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K-1 Hardware Activation Results
Date January 1, 2028
Author Walter Greenberg
Internal Name k1_activation

January 1st, 2028:

K-1 Hardware Activation Results -

This report is mostly intended for viewing by non technical WI executives and investors. In the following paragraphs, I will summarize the results of the M2 K-1 hardware activation event. Where necessary, please refer to the M2 and K-1 project spec documentation to supplement this report.

In brief: M2 itself was an unqualified success. All newly integrated low-level software systems are functioning according to spec and many performance and efficiency parameters have been exceeded.

However, we have measured what can only be described as highly odd occurrences, both within the K-1 hardware itself and with regards to how the low-level cortex software performed within the hardware.

Within a microsecond of full activation, a power spike occurred which immediately disabled the primary reactor. According to our data, K-1 was attempting to draw in 50,000 times more power than needed. Secondary-1 kicked in seamlessly, immediately upon which the power consumption fell to within the expected range. There are several theories regarding this power spike which will be covered in a separate report.

I must also describe to you what is the least explainable event associated with M2: During the first 63 seconds of activation, K-1 generated steady streams of focused protons and electrons, directed both up into space and into the ground. These streams were accompanied by a series of 21 distinct infrasonic pulses, the nature of which remains a mystery. The pulses registered at 13 Hertz and were heard or at least felt by everyone in the facility. The sounds could be compared to what an extremely high powered subwoofer might produce.

During my absence I have instructed my fully capable team to keep an eye on these events and continue with their efforts to determine the source. If any of these odd occurrences are to repeat, or in any way harm the hardware itself, I will return immediately and personally ensure the problems are dealt with.


  • Appears on page 6 of IDGI Discoveries.
  • This is a summary of Milestone 2