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Future Uncertain
Date December 25, 2042
ID 50798
Burst 1

Upon its release on the morning of December 25, 2042, this video immediately trended across every Global Newswire channel and became the single most-watched video in the history of social media. This is only one possible future.

[CAMERA focused on Malcolm Thomas as he stands atop a podium with the Guardian Church logo etched across its front]

The dawn of light has finally touched down, and with it came much confusion over where we stand as a species on the verge of traversing the known universe. We are in the midst of a transition, an awakening, and any change this great inevitably comes with a certain amount of turmoil. Rejoice in knowing that the prophecy has come true. The great, inevitable sacrifice took its toll, but of course we persevered and can now look forward to the future. A better world is close at hand for each and every one of us.

They have come, ladies and gentleman, and what they have brought with them is nothing short of miraculous. Our future given to us in an instant. After so many years in wait of their return, humanity has now been given a new direction, a new purpose, and as we scramble to grasp the full extent of such a gift we must remember not to once again fear the unknown.

We have been welcomed onto the galactic stage as a single race under one purpose not stifled by violence or greed or any other form of human pettiness. We have proven ourselves ready to take this next step and will now join the ranks of countless other races that have come before us. We, the human race, will always prevail.

As the New Year approaches, protect those who have seen the light and see their survival as your entrance fee to a better future.

Thank you.