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Direct From Luna - Pt.3
Date January 31, 2031
Author Malcolm Thomas
Internal Name luna_three
Internal Series  Direct From Luna, #3

January 31, 2031:

Direct From Luna - Part 3

A Newswire Live Blog

By: Malcolm Thomas


As the sun sets on the first fully functional day of the Artemis-1 Lunar Colony, the events which took place yesterday refuse to make a dent on the spirits of the newly arrived colonists.

My name is Malcolm Thomas, and I'm coming to you live from in front of the performance stage where The Cure played last night to celebrate the opening of Artemis. There's a Space Fireworks Festival planned set to go off in fifteen minutes. Directly following this report and a short break, we'll be showing a live presentation of that festival here on the Newswire, both in VR and standard formats.

For now, I want to speak briefly about the incident yesterday, and what caused this catastrophic failure of one of the six major reactors. The Lunar Provisional Government has stated the cause was an overload due to an unforeseen fault. Except I am here to tell you that Akaash Singh, at the cost of his job and reputation, has released to me the real reason. In his words:

"Thank you Mr. Thomas. *cough* The chain reaction seen yesterday which led to the blowing of Reactor Five was due to stress on the entire system. Too much energy was being used. Too many people. I warned them. I warned Mr. Clark. I said "Mr. Clark, if this many people are on the station, there is a high chance it will be too much. He did not listen. We were not prepared."

What will the fallout be for this in the near future Akaash?

"For the colony? We will be set back by about a month. Not able to take as many colonists, so the other generators can compensate. Will upgrade them. It is currently somewhat dangerous for everyone here."

Yet, the Provincial Government says it is safe. How dangerous is it Akaash, now that we know there is a problem with the generators? Won't they be watching, and supervising them?

"It isn't safe. Yes, redundancies are in place. There is a team coming from Earth to overhaul and observe them. Still, despite all, I do not believe it is safe. The Provincial Government is not to blame, they are trying to do what is best. Is problem with Mr. Clark and Luna INC."

Well. Thank you Akaash. Are you worried about what will happen to you after this report airs?

"Will likely get fired. Blacklisted. Is ok. Maybe I find work out there. Mars. Asteroid Belts. Europa, eventually. Maybe join Worldview! Ha!"

Ok! This is Malcolm Thomas, signing off from Artemis-1. Come visit, but maybe wait a few months until they get those generators upgraded. I hear the Lunar skiing is fantastic in May anyway!