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Also known as Employee #1195, he created the first iterations of Henry's software.

He was born to Dominick Chard and Jessica Chard on January 1, 2010, in Rosepark Hospital in the city of Bloemfontei, South Africa.[1] Growing up, he had a nanny named Sarah Valetta (now deceased). At the age of 16, he was accepted to Cambridge University on a "full scientific scholarship" in January, 2026, and studied under James Lensworth. He was romantically interested in Patricia Thornthwaite. He moved into Sarah Valetta's apartment on February 25, 2028, days after she died.


Chard produced a blog covering major events in world history from the date of his birth until January 1, 2028.

Conflicting Stories[]

There are two versions of the events that occurred between January 1, 2028, and March 1, 2028: one is from Henry and the other is from the Guardian Church. Henry's side ends up with Chard protecting Henry and the Church's side ends up with Chard attempting to kill Henry. In both cases, he is reported missing by Melinda Bellhurst on March 2, 2028.[2]

When did he die?[]

According to Malcolm Thomas, Chard was "found dead in 2029 with his spinal cord mysteriously fractured in twenty-one places."[3]

Henry confirmed he was "killed" as of December 21, 2042.[4]

Alternate Reality Game[]

Henry became quite attached to him. Henry's complete memory of him was (supposedly) erased by Brayden Shaw after he was threatened by the Guardian Church and decided to head to Cuba to find a way into their facility there in order to find more information about the virus they uploaded to Henry. Chard was killed, along with his mother (Jess Chard), and both bodies dumped at the Heathrow airport on April 23, 2029.[5]

Yesterday both Kevin Chard and his mother were found dead at Heathrow Airport – apparently their bodies were found in separate bathrooms, throats cut, and the entire thing is going viral quicker than the Gutierrez video. I think Worldview is pretty much boffed, let's break down what the public know: Kevin's murder sees to highlight his connection to K-1 and the knowledge that both him and his mother disappeared a year ago. The death of Kevin's nanny, Sarah Valetta, only a month or so before Kevin disappeared, has come forward. Elisa Gutierrez was pretty much murdered on live feed, seen by millions, and she was at the time berating the K-1 facility for horrible atrocities. The public is coming down hard on Worldview, to say the least, and Schelter is nowhere to be found after he vanished under "mysterious circumstances".