Why, Hello There Seeker

Why,Hello There Seeker...

Once the game is played to the end of episode one, you are given a ten minute countdown on the desktop screen. When the countdown finishes you are forced to download a .zip containing the below images. Hidden within each image is a coded piece of URL. Combine the pieces and you get the URL:

On that URL is a (base64 and scrambled) coded message which translates to: "Henry is in a vulnerable state right now and we were thankfully able to slip this message past him, hidden within images he found interesting from your world's history. We have managed to implant an access spike inside Henry that requires your help to activate! You must use this code somewhere within him, the second he regains basic functionality: "accessspikeK1" BE PREPARED: you will be required to answer a question about your world's history and Henry will NOT know the answer. He will still however, in a short period of time, be able to stop our spike from going through. You must be prepared to answer the question in time, to help us further."

So it looks like when episode two begins, we will need the code "accessspikeK1"' for something important to happen.