John Wilconson
Gender Male
Death Date February 28, 2027
Group(s) Worldview Industries
Game(s) Alternate Reality Game
Voice Over Malcom Grant

John Wilconson lived in San Antonio, TX, with his wife Pamela Wilconson (married 2019) and daughter, Tracy. He was a construction foreman at the K-1 Facility from 2026 to February, 2027. He died in San Antonio, TX, three days after returning from Xalapa, Mexico in an Automated Driverless Vehicle accident. His body was apparently taken into the "ReDo" program against his will which digitized his brain and allows the conversation in Consortium.

In our timeline, he accused Vidal Desertch and the rest of the Interdimensional Games team, of changing his surfing surfing website on purpose, and this lead to the government's involvement in the site. It turned out that the Guardian Church (specifically, Malcolm Thomas) was able to manipulate the website via the iDGi-1 Satellite.


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There are two ways to find John Wilconson (or what's left of him) in Consortium:

  1. Complete all 20 levels of the virtual trainer.
  2. After jumping from Zenlil to begin your first official mission, you are returned to Quantum Limbo. If you spell out REDO with the violet Sumarian Characters, you will be teleported to Wilconson's room.

After a short conversation with the avatar of John Wilconson, you'll be given the option to kill him or leave him. Henry will leave a response in your Information Console commenting on your choice.

Voice ActorEdit

Malcolm Grant backed the Consortium Kickstarter at the "be a voice actor" level.[1] John Wilconson is the only character voiced by a backer.


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