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Jens Skogan
Jens Skogan in Consortium
Alias(es) Pawn 4
Gender Male
Group(s) Consortium
Game(s) Consortium
Voice Over Stig Sydtangen

Jens Skogan comes from a wealthy Norwegian family. He only has one sibling, a younger sister, named Solveig. His parents divorced when he was 13. His mom took Solveig (11 at the time) to Toronto while he stayed with his dad in Norway. Jens moved to Toronto when he turned 18 to attend the Toronto University of Specialized Engineering.[1]

Jens has no interest in marriage.[1]


Is the newest recruit on Zenlil boarding the aircraft on November 19, 2042 as Pawn 4.[1]

He works in the Hangar Bay under the direction of Rook 25.
Plot Involvement
He witnessed Pawn 32 kill Pawn 7 but is evasive because his sister is threatened.