A level four anarchist group based out of the North American Union.[1]

The group was intially founded as a libertarian activist group of founded by George Maxwell in July 1979 as a means to effect betterment for individuals and, most especially, to challenge the entrenched two-party system of the United States he felt stifled genuine progress in that region of the world.

Though Liberty's Children lavished with both popularity and members during their initial period advocating for a more classically liberal approach mixed with boldly challenging the two-party duopoly of the United States, the group's began to attract radical individualists who wished to completely jettison the state-based status quo of the United States in favor of stateless anarchism. This created notable strife within the group.

Following a controversial 5-4 split decision ruling by the Supreme Court which ruled an interstate compact that would have rendered the Electoral College irrelevant in favor of a more traditional system of popular voting, Liberty's Children fractured. Its more radical members eventually took over the group and pushed out it's pro-government sympathizers with the most notable being George Maxwell who voiced opposition to the group's direction until his death.

The group soon after fully adopted what can best be described as a mixture of a radical right-libertarian variety of individualism coupled with left-libertarianism. Liberty's Children became wont to employ violent insurrectionist tactics and established itself as a notable black market trading front as a means to both supply themselves and others with the means at attacking those they saw as threats to human liberty.

Liberty's Children became a notable counter movement against the status quo of the United States during the Resource Wars with Liberty's Children being at the forefront of many a civil conflict during the region's collapse. The group's efforts to effect anarchism is, accompanied with the collapse of the region, a major reason America joined the Consortium.

Even under the protection of the Consortium, the group still remains a predominant threat in the North America region with its members still routinely carrying out typically violent actions against what they consider to be brazenly elitist individuals and institutions who seek to undermine individualism.

The most recent and prominent of these actions was a direct attack on the Global Unified Bank on September 16, 2042 with the group's intent being to destroy the bank with a bomb as blowback against its head operators for accepting a large government bail-out which exploited millions of tax payers. The attack was thwarted by Consortium forces, specifically Bishop Four (Ariel Lutz) who was able to subdue and capture the majority of the attackers.


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