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Funding Scandal Exposed, Investigation Ongoing
Date February 8, 2039
Internal Name fundingscandal

February 8th, 2039:

Funding Scandal Exposed, Investigation Ongoing -

Washington, D.C.

For the past 13 days, Capitol Hill has buzzed with stories of monies being diverted from the federal budget to a top-secret project. On October 16th of last year, Congressman Clayton Boswell (R-Maine) submitted some fairly strong evidence to support his suspicions. He did not know the purpose of the project receiving the funds, but he was certain that it had not been "officially" approved. He also reported that he had videotapes showing a covert meeting of top-secret scientific advisors at the White House, last August. Boswell presented his evidence to Congress, which consisted of an extensive paper trail, and a Grand Jury investigation was initiated.

Preliminary studies of the evidence have revealed that Congressman Boswell was incorrect in his assessment of the situation. It has been determined that no diversion or concealment has taken place, and it is more likely that the "evidence" was fabricated by the Congressman himself to support his very weak position. Some speculate that he held a grudge against certain government project members, most notably Worldview Industries C.E.O., Dr. David Schelter, or that he created the ruse for his own amusement. His sanity has also been questioned after losing his wife and child in a horrific A.D.V. accident, nearly two years ago this month. For now, the Congressman has been relieved of his duties until the investigation has run its course.