanted to say hi.
  367. Really? What are you up to?
  368. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bother you.
  369. And now that you've said it, how do you feel?
  370. One, play nice now or I'll cut your vacai in half.
  371. [Pawn 1] Is there a problem here?
  372. [Knight 15] What is his problem?
  373. Geez, I'm sorry I bothered.
  374. No, Bishop. No problem here. I just have work to do and I'd rather not be distracted from it by someone who shouldn't even be here. Knight 15 deserves far better than you.
  375. [Pawn 1] Watch your mouth, Pawn!
  376. [Pawn 1] What are you talking about?
  377. [Knight 15] What is he talking about?
  378. He's still just a little sore over Bishop Eight leaving us. Like a big baby.
  379. It's not funny, sir. You deserve better, much better.
  380. [Pawn 1] You'd better learn to mind your tongue.
  381. [Pawn 1] What are you talking about?
  382. [Knight 15] What is he talking about?
  383. You can't talk to me like that. I am the senior ranking Pawn on this ship. I only take orders from Knight 15 and Rook 9; no exceptions.
  384. [Pawn 1] Lighten up a little, will you?
  385. [Pawn 1] You're still only just a Pawn.
  386. [Knight 15] Is he always like this?
  387. I'll lighten up when you start showing your worth around here. Like I said, Knight 15 deserves the best of the best... not some second rate 'military hero.'
  388. Oh hell, One, he's right: lighten up. Give the man a chance before you pass judgement. Or at the very least, trust in the King's decision.
  389. [Pawn 1] What are you talking about?
  390. [Knight 15] What is he talking about?
  391. Well, I've had enough of this little chat.
  392. Come now, Six, grow up. You too, One, it's only amusing for so long.
  393. I'm sorry, sir. I'm sure the King had his reasons and I'll do my best to remember that.
  394. [Knight 15] I don't have to take this from him.
  395. [Knight 15] Is he always like this?
  396. [Pawn 1] Good, maybe we can talk more later.
  397. You mean is he always such a stick in the mud? Yes, he certainly is.
  398. Joke all you want, it doesn't change the fact he's probably going to get us all killed.
  399. [Pawn 1] What are you talking about?
  400. [Knight 15] What is he talking about?
  401. I think we're done here.
  402. Nothing further then? Good.
  403. Bishop. I simply don't think you're right for this post.
  404. [Pawn 1] Why do you think that?
  405. [Pawn 1] You don't know anything about me.
  406. [Knight 15] Are you going to let him talk like that?
  407. Well, your career record alone doesn't stand up to half the other candidates, and then there's your personal life... my God, don't even get me started there.
  408. [Pawn 1] You judge this strongly based on my record and hearsay?
  409. [Knight 15] Are you going to let him talk like that?
  410. I think this is where we end this conversation.
  411. Uh huh, well I've also personally spoken to some of your previous commanders... and they all tell me that you were -21-2121-2121-21-... and ... 21-212121--21 ...
  412. You mUst nOt lEarn spec1f1c2 oF VesSel'2 paSt.
  413. What... what was that? What vessel and why was your voice all... wait a minute, that was the King's voice! Holy hell, that was such a good impression!
  414. Pretty incredible, Six... can you do anyone else?
  415. I'm feel1ng T1red, I have to leave nOw.
  416. I'm feel1ng t1red, I have to leave NoW.
  417. I'm feEl1ng t1red, I have tO leave now.
  418. Oh, O.K., no problem. Good, in fact, I've got work to do.
  419. You are... dismissed then.
  420. No? Well that was a very good impression, the best yet I'd say.
  421. Nothing to say, Bishop?
  422. I'm feel1ng T1red, I have to leave nOw.
  423. I'm feel1ng t1red, I have to leave NoW.
  424. Tell me my full name and where I grew up.
  425. Excuse me? Fine. Maybe we can discuss this further, at a later time.
  426. Is this some kind of joke? Your name is -21-2121-2121- ... and you spent the first fifteen years of your life in 2121-121 .. Satisfied? Good.
  427. Where do you think you are, Bishop? You can defend yourself, you are certainly not a child.
  428. [Pawn 1] Go to hell, you obnoxious bastard!
  429. [Pawn 1] I don't think you know what you're talking about.
  430. [Knight 15] He doesn't think I'm right for this post? Good for him.
  431. Whoa. I haven't heard a mouth like that since my old man was still alive.
  432. I was sort of meaning, tell him to get off your back, but I suppose your way works too.
  433. Well O.K. One, the Bishop here doesn't seem to care about your world view.
  434. Fine, laugh it up... ha-ha.
  435. I only wanted you to know my opinion, Bishop, and publicly. I'll be good now.
  436. Don't look at me, Six... why don't you ask him?
  437. [Pawn 1] Why exactly does she 'deserve better'?
  438. [Knight 15] Because I just don't care all that much.
  439. It doesn't matter, we're done here.
  440. That is really not necessary, One. You haven't even seen the man work yet... let it be.
  441. Yes, sir.
  442. I'll try to be good. I just hope our new Bishop here doesn't get us all killed.
  443. Nothing, never mind. I've just got a headache and I don't feel like talking right now.
  444. [Pawn 1] How about you tell me why you're so annoyed?
  445. [Knight 15] What is his problem?
  446. Hey, no problem. Maybe we can talk later.
  447. Bishop.
  448. I'm sorry about him, don't let it bother you. He's been rather attached to Bishop Eight since Eight saved his life the fourth or fifth time.
  449. [CMC] I've got some big shoes to fill, no doubt.
  450. [CMC] You should have reprimanded him.
  451. [CMC] I understand, it's no problem.
  452. You could say that. He was well liked by most the crew but between you and I, it was his time to move on. His incredible luck was running out.
  453. I don't think so, Six, not on my ship. I encourage everyone under me to always speak their mind on all matters, good or bad.
  454. Good, good. Half of being a Bishop is counting on those you work with – if you can't at least get along with these fine ladies and gentleman, then you have no business being here.
  455. Uh, hey, hi... how are you? Oh, oh my gosh... you're Bishop Six! Oh, it's amazing to meet you. Did you know that the old Bishop Six left the Consortium in early 2040? Yep, he just up and left... he's a stay-at-home Dad now! Go figure. He lives in Florida with his wife and his two kids, beautiful family... beautiful, beautiful family. Love them.
  456. Uh, good information! Thanks!
  457. I'm great, it's nice to meet you... Pawn 12 is it?
  458. Are you feeling O.K.?
  459. You are most welcome! Um, do you need anything else... from me?
  460. Anything 'else'? I haven't asked you anything yet.
  461. No, I guess not.
  462. Oh, uh, right, I uh... guess you haven't. Uh, would you like to? Ask me? For... anything?
  463. You can tell me what you do for the Consortium.
  464. No thank you, Pawn 12.
  465. You're certainly eager to help me, aren't you?
  466. Me? Well I'm glad you asked! Um, myself and Pawn 19, we uh, we actually monitor the environmental concerns within the grid. We keep an eye on the power plants, industrial zones, polar levels, ozone levels, impacts from climate change, ocean levels and acidification, nanopollution, deforestation... the list just goes on!
  467. By monitor, you mean spy on everyone?
  468. What happens then if something happens?
  469. Great, thanks! I think I'll let you get back to work now.
  470. Uh, well, sort of... yeah, I guess so. But it's all in the intention though, right? And since we have good intentions, well that makes it A-O.K. in my book!
  471. And if a law is broken, then what?
  472. O.K., well I'll let you get back to work now.
  473. Ha, well then the uh, the King sends us right in! In a lot of cases actually, environmental problems are resolved easily enough by Knight 15. She's incredibly good at convincing people to lay down without a fight. And if a show of force is required, well then, that's your territory!
  474. Alright, well I'll let you get back to work now.
  475. Oh, well... hm, are you sure? Well how about some coffee? I used to get Bishop Eight his coffee right after missions. Oh, and you were just sleeping, right?
  476. So... you want to get me coffee?
  477. I should really get going. Maybe we can talk again later.
  478. Yep, uh, Pawn 12... David Benedict, at your service! Ha! Well, not literally at your service... unless you want me TO be, 'cause I could be at your service. Although, you know, nothing that goes over the line... but uh, but... you want me to get you some coffee?
  479. Stop that, what is your problem?
  480. You want to get me coffee? As in, right now?
  481. I'm O.K., thank you. You look busy and I should let you work.
  482. I'm just really excited to meet you. I have so many Bishop collectibles and games at home, my mother thinks I need a shrink. She also says I’m too quiet... and awkward. Both of which are true, I guess.
  483. You're certainly not very quiet right now.
  484. So, you're smitten by me?
  485. Uh huh. I think I'll let you get back to work now.
  486. You're right, sir, you're totally right. Bishop Eight never even talked to me, he just looked at me funny and called me a name I will not repeat. So this is sort of new for me. Thanks.
  487. Don't call me sir, nobody else seems to.
  488. No problem. Well, it was nice meeting you.
  489. So David, what do you do for the Consortium?
  490. Oh, right, I guess you're not really my boss. It doesn't really feel that way, does it? I mean, you're a big powerful Bishop and everything. And, well-well, me, I'm... well, let's face it... I'm just me.
  491. What do you do for the Consortium, anyway?
  492. I'll let you get back to work now.
  493. You too, Bishop, you too! Wow, you're, you're really nice. It's great to see. Really great, nice Bishop's have a very, very high fan count.
  494. No, no... nothing like that, sir. Er, I just think you're doing the world an invaluable service! And I, well if you're doing a service then I'm doing you a service, and therefore I'm helping the world do a... invaluable service, and I feel like I'm part of that... and it's really, really, really exciting.
  495. In other words? Yes, he's quite smitten by you!
  496. Don't call me sir, nobody else seems to.
  497. So what do you actually do for the Consortium?
  498. Riiight. I think I'll let you get back to work now...
  499. Sure, why not?
  500. Because it's weird and you're not my secretary.
  501. Alright, I'd love a coffee!
  502. Well no thank you, I don't want to be a bother.
  503. Erm, now I feel kind of silly. Well you're, it's just you're a pretty great guy, and It's really great to have you aboard.
  504. Done!
  505. No? Oh, well hey, that's fine too. Whatever you want!
  506. Yep, feeling good. Feeling great, in fact. I'm really happy to have met you before your first mission! You're bound to be a popular one, with your less-than-stellar record and everything. Er, not that I think like Pawn 1 does... no, no... I just... I don't know. I'm sorry.
  507. What's that about my record?
  508. No, I really don't think you're O.K...
  509. Whatever Pawn 1 may think, he's probably wrong.
  510. Oh, no, I didn't mean anything by it! I just have this tendency to say the stupidest things. You're just sort of an underdog is all, and that makes you popular with me... us! I, I, I mean us... the public! By 'us' I meant the public, your fans.
  511. Why are you so nervous?
  512. So, Pawn 12, what do you do for the Consortium?
  513. So, Pawn 12, I'm supposed to call you Pawn 12 right?
  514. That's what I said too! He's just, he's just upset over Bishop Eight. He'll get over it though, you just watch. Try saving his life, that would help!
  515. Why are you so nervous?
  516. So, Pawn 12, what do you do for the Consortium?
  517. So, Pawn 12, I'm supposed to call you Pawn 12 right?
  518. Er, I guess that's some pretty useless information then, isn't it? I don't know why I'm so nervous today!
  519. He's nervous because you Bishops are his heroes. You are like the G.I. Joe of his generation, so you'd better get used to it.
  520. Whoa, whoa, 12... wait just one second. Did the Bishop here just ask you to get him coffee?
  521. Oh, uh, yeah... he did, but I don't mind, I don't mind, really... I don't.
  522. I don't care if you think it's the greatest job in the world to wipe his ass. Sit down, now.
  523. Sorry, Bishop.
  524. Seriously, Six? Try to remember that my pawns are not your personal servants.
  525. Oh uh, I'm uh... I'm going to, uh, go back to work now then. Maybe we can go get a drink sometime, er, together? My, uh, sister... she'd love an autograph from you! Ha-ha...
  526. I think he's played too many Consortium video games.
  527. [background chatter]
  528. [background chatter]
  529. [background chatter]
  530. [background chatter]
  531. [background chatter]
  532. [background chatter]
  533. [background chatter]
  534. [background chatter]
  535. Welcome, welcome, and a happy holidays to you.
  536. Bishop.
  537. That is the Holographic Situation Room. It's where you can watch dirty holo vids when you're bored and feeling lone--
  538. Whoa whoa, I am listening to this you know.
  539. Oh, hey boss. I was just telling the Bishop about the... uhhh... dirty holo vids.
  540. All jokes aside... the Holo-Situation Room is actually for mission briefings and debriefings, usually led by the King or the Queen.
  541. I was getting to that part, I swear I was.
  542. My sister's going as well, she's never been to the theatre before.
  543. Being a hologram in the seats doesn't really count as 'going to the theatre', does it?
  544. At least it'll give her some culture for a change; something better than the hours she spends in that VR world she calls a life.
  545. Hey now, that 'VR world' makes her happy, no?
  546. I don't know, I just don't see the appeal of living your life like that. It's not really living.
  547. Tell that to the millions of wireheads out there!
  548. Bishop Six, in the flesh.
  549. Bishop.
  550. Hey there, it's nice to have a new Bishop around here, finally.
  551. Bishop, it was nice to meet you.
  552. Hey, buon pomeriggio, Bishop, welcome to Global Ops.
  553. Hey! So what do you guys do up here in Global Ops?
  554. Hello. What were you two talking about when I came in?
  555. As the title suggests, we monitor global operations. Everything that happens inside our grid comes through this room.
  556. It's our job to sort through it all and ensure treaties and alliances are held up. The King does most the work, but we like to think we help.
  557. So you're big brother in other words?
  558. What does it mean to be 'inside our grid?'
  559. Great, thanks. I'll let you guys get back to work.
  560. Big brother? What do you mean?
  561. 1984? The novel? No? You make me feel so old sometimes. And Bishop... yes! I guess we are a little like big brother, but in a good way! We're always out there and we are always watching!
  562. So what does it mean to be 'inside our grid?'
  563. Good to know, thank you Pawn 62.
  564. Each of the five Consortium C-3800 vessels have their own list of supporting entities to monitor, and in most cases police. So all that landmass or orbital territory is what we call our grid.
  565. This thing can go to space?
  566. Good to know, thanks Pawn 51.
  567. That's news to you, is it? O.K.... then yeah... we can enter space.
  568. And we also monitor several of the more multinational space stations; Zeus being the biggest. We've even been to the Moon colony a few times.
  569. Have you not heard about the new patch for VR-Sports? Playhouses are putting holo-seating in now, they're all over Broadway and are only a few weeks from going live.
  570. Slow down and explain what all that means.
  571. Wow, I was expecting something a little more exciting.
  572. Right, of course. So what do you guys do up here in Global Ops?
  573. Really? How far in the bush have you been lately? Several major Broadway stage locations have setup holo-seats of their own now, exactly as VR-Sports have done in sports arenas.
  574. So Pawn 51 here got herself into the alpha testing at the Palace. It's for that new one, The Dream Traveler, have you heard of it?
  575. Nope, but it sounds interesting.
  576. Let's pretend for a second I don't know what VR-Sports is.
  577. Definitely a lot less exciting than I was hoping.
  578. It's one of the better sci-fi stage shows out there; about a man who travels between parallel universes through the dreams of people in his life. Pretty wild stuff.
  579. So... what is it you guys do up here?
  580. Now let's pretend I don't know what VR-Sports is.
  581. You don't get much time off, do you? Poor guy. Boil it down? You can now 'experience virtually,' any sort of show that is considered 'live.' New toys called holo-seats are being installed everywhere and they can project you and your friends, and you'll appear to sit next to each other and watch a game, show, movie, whatever. I cannot decide whether I think it's innovative or just sad.
  582. How 'bout... sadly innovative?
  583. Ah, the future. What a wonderful place to be.
  584. How fat must everyone be with such technology?!
  585. Sounds like technology moving in on what should be an escape from it.
  586. That's a for sure.
  587. I don't get it.
  588. So... what do you two do up here?
  589. Alright, thanks for the chat but I'll let you get back to work.
  590. Nah, they've all got that nano weight loss crap now, right?
  591. Nano technology: the one true cure for skyrocketing obesity.
  592. So... what do you two do up here?
  593. Alright, thanks for the chat but I'll let you get back to work.
  594. I sort of agree, but that's where we've been headed for decades with no sign of slowing down. You should know, you can't be much older than Pawn 51 here. You've grown up with it constantly thrown in your face, technology is like water with you kids.
  595. I guess I'm just accustomed to it... society made me, right? Just don't ask me how to farm, hunt, cut or eat a real animal, and I'll be fine.
  596. No? Well apparently it's even better than 'Weekend Season,' and that won every award it was up for!
  597. O.K. I'm sorry we're not exciting enough for you, Bishop. Is there anything else you need then?
  598. What do you guys do up here in Global Ops?
  599. Nope, I'm good. Thanks for nothing.
  600. I should just leave you guys alone.
  601. Uh, you're welcome?
  602. And here I was hoping against hope that Pawn 1 was wrong about you.
  603. Alright then. I'll take that as a no.
  604. Oh, here we go.
  605. Damn, this is pretty... I want to say serious, but I’m going to go with odd.
  606. What's going on?
  607. No problem, pretend I'm not here.
  608. The thing on the London docks, in Felixstowe. The, uh, ship that showed up with a bunch of corpses. The London police weren't releasing many details to the public, but now they're spilling everything to us in a T.S. packet.
  609. And it's a lot to go through.
  610. At least give me a hint? Why'd they involve us?
  611. What is a T.S. packet?
  612. Well don't let me slow you down.
  613. One second... yes, it's because... what the hell?
  614. The 21 people were shot to death with AK-47 rifles. If that's not enough, the bullet casings found all date back to... you're not going to believe this. 2013. This doesn't make any sense, that's long-obsolete weaponry firing bullets from before the War.
  615. Top secret packet, it's just what we like to call the information packets we receive that are 'for our eyes only.'
  616. It's everything to do with the case, including the King's own initial observations.
  617. And so why did the London Police involve us?
  618. Sounds important, I won't get in your way. Good luck.
  619. I'm sorry, Bishop, but the King has made this a priority and we need to concentrate.
  620. Yeah... O.K., Mum, we need to say goodbye now. No, no, no, don't... don't tell me to shut my mouth, it's not nice. No, mum, you need to rest. Yes, rest is good. We'll talk later tonight, when you're feeling better. Goodbye, mum.
  621. Uh... ha... Sorry about that, B. Welcome to the nerve centre for everything Zenlil. You see all those buttons and switches all over the place? I actually know what they do, every one of 'em! How's that for impressive?
  622. Very. You mentioned some extra rare scotch before?
  623. Very. So what does a pilot do on a futuristic plane?
  624. [More Options]
  625. Oh Christ, I wish I was being serious. It's not like this plane doesn't fly herself anyway, a drunk captain wouldn't make much a difference.
  626. If you don't fly Zenlil, then what do you do on a regular day?
  627. Do you help when I'm on a mission?
  628. [More Options]
  629. Try not to fall asleep, I guess. I started a game with myself a few weeks ago – for every hour I stay awake, I give myself a cookie! Eight pounds later and I'm still doing pretty good!
  630. You've got to be kidding me...
  631. [laugh] What about when I'm on a mission?
  632. [More Options]
  633. Lighten up, B, bullshit is a lot more fun than the truth. The, uh, boring answer is that I'm kept quite busy... I mostly just feel like a big daddy to all the scampering Pawns around here. During your missions I'll be the one guiding your hand, telling you where to go and what to avoid. I can pretty much tap into any security system out there, giving me a birds-eye view on all your surroundings.
  634. Do I have to go where you tell me to?
  635. So if I walk into an ambush and die, it's on you?
  636. [More Options]
  637. You'd better not, mate. If you gather my advice ain't worth camel shit... then you go right ahead and do whatever the bleedin' hell you want. All I do, all any of us Rooks can do, is advise you. The boss will try and toss you 'round sometimes, but don't let it get to you.
  638. Hm, good point! A little dark and creepy, but a bloody good point! Thanks a lot, B, now we better make sure that doesn't happen, right?
  639. During your missions I'll be the one guiding your hand, telling you where to go and what to avoid. I can pretty much tap into any security system out there, giving me a birds-eye view on all your surroundings.
  640. Do I have to go where you tell me to?
  641. So if I walk into an ambush and die, it's on you?
  642. [More Options]
  643. So, that was your mother on the line when I came in?
  644. So, I take it you're the ship's joker?
  645. It sure was, second greatest love of my life. She's had Alzheimer’s for a few years now. I try and call her when I can, visit whenever I'm back in Perth.
  646. And your first love being, let me guess, this plane?
  647. That's really very sweet of you.
  648. That's a little pathetic, don't you think?
  649. You've got it! I haven't had a flesh and blood partner since first taking this captain's chair... but I say who needs 'em? Am I right? Besides, I've always got my mum.
  650. [smile] Does Wade need a girlfriend?
  651. If you say so.
  652. No Wade, just... No.
  653. You'll be eating those words after enough years working for this outfit! Work is now officially your life. You may as well pick something to be your new girlfriend... maybe your P.C.U.? You could call her Linda.
  654. You are one seriously whacked individual.
  655. Linda it is.
  656. Uh huh...
  657. Oh, I'll grow on you. I can promise you that, lad. Like a sticky kind of fungus.
  658. Lad? How old do you think I am?
  659. O.K. fine, Linda shall be my P.C.U.!
  660. We'll see about that.
  661. Good. That's my mum's name and she likes the young ones.
  662. Young ones? How old do you think I am?
  663. Come on, that's just creepy.
  664. On second thought, maybe I should call it something else...
  665. How the hell should I know? I didn't look at your file that closely, mate, I trust the King's judgement. I must say though, you don't look a day over twenty. Out with it then, how old are you?
  666. I am twenty-one years old.
  667. You're not even close, I'm thirty-three!
  668. I... don't... know.
  669. My God, that's more than half my... uh, never mind. Youngest damn Bishop I've ever heard of. I guess that's a compliment.
  670. Well bloody hell, that sure makes me feel a lot better. Here I thought they'd sent us a young little pup with a day's training. You really do look younger.
  671. O.K. Sheila, not a problem.
  672. Sorry, sorry... you're right. It's this bloody Aussie tongue of mine, always wagging away without asking my brain for permission.
  673. Just be careful in the future.
  674. Let's go back a minute. How old do you think I am?
  675. It's no problem.
  676. You're getting a pass on that one, but don't bother acting my superior again. Bishops and Rooks are on equal ground in this outfit... boy.
  677. Boy?! Out with it, how old am I??
  678. So telling you to get me some coffee is a... bad idea?
  679. Not unless you want me to throw you out an airlock? I've done it before, you know, so watch it!
  680. You've thrown someone out an airlock?!
  681. Two people, actually! Don't tell me you've never heard of the William Taylor incident?! Ha, that one sure put me on the public's radar! Make a search for Taylor on the Information Console... I'm sure you'll appreciate the humor!
  682. Uh, no... sorry.
  683. What about Rook 25?
  684. What about Knight 15?
  685. Well shit... maybe Rook 13 knows someone. Oh wait, but do I want to risk meeting someone he recommends? Probably not...
  686. Oh hell no, that right there is a no-fly zone. It would be like dating my long-dead father. Meanest man I've ever known.
  687. Ha, she's leagues more sophisticated than me. Plus, most of her interests are far beyond my meagre comprehension. She's a real brain powerhouse; kind of like Rook 13 only a lot less strange.
  688. No? Oh, well... suck it up, Wade, you chose this life.
  689. Hm, I guess I'm wrong... Who am I kidding? I'm lonely... I need a woman, and bad. Do you know anybody?
  690. Uh, no... sorry.
  691. What about Rook 25?
  692. What about Knight 15?
  693. Hey now, don't you go getting any ideas! I'm sweet on my mum and this ship, but that's it!
  694. So then your first greatest love is this plane?
  695. [smile] Does Wade need a girlfriend?
  696. That's a little pathetic, don't you think?
  697. Excuse me? I didn't hear that right, I think you just called me pathetic for loving my mum?
  698. It's pathetic to show such weakness to a stranger.
  699. Sorry, I was just messing around.
  700. I don't know what sort of spiky animal crawled up and died inside of you, B... but you'd better drop this attitude you're flaring at me. Or you can get the hell out of my cockpit.
  701. Why don't you make me, Captain?
  702. Alright, alright... I'm sorry.
  703. Make you? Are you for bloody real, mate? You're acting like I boffed your girlfriend or something!
  704. You're a damned clown. A disgrace to the Consortium.
  705. Yep, I've gone too far. I'm sorry.
  706. What in the hell is wrong with you, B?
  707. If you say so.
  708. Well, you know... life is just too bloody short to be an uptight bastard all the time. 'Have fun with it lest it drown you in shite,' that's my mum's philosophy.
  709. And a good philosophy it is!
  710. Your mother sounds a little rough around the edges.
  711. And I assume that was her on the line when I came in?
  712. She's a damn smart woman in her own, uh, unique way.
  713. And I assume that was her on the line when I came in?
  714. Come on... she had to suffer through the 1980's, can you really blame her?
  715. And I assume that was her on the line when I came in?
  716. So, B, is there anything else you need? I've got something here I need to concentrate on.
  717. Can I help you at all?
  718. No, I guess not. I'll let you work.
  719. I appreciate the offer, but nope. Don't sweat it. The King and I have got everything under control... we'll find the bastard.
  720. Thanks, B.
  721. Good... if that changes, you know where I am.
  722. I've never done this before, but I want you to get out of my Cockpit. Now. You are really messing up what started as a fairly good day.
  723. Are we really going to have a problem here? This is unbelievable. So you're going to act like a child on top of being a wanker?!
  724. I'm truly at a loss for words. You know what? It doesn't matter, I'm done.
  725. Good boy...
  726. And hey, welcome to the Consortium.
  727. Well now that's odd...
  728. What is odd?
  729. Something's just tripped security sensors on Bishop Eight's old BUS. locker. The keypad was accessed.
  730. Why is his B.U.S. still aboard anyway?
  731. Should I check it out?
  732. It's a long story but essentially the company we use for recycling most of our equipment, hasn't been available to pickup it up for weeks. So in Bishop Eight's old cabin, the BUS sits. They claim work order issues and double bookings, but I think the whole company is going down.
  733. Should I go take a look in the cabin?
  734. That seems a little strange, doesn't it?
  735. Not really, no... just a string of incompetence on their end. But hey, the bright side is they'll have it out of our way in two days time. And the King is already looking into other options for equipment disposal.
  736. Should I go take a look in the cabin?
  737. Yeah, hey, why not... saves me the trip. I wouldn't be surprised to find it's just another glitch. Zenlil's been acting mighty strange today. Although, the BUS locker itself is separate from the ship's primary systems right now, it's bloody well disconnected. Hm.
  738. Well, if you're up for it, I'd appreciate the help. It's the cabin right across from yours, you can't miss it. Go take a look and I'll keep an eye out through your C.M.C.
  739. Did you just say you'll keep an eye out 'through' my C.M.C.?
  740. O.K., sounds good.
  741. We can see through you, as long as your C.M.C. is jacked into your head. Didn't anyone tell you anything?! Us Rooks, and the boss... yep... everywhere you go. Except when you go to the bathroom, of course. There is an automated privacy setting.
  742. Hm, heya B. If you wouldn't mind, would you do me a quick favour and go look inside Bishop Eight's old cabin?
  743. Sure, no problem.
  744. I'm busy right now. Sorry.
  745. Something or someone just tripped the panel sensor on Eight's BUS locker. It's probably just another in a string of bizarre glitches, but you never know. My girl's been feeling a little under the weather today it seems.
  746. Hey no, I understand. Wandering the ship aimlessly is such hard work and all, don't want to stress you out too much.
  747. Lights.
  748. Oh hell, Wade – lock down that cabin immediately!
  749. Way ahead of you, boss.
  750. Is that Pawn 7?! But I... I was just with him two minutes ago! What happened?!
  751. Rook 13, will you please... quietly get up there? And don't tell Pawn 24 anything. We need to contain this before the whole ship finds out.
  752. Yes, sir. On my way.
  753. And I'm sorry, Six, but I need you there... at least until Rook 13 can take a look.
  754. [CMC] Of course, no problem.
  755. [CMC] You can't do that...
  756. [CMC] Is it normal around here to find dead bodies?
  757. Good. Just until Rook 13 can determine it was an accident. I'm not about to believe someone committed murder on my ship.
  758. I sure can, mate, you just watch me.
  759. Just take it easy... let Rook 13 do his job first and then we'll go from there.
  760. Have some bloody respect! And I pray it was only an accident.
  761. I'm coming too, I've got to see this with my own eyes.
  762. O.K. Wade, let me in.
  763. My gods, I just let him go on his lunch break, he was complaining about having skipped breakfast... I, I was only trying to be nice for once.
  764. Alannah, you have nothing to blame yourself for. If there is someone to blame for this, then I trust he or she will come forward on their own.
  765. Wade, I am here.
  766. I just can't believe he's dead, I've been such a bitch to him lately.
  767. You are more often than not a bitch to everyone, not only Pawn 7.
  768. [Rook 25] As the K said, you can't blame yourself!
  769. [Rook 25] Suck it up, I mean he's only a red shirt!
  770. [Rook 13] Wow, some brother you are!
  771. I can blame myself if I want to, thank you very much. If I had only kept acting the hard-ass, he would still be with me in the crawl right now.
  772. I know what that means, you know... and that's really disrespectful. So how about you just shut up?
  773. It's O.K, Bishop... Keiran is only saying what he thinks is the right thing to say. He's only trying to make me feel better.
  774. Thanks, brother... you always know what to say.
  775. It looks as though someone threw his head against the locker panel with enough force to nearly cave in his skull. This was absolutely no accident.
  776. Thank you, Keiran. You are not going to like this, but I want you all to exit the room immediately. Nobody gets in or out, not until we reach Ireland.
  777. Are you kidding me? At least let us move him to the med containment unit?
  778. Here, Keiran... help me put him on the bed.
  779. Wait! This is a crime scene!
  780. Be careful...
  781. Is that some kind of joke?
  782. You can't just move a body like that.
  783. I'm sorry, forget I said anything.
  784. It doesn't matter, let them move him. We've got all the evidence we need for our people in Ireland to figure out exactly who else was there.
  785. Alannah will also likely stab you in the eye if you try and stop her. My sister can be sometimes... over-emotional.
  786. Hm, my book.
  787. What was that, Keiran? Your book? Mind explaining what your book was doing under the dead body of one of my Pawns?
  788. I cannot explain that to you, because I do not know. I noticed it was missing from the med bay this morning. I simply assumed someone had borrowed it. I was apparently correct.
  789. [CMC] Maybe someone is trying to frame him?
  790. [CMC] Throw him in the brig!
  791. [CMC] What's the book about?
  792. It is plausible.
  793. But also highly unlikely, remember where you two are! This isn't some corrupt military.
  794. Don't be juvenile, Six. Nobody goes in the brig until we know for sure they belong there!
  795. Some call it the Guardian Church bible, though I do not know why. It is mostly just a collection of inspirational stories about Church members. A 'best of' from headway meetings around the world.
  796. [CMC] I say we throw Rook 13 in the brig!
  797. [CMC] Maybe someone is trying to frame him?
  798. [CMC] How many Guardian Church members are aboard this ship?
  799. At least half, maybe even three-quarters of us. It is not uncommon for Consortium officers to be Guardian Church members.
  800. And I don't see why that matters, Six, We have a dead body on our hands, we can deal with the book later.
  801. Fine. It doesn't matter right now, either way.
  802. Now, Alannah. I hear your concern. But we can't risk someone seeing you move his body to the med bay. I'm sorry, but forget about the containment unit for now. All of you, listen to me very carefully... this stays between us. I swear that we'll get to the truth when we land in Ireland and we can question everyone individually.
  803. I really don't think waiting is a good idea. Someone on board this plane just killed one of my people and I want to know who! If only so I can personally string 'em up and throw 'em in the brig!
  804. [CMC] I'll help you find the killer.
  805. [CMC] I think Knight 15 is right. Let's wait until we land.
  806. [CMC] I think an eye for an eye is in order here!
  807. Thank you, Bishop.
  808. This is not a democracy, no matter what you two may think.
  809. Two against one, alright, alright. I'll be quiet.
  810. Good, and thank you Six.
  811. You mean kill them?! Are you insane? Capital punishment isn't exactly the Consortium way, Bishop.
  812. Six was undoubtedly only joking. Extremely inappropriately, I might add.
  813. No, Alannah. You will listen to me and do nothing. It... did not... happen.
  814. Now, if you don't mind, get your asses out of that room!
  815. Yes, sir.
  816. This is so bloody insane. A murder on a C-3800... it can't be real.
  817. I'm going back in the crawl.
  818. Six, um, why did you recycle the book? It was evidence.
  819. [CMC] Beeecause I felt like it?
  820. [CMC] I needed the energy.
  821. [CMC] Oh, sorry about that!
  822. Just perfect, a loose cannon with a loose tongue.
  823. Uh huh, don't be asinine.
  824. That was also my book. I believe this is where I say... you owe me a new one?
  825. It's alright though, Six. Your C.M.C. should have picked up enough evidence for us.
  826. Well how should I know where he is?
  827. Don't you think it's at least a little peculiar? And she's angry about something.
  828. I learned a long time ago not to let Rook 25's mood swings bother me.
  829. Yes, yes... fine. But I'm telling you, something is going on with Pawn 7.
  830. Just get back to work.
  831. You may be O.K. with turning a blind eye around here, but I'm not.
  832. Whatever you say, there's just no arguing with you is there?
  833. Piss off, Patricia.
  834. You know it as well as I do, Patricia.
  835. Do you really want to get into this now? She could come back from the crawl at any second.
  836. Do I look like I care? Let her hear me! I do not deserve this kind of treatment, and it's time she understands this.
  837. What kind of treatment? You've only been here a month and you're already complaining?
  838. She does not need to treat us like ants to be stomped on.
  839. Can we just get back to work? Please?
  840. Fine, but I will not let her push me around anymore.
  841. Yes, yes, whatever you say.
  842. Welcome aboard.
  843. Good to see you again, Bishop.
  844. B6, it sort of sounds like a vitamin. Welcome aboard!
  845. Your majesty!
  846. Good afternoon, Bishop. I'm sorry you had to hear all that.
  847. It's not my problem.
  848. What is Pawn 4's problem, exactly?
  849. Just like my being here, I had no choice.
  850. That's nice to hear, Eight would have probably slapped him for talking like that. So, Bishop Six... what made you choose the Consortium, anyway? If you don't mind my asking?
  851. I didn't have much choice, to be honest.
  852. To fight crime and save the world?
  853. There's always a choice, Bishop. The good Lord saw fit to give us the gift of choice, and you chose the Consortium. Your choices as a Bishop will in turn affect countless lives. Are you sure you're prepared for such a responsibility?
  854. I was born prepared.
  855. Ask me again in a few weeks!
  856. Don't be so dramatic, it's just a job.
  857. No, no... I think you were born for something else.
  858. What is that supposed to mean?
  859. Hey, so what do you do for the Consortium?
  860. Oh nothing much, I've just heard some things about you that I'd rather not repeat. You've got quite the history.
  861. So what do you do for the Consortium?
  862. Whatever you say, so what does someone do for fun around here?
  863. I'm sure you'll discover I'm a very different person now.
  864. Well if we're both still alive in a few weeks, I'll be sure to do that.
  865. Hey, so what is your job around here?
  866. So... what does one do for 'fun' around here?
  867. O.K. well, thanks for the chat.
  868. Other than babysit Pawns 4 and 7... On a regular day my job consists of mostly Mission Pod maintenance and repairs. We're currently running on a skeleton crew, however, and so I tend to handle quite a bit more.
  869. So, what then do you do for 'fun' around here?
  870. Interesting, is there anything else you can tell me?
  871. If I didn't know better, I'd call that a pickup line.
  872. Well it wasn't. I was only curious.
  873. And if it was meant as a pickup line?
  874. [sigh] Forget I asked.
  875. Oh, uh. What do I do for fun around here? Hmm, eat up the Virtual Trainer I suppose. We're only allowed to run Bishop training scenarios and I guess I've kind of found a hobby in it. I can splatter those automatons like nobody's business.
  876. And what if it WAS meant as a pickup line?
  877. Maybe we can splatter some together sometime.
  878. O.K. well, thanks for the info.
  879. Well I'd kindly tell you, as I've done the last dozen officers to try, that I don't date within the Consortium. Of course there's also the small detail of me being married.
  880. But... I am a Bishop!
  881. I really wasn't flirting, but that's good to know.
  882. That's fine, I understand.
  883. I think Eight once said the exact same thing to me. It didn't work for him, and while you're quite a bit cuter... it won't work for you!
  884. So... I'm cute then?
  885. I hope you realize I was only joking.
  886. I completely understand and appreciate your honesty.
  887. Very funny, Bishop. Don't you have something better to be doing?
  888. Yes, so was I. In fact, you're not cute at all.
  889. Sorry about that, er... I guess I've sort of come to expect it from the men that I meet.
  890. Wow, someone is sure full of themselves today!
  891. Yes, well, can you blame them?
  892. I'm sure you have...
  893. Oh, well, I didn't mean it that way, or, yes I did... but... forget it.
  894. Thank you, you've just made my day seeing her squirm like that.
  895. No, I guess not. Most men are like dogs begging at a table for food. Eternally hopeful that some little morsel will fall into their laps. Present company excluded, of course.
  896. Oh, God... I think I am going to vomit if either of you speak again.
  897. Just a job? You really have no idea, do you? You'll see, soon enough.
  898. Hey, so what is it you do around here?
  899. Well the world is actually doing a pretty good job of saving itself. The end of a massive world war tends to do that, but everything comes back around eventually. And we'll be here when it does.
  900. Bring on the War! I'm ready.
  901. I think we can help break the cycle.
  902. What a terrible 'massive world war' it was, hm?
  903. Right, Bishop. Of course you are.
  904. Hey, so what is it you do for the Consortium?
  905. 'Of course you are?' Why did you say it like that?
  906. Oh, ahem, don't mind me.
  907. Did I upset you...?
  908. Let's change the subject: what do you do for the Consortium?
  909. Never mind, forget I said anything.
  910. Alright fine. Now I'll finally pick 'what do you do for the Consortium?'
  911. So... what do we do for fun around here?
  912. Done.
  913. I really didn't expect that from you... well, from a Bishop I mean. And yes, I completely agree. The Consortium can potentially make all the difference this time around.
  914. So... what is it you do around here?
  915. So... what's there to do for fun around here?
  916. Exactly, and to make a difference is what I'm here for.
  917. Uh, yes... it was. Why do you sound like you don't know what I'm talking about?
  918. Because I don't have a clue.
  919. No, I meant it. It truly was a terrible war!
  920. Oh, er... I'm not sure.
  921. The Resource Wars? What did you think I meant? 'Both the sadly prophetic end of our past and crucial beginning to our future.' I forget who said that but it best describes the War for me. It needed to happen for the world to stop and take notice, for things to finally start moving in the right direction.
  922. Tell me more about this war.
  923. Yes, modern society is apparently learning from its mistakes.
  924. We'll only screw it all up again, you watch.
  925. No thank you. We talked enough about it in school. I know you're young but you're not stupid... so stop being so ignorant.
  926. You are really not what I expected, not at all.
  927. Not if the Consortium has anything to say about it.
  928. I could not agree more, Bishop! It's only a matter of time before we start fighting each other again. Like the schoolchildren we inherently are.
  929. [Pawn 4] You, shush. I was not talking to you.
  930. Well, I was only kidding. You're a real downer, Pawn 4.
  931. Yep, we're inherently destined to destroy ourselves.
  932. Yes your majesty, I apologize.
  933. Vaya hombre, 4! You've really got to learn how to not tick off your superiors.
  934. Me, a downer? Considering the cyclic nature of history... is it really so hard to believe that all of this 'world peace' is only temporary?
  935. My God, you really are something... aren't you?
  936. Like I said... real downer.
  937. I think the Consortium can help keep things stable.
  938. I am only being a realist; you can't deny millions of years of evolution simply because David-master-inventor-Schelter builds a super computer.
  939. Did you read that on a recruitment pamphlet or something? I mean don't get me wrong, I am here for the same reasons you both are – to try and help make a better tomorrow. But the Consortium cannot combat human nature, can it?
  940. You're as depressing as you are pessimistic.
  941. Amen to that!
  942. I guess I sort of expected this kind of attitude from you, Bishop, but it doesn't make it any easier to hear.
  943. Why did you expect this attitude from me?
  944. You don't know anything about me, let's not forget that.
  945. It doesn't matter. I've just heard some things about you... and no, it's nothing I'd care to repeat.
  946. Right... and to be honest, I don't really want to talk about it. Not with you.
  947. Not with me? What did I do?
  948. No problem, I completely understand.
  949. Rook 25's just been acting a little... well, a little more strict lately. And Pawn 4 here just thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, doesn't understand why she can't be nice to him.
  950. She's been acting like a real bitch. Apparently she's been like this since Bishop Eight left.
  951. [Pawn 4] Do you have to swear?
  952. [Pawn 32] And you just tolerate his crap?
  953. Well I'm not here to judge anyone. Not my problem.
  954. Well you are certainly no fun. If I had known Bishop Eight, I bet I would say he's a lot more fun than you.
  955. Ignore him, Bishop. He's new and probably won't last past the holidays; and for that matter, it's really no wonder he's got nowhere else to be for Christmas. Tell me something, what made you strive to become a Bishop?
  956. I didn't have much choice, to be honest.
  957. To fight crime and save the world?
  958. Wait a second... why do you tolerate someone like him?
  959. Uh, Bishop? Are you listening to me?
  960. Sorry. I didn't have much choice, to be honest.
  961. I joined to fight crime and save the world?
  962. Well, uh, fine. Not sure why you've suddenly gone silent... but that's fine.
  963. I think he's kind of funny but I can assure you Rook 25 does not, well, share my opinion.
  964. You and I, we both know she loves me!
  965. [Pawn 4] Well I don't think I like you very much.
  966. [Pawn 32] Can we maybe talk about something without him?
  967. You're both pretty scared of Rook 25, aren't you?
  968. And yet, the world keeps spinning! It's funny how that seems to work, huh?
  969. Come on, that's enough.
  970. [Pawn 32] Let talk about something without him...
  971. [Pawn 32] How about you tell me what it is you do around here?
  972. Gee, thanks.
  973. Sure... any suggestions? How about telling me how or why you ended up being a Bishop?
  974. I didn't have much choice, to be honest.
  975. To fight crime and save the world?
  976. How about you tell me what it is you do around here?
  977. Are you kidding me? I'm not even remotely scared of that--
  978. YES, the answer is yes. She's sort of a scary lady and it's no surprise considering all those awful horror movies she's been getting from her brother since he came aboard.
  979. So Rook 13 is also new here, like me?
  980. Yes, him and Pawn 4 came here on board together, actually. Oh, what... about a month ago now? Is that right, 4?
  981. Yes, the Irishman and I came aboard, uh, thirty-two days ago.
  982. [Pawn 32] Can we maybe talk about something without him?
  983. [Pawn 32] Tell me what it is you do around here?
  984. Good, that's a relief then. Some other Bishops have reputations for sticking their noses into Pawn business. They just don't seem to understand: we report to the Rooks, the Rooks and Bishops both report to the Knight, and the Knight to the Queen and King.
  985. So I have no command over you at all?
  986. What do you specifically do for the Consortium?
  987. Don't look so upset! We're a finely tuned machine and the field operative, that's you, has no business ordering around anyone but the hostages he's saving or the bad guys he's about to subdue. Anyway, enough about that. Tell me something: why'd you choose to become a Bishop?
  988. I didn't have much choice, to be honest.
  989. To fight crime and save the world?
  990. One more thing... what do you do for the Consortium?
  991. I'm sorry, Bishop... but I've got some work in Upper Avionics to take care of. Wade mentioned something about environmental monitors acting funny and he wants me to check it out.
  992. Oh, hey. I know you probably want to get to know me and all of that crap, but Rook 25 has just stuck me with 'many' of Pawn 7's duties. I am a little busy.
  993. But I want to talk.
  994. No problem, I'll leave you to it.
  995. Oh you do, do you? The Bishop wants to talk. O.K. Bishop, I can give you a second... what would you like to talk about?
  996. Hm, well... what do you think of Rook 25?
  997. I don't know, I was hoping you'd have an idea.
  998. O.K. then... forget I bothered you.
  999. She is a bitch. I didn't make this clear enough before? Any more questions?
  1000. She's also your boss, show some respect.
  1001. Bishop Eight was my predecessor right? Were they close?
  1002. Nope, you take care of yourself.
  1003. Uhm... no, your highness. I will not be showing her my respect. This is not the military, I am not a soldier. I do not have to take her abuse!
  1004. But you like having a job, don't you?
  1005. Right, well I'll let you get back to work now.
  1006. Like having a job? Are you serious? I wouldn't even be here if it was not for my pushy mother. She is friends with David Schelter, and she just had to put me on his radar!
  1007. Now that explains a lot.
  1008. O.K. then... I'll let you get back to work now.
  1009. Oh, don't give me that! You don't know anything about me. Now, if you do not mind, I have work to do.
  1010. I guess I'll get back to work, I don't want to make things worse.
  1011. How the hell should I know? I got here just before Bishop Eight left the ship. I barely even saw them together. Alright, I've got to get back to work.
  1012. Well good, because I hate questions.
  1013. Hm. Well I can't think of anything. Oh well, back to work.
  1014. How about you tell me your real thoughts on Rook 25?
  1015. Tell me a little bit about Pawn 32.
  1016. Sounds good, you take care.
  1017. She's cute, I will give her that much. Way too religious for my taste, though, and a little too self righteous because of it. I am sorry, but belonging to two churches does not make you better than everyone else.
  1018. Well good, because I hate talking.
  1019. Yippy! You are too kind.
  1020. Bishop.
  1021. Mon Dieu! Bishop, you startled me!
  1022. Oh, uh, I was only doing some... maintenance?
  1023. Right, maintenance. Good for you.
  1024. I think you were using the toilet...
  1025. What was that song you were whistling?
  1026. Right. Good for me. Do you need anything specific or may I go? This is quite embarrassing and I'd rather not stand here any longer than necessary.
  1027. So, you're a custodial Pawn then?
  1028. You don't need to be embarrassed.
  1029. No problem, we can talk more later.
  1030. Sure, why not? I am a full time janitor, here to clean washrooms and repair plumbing. That is me, that is what I do!
  1031. Why did you have the privacy shield up then?
  1032. I'll take that as a no. So what do you actually do then?
  1033. Well then stop talking to me and get back to work!
  1034. Very kind, but yes I do.
  1035. Because you were using a brig cell washroom?
  1036. So are you some sort of custodial Pawn then?
  1037. Alright well, it was nice meeting you.
  1038. Oh, er, you noticed that, did you? Fine. We only have one washroom to use, Bishop. ONE. And the lights in the washroom are currently broken, plus we often have up to twenty officers aboard at the same time. I am one of the smart ones coming down here.
  1039. You are certainly passionate about this.
  1040. So do maintenance and fix the damn light!
  1041. Sounds like a flaw in the ship to me!
  1042. If you want, call it a pet peeve of mine. Now, I should really get back to my duties.
  1043. Wait, so what are your duties then?
  1044. Pet peeve? I'd call that a design flaw!
  1045. No problem, I won't keep you any longer then.
  1046. Well... I am an engineer first and foremost and my duties breakdown to about 30% fixing problems, and 70% waiting for something to go wrong. Today has actually been rather busy.
  1047. Why has today been so busy?
  1048. So engineer a fix for the other washroom's light!
  1049. Great, thanks. It was nice to meet you.
  1050. To be honest, we don't know. Not yet, anyway. Wade has the King looking into it. It's strange; lights are randomly turning on and off, the elevator's been acting on its own, doors keep locking and unlocking at random. They'll figure it out... and I have got to get back to work.
  1051. I heard you were going to be trouble for us, with your history and all. I just said to myself, 'how could he be any worse than Bishop Eight?'
  1052. That was not me, not my record.
  1053. Are we going to have a problem, Pawn?
  1054. What did I do?!
  1055. Uh huh... that's a little childish, don't you think? How can you be a Bishop if you do not first own up to your past? Hm? Anyway, it is not my problem and I have work to be doing.
  1056. No, Bishop, not yet we do not. I am only repeating what I was told, nothing more, nothing less. I will make my own judgements in time... and then we shall see.
  1057. Look. I personally do not care what you've done, the King chose you and that's good enough for me. However, most of us Pawns, except for maybe Pawn 12, simply do not appreciate being treated like subordinates.
  1058. Yes, with all of this ship's bells and whistles... Schelter and the King forgot about the most basic human need. It's as if they envisioned we'd be like the Swedes and have waste removal units in our uniforms!
  1059. That's gross.
  1060. That sounds practical to me.
  1061. Right, well I think that's enough awkward chit chat for the moment!
  1062. Tell that to them! All a part of their particular blend of military cutback programs. You've heard their motto: more specialized soldiers with high tech gear means less soldiers overall. So more specialized means peeing themselves?
  1063. Anyways! What do you actually do around here?
  1064. O.K. then... I guess I'll let you get back to work.
  1065. Can we maybe change the subject?
  1066. How about we call it a good meeting, and I go back to work? Perhaps the next time we speak, we can forget this conversation ever happened.
  1067. If you say so! Maybe I should tell you what happens to the waste after it is processed... uh, processed by their suits? That would surely make your skin crawl.
  1068. Let's stop you right there!
  1069. O.K. well, now I'm curious. Tell me.
  1070. Yes, let's do that. I am going to leave now, before this conversation becomes... normal.
  1071. Drinking water. A small percentage is made into drinking water for the soldier, and the rest is disintegrated. Anyway, this has been a uniquely twisted conversation. Perhaps next time we could talk about the weather? Oui?
  1072. I suppose I will let your imagination fill in the rest. I have got to get back to work.
  1073. Now, before this conversation becomes even more embarrassing...
  1074. O.K., so to end this awkward silence...
  1075. I don't know, something that's been stuck in my head for a few days now. I must have heard it somewhere.
  1076. Have you heard of the composer Jeremy Soule?
  1077. Tell me... why were you using this washroom?
  1078. Reminds me of the music from a game I once played.
  1079. Hm, yes I believe I have. He is a big composer for the VR industry, is he not? My nephew makes me play games with him sometimes, that must be where I heard it.
  1080. He is scoring my world's forays into yours.
  1081. Well, I'd know his work anywhere.
  1082. Your what into what?
  1083. You are hearing the same music I can hear!
  1084. Nevermind. Why were you using this washroom?
  1085. That makes even less sense then the last thing you said! Whatever joke this is you are trying to make, I do not have time right now. Try Pawn 44, he likes jokes.
  1086. Uh huh. Well. I am going to... go... now.
  1087. So you are a Bishop and a gamer? I wonder which came first?
  1088. I am a gamer first and foremost.
  1089. Gaming is just a hobby.
  1090. Can you tell me why you were using this washroom?
  1091. Well now I've heard everything! I've really got to get back to work though, as enlightening as this conversation has been.
  1092. Of course it is. You wait until you retire and have nothing better to do. My father, all he does is lose money to twelve year-olds playing Casino Nights. Anyways.
  1093. Well, it was nice to meet you.
  1094. Bishop. Try and have yourself a good first day.
  1095. Bishop Six, welcome to the team!
  1096. Bishop.
  1097. Welcome, Bishop, to the finest c-3800 in the fleet.
  1098. Hello, Bishop. Isn't today just a fine day to be alive?
  1099. Oh, well hey! The new Bishop! I've got a few minutes to talk, if you want... How was your sleep? Those bunks up there can be pretty comfortable. They're 60% made of hemp. Canadian hemp, the best in the world.
  1100. Hey! I had a great sleep, in fact.
  1101. I can't feel the bunk because it's not my skin.
  1102. Terrible sleep; horribly uncomfortable bunk.
  1103. Excellent! I always wonder when I'm put with a new Bishop, or Rook, or Knight... I always wonder what they're going to be like, and you seem cool. So that's good.
  1104. Thank you, Pawn 44!
  1105. Wow, you talk fast. And a lot.
  1106. No problem, no problem, glad to help! Er, I actually haven't helped you, have I? Well... glad to meet you at least!
  1107. You really do need to slow down a little.
  1108. Indeed, well you take care. Maybe we'll talk again later.
  1109. Yes, yes I do... and some would call me mad. Bishop Eight even once tried to kill me, about two months back. He denies it of course, and nobody believes me, but I know it's true.
  1110. He tried to kill you?
  1111. Riiight...
  1112. I'm sure it is. Thanks for the chat, Pawn 44.
  1113. Yeah! No joke! I was talking with him about how the world has seen a decrease in the number of populations living with a sub-replacement fertility rate. Apparently he didn't like what I had to say, and pulled his weapon on me! He threatened to kill me if I didn't stop speaking!
  1114. Yeah, I know, I know. You don't believe me, nobody does.
  1115. Hm, well... what? I mean, uh, what's that you just said? About your skin?
  1116. Never mind, you wouldn't understand.
  1117. Being Bishop Six feels like wearing new skin.
  1118. It doesn't matter, so how are you doing Pawn 44? How's your day been?
  1119. Aw, well that's really not very nice. There's a lot in life I don't understand, Bishop; women, cars, algebra, exercise, women. But I'm sure I'd understand whatever you've got going on. I'm a good listener... really, I am!
  1120. I'll bet it does! I felt the same when I made the switch from working for an airline; like going from being a fly to an Andean Condor! You just wait a couple missions, I promise, you'll start to feel right at home.
  1121. Or... you... can... be... silent.
  1122. Uncomfortable? I think it's like floating on a cloud. Schelter really went all out on those, like he does with everything. Same with these beds in here, top class product.
  1123. And Schelter is...?
  1124. So Schelter likes to spend money, does he?
  1125. I'm sure I'll get used to it.
  1126. David Schelter? Master and commander of the second greatest organization on the planet, Worldview Industries? He founded the Consortium and invented half of your gear. Ha, but you know all that, you were probably just pulling my chain. Good one!
  1127. You speak incredibly fast...
  1128. Yeah, you haven't heard that? He's apparently one of the richest men on the planet, master and commander of Worldview Industries. But with the way he spends it... my God, he's likely using K-1 to hack the banks!
  1129. What does he spend it on?
  1130. Wow, you talk fast. And a lot.
  1131. Seriously? His people, of course! Hell, he bought a mansion for Bishop Eight when he retired. Best damn severance package I've ever heard of!
  1132. Hello? Is it my turn to speak again? You still with me?
  1133. Sorry, my sleep was fine! Just fine.
  1134. I didn't say anything.
  1135. Uh, yeah, I know. That's why I was teasing you? I'm so confused right now.
  1136. If you're just going to stand there... uh... O.K. This is fun.
  1137. Oh, hey Bishop. I didn't hear you come in. I, uh, I have to get back to work.
  1138. Wait a second, McKai, not so fast. Are you coming to the party or not? We're having it before you leave for home, the second we're done in B.C. No excuses will be accepted!
  1139. No, uh, I can't. I'm sorry.
  1140. It's nice to meet you.
  1141. So, Bishop. I was just playing a game with my brother, but he had to go and take care of something. Do you need anything else from me? I'd be happy to chat, at least until my brother gets back.
  1142. Well, what do you do for the Consortium?
  1143. What was wrong with the Pawn who just left here?
  1144. What game are you playing with your brother?
  1145. I'm a minor systems technician! You ever want to change the in-flight movie or have complaints about the coffee... you come to me!
  1146. You seem pretty proud for a maintenance Pawn.
  1147. I'll be sure to do that!
  1148. Hey now! I mean... I am a Consortium officer! The Consortium! It's like when I was thirteen and my mother told me I was going places... now I know where she meant!
  1149. Well, I just hope I can live up to the Bishop name.
  1150. So being a Bishop must be like being Brad Pitt?
  1151. Don't go and die on us and you'll be just fine. Oh, and let your Rooks and equipment do most the work for you. That was Bishop Eight's strategy, and it seemed to work for him.
  1152. If it worked for him then I'll keep it in mind.
  1153. Sounds to me like Bishop Eight was kind of a wuss.
  1154. I'll be careful, I promise.
  1155. Bishop Eight wasn't a wuss, anybody aboard this ship will tell you that Bishop Eight was just lucky. Holy hell was he lucky. Like... oh I don't know, think of something really lucky! He was just like that.
  1156. Then he was an incompetent wuss. Fine.
  1157. Well don't worry about me, I'm actually skilled.
  1158. Sure, sure, bash your predecessor all you want. I get it, friendly camaraderie and all that. I'm only saying take care and trust in your team, or you'll be dead within a week.
  1159. Bit of an old school choice, but sure, like being Brad Pitt, uh... 40 years ago? Hey, so what are you doing for the holidays? Any plans?
  1160. Yes, I'll be spending it with my family.
  1161. Yes, I'll be spending it with a bottle of vodka.
  1162. Nope. What about you?
  1163. Good. Hey, so Bishop, you got any plans for the holidays?
  1164. Yes, I'll be spending it with my family.
  1165. Yes, I'll be spending it with a bottle of vodka.
  1166. Nope. What about you?
  1167. Well that's cute, me too. Are you all meeting somewhere special or something? Where does the Big Bishop lay his head down? I promise, I won't tell anyone!
  1168. I don't know.
  1169. I really don't think I should tell you that.
  1170. In another body within an entirely different dimension.
  1171. You don't know if you should tell me, or you don't know where you're meeting your family? Or is it... you don't know where you live?
  1172. I don't think I should tell you, it's not safe.
  1173. Let's go with option B, I'm not sure where we're meeting.
  1174. Forget me, what about you? Any holiday plans?
  1175. O.K., and yet Christmas is only four days away? Hm. You know what? It's none of my business!
  1176. So what about you? Any holidays plans?
  1177. I'm sorry, but it's just not safe to tell you.
  1178. Or, so now you've lost your tongue.
  1179. Well I'm a little hurt, but I understand. Don't want me telling the bad guys where to go and kidnap your family from! Right? Ha! Oh darn, er, sorry Bishop! Inappropriate, I know. My mouth was being chased by my brain again.
  1180. That's borderline creepy, actually.
  1181. Ha, don't apologize for being amusing!
  1182. It's fine, so what are your holiday plans?
  1183. I know, I know. I'm really very sorry.
  1184. So what about you? Any holidays plans?
  1185. No problem, don't sweat it.
  1186. Good to know you're such an upstanding guy, even when I'm being a class-A weirdo.
  1187. So, what about you? Any holidays plans?
  1188. It's fine, don't sweat it.
  1189. Whoa, now that is the only response I don't think I could ever have guessed. Bravo to you for that, but really... where? I'm only curious, and like Knight 15 always says: there are no secrets aboard Zenlil!
  1190. I knew you wouldn't believe me.
  1191. [lie] Lethbridge, Alberta. Happy?
  1192. It's safer if I don't tell you the truth.
  1193. Riiight... because you were telling the truth?
  1194. [lie] Lethbridge, Alberta. Happy?
  1195. It's safer if I don't tell you the truth.
  1196. I was!
  1197. Uh... huh. Well, this has been a nice chat.
  1198. Yes! Now I can tell the bad guys where your family is! I kid, I kid, I kid...
  1199. Now how about you, what are you doing for the holidays?
  1200. [laugh] I guess I'll have to keep an eye on you!
  1201. Suits me fine, I guess. You really can trust me though, you know? You can trust us all, we're like family now!
  1202. A single man's Christmas, eh? I hear you, I hear you. Just stick to the synthetic stuff, traditional alcohol tears your body apart! I have no idea why people drank that stuff for so many centuries!
  1203. I can think of a few reasons...
  1204. So what about you? Any plans for the holidays?
  1205. Yes, yes, touche... but come on, you can't deny that we've got things pretty good right now. Synthetic food and drink is only the beginning to this new dawn of healthy living. It's a great time to be alive, Bishop!
  1206. Well that sure came out of nowhere.
  1207. So what about you? Any holidays plans?
  1208. Ha, sorry. I tend to run off the rails a little when I get worked up. Life is just so full of wonder... It's hard not to get excited!
  1209. So what are you doing for the holidays?
  1210. My brother and parents are right now, as we speak, spread out on a beach in Barbados. We'll be headed down that way after your induction ceremony and the party; nothing but sand, sun, good food, and dry drinks!
  1211. Sounds like my idea of heaven.
  1212. I personally like a little more snow in my Christmas.
  1213. My induction ceremony?
  1214. Doesn't it, though? I really can't wait.
  1215. Hey, did you say after my 'induction ceremony' before?
  1216. Snow is so overrated! But then, you're Canadian and so I'm not surprised you've got some great love for snow. It must be nice your induction ceremony is in the old homeland, eh? Oh, did I just say 'eh?' Sorry about that... I didn't mean anything by it. I swear I didn't.
  1217. You just keep going and going, don't you?
  1218. There it is again, my 'induction ceremony?'
  1219. Riiight...
  1220. Yes, yes. My mother says I've got a motor where my mouth should be. Turtle talk is what my speech therapist taught me when I was seven years old, but I never liked her. She always smelled like fish dipped in barbeque sauce.
  1221. Yeah, we're dropping the twins off in Ireland first, then onto B.C. to meet with the Queen and have you officially sworn in. Well, you'll be meeting with the Queen... I've never met her, but I'm told she's nice.
  1222. Wow... you just keep going and going, don't you?
  1223. Great, thank you Pawn 44.
  1224. Pawn 64? Who knows? He refuses to come to the party we're throwing for you and Rook 13, says he won't go if Rook 13 is there! What's that about?! And who turns down a chance to party?!
  1225. It's not our job to worry about him.
  1226. How about I try and convince him to come?
  1227. I think of myself as his friend, Bishop, and I've never seen him like this. I feel like he's keeping some terrible secret. Ah, I don't want to bore you with this. It's certainly not YOUR job to worry about him.
  1228. Wait, so what is your job around here?
  1229. Well if you're that concerned, maybe I could speak with him?
  1230. Really? Well, if you don't mind, yeah, that would be great! I'm sure he'll listen to you.
  1231. Good. So what do you do for the Consortium?
  1232. O.K. then, I'll get right on it.
  1233. Peacecraft. It's just come out, from Snow Storm Studios, and is as close to playing a Consortium Bishop as I've seen a game get. Not that I'd really know what it's like to be one of you!
  1234. What's the deal with the Pawn who just left here?
  1235. So, what do you do for the Consortium?
  1236. Peacecraft? That sounds familiar...
  1237. Ha, well I'm not surprised! It's quite popular right now, as good as a VR game can get. And believe me, I know them all!
  1238. What's the deal with the Pawn who just left here?
  1239. So, what do you do for the Consortium?
  1240. O.K... um. Well, alright... How about we talk about your previous outfit? I heard you fought in some pretty brutal battles! What is it like to kill someone? I hope I never find out... Bishop Eight said it's as natural as drinking water, but I can't believe that.
  1241. I'm sorry Bishop, I've got to get back to my game! My brother's back and we don't have much time to finish this level. We'll talk later, I promise.
  1242. Hello, uh, hi...
  1243. We meet again on this, uh, small plane.
  1244. Oh, uh, hello Bishop. I don't really have the time to talk right now.
  1245. Pawn 44 is worried about you, you know?
  1246. Er, well he doesn't understand. It's not something I can explain to you, either... I'm sorry. Not yet, anyway.
  1247. If not yet, then when? I only want to help.
  1248. You'll tell me right now, that's an order!
  1249. I want to believe that, I do. I just need to know if I can trust you or not, first. So until you prove yourself, please, forget about it. It's not your problem anyway so don't worry.
  1250. Well, I'd still feel insulted if you didn't come to my party.
  1251. As your Bishop, I order you to tell me.
  1252. O.K., so maybe later then?
  1253. Alright, alright... I know you're doing this for Pawn 44, so I'll give in. He's a good man and whatever is going on, I know for sure he's not involved. Tell him I'll go to the damn party if it'll make him happy. Now, I really must get back to work.
  1254. An order? Excuse me? Wake up and look around, Bishop, this is the Consortium and you are not my boss. Please, don't bother me again.
  1255. O.K., great... maybe later, maybe not.
  1256. Not now, Bishop, not now... It's not a good time. Sorry.
  1257. Hey again, Bishop, any luck convincing McKai? Or, uh, Pawn 64?
  1258. I asked and he said he'll come!
  1259. That's just wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Thank you, you won't regret it. It really wouldn't be the same without him, despite how he's acting now. Believe it or not, he really is a lot of fun to party with!
  1260. Uh, is that a no? Don't sweat it, Bishop, I'm sure he'll change his mind on his own. Or maybe I'll get more people to bug him about it.
  1261. Anyway. I'll let you get back to it, we've only got a little longer to play and we want to beat this damn part we're stuck on. My brother can't get the President of Mongolia to relinquish their nukes! It's like 2034 all over again!
  1262. Hello, Bishop. Unfortunate business upstairs, don't you think?
  1263. Shhh! Can't Pawn 24 hear you?
  1264. Definitely not a good start to my first day.
  1265. Yes, it sure was.
  1266. No, she cannot. Her VR-Deck is turned up so loud I am surprised she has not suffered acoustic trauma.
  1267. No, perhaps not. But you will always be remembered as 'the new Bishop who uncovered a murdered pawn.' That is something, I guess.
  1268. Now, I really must return to my cleaning. Come back later if you wish, perhaps Pawn 24 will be finished her game by then.
  1269. Bishop Six! Welcome to the medical bay!
  1270. This place is just disastrous, I do apologize.
  1271. Oh, come on Keiran, greet our new Bishop.
  1272. Bishop. It's nice to see you again.
  1273. Is that an actual tube television over there?
  1274. What was that you were watching as I came in?
  1275. Rook 13, as my doctor, how do you help in the field?
  1276. Yes, it is a 32” Toshiba from 1995. One of the many televisions I've managed to acquire over the years. The best in my collection is a 3' General Electric Octagon from 1928.
  1277. Notice he is actually proud of that fact?
  1278. [Rook 13] You enjoy media formats from my time?
  1279. I am actually a time traveller from an era of 2d televisions like that.
  1280. Your what?
  1281. My time. I actually exist in an alternate time and dimension.
  1282. I meant, you like the same movies I do? Older ones?
  1283. If this is true then what are you doing here?
  1284. Yes, Bishop, indulge him...
  1285. Playing a video game that you're both a part of.
  1286. I'm not sure yet, I just got here.
  1287. So, you are saying that we are in some sort of pseudo-Matrix scenario? Are you Neo?
  1288. What is a Matrix scenario and who is--actually, never mind, don't tell me.
  1289. [Rook 13] Something like that, yes.
  1290. Never mind, I was only kidding around.
  1291. Fascinating. And how did you initiate transport? Some sort of device or vehicle, maybe a phone booth?
  1292. Keiran, you realize he's only kidding around... right?
  1293. [Pawn 24] I am?
  1294. [Rook 13] A rift in time and space, opened by a satellite.
  1295. You are... yes?
  1296. I, for one, believe him – and would like to hear more. Transport, Bishop, how is this done?
  1297. [Rook 13] A rift in time and space, opened by a satellite.
  1298. I'm not actually the Bishop, but am using his body through a satellite in my world.
  1299. So your actual body is still back in your home dimension? Intriguing. Are you being monitored, maybe held in some type of digital containment unit?
  1300. 'Intriguing?' Anyone ever tell you that you sound like... You know, the one with the pointy ears. Spock! That's it. And hey, Bishop, I've got a question now too. I may as well join in. What year are you from?
  1301. I'm from a different version of your past. And no, I use a computer to access your world.
  1302. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you guys all this.
  1303. Then you're still using microprocessors no doubt? This satellite must transmit its connection to our dimension, in the form of a game on your computer. Is this correct?
  1304. So... are we real or not? Rook 13 and I, I mean... this whole ship?
  1305. Oh yes, very real in every way. Rook 13 is exactly right.
  1306. Damn... I'm definitely going too far here.
  1307. You still need to tell me how this is possible; how is transport accomplished?
  1308. Through a rift in time and space, opened by a satellite.
  1309. You already know far too much!
  1310. Of course we are real, only alternate versions to his perceived reality. Now Bishop, tell me how transport is made possible? I'm very curious.
  1311. Through a rift in time and space, opened by a satellite.
  1312. You already know far too much!
  1313. You just said that with a little too much sincerity... now you're scaring me.
  1314. Hm. Why can't you tell us? Unless it is forbidden in your world to speak of it while here? Do your superiors object to open communication?
  1315. No, I don't know who I can trust yet.
  1316. This is getting weird. You both know I'm only joking, right?
  1317. Come on now, Bishop, this is going too far. Tell him you're kidding and let's move on.
  1318. Wait a moment, 24. I can respect that, Bishop, you must weed out the enemy before you can find your allies. Perhaps I can earn your trust one day and you'll finish this little adventure for me.
  1319. I am not kidding, not even remotely.
  1320. Uh, yeah, I'm only messing around... obviously.
  1321. Right, O.K. then... sure.
  1322. Oh thank God, I thought you were both losing your minds.
  1323. Well, that is certainly disappointing. Just when we were getting somewhere interesting.
  1324. I'll take that as you cannot speak of it. Hm. Maybe one day you will. Over tea, perhaps.
  1325. You're both nuts...
  1326. Bishop? Are you regretting coming down here yet? Keiran always does that... he scares everyone away!
  1327. I do not. And you are... exaggerating. The Bishop simply cannot keep up, though his imagination is impressive.
  1328. Excellent, this rift to another dimension is thus created by your satellite, or does the satellite merely utilize something already present in space?
  1329. Can we please change the subject now?
  1330. The satellite, iDGi-1, exploits 21 negative energy packets in our orbit.
  1331. Yes, let's change the subject.
  1332. iDGi... I recognize that, good choice. And it is interesting there are 21 of these packets, I wonder why that is?
  1333. Interdimensional Games, you really remember them Keiran? It was before my time, but they had that game Anti-War... my father used to talk about it all the time. It was one of his favourites.
  1334. Ask the King why there's 21 packets, we connect through him.
  1335. I don't want to upset Pawn 24 any further, let's change the subject.
  1336. So the connection is made on this end... through the King of the Consortium? I did not expect this turn of events. Fascinating, absolutely fascinating.
  1337. It's not fascinating, it's ridiculous. You're both ridiculous, and crazy.
  1338. O.K. Let's move on. You have an incredibly active imagination, Bishop. I am thoroughly impressed.
  1339. Thank you. I still don't understand, though. You are weirder than he is!
  1340. I hope he believes he is not joking.
  1341. I am not joking.
  1342. What does that even mean, Keiran?
  1343. It is more fun to analyze if he believes he is telling the truth.
  1344. And I was only upholding your joke by attempting to be funny myself. Alannah says I need to 'join in on the fun' more often, so I did. Was I a part of the fun?
  1345. Keep practising, Keiran, keep practising.
  1346. Aw, you're just going to leave the story hanging like that?
  1347. Haha, fine... I've indeed travelled from another universe.
  1348. Yes, yes I am.
  1349. Oh, fine. Maybe you can finish later.
  1350. What a let down...
  1351. You have travelled through time and space to be here, yet you do not understand your purpose? Is your arrival a mistake of some kind? Such as Keira from Continuum?
  1352. I tried to warn you, Bishop! He loves his sci-fi!
  1353. [Rook 13] Not an accident; this is only the beginning of the game.
  1354. In this dimension, Bishop? Why are you here?
  1355. I shouldn't answer that... not until I can trust you!
  1356. I'm playing a video game and you're the in-game characters.
  1357. Yes, I do. Anything that came before 3d, I will watch. But you did not mean that... you said movies from 'your time.'
  1358. You did say that...
  1359. I'm from an alternate time and dimension.
  1360. I have no idea what you're talking about.
  1361. Hm, I wonder. Slip of the tongue or slip of the truth?
  1362. After many years of hint taking, I know when to take a hint. Let's move on.
  1363. Hm. What did you mean by, 'your time'?
  1364. My time. I actually exist in an alternate time and dimension.
  1365. I meant, so you like my type of movies? Older ones, I mean.
  1366. I'm sure you merely spoke incorrectly.
  1367. So anyway.
  1368. It's nothing. What can I do for you?
  1369. It was a 2d.
  1370. [Pawn 24] What's that about a 2d?
  1371. [Rook 13] As my doctor, how do you help me in the field?
  1372. A movie, Bishop... it's all he ever does. Watches movies and makes me do all the work.
  1373. This is untrue, Bishop, we have equal tasks to adhere to according to strict Consortium protocol.
  1374. You're saying that is actually an old tube T.V.?
  1375. [Rook 13] As my doctor, how do you help me in the field?
  1376. It was a joke, boss, you know I love you.
  1377. A joke. Right, of course it was.
  1378. Through your M.U.V.I., the device I implanted behind your ear when you first boarded Zenlil. I told you this before. I can monitor all your vitals and even help in more severe emergencies.
  1379. What does M.U.V.I. stand for and what does it do?
  1380. Yes I remember, I'm sorry.
  1381. Is that an old tube T.V. you were watching as I came in?
  1382. Medical Utility Visual Implant: M.U.V.I. I told you this too, when I stuck it in you. It's mostly used to project your Heads Up Display. I can also remotely access your M.U.V.I. to help prioritize your healing nanites for maximum efficiency.
  1383. So... is that a real tube T.V. over there?
  1384. Great, thank you.
  1385. It's fine, nothing to worry about.
  1386. Is that a real tube T.V. over there?
  1387. I'm glad to hear that.
  1388. Alright then.
  1389. Now Bishop, Alannah was telling me you were acting strange earlier. Said you seemed a little 'mixed up.'
  1390. If you'll just step over here and lay down, I'll run a full-body scan. Just to be sure.
  1391. Well don't be afraid, Bishop, it's perfectly harmless.
  1392. I can't force you to listen to my sister.
  1393. This will just take a few seconds.
  1394. I don't like not being able to move.
  1395. No problem, take your time.
  1396. Don't be such a wuss!
  1397. I will only take as much time as necessary.
  1398. How is that even possible?
  1399. I am not entirely sure. Bishop... you have more simultaneous synapses firing than what should be possible. It's as if there are two of you, housed within the same brain.
  1400. No... it can't be... you weren't telling the... no.
  1401. It would seem to fit, would it not? If he is from another dimension, inhabiting this body... then his brain scan theoretically makes sense.
  1402. I tried to tell you guys.
  1403. I was honestly only messing around!
  1404. This must be some kind of prank.
  1405. And yet, you have the most unusual brain activity either of us have ever seen. Would you care to explain that?
  1406. I can't.
  1407. O.K. fine, you win. I was telling the truth.
  1408. Of course you can't.
  1409. I'll take that as a no.
  1410. Two of him? That doesn't make any sense, does it? Is this some kind of anomaly?
  1411. Yes, unless the Bishop has an explanation for us?
  1412. I've travelled here from an alternate dimension.
  1413. I honestly have no idea. How unique is this?
  1414. I can't talk about it.
  1415. This really is no time to be making jokes. This could be highly dangerous. The human brain isn't built to handle so much activity.
  1416. If he has never seen it before, then it is undoubtedly very rare.
  1417. Whatever this is, I'd certainly like to run some more scans from our base in B.C. Maybe after your induction ceremony.
  1418. Now, we've got a lot more cleaning to do around here.
  1419. You mean you do. I will return to my Command-VR, if there is nothing else you need, Bishop?
  1420. Is that a game then, 'Command-VR?'
  1421. Nope, I'm fine. Thanks for asking.
  1422. Yes! It is a fantastic VR game, puts you right into the head of many famous military commanders.
  1423. It's a distasteful and disrespectful game, especially in these times. It is also only played by a small number of people.
  1424. That sounds like a great game!
  1425. Why would you call it distasteful and disrespectful?
  1426. Never heard of it.
  1427. Well you should join me! We could meet up, start from the same camp, maybe ally!
  1428. I will make you a deal. I will stop bothering you with talk of old movies, if you stop talking about that insidious throwback to times past.
  1429. [Rook 13] Oh please, lighten up!
  1430. [Pawn 24] I think I just might take you up on that!
  1431. Thanks for the chat guys, but I won't keep you from your 'cleaning.'
  1432. Exactly! It is just a game!
  1433. Insidious throwback.
  1434. Excellent! I will give you my information later, once we are off shift.
  1435. Done! It is a deal, and you have to also play your movies at a lower volume.
  1436. I agree to your terms.
  1437. Exactly! People need to wake up and realize that the Resource Wars are OVER.
  1438. You are generalizing again, 24. And Bishop, I simply believe that most people have seen enough death and destruction for a lifetime or more. They do not need to be reminded of it with advertisements for murder simulators all over the Newswire and VR servers.
  1439. Oh, well when you get a chance, you should pick it up!
  1440. I am quite sure the Bishop has more important things to do with his time.
  1441. Not really, and I like games.
  1442. And he'd be correct, I do indeed.
  1443. Speaking of which, I should get back to it.
  1444. You see, old man? You just keep finding yourself in a party of one, don't you?
  1445. I am not entirely sure what you are implying. And I am not 'old.'
  1446. This is good. It truly is an awful game.
  1447. Oh, fine... side with the Conservative Guardian Church nut. No problem.
  1448. So, uh... yeah, it is a lot of fun. You should try it sometime.
  1449. Good day, Bishop, it was really nice meeting you.
  1450. I guess I'll be seeing you.
  1451. Good talk!
  1452. Go in light, Bishop.
  1453. I suppose this means we are through communicating.
  1454. OK then, right. Back to work I guess.
  1455. You know where to find me.
  1456. Well alright then... G'day, B.
  1457. Go in light, Bishop.
  1458. O.K., see you later.
  1459. Rude, as expected.
  1460. Fine.
  1461. And away he goes. Alright then.
  1462. Well it was an absolute pleasure.
  1463. See you later then...
  1464. O.K., good talk, Bishop, really good talk!
  1465. Walk away mid-conversation? Who does that?
  1466. Alright, see you later then, Bishop.
  1467. Why does everyone always walk away from me like that?
  1468. I guess it was nice talking to you.
  1469. Well alright, schönen Tag noch!
  1470. Oh no, please do not leave me here with him!
  1471. Good then, bye...
  1472. Suits me fine.
  1473. Happy holidays...
  1474. Good day, Bishop, take care of yourself.
  1475. Good talk, glad you came by!
  1476. Hey guys, I think I've got something here. I've been keeping a line open on our two fighter escorts outside, hoping they'd break silence and speak to Angelov. Well, one of them just did... and, ha, you've got to hear this for yourselves. Tell me if you want me to patch the recording through your C.M.C...
  1477. [CMC] Let me hear it.
  1478. [CMC] No, thank you.
  1479. Alright, B, here it comes.
  1480. No problem.
  1481. This is operation forerunner, calling for Angelov. Come in Angelov.
  1482. What do you want? I told you to be silent until the next phase.
  1483. I know, sir, but... but... I'm having second thoughts about all this. Their plane is... well, it's very large! Sir!
  1484. And so the harder it will fall, yes? Remain where you are or-- wait a minute, is this line secure? Did you run this call through the program I told you to use?
  1485. Oh, uh, um, no sir... I guess I did not. I am sorry, sir.
  1486. Just hold your position and wait 'til the next phase. And Wade... if you're listening to this, and I know that you are, you can tell your Knight that her new Bishop is about to have a very bad day.
  1487. Alright everyone, that puts us on high alert. I want you all prepared for whatever this 'next phase' turns out to be.
  1488. Yes boss, but you won't catch me worrying.
  1489. Hey, uh, Six. I am being told that several random things have gone missing all over the ship. Since you've just been given a P.C.U., I can only assume that you think the recycler is a toy. Please stop playing with it.
  1490. Six, you're not listening to me... even more things have gone missing, and Wade even watched you do it this time. Stop Recycling My Ship.
  1491. I guess you do think this is a game! You have apparently recycled several thousand dollars worth of equipment, and don't think that's not coming off your paycheck. Keep it up, Six... please.
  1492. Unbelievable. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to write you up for this. You can't just run around my ship recycling everything you see.
  1493. As you can probably see, Angelov's two fighters have just multiplied into two dozen. Ha, still nothing my girl can't handle.
  1494. Six and Keiran, now is your chance to meet the great Bulgarian nuisance. He's on the holo-comm now and he's acting, well, you'll have to come see for yourselves.
  1495. Bishop Six, please report to Mission Operations.
  1496. Bishop Six to Mission Operations... on the double!
  1497. O.K. Six, we're waiting on you. Consider this a priority: come to Mission Ops immediately.
  1498. You'd better have a damn good reason for not being here. Move your butt!
  1499. Initiate protocol-X!
  1500. I'd love to talk, Bishop, but you've got a job to do!
  1501. What are you doing up here? Knight 15 needs you downstairs, in Mission Ops, on the double!
  1502. Don't you poke me, Bishop, get downstairs!
  1503. Does this look like Mission Operations to you?
  1504. We can't talk now, Bishop, you've got work to do!
  1505. Keep an eye on Rook 13 – don't let him out of your sight.
  1506. Good luck with Angelov! You're going to need it!
  1507. Get to Mission Ops! Angelov must have something up his sleeve, so be careful!
  1508. [background chatter]
  1509. [background chatter]
  1510. [background chatter]
  1511. Your airspace? How many times have we gone over this, Kiril? Just don't do anything you'll regret later. Not like last time we saw you.
  1512. [background chatter]
  1513. [background chatter]
  1514. [background chatter]
  1515. [background chatter]
  1516. [background chatter]
  1517. Six, pay attention will you?
  1518. He's obviously got better things to do.
  1519. Yoo-hoo, Bishop Six, over here.
  1520. Hey, uhh, Bishop? What are you doing on the information console?
  1521. Are we boring you, Six?
  1522. Sorry, Six... access to the command interface will NOT be granted unless absolutely necessary. I'd rather like to avoid a repeat of what Bishop Eight did the last time we saw Angelov.
  1523. Sorry, Six, but Mission Ops is locked down during hostile encounters. It's protocol, you understand.
  1524. And here he is now. You see? I'm not trying to play any games here, I am only trying to prevent this from turning ugly... again.
  1525. Good, good. This is very good. And how is... Bishop Six? You are feeling strong, I hope? Ready for your first day?
  1526. Ready as I'll ever be!
  1527. I'm a little tired and kind of cranky, to be honest.
  1528. [Rook 25] Who is this man speaking to me?
  1529. He's quite the boyscout, isn't he?
  1530. Oh, you are funny. I think I'm going to like you.
  1531. This here is Kiril Angelov: the single most irritating mercenary in all of Eastern Europe.
  1532. Oh come now, Alannah, after all these years, this is all you have to say about me? I am hurt.
  1533. Over here, Kiril. You know the drill.
  1534. Yes, yes, mother... I will be good. For now.
  1535. Enough posturing! Either tell me what you want, or get out of our way.
  1536. You have no idea what is happening here, poor little girl... Your King must be blind!
  1537. Did we not just go through this song and dance a month ago? And did your daddy not give you a good spanking for it?
  1538. My father will not be coming to your rescue this time, Knight.
  1539. Come now, Kiril, it's Christmas! How about you let us pass and we'll get into this another time? I promise, how does next Tuesday look for you?
  1540. Listen very carefully. You will land and surrender your warship immediately. If you do not, I will blow you out of the sky.
  1541. You've got to be kidding me? Give me a minute to confer with my people.
  1542. Clearly you do not understand. Comply now, or I will take Zenlil from you by force!
  1543. A minute, Kiril. That is not a request.
  1544. [background chatter]
  1545. [background chatter]
  1546. [background chatter]
  1547. [background chatter]
  1548. Can you see now why I've called you all here?
  1549. Oh yes. He's probably just blowing smoke but there's an edge to him I've not seen before. I mean he's usually hopped up on himself but never has he outright threatened to kill us!
  1550. It's no doubt his attempt at revenge for what Bishop Eight did.
  1551. He appears to be rather unintelligent as well, or is this an illusion?
  1552. The subject of his intelligence is one of constant debate around here.
  1553. Well, I think he's not only stupid but also irrational and hot-headed; a nasty combination for someone in his position of power.
  1554. It's very deceiving, though. The use of old planes to stay under the radar, his bravado, the love his men have for him. I think it's a very intelligent role he plays to feed his all encompassing ego and get what he wants.
  1555. You give him far too much credit.
  1556. Knight 15 is right, we should maybe be taking him more seriously here.
  1557. Rook 25 is right, this guy is obviously a total joke.
  1558. [Knight 15] So you're a Knight and a psychologist? Anything else?
  1559. Oh, well thank you, but I never said we should be taking him seriously... just that he's acting a little off. Until we know what has changed, if anything, we'll treat him as we always do.
  1560. Thank you, Bishop. The K does have a point though; all we can do is wait and see what he does next.
  1561. Well you'll just have to wait and find out. One of my majors in University was, after all, criminal psychology.
  1562. Now, let's see if I can't deflate his bloated ego a little.
  1563. Put him back on.
  1564. Angelov is no longer transmitting--
  1565. Wait a second. Sorry boss, we've got company. It looks like a... well it's a bloody boarding carrier. It's only a few hundred meters behind us.
  1566. How did it get so close?
  1567. I can't explain it, it just came out of nowhere. And it's also emitting some kind of scrambler signal, I can't get a lock!
  1568. What the hell is--
  1569. I'm detecting two new, incoming F-35's. One's a few kilometres behind the other. There is, uh, there's a gathering energy source of some kind, coming from the lead fighter. He's SEVEN kilometers off the port side now and he's closing fast.
  1570. FIVE kilometres. If I can just bypass the Carrier's signal and regain targeting control.
  1571. You'd better make it quick!
  1572. There is no way he's that stupid.
  1573. I've almost got it. THREE kilometres.
  1574. What the hell is that thing...?
  1575. Wait, the Habitat 5124 incident. I think this is the same delivery system Stormbird reported.
  1576. Wade...
  1577. She'll hold up. I'd bet my life on it.
  1578. Uh... we may have ourselves a problem.
  1579. [background chatter]
  1580. [background chatter]
  1581. Where's the second fighter, Wade? Talk to me!
  1582. I can't see a bloody thing boss, not a bloody thing!
  1583. Uh, guys... guys... you may want to... oh, shite - GET DOWN!
  1584. [background chatter]
  1585. [background chatter]
  1586. [background chatter]
  1587. Is everyone alright back there?!
  1588. We've got two down and a room riddled with bullet holes. What the hell just happened?
  1589. I haven't got an answer, Taryn. I'm sorry. No bullet in existence can penetrate Zenlil's plating. It just doesn't make any sense!
  1590. Just relax, Wade. We need you focused – now tell me about your girl, how badly is she hurt?
  1591. Yes, sir. It looks like she's broke her bloody back. We've got major ship-wide failures; our weapons, primary engines, cargo containment unit – they're all out.
  1592. Bishop! Use your P.C.U. to heal the Pawn over there, before he bleeds out and dies.
  1593. No, Bishop, that Pawn! I've got this one.
  1594. What are you doing? Go help... uh... him, the Pawn over there.
  1595. Oh, thank you... please hurry.
  1596. I thought I was done for... I... I guess I owe you my life.
  1597. Hey, Bishop. I wanted to say that you handled yourself incredibly well earlier – before I even realized Pawn 1 was shot, there you were, saving his life. Incredibly quick thinking, exactly what I like to see.
  1598. I second that. Commendable work.
  1599. This Pawn is dead, I can do nothing more.
  1600. Keiran, his name is Gary Ma. And Bishop... get your damned head on straight and do your job!
  1601. Arg, hey Bishop!
  1602. OK Wade, I want our primaries back online and I'd also like to be able to shoot at the bad guys.
  1603. Half an hour for primaries, fifteen to twenty minutes for manual weapons.
  1604. Just do the best you can, and do it fast.
  1605. [background chatter]
  1606. Yes, yes, Kiril. I see you. Six, be prepared to aid Rook 9 in defending this ship.
  1607. But I have not been trained for that yet.
  1608. Whatever I can do to help.
  1609. Let's hope it won't be necessary.
  1610. Why am I not surprised?
  1611. Alannah! And Six, this is no time for jokes and that was not a request. Just be ready.
  1612. Good, let's hope it won't be necessary.
  1613. Alright, lets hear what he has to say for himself.
  1614. Now are you prepared to surrender, little girl?
  1615. Drop the ridiculous act, for God sakes. This is not like you, Kiril. You just shot up two of my people with that little stunt and if you think even for a second that you're going to get away with this, you've got another thing coming!
  1616. Tell me something. How does the cold hand of death feel as it takes grip around your throat?
  1617. I think I can stall him for a little bit, but we need a better plan than this.
  1618. Have you completely lost your mind? If you destroy this vessel, you will only bring the full might of the Consortium down on you!
  1619. [background chatter]
  1620. I'd say it's pretty simple: we stall long enough to fix our guns and then we flip his arse back to mercenary oblivion.
  1621. Kiril's temper will never give us enough time.
  1622. [background chatter]
  1623. [background chatter]
  1624. Let him use the boarding carrier.
  1625. Excuse me? Say that again Keiran?
  1626. We let him use the carrier. When he boards, we simply separate the head from the snake.
  1627. And when only his men board us instead?
  1628. Keiran has a point. If we pretend to surrender, Kiril might just fall for it. And I'd bet my life on him boarding himself, ego-maniac that he is.
  1629. [CMC] I can convince him to board us.
  1630. [CMC] I say Rook 25 is right, let's wait for weapons.
  1631. [CMC-Knight 15] How are you using your C.M.C. and talking simultaneously?
  1632. I like the enthusiasm, but I don't think so. I'll take care of it. You just handle things when he boards.
  1633. I appreciate the vote, but the K is right. There's no time to waste, not with Kiril's itchy trigger finger.
  1634. I was going to ask the same question...
  1635. Now is not the time. Remind me later and I'll tell you.
  1636. Right, so we let him think he's won and the rest should fall into place.
  1637. You? Make a mistake? Like when you got hijacked running, what was it... five tons of black-market X-Gone materials from Lebanon to Baghdad?
  1638. Those murderous Syrian and Iraqi mercenary groups chasing you, they sure didn't like you being in 'their airspace,' did they? Hey now, that sort of sounds familiar, doesn't it??
  1639. I will only put up with so much disrespect, Knight.
  1640. I am sorry, Kiril. Really. But you do have me in an extremely difficult position here.
  1641. And so we come full circle, to the point. You will inform your Rook 9 that he is to land Zenlil at the coordinates I have already given him. Run along now and do what you are told.
  1642. But we do not have enough fuel to reach the coordinates you have given us. Your E.M.P. killed our primaries and I'm assuming that you'll never let a refuelling ship anywhere near us. If you'll only listen to me for two minutes, I think I have a solution!
  1643. Do your crew a favour and just stop speaking. Let the men talk.
  1644. Bishop Six, may I speak to you for a moment? Just a little chat, before your Knight forces me to shoot you down.
  1645. I'm here, start talking.
  1646. What was that? I think there's something in your throat.
  1647. [CMC-Knight 15] What should I do?
  1648. This is good, a sensible Bishop for once!
  1649. A Bishop with some kick! Very nice. I'm sure Alannah is just clawing at your belt buckle by now, is she not?
  1650. Keep it up, Angelov... I'm going to stomp that grin into the back of your head.
  1651. It's OK. Do what he asks and we'll make you the good guy.
  1652. Yoo-hoo, Bishop? Are you quite done speaking through that C.M.C. of yours? I asked you a question.
  1653. I'm here, start talking.
  1654. Oh, sorry. It's hard to understand you with all that junk in your throat.
  1655. Angelov, let's you and I focus on--
  1656. This is no negotiation! And did I not just tell you to stop speaking?!
  1657. So, Bishop! All of this excitement on your first day! You must be feeling a little overwhelmed, hm?
  1658. Keep him talking, Six... and don't make him angry!
  1659. You could say that. Today has been pretty rough.
  1660. [Knight 15] Let's stop playing with him and end this!
  1661. Cut to the chase, Angelov.
  1662. Aw, poor little Bishop! Let's see now; you've been rudely awoken by Rook 25, your new plane has been malfunctioning all morning, Pawn 1 over there hates you... what else?
  1663. [Knight 15] Let's stop playing with him and end this!
  1664. You obviously want to tell me something so cut to the chase.
  1665. Oh yes, Pawn 7! What was it like finding his dead body? Was there much blood?
  1666. What is he talking about?
  1667. Scaring him is probably not the best route here.
  1668. [Knight 15] Tell him or let me pull the damn trigger!
  1669. Never mind... just cut to the chase.
  1670. Go to hell, Angelov.
  1671. Speak to me, not her!
  1672. He just can't keep his mouth shut. It's nothing, Kiril. We don't have anything.
  1673. [Knight 15] We can't wait for him to mess up!
  1674. [Kiril] She's waiting for you to mess up.
  1675. [Kiril] I'm sorry Angelov, I misspoke.
  1676. Is that what this is? Hm? You think you have the upper hand somehow?
  1677. Clearly you cannot be intimidated. I'm sorry.
  1678. Rook 9 could destroy you at any second!
  1679. I'm only looking to do this without incident.
  1680. Oh Bishop, don't be so boring! Never apologize to your enemy... it is bad form. Now let's talk about what you found inside Bishop Eight's old cabin, yes? Matthew Wilson was his name, I believe.
  1681. Uh, no I can't!
  1682. I like your ferocity! Keep it up, please... show me that killer inside of you! Maybe you can tell me what it felt like to find Pawn 7's dead body?
  1683. Is she now? How about we talk about her little 'mess up?' Insisting her officers cover up the death of Pawn 7.
  1684. You want me to cut to the chase? How about you tell your people about Pawn 7's untimely demise, hm? It's not very Consortium of you to lie to them, is it?
  1685. Will you please tell your Bishop not to ignore me? I hate to be ignored.
  1686. Six, it's O.K. You can speak freely.
  1687. [Knight 15] I am not speaking to this ego maniac.
  1688. Well then... Angelov, you can go straight to hell.
  1689. Let's do this peacefully and without incident.
  1690. So you both wish to play games with me? So be it. Pawn 19. Why don't you ask your Knight what happened to Pawn 7? Ask her where his body is.
  1691. I've already been to hell, Bishop. The privileged few called it the Resource Wars. Now tell me, what was it like finding Pawn 7's body?
  1692. Without incident? You ignorant little man. Someone will die here today, or excuse me, someone ELSE will die here today. Pawn 7's murder was not my fault, by the way.
  1693. You son of a bitch.
  1694. What did he just say? What did you just say?!
  1695. So you've not told your Pawns? Why don't you have someone take a look inside what was once Bishop Eight's cabin?
  1696. Do not look to her for permission! Look at me!
  1697. It's O.K., 19.
  1698. I, well I can go look myself, it will only take a minute...
  1699. You will not leave this room! You will call another Pawn to look, now! And put them on the loudspeaker.
  1700. Patricia, come in... please...
  1701. Is that you, 19? And why are you calling me Patricia?
  1702. We have a bit of a situation up here, uh. Please don't ask me any questions. Can you just do me a huge favor and go look inside Bishop Eight's old cabin? Get back to me on this line ASAP, and don't come to Mission Ops.
  1703. Sure, of course. Give me just a few minutes.
  1704. Wade, go ahead and unlock the cabin for her.
  1705. It's done.
  1706. Alright Kiril, now that you've stirred up even more trouble... let's get to it, shall we? What can we do to make you go away?
  1707. Go away?! But we were just getting started!
  1708. How did you know about Pawn 7?
  1709. So this is a revenge mission after all?
  1710. Keep this up and I'll finish what Bishop Eight started!
  1711. Cameras, Bishop. Those who hired me have managed to install spy cameras and sound equipment within your vessel. I can see into every room.
  1712. Tell me he's making that up...
  1713. He is absolutely lying, boss. It is impossible.
  1714. Rook 9 says that is impossible.
  1715. Rook 9 says he's found these cameras; now what?
  1716. [CMC-Rook 9] Don't we have our own cameras?
  1717. Nothing is impossible. Perhaps your Rook 9 is involved? What if they are all lying to you? Have you not thought about that? I know exactly who committed this murder. Would you like to know the truth?
  1718. You are smarter than you look. We both know it would be impossible to install such equipment on that vessel... yet, instead of simply denying it, you played along. Interesting tactic, but it does not answer how I know about the dead Pawn... does it?
  1719. Keep it up, Six... you're doing great.
  1720. Nah mate, of course not. Before today, we've seen no reason to watch our own people and what other purpose do cameras serve? They're in the brig and the hangar bay, but nowhere else.
  1721. You are boring me.
  1722. Rook 9 says that is impossible.
  1723. Rook 9 says he's found these cameras, now what?
  1724. Let us get right to the point then, yes? Are you telling me you do not believe this enemy of yours is capable of installing cameras and sound equipment aboard your vessel? It is easy when they have someone on the inside.
  1725. Partly, yes, but admittedly my initial anger clouded my better judgement. Listen to me. My people are more connected than your King. When they cannot identify someone capable of handing out six hundred million E.U. Dollars... that someone is either a ghost or someone to fear.
  1726. One minute it's threats and the next advice?
  1727. So you were paid to kill us? It's really that simple?
  1728. Both are excellent forms of encouragement. Here is some more advice, mostly for your Knight: trust nobody. It seems that someone is out to destroy the Consortium, and they have spies a lot closer than you think.
  1729. Spies? You want to elaborate on that?
  1730. How do you know about Pawn 7's death?
  1731. [CMC] He makes a good point, how can I trust any of you?
  1732. If it's names you want, I have none. But think about this: someone has made it possible for me to know what happened to Pawn 7. There is really no telling how many of your own people have been recruited by them.
  1733. Do not listen to him, he's only testing you.
  1734. So Pawn 7 then, tell me how you know about that!
  1735. And you can live with killing us all for money?
  1736. [CMC] He makes a good point, how can I trust any of you?
  1737. Is that a serious question?
  1738. I imagine they are denying involvement, am I right?
  1739. They think you're full of it and I agree.
  1740. We have already caught those responsible for helping you.
  1741. I am not going to play this game with you.
  1742. Perhaps I am. But think about this: if I am full of this 'crap' you speak of... then how do I know about Pawn 7?
  1743. O.K. fine, I'll bite... how do you know?
  1744. I don't care! Just board us so I can kill you!
  1745. Maybe you got lucky?
  1746. Oh, you have? Perhaps you are smarter than you look. So tell me, who have you caught?
  1747. Careful now, you're treading on thin ice.
  1748. Do you even know who it was?
  1749. Enough games! Are you going to try and kill us or not?
  1750. Your mother.
  1751. I know exactly who it was. And I know because your entire ship has been filled with tiny cameras and sound equipment. I have been watching you all day long!
  1752. Tell me he's making that up...
  1753. He is absolutely lying, boss. It's impossible.
  1754. Rook 9 says you are lying.
  1755. Rook 9 says he's found these cameras, now what?
  1756. [CMC] Don't we have our own cameras?
  1757. Is this all a game to you, Bishop? Hm? I am only speaking with you as a courtesy and because I have a growing respect for your crew and want to see them live through this day. Do you not want the same for them?
  1758. I only want this to end without further bloodshed!
  1759. If you're not here to kill us, then what?
  1760. I only want to ensure you don't walk away from this intact.
  1761. Good! Then we both... almost... want the same thing.
  1762. Keep it up, Six, you're doing great.
  1763. So help us... how do you know about Pawn 7?
  1764. You're not here to kill us then?
  1765. goto Kiril_[20]1:3:3 }
  1766. 'Us,' how cute... no, Bishop. You. Just you, I was given all that money to take your life. Your crew are not involved in this and I for one, would like to let them live.
  1767. Do not listen to him and stick to the plan: let him think he's beaten us and he'll be more susceptible to our surrender.
  1768. If you board us, I will end you. It's that simple.
  1769. O.K. You win. Let's talk about letting them live.
  1770. Before you kill me, tell us how you know about Pawn 7's death.
  1771. Excellent decision and I'll get to that in a minute. Now, about Pawn 7...
  1772. O.K. I'll bite; how did you know about him?
  1773. Speak, now... or I will order my men to take no prisoners when they storm your ship and end your life.
  1774. If you're so eager to tell me what you know, let's hear it.
  1775. I will kill anyone who boards this ship.
  1776. Excellent! That is the spirit I was promised when I took this job. They said you would appear to have no fear... that you were a steely eyed, cold blooded killer. This should be fun!
  1777. You are so surprised that you cannot speak? Or perhaps you are afraid?
  1778. So you're just going to do what they say and kill us all?
  1779. Afraid of you? You are hilarious.
  1780. How do you know about Pawn 7?
  1781. Not of me... but afraid of those who are capable of putting cameras throughout your vessel. How else do you think I know about Pawn 7? I can see everything.
  1782. Tell me he's making that up...
  1783. He is absolutely lying, boss. It's impossible.
  1784. Rook 9 says cameras aboard Zenlil would be impossible.
  1785. Rook 9 says he's found these cameras, now what?
  1786. [CMC] Don't we have our own cameras?
  1787. Are you kidding me?
  1788. Not yet, Bishop... soon I will give you that chance, but not yet.
  1789. Alright, you win. Let's talk about our surrender...
  1790. How did you know about Pawn 7?
  1791. Give us a break, Kiril, in case you haven't noticed: Bishop Eight is not here.
  1792. I am not here because of revenge, you stubborn woman. I am here because I have no choice. Your enemy have removed any free will I once had.
  1793. Enough of this. Let's talk about our surrender.
  1794. How did you know about Pawn 7?
  1795. Now, whether you want to hear it or not, your enemy have managed to install sound and video equipment aboard your vessel. I can see into every room.
  1796. Pawn 19, come in.
  1797. I'm here... did you find anything?
  1798. There... there's blood everywhere... his head is... I... I...
  1799. You, you, I, I... get it out already! He is dead, Pawn 7 is dead. My God, you people are like children.
  1800. That is really not necessary!
  1801. I will decide what is necessary!
  1802. Now, Bishop... you impressed me before when you called my bluff. Impress me again and tell me, if not cameras, then how do I really know about Pawn 7?
  1803. You planned his death ahead of time.
  1804. You have spies aboard this vessel, feeding you info.
  1805. I am not here to impress or amuse your giant ego, Kiril.
  1806. I planned his death? I am flattered you think so highly of me Bishop, but alas... if Pawn 7's death had meaning, I am unaware of what it was.
  1807. So you have spies aboard Zenlil?
  1808. Do you know who we're dealing with then?
  1809. I do not know. Other then an untraceable contact, I have absolutely no idea who these people are OR what they want with your life.
  1810. They could be using Kiril to test our defences against this new technology. Or perhaps, and more likely, he is lying.
  1811. Could this be a precursor to an attack on the Consortium?
  1812. Now, let's talk about the spies you clearly have aboard Zenlil.
  1813. I truly and honestly hope not. I hate the Consortium as much as the next person in my position, but I have a feeling I would hate these 'ghost enemies' a great deal more.
  1814. And yet, you're helping them?
  1815. So you're scared of these people?
  1816. I would rather not make enemies with the winning side, all because I refused to kill a single Bishop. Not to mention the things they would do to my family, and those of my crew.
  1817. I do not feel fear, Bishop. I only believe 'these people' to be a much greater threat to my business. The Consortium follow a predictable set of rules and are easy to avoid when necessary. This enemy of yours, however, have no rules of engagement and I am proof of their willingness to resort to cheap tricks.
  1818. Close, very close. Not my spies, and you should focus on WHO these spies are. Maybe it is Rook 13, the unusual new doctor who came aboard only a month ago? Or Pawn 4, the asinine Norwegian who worked with the dead Pawn? Or maybe Alannah; my intelligence tells me that her and Pawn 7 have been less-than-friendly lately.
  1819. Alannah, save your breath! And Six... play along, see where this goes.
  1820. I don't think you even know who it is, do you?
  1821. Why are you telling me all of this?
  1822. [CMC] Can't we track outgoing communications?
  1823. Quite right, I do not. Someone aboard that vessel has been anonymously feeding me information since this morning.
  1824. Now that is an absolute load of nonsense. But keep it up, I think he's starting to like you.
  1825. Let's say I believe you... why tell me?
  1826. Is this someone also responsible for our system glitches?
  1827. If you had to guess one person, who would it be?
  1828. I don't know about that, but it is likely... yes. Whoever it is has been paid very, very well for this, as have I, and they are no doubt terrified of failing.
  1829. Why are you telling me all of this?
  1830. Are you terrified of failing?
  1831. Rook 13. He came on board almost immediately following Bishop Eight's so-called retirement. I hear that Alannah pushed the transfer through... perhaps she is involved as well? Though, I doubt it. She thinks far too highly of herself.
  1832. I really hope you're not listening to this.
  1833. You make a pretty convincing argument.
  1834. Why exactly are you being helpful?
  1835. But it's never the most obvious person.
  1836. Out of respect for your crew. I enjoy their company and while I have no choice but to kill you, I choose to let them live. Once you are dead, I hope your people can discover this traitor and move on. Traitors make me sick.
  1837. So, you're an honorable pirate? Wonderful.
  1838. And you're going to help us find this spy?
  1839. Honour is the only thing that makes us men, did your father teach you nothing?
  1840. You believe me then?
  1841. I don't know why you'd lie.
  1842. No, I'm only doing what I was told to do.
  1843. Tell that to your Knight here! She believes everything from my mouth is a lie...
  1844. Oh? And what was that?
  1845. Hide my disgust and keep you placated.
  1846. Keep you talking so Rook 9 can fix our weapons.
  1847. Keep you happy so you don't kill us.
  1848. So this is a game to you, is it? Let's see how much fun you're having with my rifle shoved up your ass.
  1849. It will take him longer than this to repair your damage, plenty long enough for me to take what I want. Do you not think I have tested this weapon before today?
  1850. Such honesty in the face of death, I am mildly impressed. And I have to admit: that is a very good plan.
  1851. I will tell you something else: do you honestly believe Bishop Eight retired because of an incident with a small time mercenary like myself?
  1852. Yes we can, but Zenlil's systems are not very reliable right now. I think Angelov knows this... or, he's apart of making it happen.
  1853. Enough with the C.M.C. already! Now tell me: who is this spy you think I have aboard your vessel?
  1854. I don't think you even know who it is, do you?
  1855. How should I know? I just got here!
  1856. Touche, Bishop. And you... I only wanted you to know that this does not end with him. My being here, his death, all of this... someone out there has their heart set on burning the Consortium to the ground.
  1857. If you do not wish to talk, then I have no reason not to enter the next phase. I wonder, how many of my men will it take to kill you? Let's find out!
  1858. Big bad Bishop, yes? Look around before you beat your chest at me... your ship is disabled and your crew is looking to you for their very survival. Are you sure you really want to piss me off?
  1859. O.K. O.K... so you've planned Pawn 7's death ahead of time?
  1860. If not cameras, then you must have spies aboard.
  1861. So be it. Prepare yourselves...
  1862. Oh come now, this is not the time to be quiet. Do you not want to extend your life at least a little longer? All you must do is answer my question: how do I know about Pawn 7's demise?
  1863. I think you planned his death and then got lucky.
  1864. Someone aboard this vessel is spying for you.
  1865. I don't give a damn, just come and get me!
  1866. So, where are we? Ah, yes... cameras. Pawn 7's death. The 'big mystery.'
  1867. There are no cameras aboard this vessel Don't listen to him!
  1868. If you saw it happen, then tell me who killed Pawn 7.
  1869. I don't have to take this from you, Angelov.
  1870. Stop playing around with these adolescent mind games!
  1871. Are you sure you wish to know the truth? You may not like what you hear...
  1872. Yes, out with it!
  1873. What's the point? This is all just a game to you.
  1874. There was no murder. It was an accident! I have no idea why Pawn 7 went into that room, but he tripped over himself and hit his head on the keypad of the locker. It looks like he broke his neck. I had you going, didn't I?
  1875. Pawn 7's death was not an accident, and his neck was not broken. His skull was crushed.
  1876. You must think our doctor is stupid?
  1877. Let's say I believe you. What else do you know?
  1878. [CMC] I don't know who to believe!
  1879. Did you mean Rook 13, Mr. Keiran Boyle over there? He and your Pawn 4 both came on-board at the same time, one month ago. This was almost immediately following the death of my men, at the hands of Bishop Eight. Coincidence? I think not.
  1880. Nothing more; only what your enemy have allowed me to see. Don't you understand? They are the real threat here. Once I take your life, my part in all of this will end... I fear to see what will come next for the Consortium.
  1881. I don't believe you and I say this is all your doing.
  1882. So then you can go home, happy with blood on your hands?
  1883. Then let me surrender myself and no one else needs to die.
  1884. That is right, I will! What's a Consortium Bishop to me, when compared to the lives of my family? The answer is nothing, dog meat.
  1885. Surrender yourself, really? That is not what I was promised from you. You sound so boringly... civilian. I was told you were a cold blooded killer!
  1886. I will repeat: Pawn 7's death was no accident.
  1887. Oh come now, Bishop... don't listen to them over that mind reading device you call a C.M.C. You know there is something more going on here, yes? I know you doubt them as much as I do, I can see it in your eyes.
  1888. Maybe you are right, I can't trust anyone!
  1889. I'll take their trust over yours, any day.
  1890. You are so gullible! I am trying to kill you and you listen to me? I may actually have fun taking your life.
  1891. You are not very imaginative, are you? Another soldier at heart, yes? Here is some more truth for you, Bishop: evil is easy for those without a soul. Do you believe your King has a soul?
  1892. I've never met the guy, how should I know?
  1893. Yes, K-1 absolutely has a soul.
  1894. Of course not, but that doesn't make him evil.
  1895. Well, that 'guy' does not have a soul, and could envelop the world in a fiery hell. Perhaps it realizes that in order to save the environment, it must first destroy its greatest threat?
  1896. Ah, yes, K-1... the machine's real name. And just because it once fed on human brains, does not give it a soul. You have clearly fallen for their propaganda like the rest of the world. What a waste...
  1897. Well it certainly has a plan for you! Perhaps this was all setup by the machine, for its own, sick amusement?
  1898. This is no game. My mission is clear and even as I speak now, I am completing that mission.
  1899. O.K., tell me who you think you saw.
  1900. Speaking to me is your mission now?
  1901. Killing you is my primary mission. However, I have also been hired to instill fear... to warn the Consortium of the coming storm. Your Enemy wish for their considerable strength to be seen and feared.
  1902. Fine, so tell us who murdered Pawn 7.
  1903. And if you fail to kill me?
  1904. Very funny. Failure is something reserved for the stupid and unprepared. Also, you barely even passed your rifle training, how do you plan on stopping me?
  1905. I've never taken rifle training.
  1906. With my bare hands if necessary!
  1907. What does that mean, exactly?
  1908. Never mind. You'll never get away with this.
  1909. I am not really Bishop Six.
  1910. I have already resigned myself to that possibility. Even in my death or capture, at least my family will remain safe. As long as I first succeed in taking your life.
  1911. And if you fail in killing me?
  1912. Why are you doing this, then?!
  1913. You don't stand a chance and I think you know this. You are a mouse in a very large jungle.
  1914. Just tell us who killed Pawn 7.
  1915. Are you ready for a mouse to catch a wolf?
  1916. Very good. My men have been training twelve hours a day for the past month. They could destroy you with their eyes closed!
  1917. I have already told you – I do not have a choice. Admittedly, if I was thinking straight a month ago, I would never have agreed to this. I think your enemy waited for just the right time to hire me.
  1918. Just tell us who killed Pawn 7.
  1919. Is that so?
  1920. Yes, I am from another dimension and time!
  1921. I was hired to help capture you.
  1922. Do not waste my time with such nonsense. Science fiction is for children.
  1923. Fine. Just tell us who killed Pawn 7.
  1924. Very good, Bishop! My men are not all stupid. I know exactly who you really are. Think about this: perhaps it is your King who has set this all up?
  1925. Just shut up and tell us who killed Pawn 7.
  1926. What's that about the King??
  1927. Why else did it choose you to be here? Your King has set this up. It is the only answer. Besides, how can you really trust a machine?
  1928. I've never met the guy, how should I know?
  1929. Back to Pawn 7 – who killed him?
  1930. You're only trying to scare me, and failing.
  1931. You certainly beat your chest with the best of them, but it won't save your life. I know more about you then you could possibly imagine.
  1932. Then I have no choice but to take you by force. Stay out of my way and the rest of your people will be spared. That is, if Alannah can keep her gun in her pants.
  1933. Oh come now, do not play dumb. Only a little longer until my mission is complete and your crew can go home, safe and sound.
  1934. Fine. Who did you see kill Pawn 7?
  1935. And if you fail your mission?
  1936. This is all just a game to you, isn't it?
  1937. Enough! I have reached my limit, Angelov. I won't let you poison my crew any longer with your sputtering nonsense. You have a decision to make: you can destroy us, you can board us and try your hand against our Bishop, or you can bloody well listen to what I have to say. What's it going to be?
  1938. I was hoping I could make you this angry. Something about English women with authority in their voice... it makes me tingle all over.
  1939. Make your decision!
  1940. I am in a good mood, the Bishop here has certainly amused me enough. Let me hear your proposal.
  1941. Be careful, Knight, do not forget who is in control. Both you and your Bishop here have been most... tiresome. I will make this next part easy for you. I only want the Bishop's head – and I will take what I want. The rest of you can be spared, so long as you stay out of my way.
  1942. You will never get away with this. The rest of the Consortium will hunt you down, you have my word on that.
  1943. I would not expect anything less.
  1944. I can't believe his arrogance.
  1945. You'd better hurry this up. They're positioning that Carrier just behind our tail. You've got a few minutes at most before they drill on through and into the Hangar Bay.
  1946. Tell me lock-down systems are up and running?
  1947. They are.
  1948. Good. Let's get everyone in here then.
  1949. [background chatter]
  1950. [background chatter]
  1951. [background chatter]
  1952. [background chatter]
  1953. [background chatter]
  1954. [background chatter]
  1955. [background chatter]
  1956. [background chatter]
  1957. [background chatter]
  1958. [background chatter]
  1959. [background chatter]
  1960. [background chatter]
  1961. [background chatter]
  1962. [background chatter]
  1963. [background chatter]
  1964. [background chatter]
  1965. [background chatter]
  1966. [background chatter]
  1967. [background chatter]
  1968. [background chatter]
  1969. [background chatter]
  1970. [background chatter]
  1971. [background chatter]
  1972. Sorry, sir. And thank you.
  1973. Attention everyone, attention. I suppose I should remind you all that there is nothing to worry about. We have a plan and I can assure you all that we've got everything under control. I know this is an unusual situation, but Bishop Six is highly skilled and I am confident he will repel this attack with ease. We'll be safely in Ireland before you know it.
  1974. Alannah, show the Bishop what we've got for him.
  1975. Yes, sir. We do have ourselves an emergency weapons locker.
  1976. In there you'll find a couple weapons to choose from.
  1977. Alright, Six, get to the Hangar Bay and stop them from flooding the ship!
  1978. Let us evacuate onto a Mission Pod. We'll happily leave the area and hand Zenlil over to you. What do you say?
  1979. Under one condition: the Bishop must stay on board and surrender to me. We have much to discuss, he and I.
  1980. Are you serious? I'm not about to hand you my Bishop on a bloody platter.
  1981. I could just tell my men to open fire on you right now?!
  1982. What do you say, Bishop? Will you surrender peacefully to me?
  1983. I will follow orders.
  1984. I can't promise you anything.
  1985. You don't know the meaning of being peaceful.
  1986. 'I will follow orders...' You are like a little puppy biting at the heels of its master.
  1987. Just be disarmed and ready to move when I tell you to.
  1988. Yes, that is absolutely right! I don't! And if you don't surrender to me without incident, you all die. You think about that, Bishop, when you decide to deceive me.
  1989. It does not matter, as long as you are there and they are not.
  1990. So it seems, little Knight, that we have ourselves a deal. I will give you five minutes to do as I say and evacuate all but the Bishop. Five minutes and I want you off that ship!
  1991. Wade, will you please prepare Mission Pod One? Set it for auto-pilot toward Ireland and we'll pick it up when we're done here.
  1992. No problem boss, already standing by.
  1993. Go ahead and load it with enough junk from the cargo containment unit to simulate our combined weight.
  1994. That's a nice touch, sir. Very nice.
  1995. Why do we have to weigh it down?
  1996. Can't they just scan the Mission Pod for life signs?
  1997. I thought the cargo containment unit was damaged?
  1998. The only way they can tell if someone is aboard the Mission Pod is based on its weight. If they know its original weight, at least, which they probably do not.
  1999. Scan for life signs? OK, Captain Picard, do you want us to go to warp speed while we're at it?
  2000. What I think she means, Six, is that such technology does not exist.
  2001. It is, meaning it cannot properly convert energy into functioning matter. This doesn't mean it cannot produce scrap metal.
  2002. And why do we have to weigh it down?
  2003. Can't they just scan the Mission Pod for life signs?
  2004. You'd better hurry this up. They're positioning that carrier just behind our tail.
  2005. Damn he's impatient. OK, launch Mission Pod One now.
  2006. Mission Pod One is away and it looks like two of them are following it.
  2007. That sound, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of a Boarding Carrier tearing a hole through our hull.
  2008. It's show time. Just remember, Six. Disarm and surrender to his men. When Kiril comes aboard to gloat... that's when you arm up and take him out.
  2009. Everyone is here and accounted for; let's lock-down Mission Ops.
  2010. Mission Ops is secure. And B, you can still exit through the hatch doors here in the Cockpit.
  2011. Get out there through a Cockpit hatch and surrender yourself. Let's get this over with.
  2012. What are you waiting for, Six? You wanted to be a Bishop, now is your chance!
  2013. Hello there, B. Top or bottom hatch, the choice is yours.
  2014. Alright, wet willy, whenever you're ready.
  2015. Will you get out of my damned cockpit already?
  2016. I'll have to lock down the hatch door behind you.
  2017. It looks like your on your own, Six. Good luck.
  2018. Mission Ops is secure. Good luck, B.
  2019. That sound, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of a Boarding Carrier tearing a hole through our hull.
  2020. A large contingent of Mercs is now entering the Hangar Bay.
  2021. Get ready, Six...
  2022. I've locked down every possible exit...
  2023. Can you stop them or not?
  2024. I can keep them out of Mission Ops, Lower Avionics, and the Cockpit... but that's all I've got.
  2025. And the guest of honour has finally arrived. Kiril himself is now in the Hangar Bay.
  2026. Alright Six, do whatever it takes to get to Angelov and take him down.
  2027. They've started on the door to the upper level hallway.
  2028. The door from the Hangar Bay to the upper level has just been breached.
  2029. They're into the battery crawl now, probably getting their chewie all over my engines!
  2030. We've got a couple John McClain's hell bent on getting into the upper level crawl.
  2031. They're into the galley now. That's where the food is, B... the food.
  2032. The wankers are through the hatch from the upper crawl, and are now rainin' down into the lounge.
  2033. A couple bad guys are into upper avionics. It won't do much good unless they're lookin' to adjust the temperature of coffee in the galley or pick the in-flight movie.
  2034. You were supposed to wait for Kiril!
  2035. Stay focused, Six, and do the best you can to minimize the damage.
  2036. There he is! Surround him but hold your fire. Kiril wants him alive.
  2037. Disarm yourself, immediately!
  2038. Do what he says. Disarm and let Kiril come to you.
  2039. I will not say this again, Consortium dog! Your weapon, or we will be forced to kill you where you stand!
  2040. You have brought this on yourself. Open fire!
  2041. We have the Bishop pinned down, report to my position!
  2042. I guess the Bishop doesn't speak moron.
  2043. You'd better watch your ass! It looks like all of them are headed your way!
  2044. That is better, now do not move.
  2045. Sir, we have the Bishop and he appears to be surrendering.
  2046. Excellent... hold your position, I am on my way. If he so much as sneezes in your direction, you know what to do.
  2047. Yes, sir!
  2048. So... how is your day going?
  2049. Do you smell that? Oh God, what IS that?
  2050. Shut your filthy mouth or we'll shut it for you.
  2051. But I only want to be your friend!
  2052. Tell me, what is it like working for a murderous maniac?
  2053. Don't do it, Bishop, don't push me. You heard what Angelov said and I'm not afraid of you.
  2054. Well I'm not sneezing, am I?
  2055. About Angelov... what is he like, I mean really like?
  2056. Very... funny. One more word, Bishop. Come on. Give me an excuse.
  2057. So... what's Angelov really like?
  2058. You hobos could really use a shower!
  2059. I hate that name, Homeless Mercenaries. In time the Bulgarian people will learn the good we are doing for them. They'll have no choice but to call us national heroes!
  2060. You poor, brainwashed little man.
  2061. Uh, and what good are you doing? Exactly?
  2062. Stopping you and your Consortium from becoming the only remaining military superpower on Earth. Stopping that machine you call a King from corrupting the whole planet!
  2063. Did Angelov sell you all that crap?
  2064. You know what? You actually make a good point.
  2065. Don’t you dare patronize me, scum-dog... I know you think of me as a fly. And that you are waiting for the right time to strike me down. You warrior Bishops are all the same; nothing but vicious, power hungry dogs.
  2066. Alright, settle down. No sense of humour I take it?
  2067. I in fact greatly respect you for the extraordinary things you do.
  2068. Buzzzzz...
  2069. I guess not. Now, shut up!
  2070. I am shocked, you actually stopped speaking! Praise the Ancestors, it's amazing!
  2071. Kiril Angelov is a great leader capable of returning Bulgaria to its former glory. His father may have fallen for Consortium charms, like the rest of the world... all of you puny ants, falling into place for the new world order. I've served under Angelov's guidance since the Resource Wars and you would be smart not to anger him. He is far more intelligent than he appears.
  2072. It's incredible how brainwashed you are!
  2073. Whoa, your breath reeks! Please be quiet now.
  2074. You know what? You make a great point.
  2075. Oh no, I am no more brainwashed than you! Except where I understand why I am here, you blindly follow the Consortium's mandate, unaware that your Global oppression harms thousands in the process. You are pathetic.
  2076. What's pathetic is how blindly you follow a complete lunatic.
  2077. Hey now, I didn't mean anything by it.
  2078. I am running out of insults for you! Would you prefer physical violence? Perhaps that would help shut you up?!
  2079. Maybe we can arrange a shower for you before I throw you in the brig?
  2080. Take it easy, I'm only messing with you.
  2081. Thin line, Bishop, you are walking a very thin line right now.
  2082. Oh, you sure are funny... for a dead man.
  2083. Are you brainwashed enough to kill me in cold blood?
  2084. What good do you think you're doing here, exactly?
  2085. You'll be eating those words, soon enough.
  2086. Nothing left to say? Smart thinking.
  2087. I've had enough of your insolent nonsense! It's time to finish this mission once and for all! KILL HIM!
  2088. What are you idiots doing!? I never told you to open fire!
  2089. I am aboard. Bring the Bishop to me immediately.
  2090. Yes, sir, we are coming.
  2091. Move it, Bishop, I won't say it again!
  2092. Good boy.
  2093. The Bishop is fighting back! Report to my position, immediately!
  2094. My Gods, I hope you're not another Bishop Eight, always blasting away at everything in sight.
  2095. You'd better watch your ass! It looks like all of them are headed your way!
  2096. Where do you think you are going?
  2097. Stop where you are, Bishop scum! We will be forced to kill you!
  2098. I gave you your chance. Open fire!
  2099. Where the hell were you going?
  2100. You'd better watch yourself! It looks like all of them are headed your way!
  2101. Be careful not to hit the airlock!
  2102. Idiots! Do not fire grenades AT the airlock!
  2103. Ahhhh! Someone hold on to me!
  2104. Shit, shit, shit.... I do not like heights!
  2105. That was way too close!
  2106. I knew bringing frag grenades was a bad idea...
  2107. Smart move, you Consortium cockroach... Now, do not move again or I will show you what your insides look like!
  2108. Well now, there he is! Isn't this wonderful?
  2109. We should not waste anymore time, Kiril. Let us finish this before it's too late.
  2110. In due time, my little underling.. we have plenty of time.
  2111. Now that we are, well, mostly alone... I wanted to speak with you, man to man. This whole ordeal has made me very curious about you.
  2112. Maybe we can come to an agreement without bloodshed?
  2113. I am not who you think I am...
  2114. Give me one reason not to end this with your life.
  2115. No deals. I am sorry, but this only ends one way. First, though. I would like to know what makes you so special? Why all this fuss over such an insignificant Consortium speck? You can tell me... I can keep a secret.
  2116. Your guess is as good as mine.
  2117. I'm so much more than just a 'Consortium speck.'
  2118. Sure, if you say so. I think you know exactly why I am here.
  2119. Take him out while you've got him distracted!
  2120. Where are you planning on taking me?
  2121. I am not who you think I am...
  2122. Taking you? I only wanted to speak with you a little. Taking Zenlil was my own addition to the plan, but your death is still my mission.
  2123. Oh, hell... anytime now. And do it before he decides to fulfil his mission!
  2124. Who hired you and why do they want me dead?
  2125. Go ahead and kill me... I'll just reconnect and try again.
  2126. You have no idea what I'm capable of.
  2127. Haven't we gone over that? And now is the time to answer my questions. Who the hell are you, really?
  2128. Wait... try and lead him into the Brig! I have an idea.
  2129. I'm an explorer from a parallel Earth.
  2130. I'm nobody special, believe me.
  2131. I won't tell you in front of your men.
  2132. Oh, I understand. You do not wish to take me seriously? You think you can make a joke in front of my men? So be it.
  2133. Interesting, perhaps you will be more willing to speak with me in private.
  2134. Excellent work - get him alone and you'll have your chance!
  2135. Reconnect to what? What are you talking about? This better not be some kind of joke.
  2136. Wait... try and lead him into the Brig! I have an idea.
  2137. I'm an explorer from a parallel Earth.
  2138. I won't tell you in front of your men...
  2139. Cocky right to the end! If we had only met under different circumstances. I think we could have perhaps been friends. Oh well, in another life maybe we'll get that chance.
  2140. Go on... who are you then?
  2141. Just take out your damn rifle and end this now!
  2142. Wait... try and lead him into the Brig! I have an idea.
  2143. I'm an explorer from a parallel Earth.
  2144. I'm nobody special, believe me.
  2145. I won't tell you in front of your men.
  2146. I will take your silence as a sign you are ready to die. So be it.
  2147. I asked you a simple question. Answer me or prepare for the consequences.
  2148. Your guess is as good as mine.
  2149. I'm so much more than just a 'Consortium speck.'
  2150. I'll die before telling you anything!
  2151. That can certainly be arranged!
  2152. You have wasted enough of my time.
  2153. Cat got your clapper, or are you just too stupid to realize you've been beat?
  2154. [sigh] As Knight 15 would say, what will it take to make you go away?
  2155. I honestly don't know anything about why you're here.
  2156. Who hired you and what do they want?
  2157. Too stupid it is.
  2158. Follow me then.
  2159. The rest of you, stay where you are.
  2160. Go, Six, now is your chance!
  2161. Come here, boy. Speak with me in private.
  2162. Come here, or in ten seconds I am going to order my men to kill you.
  2163. Move it! Get him as close to the cell doors as you can.
  2164. I have had enough of this!
  2165. So, out with it then... what is the mystery behind this day? Who are you really and who wants you dead?
  2166. O.K. Wade, gas the whole brig! Now!
  2167. How are you doing this?! You can't stop---
  2168. Thank you, Wade. And don't worry, Six, it's only a little high-end sleeping gas. He'll wake up in the brig, with nothing more than a headache.
  2169. Kill the bastard, kill him now!
  2170. Oh, so you enjoy pain?
  2171. We've got him now, keep firing!
  2172. You're good, Bishop, but not good enough to best me!
  2173. All that Consortium equipment, and for what?
  2174. Hey now... that stung a little!
  2175. You've got to do better than that.
  2176. Is this all you've got?!
  2177. You fight like my grandmother!
  2178. Give it up, Bishop, you will not take me alive!
  2179. I guess Angelov doesn't wanna leave the bloody Hangar Bay.
  2180. Looks like Angelov is smart enough not to stray from the Hangar Bay.
  2181. I was kind of hoping he'd say that.
  2182. With Kiril down, the rest look confused and scared.
  2183. Release the atmo-shielding and let them return to the boarding carrier. We've got what we wanted.
  2184. And now I'll have to explain to President Angelov why we decided it was necessary to kill his son. That should be fun.
  2185. Bishop... Good job capturing Kiril! He'll have some questions to answer when he wakes up.
  2186. With Kiril down, the rest look about ready to crap themselves.
  2187. Release the atmo-shielding and let them return to the boarding carrier. We've got what we wanted.
  2188. Overall some fine work, Six! Especially nice that you managed to incapacitate all of them!
  2189. Pretty damned impressive, I didn't think you had it in you!
  2190. Nice work; you only killed a small number of them.
  2191. You did good, Bishop, but Wade's still going to need your help!
  2192. You didn't quite need to kill so many people, did you?
  2193. She's right. But hey, we're all alive and that's fine by me.
  2194. Good work, I guess. But you know, there was no need to kill so many of them, was there?!
  2195. Seriously, Bishop, I thought I asked you not to kill them?
  2196. You actually killed them all?? Was that really necessary?
  2197. Don't start that self-righteous talk of yours, Alannah. The Bishop did what needed to be done. Period.
  2198. I need you to come back to Mission Operations, Six. Right away.
  2199. It's sure turning into a bloody hornets nest out there.
  2200. Six, come to Mission Ops immediately.
  2201. Oh crikey, here they come!  This is it folks, end of the line. And I only needed another thirty seconds at most to fix the bleedin' weapons.
  2202. Alright, people, I think we've only got a minute or two before our friends out there start playing not-so-nice.
  2203. And our weapons?
  2204. We’re good to go on this end, boss. Let's see what the Bishop can do.
  2205. Before he heads for the guns, I've got an idea. Can you patch me into the F-35s?
  2206. No problem, you're on.
  2207. Pilots of threatening Homeless Mercenaries: I am Knight 15, commanding officer of the Consortium vessel, Zenlil. Your leader has just thrown his life away in an attempt to take control of this vessel. Please, I beg you to disengage immediately so that further loss of life can be prevented. Refusal to comply will result in a fight you cannot possibly hope to win.
  2208. Uhm, nice speech but maybe that wasn't such a good idea? Listen to this.
  2209. We will see Angelov again in the next life! They will pay for this and they will pay dearly!
  2210. They're all beginning attack patterns, none of 'em are running away! This is about to get real ugly!
  2211. Wow, honour among thieves, I guess. Who knew?
  2212. Pilots of threatening Homeless Mercenaries: I am Knight 15, commanding officer of the Consortium vessel, Zenlil. In an effort to cease control of this vessel, your leader has been captured by our Bishop. In exchange for lenient jail time, Angelov is telling us your names, where you live, where your family members live... anything we want to know. If you do not wish to have an enemy in the Consortium for the rest of your lives, disengage immediately.
  2213. That should do it!
  2214. Wade, do me a favour and fire a couple shots across a few of their bows. Give them a little scare.
  2215. You've got it.
  2216. A few are already tuckin' off boss. And listen to this!
  2217. There is no hope here, Angelov has betrayed us! They are not disabled and are too powerful! We must retreat.
  2218. The rest not running for home are beginning attack patterns. It looks like we've got ourselves a good old fashioned dogfight!
  2219. Bishop, I need you on the guns right away!
  2220. You can access the manual weapon system through the Command Interface, inside Mission Operations.
  2221. I can't do this on my own.
  2222. Six! Get to the command interface, now!
  2223. We're taking a lot of damage here, people. Can't hold out much longer.
  2224. If you do not report to Mission Operations, Six, and help R9, then we are all going to die! Am I making myself perfectly clear?
  2225. Everyone grab onto something because we are going down!
  2226. Systems are overloading, we're gonna explode before even reaching the ground!
  2227. Alright, so this is Zen's manual weapon's control interface. Now let's get this thing done.
  2228. Quick crash course before I let you at it. Your left control can lock and release non-lethal EMP tipped missiles. Aim the cursor, then press and hold to lock onto a target. Once a lock's been made, the missile will fire on its own and harmlessly swat your target from the sky.
  2229. Your right control is Zen's point defense laser. It's most useful for destroying incoming missiles... but that bad boy can also obliterate fighters in an instant, killing the pilot. So try not to take it there unless absolutely necessary, yea?
  2230. Most important thing to remember is keep your energy up, and don't let any missiles hit Zen. All it will take is one of them and we're toast.
  2231. Keep your bloody energy up or those bullets will tear us apart.
  2232. We got ship-wide decompression and a fire in lower avionics... we are going down!
  2233. Atmo-shielding failure, ship-wide fuselage breaches detected. The core is about to rupture! We are going down!
  2234. Direct hit, aw bloody hell, fire in the cockpit! Ah! AHHHHHH!!
  2235. Don't let them get anymore shots through!
  2236. Watch my girl, B!
  2237. One more hit like that, and we're all dead!
  2238. It's uh, getting a little rocky up here!
  2239. Whoa whoa, atmo-shieling can't take another drain like that.
  2240. Zen's sure gonna feel sore come tomorrow.
  2241. We won't take any more hits, B! Blimey!
  2242. I can't do this on my own, mate!
  2243. Stop using the damn laser, let her energy recharge!
  2244. Energy needs charging B, take it easy!
  2245. The laser isn't a toy and you need the energy!"