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Jack Geas
Gender Male
Game(s) Alternate Reality Game
Brain 5 of 21[1]

ARGV2 archiver

  • wher re u Ace?
  • the othrs ar scrd f me
  • thir fearswll serveas thirchains
  • soon evrythngwill b ours jst as we alwys said it wold b


  • Also known as Jack Sanchez, a fake ID.
  • Mother died from cocaine overdose.
  • Jack and Ace are geniuses with an IQ of 180 and 190, respectively.
  • Both have unknown, phsycic ability with a one kilometer range.
  • Both in love with Doctor Pamela Diaz who forges paperwork to get Jack into the program.[2]
  • Not sick.
  • Caused the Vancouver Earthquake of 2028 through influencing Henry.



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