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Kendra Patel
Kendra Patel in Consortium
Alias(es) Pawn 51
Gender Female
Group(s) Consortium
Game(s) Consortium
Voice Over Rhona Rees

Kendra Patel was born in Chicago, Illinois, to a Guyanese mother (died in a car accident when Kendra was 4) and American father (lawyer). She was mostly raised by her nanny, Kay. She struggled with, and still does struggle with, hyperthymesia which gives her photogenic memory of her past but also only allows her 2-3 hours of sleep per day.[1]

Kendra wanted to become a university professor before applying to become a Consortium "research investigator." She was accepted and inducted on February 14, 2041, as Pawn 51 serving with Luca Turel in Zenlil's Global Operations.[1]

She can be caught having a private meeting with Rook 9 in the Cockpit during Act II of Consortium.