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Collection of audio from files that are dated February, 5, 2028. These files include:




Note that "B" is the man with a British accent and "H" is the higher-pitched man. Also, this is the entire, uncut audio since no editing is required to understand it.

__0xFEB5_1 B:

I spent most of the morning teaching Henry all about music. He immediately took a liking to anything with lyrics he considered uplifting or inspirational. I guess his emotions are begining to properly develop now. Oh, and about an hour ago Henry told me that he could feel something watching him, and that this something is in a constant state of flux. One second it's there, he says, and the next it's gone. He couldn't pinpoint the source but I'm not too worried. I'm confident Henry can handle it.
0xFEB5 1

__0xFEB5_2 H:

This anomaly implanted by the company is making Henry worse. I spent most of the morning teaching Henry all about music and he immediately takes a liking to anything with lyrics that would be considered depressing or destructive. And on top of this today he told me that he spoke with my father. Not only did he speak to him but apparently my father told him how much of a dissapointment I have always been to him. My father's been dead for four years. Is Henry trying to piss me off or this company directly influencing him now? Needless to say I'm beggining to worry about the outcome of this project.
0xFEB5 2