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A race of "interdimensional beings"[1] from the Andromeda Galaxy. Their first recorded visit to Earth was during the Sumerian civilization.[2]

Akkadian writings say they are "over five meters tall" and Greek sculptures depict a "humanoid shape with disfigured facial features and unusually long limbs."[2]


Malcolm Thomas[3] and Patricia Thornthwaite[4] both mention a specific "Guardian of Wisdom."

Alternate Reality Game[]

In the alternate timeline, they invade on November 24, 2028. There was a burst of light followed by an electromagnetic pulse when seven aliens appeared, one at each of seven safe-zone camps around the world set up by the Guardian Church founders.

Their appearance is described being humanoid with appendages being 40-50% longer than humans, seven fingers per hand, their upper body is bent forward "about a foot," with a long neck, and humanoid head but covered by an "atmospheric filter." They wear a form of black, leather-like armor that is clad in strips of metal.[5]