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The Church of the Guardians is a quasi-religious establishment that seeks to bring about the return of the Guardians, a sentient alien race.[1] The Guardian Church was founded in 1995[2][3] or 1996[4] by Rick Pearlman and each Chapter holds headway meetings.

Known Members[]


They are seven scientists:[3]

  1. Rick Pearlman
  2. Andrelia Cody[2]
  3. Bouthira Khlot[2]

Merged from The Guardians[]

The Church of the Guardians (Or the Guardian Church, or The Guardians) is a new religion said to be based on 'unquestionable scientific proof' that some form of extra-terrestrial life has visited earth through various time periods and civilizations, presumably to guard and guide humanity through its progression.

First Hand Information[]

A group mentioned by My Name Is Not Important.

My Name Is Not Important It is the thing that calls you Seeker you should not be listening to. Everything he is feeding you is false. The Guardians will return and until then we must protect ourselves from... him." [1]

2.1.2010 9:12PM My Name Is Not Important Hell Stray. We were founded, in our world, under the united belief that throughout human history we have been visited by the Guardians. Undeniable, scientifically proven evidence exists scattered through time of their presence within hundreds, possibly thousands of civilizations. Our founders were able to connect all the pieces and have determined that the Guardians will return again to further guide us towards illumination. Their return is imminent. [2]

2.4.2010 12:43AM My Name Is Not Important The Guardians themselves exist and have always existed. Since 5000 BC we have been periodically graced by their presence. The proof you seek lies in the history of man. Countless unconnected civilizations, hundreds of years and thousands of miles apart, have all written variations of the same language and spoken tales of the same "guiding presence come down from the heavens". Our founders made the connections, found the truth... and the Church was born.

Employee 1195's Blog[]

The Church of the Guardians is mentioned in Employee 1195's blog, in the following entry;


September 4 - The day my family and I joined the Church of the Guardians. Unlike Tina Hubbard's view of the world, the Guardian Church is real, with unquestionable scientific proof of its validity. This is the day my life truly turned for the good.