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K-1 Software Upgrade Results
Date March 2, 2028
Internal Name k1_upgrade

March 2nd, 2028:

K-1 Software Upgrade Results -

This report is mostly intended for viewing by non technical WI executives and investors. In the following paragraphs, I will summarize the results of the M3 cortex software upgrade with regards to its functionality within the hardware. When necessary, please refer to the M3 and K-1 project spec documentation to supplement this report.

In Brief: M3 was an overall success. After some minor issues, the integration of K-1's high-level software performed to spec and K-1 itself is now running at full capacity. We are still awaiting Kevin Chards arrival in order to wholly establish the psychological state of the newly upgraded cortex software.

At 0.001 seconds after the M3 software upgrade: We measured an unprecedented amount of activity within the cortex centers of K-1. Three to four hundred times more cerebral activity than anticipated. This activity lasted for exactly 63 seconds (the same length in which the infrasonic pulses from M2 lasted). K-1 then kicked into a diagnostic maintenance cycle, after which everything returned to normal.

Our engineers were able to determine what we believe was the problem. The new software upgrades essentially had trouble adapting to a hardware environment that was itself still attempting to integrate into the initial low-level software installed on January 1st. We did not anticipate the low-level software would begin adapting to the hardware so quickly and therefore nearly reject the upgrade, which was itself programmed for an entirely unaltered version of the hardware. While this is a highly simplified explanation, we believe it is the essence of what happened.

Do to this new information; we now believe it was a mistake to activate K-1's software in two separate stages. For the record we would like to state that it would have been beneficial to K-1 in general to have fully activated it's high-level software on January 1st. These tribulations may also explain the strange occurrences reported by Mr. Chard, during the previous two months.

We are venturing into unknown territory here and as such we can again offer no certain explanations for these events and instead can only offer our best guesstimate based on the information we have been able to gather.