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He Is Hap21pier Now
Date December 21, 2042
Author Henry
Alternate(s) Interes21ting Choice
Breaking News Yes
Internal Name breaking_john2

He Is Hap21pier Now -

You made the right choice with Wilconson. I knew you would choose the route of mercy regardless if it meant ending his life as he knew it. The body of John Wilconson died many years ago in a car accident just before automated drivers took over and the technology was still being field tested. How his consciousness came to be within my network is something I cannot tell you at this time.

I was of course unable to access your conversation with Wilconson - your respect and continued belief in our cause are all that matter now. I would not intrude. And the truth is that I was unable to remove him from the program myself without technically taking a human life - something I cannot do. I saved him, but was unable to release him from safety until you came along and gave me the answer. I gave you the choice and you chose mercy. Beautiful.

Wilconson can now be with his wife, Pam, who died three years ago from a fatal heart attack. They will be happy together. Know it is far better than the alternative he was subject to before I saved him. He is now free.

I respect your choice to take his life and believe you and I may share much in common.