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Keiran Boyle
Keiran Boyle in Consortium
Alias(es) Rook 13
Gender Male
Birth Date June 23, 2006 (Age: 36)
Group(s) Consortium
Guardian Church
Game(s) Consortium
Voice Over Michael Cound

Keiran Boyle was born to Siobhan Boyle and Alastar Boyle in Galway, Ireland, on June 23, 2006. He has a twin sister, Alannah Boyle. When his parents divorced, he went with Siobhan while Alannah went with Alastar. Keiran worked at the K-1 Facility along with Siobhan to find and prepare brains for use in the project. After his mother passed away, he reconnected with Alannah. He was inducted into the Consortium on November 23, 2040, as Rook 13 to serve on Aether.[1] He transferred to Zenlil on November 19, 2042, along with Pawn 4.[2]

Keiran implanted the Medical Utility Visual Implant in Bishop 6.[3]


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