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Jes21s Chard Jour21nal
Date March 7, 2028
Author Jess Chard
Internal Name jesschard_journal

March 7th, 2028:

Jes21s Chard Jour21nal -

Chard Labs, London, England

I leave for Mexico in two days. I wish Kevin had called me and told me what was happening... always so damn stubborn that kid. Ever since Dom died I guess... Dom was always the one to keep his head on straight. Always the one to stop him from making stupid decisions like this. I haven't even spoken to him since the day he left, all high on his horse. I think the last thing I said to him was "you'll come crawling back you ungrateful shit"... I can't believe I actually said that. And Sarah... why did I ask her to go along? What was I thinking? I guess I'll be regretting that decision until the day I die.

<< sound of her rustling around, adjusting her position (or clearing throat?) before continuing >>

So from what this Melinda has told me, there is little doubt I will find trouble when I get to Xalapa. She says once I hit the city, I should immediately come to the local chapter and meet with her. The local police who actually called me a few days ago are apparently working for those bastards and all Melinda's attempts at getting outside help have gone unanswered. I'm not entirely sure what I can do but I've got to try. Maybe the Church has a plan...?

I knew Worldview was trouble from the start... Jess Chard, its 4am, March 7th, 2028.