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An audio file dated January, 2, 2028, named WVI_JAN22028_WG. This is Walter Greenburg's personal note about Worldview Industries' K1 project and it's pulses.


Walter Greenburg:

So I got a chance today to speak with our shiny, new cortex software engineer. If this kid can do even half of what he claims K1 is going to blow everyone away. We talked a little bit (about) activation. It seems the instant K1 was activated the system released a series of incredibly far reaching infrasonic pulses. Unfortunately at this time we have no theory or explanation as to exactly what they were. Heh, Kevin decided to call them K1 waves. Well, it looks like this is going to be my last recording until I get back. I've got two months vacation time ahead of me and I'm not going to waste another minute just talking about it. This is Walter Greenburg signing off.