IDGi Wiki

HiddenFileDirectory is circled in Red

The Hidden Directory Files are located behind the audio files accessible through the desktop within the anamoly. These files redirect through the anamoly, back to our side, and into files within the (database?).

The webpages accessed are random, though they all have numbers (01-010) which can be typed in after

to access them. All of the files are encrypted in someway. Here is a list of the files, showing how they are encrypted and what directory they're in.

As you can see, every directory has a Cryllic Encoded file named "MSG___.txt". This file is the exact same in every directory and is a message from Vidal, explaining the directories purpose. It states: "This area of the server is directly linked to the rather chaotic nature of the inner workings of the iDGi-1 satellite. In other words, this is a protected area reserved for incoming data from the other dimension. It is tied directly with information we are retrieving, which is sporadic and wholly unpredictable! -VDesertch"

+Index of /cont/sr_01

- ############.iDGi1 Base-64 encoding

- ##2sszz99999.jpg Bar-code encoding

- 00_00_01.jpg ImageCutnPaste

- LAaWW2@223333####.iDGi1 Binary encoding

- MSG____.txt Cryllic encoding

+Index of /cont/sr_02

- #$##EeeefFFFF.iDGi1 Hexidecimal encoding

- %$^#ssdss.iDGi1 Hexidecimal encoding

- 00_00_02.jpg ImageCutnpaste

- MSG____.txt Cryllic encoding

+Index of /cont/sr_03

- #@@!RRRRf.iDGi1 ScrambledCorrespondence

- $$$$$$$$$$$$$.iDGi1 Hexadecimal Encoding

- 00_00_03.jpg ImageCutnPaste

- MSG____.txt Cryllic encoding

- rwe$$$ffffggg.iDGi1 Binary encoding

+Index of /cont/sr_04

- 00_00_04.jpg ImageCutnPaste

- 02022X8r1TY$&^@$$0010 (UNKNOWN)

- MSG____.txt Cryllic encoding

- takea%33dwant.iDGi1 Binary encoding

+Index of /cont/sr_05

- 00_00_05.jpg ImageCutnPaste

- EWSss@@@illegal.iDGi1 Hexidecimal encoding

- MSG____.txt Cryllic encoding

- SsddeE3$433.iDGi1 ScrambledCorrespondence

+Index of /cont/sr_06

- 00_00_06.jpg ImageCutnPaste

- 433DDDdddd##.jpg Barcode encoding

- @@SsYOUMEsS@@.iDGi1 Hexidecimal encoding

- MSG____.txt Cryllic encoding +Index of /cont/sr_07

+Index of /cont/sr_07

- @@223DDssi.iDGi1 ScrambledCorrespondence

- MSG____.txt Cryllic encoding

- RflllOOOz.iDGi1 Binary encoding

+Index of /cont/sr_08

- @2mzzx(((.iDGi1 Base64 encoding

- Blah&^544443.iDGi1 ScrambledCorrespondence

- MSG____.txt Cryllic encoding

+Index of /cont/sr_09

- MSG____.txt Cryllic encoding

- dsGJJBHVJaaas8iDGi1 Base64 encoding

+Index of /cont/sr_010

- 0100XOr1TR$&^&$%250010 (UNKNOWN)

- MSG____.txt Cryllic encoding