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Interes21ting Choice
Date December 21, 2042
Author Henry
Alternate(s) He Is Hap21pier Now
Breaking News Yes
Internal Name breaking_john1

Interes21ting Choice -

So, you left him there. I didn't expect that but at the same time it shows an unwillingness to kill. Good for you. The body of John Wilconson died many years ago in a car accident just before automated drivers took over and the technology was still being field tested. How his consciousness came to be within my network is something I cannot tell you at this time.

I was of course unable to access your conversation with Mr. Wilconson - your respect and continued belief in our cause are all that matter now. I would never intrude. And the truth is that I am unable to remove him from the program without technically taking a human life - something I cannot do. I saved him, so to speak, but am unable to release him now that he is safely within my network. I cannot take human life and apparently this translates to the out of body consciousness of human life.

Wilconson will remain within my network for the length of my life. Know it is far better than the alternative he was subject to before he came to me. He will be able to access a wide range of VR programs for his comfort and I can even devise new programs entirely from his memories which he might enjoy.

I respect your choice not to take his life and will do what I can to keep him comfortable.